Audrey Hepburn wedding dresses

Wedding Dresses | July 05 2010 | by Jenny | 2 Comments

There are so many types of wedding dresses that a modern bride have the opportunity to choose from that she might only get dizzy and more confused when the time comes to pick the one. It’s very hard to make such a radical decision, considering the many styles that we would like to wear them all at once.

A contemporary bride should feel both lucky and terrified with the fact that there is a vast collection of modern and antique wedding dress styles that she can choose from, especially because the more styles and designs to choose from the more confusion and overwhelming.

But on should not let the emotions blur her mind and her heart when choosing the perfect wedding dress for her. It’s impossible to not have a certain style that you love and want to incorporate it into the wedding dress. More and more brides of today are attracted to those charming vintage wedding dresses that can be found all over the internet.

The idea of wearing something more attractive, authentic and pretty simple in conclusion seems to flatter many modern brides. The old style and simple elegance that are characteristic to antique era wedding dresses can’t seem to be surpassed by any other modern style.

There is a certain refinement and a never fading class, enchantment and sophistication that a vintage wedding dress embodies. If you don’t know what type of vintage wedding dress you can choose for your wedding, you can use the Audrey Hepburn wedding dress as an inspiration for your own. Many modern women are in love with the Audrey Hepburn chic style and wish to follow this path in designing their wedding dresses.

One can choose a black and white Audrey Hepburn wedding dress for a retro ‘40s wedding affair or for any vintage themed wedding. If you are looking for something more sensual, attractive, feminine and mesmerizing you can opt for a classy black Audrey Hepburn wedding dress similar to the one the actress was wearing on the famous movie “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.

In case you are not familiar with these dresses, you can browse for pictures with Audrey Hepburn wedding dresses on the internet just to make an overall image and impression on what an Audrey Hepburn wedding dress means and looks like. This particular black dress accessorized with a fancy chaplet and a pair of black gloves was considered the best look of all times.

Even today that dress is a veritable symbol of feminine simple elegance and nonchalance. The length of a vintage wedding dress in general is shorter, the hem of the dress ending somewhere between the knees and the ankles. A tea length Audrey Hepburn wedding dress with a portrait neckline or a high neck and a sheath or a ballerina ball gown dress with a polka dot pattern might be exactly what you’re looking for.


  1. Crystal

    November 28, 2010 at 3:16 pm

    PLease let me know where i could get both of these dresses!!!they are sensational


  2. Anna

    November 28, 2010 at 5:02 pm

    The first dress is called Carmin and it was made by Pronovias for the Vintage collection.

    The second dress is made by Vera Wang designer.



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