Beach Themed Wedding Cakes

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The possibilities in choosing a suitable wedding cake for a beach wedding are numberless. The taste and the aspect of a beach themed wedding cake it always depends on the flavors you choose, on the shape, colors and decorative elements that you choose.

They all have to match with the general line, color palette, formality, location and style of the wedding, and create a unified and assorted inviting wedding atmosphere. There is a myriad of beach themed wedding cake designs that you can choose from. Make sure that you set the wedding budget before you start shopping for your dream beach themed wedding cake, because temptations can make you act unconsciously and spend a fortune on a grandiose beach themed wedding cake.

If you have sufficient money, you can even have the beach themed wedding cake customized by a specialist wedding cake designer, for a more unique, outstanding and spectacular look. But let’s see what are the principal features of a beach themed wedding cake just to help you decide whether this type of cake is really what you want or not. A simple browsing for pictures with beach themed wedding cakes show us that these charming cake are only inspired by the seaside, the ocean, the tropical and nautical feel and the natural environment.

The palette of colors used in creation of a beach themed wedding cake is wide enough for you to pick one that is more popular or more unconventional, depending on what you prefer. But in most cases, a beach themed wedding cake is made in all kinds of blue shades – turquoise, teal, navy blue, violet, mauve, ultramarine blue, deep blue seas, azure, sapphirine, apple blue or aqua blue.

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Blue combines perfectly with white, ivory, cream, champagne, beige, chocolate brown, gray, silver, emerald or lime green, bright yellow, vintage orange, coal pink, pale pink, peach, fuchsia, blush, ruby rose, maroon or black. These blue colored beach themed wedding cakes can look more vibrant, dramatic and dynamic than other types of pastel colored beach themed wedding cakes, such as pearl gray, purple, cream, beige, brown, teal, olive green, tomato red, egg white, burgundy or magenta.

These cakes are rather more delicate, feminine, refined and warm. One can use tropical flower blooms and fruits to decorate a beach themed wedding cake and obtain a more refreshing, fragrant, colorful and natural look. Use edible flower confections or real flowers, such as calla lilies, star gazer lilies, orchids, bird of paradise, hibiscus, jasmines, peonies, tulips, anemones, sunflowers or roses.

Place the flowers on top of the cake, creating a cascading drape or a beach themed wedding cake topper for a more elegant, exquisite and sleek look. Use edible, real or fake seashells, corals, starfishes or other nautical symbols, ribbons, ropes, bows or bandanas to ornate the cake and make it appear more abundant, stylish and themed. You can embellish the beach themed wedding cake with all kinds of jewels and thematic accessories, such as crystals, pearls, diamonds, sequins, rhinestones, beads or gems, for a more glittering and extravagant look.11


  1. Yasmine

    June 28, 2011 at 7:19 am

    I can say this is ART! I believe decorating cakes is an ART too! Only looking at them , you can see there are delicate, feminine, refined and warm. You can even decorate the cake not only taking into consideration the beach theme, but taking into account the colour of the dress and the colour of the other arrangements.


  2. Adelinne

    July 25, 2011 at 3:23 am

    Part of the fun of having a tropical beach themed wedding is being able to make choices that are unique, ones that set you apart as an individual. Nothing makes a bolder statement than your choices in wedding cakes.There are myriads of fresh, unusual wedding cake designs from which to choose. Go with a whimsical theme or add some beautiful tropical colors or flowers to a more traditionally themed cake. There is no limit to the size, shapes and colors that are available to you. The sky is the limit!


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