Barn Wedding Reception

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Finding the best barn for a wedding is paramount when you plan a rustic or country wedding. Barn weddings today take place all over the country and offer the happy couple the chance to hold their wedding in a very personable and customizable location. Barn wedding receptions are very much similar to farm weddings, because a barn can be dressed up to match the couple’s preferences, while keeping the style and charm of an informal wedding.

In the United States, barns are available for weddings from New York to California, and from Alaska to Florida. Barns come in all shapes and sizes, are located by the sea, or on the contrary, in deserted places; what is important to note is that a barn can be found basically in any American city or town.

Barns can be perfect for vintage weddings, where also the religious ceremony takes place, not only the reception party. In this case, those who organize the wedding have to pay attention to all the decorations that will be used at the ceremony, and after this, at the reception, they have to deal with all sorts of issues that might occur, and so on. From flowers to the wedding cake and from wedding vows to the first dance of the newly married couple, everything has to be perfect.

Barn Wedding Reception

Barn Wedding Reception (Photo by: Jonathan Day)

The bride and groom’s outfits also have to match their wedding venue. The bride, for example, could go for a flower-power dress, and the groom, for a casual look.

The floral decorations at a barn wedding could be represented by thistles, berries, soft grass, lambs ear and dusty miller. Generally, they are extremely soft, and add instant romance. They can be also used for the bridal bouquet; and for an extra touch, these flowers can be combined with a few Billy balls, that will create a trendy and memorable bouquet. Besides the bridal bouquet, the happy couple should consider some other floral arrangements as well, that will have to be placed in vases characteristic to barns, such as pitches, cans and metal containers. These vases can be created by a talented bride or groom, or can be purchased from specialized stores. Also, glass bottles in all different sizes and shapes are great to be used as vases. The great thing about this option of using glass bottles and even jars is that it is very easy to put together, and creates a truly eclectic look.

In case of a barn wedding reception, simplicity is the key. A couple that has the possibility of celebrating their wedding in a barn should go for an indoor/outdoor reception, allowing their guests to stay wherever they want at their wedding, enjoying both the beauty of a night sky, and also the warmth of a lovely barn. Also, a barn wedding is probably the best type of wedding where do-it-yourself decorations and arrangements can be used, so a couple that wants to save money could plan to have a barn wedding, where almost everything (including food, drinks, decorations, flowers, wedding gifts, music) can be provided by themselves.


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