Beach Themed Wedding Ideas

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To make their wedding day memorable and fun, young couples are increasingly abandoning traditional wedding scenario in favor of a theme. To date, one of the most popular theme weddings has become a wedding in a maritime style. Sea is a vast space for the imagination, so there are many ways to organize a naval wedding. Stay tuned and you will find many and wonderful beach themed wedding ideas.

 Beach Themed Wedding Ideas (Source:

Beach Themed Wedding Ideas (Source:

The classical scenario is having a wedding on the beach. For the ceremony you will need a minimum of decoration, as a romantic seascape is a better backdrop. It is enough to decorate the platform with drapes of light white fabric, reminiscent of the sails inflated by the wind and strew the path with shells and rose petals. If you live far away from the coast, a river or a lake can be equally perfect. Add in the appropriate surroundings some specific elements – for example, a steering wheel, a ship's bell, big life buoys. In such a situation it would be appropriate a drapery in the form of fishing nets – attach them to the cards in the form of fish, on which guests can leave their wishes for the newlyweds.

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A perfect venue for maritime weddings is a ship, boat or yacht. It does not require any special decorative elements; it is enough to decorate the deck and banquet hall with balloons and fresh flowers. Despite the stereotype that the marine wedding can only be held in the summer, you can even organize it in the winter. For a wedding banquet hall you will need a coffee shop or restaurant decorated in a nautical theme, depending on the scenario.

If the topic you are attracted to is the sea romance, the most appropriate scenario would be a story about sailors or pirates. To create a romantic atmosphere, consider these beach themed wedding ideas: the room can be decorated with fresh flowers, candles floating in makeshift pools of water, with figures of sailors, white, blue and scarlet ribbons.

 Beach Themed Wedding Ideas (Source:

Beach Themed Wedding Ideas (Source:

One of the most interesting scenarios is a fairy-tale wedding in the underwater kingdom. This could include searching for treasures, mermaids, the election of the Sea King (this may be the bride's father) and much more. The room can also be decorated with shells, chests of coins, starfish, decorations in the form of coral reefs, you can also use a large aquarium. It would be appropriate to include figures of whales or dolphins.

For those who like exotics it will be a real boon to have a sea voyage around the world themed wedding and different cultural traditions of different countries. Select some of the most beautiful and romantic places and try to bring them to life.


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