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Nowadays, every wedding ceremony is different. If you prefer to protect traditions you can choose between simple long white gowns which give every bride a natural look. On the other hand, you can add a modern atmosphere to your wedding if you choose for the big day different colorful dresses. In order to find the perfect ballroom wedding dress you have to start the searching process in time. Take in consideration that might happen you don’t find your wedding dress in your local Bride Store. You can resolve this problem if you will order a model directly from the network. In this case you have to wait a period until your gown arrives to you.

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Every girl spends her life with dreaming about a perfect wedding ceremony with her Prince Charming. If you want to live your dreams, the most important tip is to start planning in time because finding the best ballroom wedding dress, the best wedding songs or any other important decorations are a hard process which takes time. Most of the brides are worried about their wedding dress but don’t forget finding your perfect gown depends only on you. If you have patient and you don’t stop at the first offer you can find the dress that you have ever dreamt about. Don’t forget as many wedding gowns you will try as easier will be your choice. In order to make your decision easier you can ask for your mother’s, sister’s or for your best friend’s help.

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1930s ballroom dresses

The ballroom dresses and the ballroom wedding gown style starts in the 1930s, when the Great Depression gripped the United States. During this time, Hollywood brings new styles in the fashion industry and the wedding gowns that were characteristic of the era were sleek. All the ballroom wedding dresses were created of luxurious fabrics such as satin, velvet, silk and others which give for the bride an ethereal air.

In most of the cases, in 1930s all the dresses flowed around the bride’s legs, lending her mystery and an air of grace. If you were invited for a bal the most commonly worn dresses were black. Despite this, the brides have the possibility to wear different colorful wedding dresses such as blue, pink, peach or any other color gowns. All the ballroom wedding dress styles have a strong influence all around the world because some of the fashion icons such as Greta Garbo, Jean Harlow or Ginger Rogers appeared onscreen and they fascinate the world with the gorgeous and sparkling gowns.    

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How to repair a ballroom dress?

Elsa Schiaparelli and Coco Channel, two of the most important designers have made important contributions to 1930s ballroom dress styles. Unfortunately, a wedding gown can reach even thousands of dollars. In case that you are one of the brides who can’t afford to give a big amount of money to buy a dress, you have the possibility to rent the selected gown or you can also try to repair your older ballroom dress.

In case that you choose this method you will need a seamstress’s help. With this option you can save your money and you can also wear a perfect dress which fits you. If you choose to repair your wedding gown on your own at home you will need pins, needle, thread, scissors, a sewing machine and a lace hem tape.  In the begging you have to fix the hem and you have to reinforce side seams. Of course you can make a perfect gown only in case that you have experience in sewing.

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How to make a ballroom wedding dress?

If you don’t have an older wedding gown and you want to make your own dress is important to know that’s a hard process. In case that you have never sewed and you don’t have experience in this area is better to ask for your tailor’s help. You might damage the fabric if you cut it higgledy-piggledy.

In order to create your own wedding gown you will need a measuring type, pins, sewing machine, zipper, black slipper satin to line, dressmaker’s paper, black velvet, steam iron and a scissor. The most important tip is to take your measurements correctly. You have to pay attention especially for your bust and your body part around your waist.  

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 Purchase a wedding dress or rent it?

If you intend to give your ballroom wedding gown to your future daughter, my advice for you is to purchase it even if you have to pay hundreds of dollars. But in this case take in consideration that the fashion industry changes every year and your gown might be too simple when comes the time for your daughter to marry her Prince Charming.

Some of the Bride Stores have offers which are available just for rental. In this case you have to pay a rental price and you have to return your wedding gown after your ceremony. The only condition is to return it clean. If you intend to rent your selected wedding dress you have to ask the salesperson if the selected gown is available on your wedding day.  

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If you are bored of the white, simple and white ballroom wedding dresses you have the possibility to add a new atmosphere to your ceremony if you select a colorful gown. Don’t forget if you get a pink, peach or any other colored wedding dress you have to choose the proper accessories which fits with the chosen color. In case that you will buy the embellishments and the shoes from the same Bride Store, you might get discounts because every company repays its faithful clients in some way.

Your wedding day is considered the best day in your life, so when the moment finally comes, you have to feel comfortable in your dress. Have fun and dance until you can’t feel your legs because these moments will never return. Create with the best wedding songs romantic moments and let your guests go home with memories that they never forget



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