Attractions to consider for your Las Vegas theme wedding

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Nowadays, there are a lot of young couples that choose to get married in Las Vegas because a wedding ceremony in such a beautiful place is really amazing and memorable. But, there many couples that do not know anything about the beauties you can see at your wedding ceremony or honey moon in Las Vegas. So, in this article, I will have the role of attracting people to come in Las Vegas just visiting because I am sure they will leave Las Vegas married.
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Las Vegas Strip is one of the most romantic places in America and it dazzles the eye with its endless attractions. Now, I will present you ten attractions that will catch your eye, indeed. The first attraction is Bellagio Hotel and its fountains. Bellagio Hotel has fountains with water which are choreographed to rhythmically undulate to different kinds of music such as, opera classical or playful sounds. During the day you can see these attractions every half hour, and during the night you can also see a magnificent light show.

The second attraction to put on your list is Stratosphere Tower Las Vegas Thrill Rides and it is known for a lot of stories above the ground, Big Shot, X Scream, and High Roller. These coaster attractions can be found beside the Stratosphere Casino. At the Mirage, you can find the third attraction, “Volcano at the Mirage Las Vegas”, which every night till the midnight the man made Las Vegas Volcano erupts. You entire body will feel tremble when the earth will start shaking smoke and flame. It is a very catchy place to go on your wedding day for those persons who have always experienced strange things. Red Rock Canyon is a beautiful attraction which you can visit if you want to drive just 20 minutes from the Las Vegas Strip in order to see exhilarating way to the desert. Here you will find many places to see and the 13-mile driving give you the chance to witness scenic vistas.

The Eiffel Tower from Paris is very close to you if you are in Las Vegas. There is Paris Las Vegas Casino Hotel which from a ½ scale version of the beautiful attraction from Paris and it offers you an iconic landmark. Las Vegas Eiffel Tower is the perfect location for those romantic brides who want to take the elevator for a panoramic view of Las Vegas after their wedding ceremony or to reserve a table for a after wedding ceremony party at the Eiffel Tower Restaurant.

An amazing attraction in Las Vegas is King Tutankhamun`s tomb which was discovered in 1922 in Egypt, “has been brought” in Luxor La Vegas. If you want to make a private visit, you should choose dinner time for visiting this fascinating exhibit. You can also find a place where to kiss if you choose a 15 minute self-guided audio tour.

I am sure that many couples will choose to marry at Venetian Las Vegas. Many couples choose to spend their honey moon in such a place because sailing away in an authentic two- passenger Venetian Gondola, will cost you only 50-60 dollars.

Other beautiful attractions are Guggenheim Museum at Venetian Las Vegas, Las Vegas Fashion Show Mall and Las Vegas Monorail. The first is suitable for art lovers who want to escape from crowds and casinos. The second is convenient for passionate shoppers who prefer the best retailers in America. The third, Monorail stops include MandalayBay, Luxor. 11

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  1. Carol

    January 05, 2011 at 11:00 am

    I’ve heard of all these attractions in Vegas and I had the opportunity to see some of them. So I thought I would sometime visit the city. Not because of the casinos, but to see for myself what kind of feeling you have when you see all these world symbols in one place. One say it is a great feeling, others consider it artificial. So I want to see how it really is. Maybe a wedding in Vegas won’t be such a bad idea. I would definitely choose the fountain at the Bellagio, maybe at night time. As for the other attractions to visit, it came to my mind a very nice honey moon in Vegas. After all, if you cannot afford a real trip around the world, why not an artificial one?


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