Arabic Wedding Songs

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Planning an Arabic wedding? Then you have to know a lot of things about it. Arabic weddings suffered great changes in the past 100 years. Traditional Arab weddings had big similarities to modern-day Bedouin weddings or rural weddings, and they are unique events with specific traditions from region to region, even within the same country.

Arranged weddings are common for the Arabic people, because the traditions of Arab society forbid couples to have a romantic relationship without the prior approval of their families. The first date of the future couple takes place between the future bride and groom and their mothers. They date usually takes place in a public place or at the bride’s house. The bride, the groom and their families will typically sit separately, but in such a way to see each other in order to get to know one other.

The marriage usually starts with other meetings between the couple and their families and ends with the wedding’s consummation traditionally called leilat al-dokhla. Until the wedding night, the groom is welcomed into the bride’s house only in the presence of her parents to maintain purity between the two.

The Arabic bachelorette party is in fact the henna night, when bride’s female friends and relatives join together at a house party with food, drinks and a lot of traditional dancing. Women play Arabic music or sometimes Islamic music, while all guests dance and a woman draws Mehndi, a temporary skin decoration using henna, on the bride and guests’ palms and feet.

The official marriage ceremony is called Katb el-Kitab. It is held in a mosque, a traditional Arabic church. At the beginning of the ceremony, a sheikh or imam gives a short speech about how to honor women and how women should honor their husbands. After that, the imam tells the future groom to heed the speech that was given and the father of the bride accepts the proposal.

These are just some of the special moments of the Arabic wedding. Let’s talk now about music. Arabic wedding music is a great way to provide a unique flavor to your ceremony and reception. Many couples are using Arabic music for their wedding to create a memorable out-of-ordinary event. Here are some of the best Arabic love songs o consider for your big day:

Fares Karam – El Ers

Dominique Hourani – El Khashouka

Toni Kiwan – Tal El 3aris

Majed El Kassem – Al Fostan El Abyad

Najwa Karam – El Hilm El Abyad

Wael Kfoury – Amirit Le 2loub

Ramy Ayach – Mabrouk

Marwan Khoury – Tam Al Naseeb

Rida – Tag W Tarhah

Rabih El Asmar – Aghany A3ras

Mostafa Amr – El Fara7

Amir Yazbek – Al Ra2sa El Oula

Nancy Ajram – Lawn 3younak

Nancy Ajram- Zaffa

Mohamed Hijazi – Zefou El 3rous

Assi El Hellani – Far7atna El Kibira

Toni Kiwan – 3ers El Mawsam

Nohad Taranay – Zaffet El Arous

Hossam Habib- Agmal 2eset hob

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