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If you don’t like the new wedding dress style, you have the possibility to choose an antique, older bridal gown. In most of the cases you will find an older model harder because the wedding fashion models are changing year by year. If you want to check out the most worn antique bridal dresses you can make an online research on the network by visiting the top designer’s official websites or you can also take a look in their fashion catalogs or magazines. Of course, your wedding dress model will depend on the ceremony’s location. In case you have selected a laid back theme for your ceremony you can wear an informal, colorful, short wedding dress.

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If you prefer the church weddings, is advisable to buy a long, white, simple gown which adds a natural atmosphere for every bride. Before you start purchasing, you have to ask your mother if she doesn’t have her old wedding gown because wearing your mum’s dress is an honor. Unfortunately, the older dresses may turn yellow due to age. Taking in consideration that all the bridal dress models were made of delicate and sensitive materials, you have to pay attention if you want to wash them. You have to pay attention especially in case your bridal gown contains different embellishments or accessories because you might damage them. In this article you will find a few tips in order to clean successfully an antique wedding dress which was affected during the years.  

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About wedding dresses

Nowadays, the wedding fashion industry is growing fast because the designers come up with different bridal gown styles which can be bought in different models and in all sizes. Based on your ceremony’s theme you have the possibility to choose between several wedding dress styles. If you have selected a formal location is better to opt for an antique wedding dress which is simple and natural. Otherwise, if you have chosen a laid back theme you can choose an informal wedding dress.

In this case you can even wear colorful or short gowns which are overwhelmed with accessories and embellishments. Before you make a final decision you can take a look at the bridal catalogs because there you find the best creations of the top designers. If you have an idea about the dress that you want to wear on your wedding day, you can find it easier. Make an online research and visit the Bridal Stores to find your princess ball gown that you have ever dreamt about.  

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Antique wedding dresses

The antique wedding dresses are made from very delicate fabrics and in most if the cases they contain lace. If you opt for this gown you can turn back in time because thanks to these dresses you can conjure a magical and historical atmosphere to your wedding ceremony. In order to find the best antique wedding dress style which fits your body shape you have to compare the gown styles from the local Bride Stores.

In most cases, not every shop exposes all their wedding dress models, so if you have an idea about your wedding dress and you can’t find it, you have to ask the salesperson for help. Nowadays, you can order your selected wedding dress online or you can even buy it from the shop’s stock. Before you go shopping you can ask your mother if she doesn’t have her older bridal gown.

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How to clean a yellowed wedding gown?

Don’t forget that cloth is especially prone to deterioration in case you don’t use it. Despite this fact you have the possibility to maintain and protect your bridal gown from ill effects. Taking in consideration that all the wedding dress models are created from delicate details is important to be attentive and work with the gown with gently hands.

Nevertheless, you have the possibility to retain or restore the integrity of a wedding dress for years to come. Cleaning a yellowed antique wedding dress is considered an easy process but if you have doubts about this process is better to consult a professional cleaner who has more experience. If you clean your gown at home, make sure you have the necessary accessories to clean it properly.

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 How to clean and lighten an antique wedding dress?

First of all, you have to mend the tears, holes or rips. In order to lighten an older wedding dress style you will need thread and needle, gentle washing solution, non chlorine bleach, iron and cotton material. Then mix the water and the soap and insert your bridal gown into this solution. You must leave your wedding gown there for 15 minutes and take it out only after you notice that the solution has begun to discolor.

The chemicals will pull the dirt out of the fabric and when the water is discolored you can take out your wedding gown. It is better to dry it in direct contact with the sunlight. In case you lay the gown down, my advice for you is to turn it periodically in order to dry it fully. Finally, you can iron the wedding dress. It is important to iron it only after you have turn it inside out and use only low setting on the iron. For a successfully ironing, is better to use a thin cotton material or a layer between the iron and your bridal gown.

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Sometimes it happens that the bridal gowns are not cleaned properly by professional cleaners after the ceremony. It is important to know about these wedding dresses that they begin to look yellow due to air exposure or stains. Heirloom or older wedding dresses may turn yellow with age.

In this case you can clean it by choosing one of the above presented methods. In general, the antique wedding dresses are chosen by those brides who want to protect the traditions and they want to opt for a traditional, simple gown. The dress’s style is not that important. Feel comfortable in it and have fun.  



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