Beach Themed Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitations | February 22 2010 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

Summer is the season for love, the perfect time for a unique wedding party. What can be more funny and unforgettable than a beach wedding? Just imagine how romantic it would be…you and your beloved, sand, water and all the people you care about! That’s why you have to give your guest the most beautiful beach theme wedding invitations. How would you do that? Where should you start searching? Read this article and you will have answer at all your questions.


Decide on what kind of wedding you want. You want a beautiful white dress for the event or the most colorful bathing suit? You want it more like a romantic and classical event or a noisy party? Through your wedding invitation, give hints to your guests about the ceremony. They have to know what to expect in order to dress up properly.

Use a design connected with the theme of the wedding. Location is everything, when planning to get married on a beach. So put it on your invitation. The beautiful scenery is a perfect choice for the invitation. Be more original and ornate cards with sea shells or sand. Select a single element connected to the beach and make it the main point of the message transmitted by the means of your invitations. A nice idea is to put the each card in a bottle with sand.

You can include a picture of you both or some quotes, songs, poems or anything else connected to your love story. Play with imagination and make the cards colorful. Do not ignore colors! Wedding on the beach means fun, and only by means of colors can you transmit that to those who will receive your invitation. Let them know that it will be memorable and joyful.

Give as much information as needed. This will be a destination wedding. The guests have to be informed about the costs and accommodation. A good idea would be to include in the invitation a brochure, containing information about the hotels in the area.

Paper and envelope play an important role as well. Mix and match designs and ideas in order to make them perfect and attractive. You can use different types of papers as colored as you want and different fonts, in order to create the perfect beach theme wedding invitations.  Die-cutted, embossed, french-folded, lined or press printed, your invitation has to tell a story, a unique story…that’s the story of your couple. But, it is important to select the style and design that best represents the theme of the event.

The cards can be handmade, printed in a wedding invitations studio or, why not, created by a designer. They can be engraved or beautifully handwritten…there are so many options. Be creative in wording! Now you know everything, you have all the details! Have fun and create your beach theme wedding invitations.11

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