Army Wedding Favors

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Army wedding favors are appropriate when you are marrying someone who serves in the armed forces. It is also a means of stating your love for your country and the support you are willing to give whenever the situation requires it. The wedding is bound to have many military elements. Men who work in the army make it their personal request to get married in their uniform. Likewise, any other guests who are linked to the army are going to wear their military attire. In these circumstances, it is natural to have wedding favors which are connected to the armed forces.

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The guest can be given personalized tags resembling the ones worn by soldiers. You can have your names and the wedding date engraved on them. Naturally, the tags are not designed to actually be worn by your guest but they do make a memorable gift. A replica of the emblem of the United States Army can be used in various ways: either as a pin or as a patch. It can be attached to more average items such as cups or key chains.

A matchbox with a camouflage exterior can also be an inspired choice. You can basically take whatever object that comes to mind and have a camouflage design wrap it. Guest books, frames, chocolate bars, all can be used in this way. The national flag can also be incorporated in this manner, by attaching it to usual wedding favors. For the male guests you can also use army knife wedding favors. These can be presented in tin boxes, accentuating the army theme further.    

105850 army wedding favors Army Wedding Favors

Army Wedding Favors (Source:

Military patriotic theme ‘Thank you’ cards also make great army wedding favors. If you want to use the most important elements in the wedding, which are you and your husband, but still reflect the army theme, you can opt for a statue impersonating the bride and groom and you can add a small flag on the side. If you put your mind to it, you can impress your guests with beautiful army wedding favors.



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