Batman Wedding Cake Toppers

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Are you a big comic book fan? You love characters like Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman and Spiderman? You have seen all the movies made after comic books and you keep coming back to them to see them again? Do you frequently buy comic books and read them all in one breath? Can’t never get enough of comic books? That means you are addicted. But hey, that is not really a bad thing. It is a hobby and it is yours, so why give it away?
Did you know that some people are so obsessed with comic books and comic books characters that they even use the ideas they read for their own wedding? Strange, I know, but that means to be passionate about something. The comic books are already part of their life. And that can easily be seen. No biggy, if your future wife agrees. And because of this, did you know that makers of cake toppers invented figurines on the basis of comic book characters? Everything for the client and according to the client’s demands!

Batman is very much loved by comic book fans. Moreover, everybody knows or at least heard about the many movies about Batman. Some are even 20 years old or even older! And they are still “en vogue”. The last one was The Dark Knight, starring Heath Ledger, which was a great success. Therefore, why not make Batman cake toppers too? The “receipe” is simple: you take Batman and a woman with special powers (of course, first to come in mind is Wonder Woman), dress them fancy, festive along with their superhero costumes and voila, you have a superhero groom and bride. Batman forever!

See? This is what I mean. They look nice, don’t they? And for Batman fans this Batman wedding cake topper is the right choice for their wedding. It is like finding Batman a wife and making the perfect superhero couple. I’m sure many of you comic book fans thought of marrying Batman with Wonder Woman. Now you have the chance, by having a Batman wedding cake topper for your own wedding. What can be better and more suggestive about your hobby than this?

Also, it is funny and original! Your friends that are comic book fans too will appreciate your devotion to their cause! The figurines are well made all fancy like this.

So why give away your hobby and not use it at your own wedding? The Batman wedding cake topper is something very few people have, so you will be almost unique! Be sure to order the cake topper in advance, because they are made only to order, taking into consideration the fact that they are not very common among wedding cake toppers. Dare order it, you will really have something special, funny and nice!11

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