Art Deco Wedding Hair Accessories

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Some brides like the hair accessories a bit more than other elements of the outfit, so for them finding an interesting, unique looking hair piece for the wedding is more important than for other women. Art Deco is a fashion style specific to the 1920's decade, and if you wish to go back in time and mix the old with the new, this type of vintage jewelry will give you the look you are searching for.

In order to save time and shop fast, you can use online shopping web sites. The Art Deco style made a come back recently, so many bridal web sites offer vintage hair pieces such as combs or hair pins. However, do not expect these to be very cheap. Usually an Art Deco hair piece retails for anything between $50 and $200, or even more.

Art Deco Wedding Hair Accessories

Art Deco Wedding Hair Accessories (Photo by: peagreengirl)

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On the, you will find a large selection of Art Deco hair pieces – and they look just as lovely in real life as they do in the pictures provided by the web site. We recommend a Vintage Lace Tulle Diamante Comb, which looks wonderfully romantic, and will enhance any bridal hairstyle. The comb has a warm ivory color, and features several layers of tulle and lace, as well as vintage diamante. This comb retails for a price of about $200 – but you can find similar styles for cheaper if you browse around. Such a comb is the ideal choice for any romantic wedding reception.

You can also choose a beautiful hair pin on a mix of silver and blue colors, for an amazing effect. Not only it will enhance any hairstyle, but it will make you skin glow and spice up an otherwise plain wedding dress. We recommend a pair of earrings with a similar style, and a matching necklace.


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