Appetizers for a Wedding Reception

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Lately restaurants display menus increasingly diversified and chefs’ recipes borrowed what is more tasty and beautiful in the international cuisine. Yet when it comes to wedding menu, it seems that all restaurants offer the same options.

This is why I thought to offer some ideas for appetizers for a wedding reception. The appetizers are meant to stimulate the appetite, but also to deceive hunger for a short period of time. And how appetizers are as a prelude for the feast that follows, it is essential that they meet certain qualities: to be tasty, good looking and must excite the taste buds, preparing it for the main course.

Appetizers for a Wedding Reception

Canape from

Canape is one of the appetizers that many people prefer it for a wedding. These little goodies are things that can be served while guests are talking, waiting for the main course. Canape uses white bread as the base which is usually cut into various shapes such as circles, squares or triangles, to obtain a more attractive appearance. Usually, bread is toasted. You will find a garnish for decoration, a filling and, finally, a basic ingredient. Common ingredients for the filling are the cheese and butter cream.

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Other appetizers for a wedding reception are the raw vegetables. Country of origin is France, where they are a traditional appetizer. Raw vegetables are immersed in sauce or vinaigrette. Most commonly used are cauliflower, asparagus, celery stalks and stems of carrots. As other appetizers for a wedding reception, you can opt for pastry cut into different shapes. In fact, today’s most wedding parties incline to create some unique and memorable arrangements by using these products. You can choose hearts, stars and any other form you prefer. Just talk to the person responsible for catering. Plan it in advance for preparation to be done in optimal conditions.

Appetizers for a Wedding Reception

Appetizers from

Catering companies offer some different appetizers such as cheese, sausage, cold dishes, cocktails or tasty dumplings. Appetizers for a wedding reception will contribute to its success. There are plenty of choices. You just have to pick the one that you think is the best.11

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