Avant-garde Wedding Dresses

Wedding Dresses | November 30 2010 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

All contemporary brides from all corners of the world who want to look simply stunning, magnificent and spectacular on the wedding day should definitely take a minute to explore these sensational avant-garde wedding dresses shown in the images below. These exceptional creations are designed by Birnbaum & Bullock for an astonishing and original 2011 bridal collection dedicated to all brides who want to look glamorous, unconventional and whimsical on the day.


We must therefore admit that perhaps these one of a kind gowns may not make the best outfit for traditional or conservative brides. These striking dresses are definitely meant to fit and flatter especially off the beat brides of the moment who are willing and ready to assume and adopt a more impressive, vanguardist and fashion-forward style for the big day. Those who are passionate with everything that is related to the world of fashion and to all the novelties that seems to emerge every month or year in this complex industry of wedding dresses.

We are not forcing anybody to adopt a too whimsical, unusual or unconventional style for the big day if she is not at all comfortable with this idea. It all depends on how prepared you are to accept and embrace a whole new perspective on how the ideal wedding dress must be for you. In this context we must tell you that it would be best to start the bridal shopping process with your mind and heart open in order to be able to embrace more types of styles, no matter how different, pompous or weird they may be. It’s all about fashion and brides who want to keep the pace with the latest trends and tendencies in wedding dresses will definitely be interested in seeing and experiencing these fabulous avant-garde wedding dresses.

This designer’s style is definitely distinctive and a little bit more quirky than we’ve ever seen before in a wedding dress. The most interesting thing is that this couturier’s style is not only twisting, whimsy and simply extravagant, but it is also pretty traditional and unpredictable classy. There are a few radical and amazing combinations made between the conservative style and the ingenious clever and elevated designs.

In this context we can honestly affirm that even the most rigorous pretentious and old fashion bride can find something on her taste among these fascinating avant-garde wedding dresses made by Birnbaum & Bullock. The silhouettes promoted by this couturier are definitely elaborated, extravagant, pompous, voluminous and truly weird. There are many styles in this collection made especially for traditional brides in a more simplistic, subtle and delicate way. You can browse for more of this designer’s work of art dress images on our website!11

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  1. Maryanne

    December 09, 2010 at 11:13 am

    I really don’t know why this collection is called avant-garde. The lines are totally elegant and fluid, the embroideries are adding more sensuality to every design and the combination of fabrics is a total success. Maybe the dress with the bouffant sleeves and the non-traditional circled designs might fit this category. But the rest of them are just fit for every type of bride: traditional, a little bit fond of the earlier decades and moreover romantic. I would expect something different from an avant-garde dress, especially a wedding dress. I must though admit that there is a very good taste in every of the models. Perfectly fit for a modern yet traditional summer wedding or for very joyful or diva-like girls.


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