Backyard Wedding Reception Ideas

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An early fall is the perfect time for an apple themed wedding. However, if your wedding is small and intimate, why not organize it in your backyard?  A backyard apple themed wedding is a great opportunity to combine apples’ colors (green, yellow and red) and tastes (sour, sweet and sour-sweet). How do you like the option of wedding menu including sweet apples? Or think about the combination of apples and berries, flowers or leaves. These following backyard wedding reception ideas will make your job easier!

 Backyard Wedding Reception Ideas (Source:

Backyard Wedding Reception Ideas (Source:

The main motto of the wedding should be “apples are everywhere and in everything”!  A simple but ravishing decoration would be to scatter here and there baskets filled with different colored apples or in bowls on the guests’ tables. Another great idea is to arrange flowers in bottles of apple cider – these could be your centerpieces. In tone with the idea, create a tree of wishes.  Get a dry tree, plant it in a pot and offer guests apples that have attached a small label on which everyone should write a wish. They should hang the apples in the tree and wait for their wish to come true.

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Candles in the shape of apples and candles placed in real fresh apples are also some ideas with which you can create a dream setting décor. To do this, buy tablet candles, carve holes in the apples (like with Halloween pumpkins) and insert the candle. This is simple, elegant and aromatic, as during combustion apples will emit a light pleasant scent. These apple backyard wedding reception ideas will help you create a truly unique décor in tune with fall. Another idea is to use glass tubes in which to arrange apples of different colors. If you have the opportunity, use plates that have apple motifs or napkins that go the same way. Can you imagine the bride having an apple bouquet? This is quite unusual but interesting and original. If you are a bold bride give it a try.

 Backyard Wedding Reception Ideas (Source:

Backyard Wedding Reception Ideas (Source:

Juice, hot tea, apple cider or a light apple cocktails – these are great autumn drinks. Also you could add duck roast with apple sauce and an incredibly delicious apple pie for dessert. In advance it is better to discuss with the chef or caterer about combinations of dishes with different varieties of apples in the wedding menu.

As favors, you can offer your guests some caramelized apples. Order in advance personalized sticks, with the date of the wedding and your names initials. If you ever wondered what taste has autumn, then caramelized apples could be a very appropriate option. You can literally fill up the guest with edible favors – tea bags with dried apples, apple cider in bottles or jars with apple jam.


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