Basque bodice wedding dresses

Wedding Dresses | July 30 2010 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

We all want to look at our best on the wedding day and that is why most of us are willing to sacrifice the whole wedding budget in order to find a wedding dress that can make us look as beautiful as possible.

But the sacrifices can be even bigger than this, but let’s not get into this discussion now. All the brides are interested in finding a wedding dress that can slim and lift for a perfect look.

While most brides are taking care of a tough slimming regime before the wedding, others hope that a clever wedding dress design can get them into shape instantly. And there is a type of wedding dress that can provide the bride with a beautiful slenderizing effect, and that this called the Basque wedding dress.

This type of waist creates an interesting V-shape from the bust line down onto the waist of the bride, managing to elongate the stomach area and offer the bride a kind of the hourglass shape that we’re all interested in. This type of bodice assembles the ball gown wedding dress style or the corset style.

A Basque waist wedding dress is perfect for any bride who wishes to create a ravishing look with a slender body figure. Nevertheless, petite brides or those who don’t have a defined waist line should avoid as much as possible this style of bodice. In general, a Basque bodice wedding dress can be seen worn on fancy wedding affairs, where the bride looks like a real princess.

You should know that this style is meant to emphasize that princess style look of the A-line wedding dress and provide you with a fairy bridal look. So, if you are planning a more sophisticated, elaborated and extravagant formal or semi-formal wedding, you should definitely opt for a sexy Basque waist wedding dress.

This type of dress can be suitable for both traditional and modern wedding, because the final look of the dress always depends on the material and on the design chosen for composing the dress. Those with a light weight fabric that manage to make the skirt feel and look less voluminous can make a perfect choice for outdoor casual garden themed weddings, while those with a thicker material are more suitable for fancy exquisite ball gown court weddings.

Brides interested in wearing this type of dress can always plan a fabulous cathedral wedding, medieval castle wedding, an English garden themed wedding, a Disney themed wedding, a Renaissance themed wedding, a Medieval themed wedding or a Victorian themed wedding.

For summer time weddings brides can choose a strapless sweetheart neckline or perhaps a spaghetti strap, a halter or an off the shoulders design. If the wedding is booked for a colder season, a Basque waist wedding dress with cap sleeves or with ¾ sleeves can make the perfect choice.11

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  1. Nony

    March 31, 2011 at 9:54 am

    Yes, this is the type of waist I am looking for in my wedding dress. I don’t like too much the princess look so this s why I am still searching for the perfect dress for me. I hate sweet little things and girls, I don’t think this is the image I want to have as a bride. But looking at the second dress from here, the one with the red belt, I think this is what I am really looking for. The dress is quite simple, a little less sweet than the usual princess type and the red belt really gives it a touch of not modernity necessarily, but maturity. And this is what I am looking for: a mature look as a bride. After all, this is what I am and I don’t want to be different on the wedding day.


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