Antique Style Wedding Rings

Wedding Party | June 29 2011 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

We continue our journey among a few extraordinary antique style wedding rings that we want to show to all brides who care for something authentic, refined and original. It doesn’t really matter whether you like the antique style or not, we believe that these gorgeous designs that we’re presenting here will fit many modern brides and their preferences.

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These sublime models are able to exceed the highest expectations and this is why we believe that they can convince even the most pretentious and exigent brides. The antique style is however not for everybody or at least not for those who prefer something more modern and fashionable. But the truth is that these antique inspired pieces look even more fashionable, fancy and elevated than many contemporary ring pieces that you can find on the market. This is why we dare recommending these precious designs to both modern and classic brides.

The filigree patterns are the most common and often used by the ring designers in their antique ring masterpieces. We can see that these gorgeous antique style wedding rings that we’re presenting here are all beautified with romantic filigree designs and ornamental details that are specific to the antique style and this is why they look so sophisticated and extravagant.

You can find many elegant modern-classic wedding rings on the market that can fit both the preferences of those who want something authentic and those who prefer something more elevated. The first antique style wedding ring that we’re presenting here is decorated with an extraordinary organic filigree design that offer the bride a distinctive choice that can truly make her look different and unique among others. This first ring is beautified with milgrain designs that surround the central diamond stone, as well as with engraved leaves and other expressive details. We like the fact that this ring looks very bold, imposing and dramatic and we believe that it can fit the sophisticated type of brides who want something highly embellished.

The second antique style wedding ring is glamorous, vibrant and eccentric due to the blue sapphire central stone and the additional diamonds used for the adornment of the band. This ring is made of platinum but it can be customized in other types of metals. The third ring looks a bit more elegant and versatile because it features both round and baguette cut diamonds and it is made of white gold.11

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  1. Feenie

    July 06, 2011 at 5:43 am

    The Antique Style is beautiful… your mind will go to the ancient rings worn by the queens and this might be an inspiration for you. You might inspire for your wedding day jewels from the old movies…or documentaries. It’s a nice start. In this way you can see the material those rings were made from, the style…and you can adapt it to your style.


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