Antique Bridal Sets

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What can be more appealing, romantic and glamorous for a bride than an artistic vintage inspired wedding ring set? We found these charming antique bridal sets on the website of Emma Parker & Co and we’ve decided to bring them here so that you can examine them closely and learn more about the antique style.
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We truly believe that even those who never thought that they would go for an old century wedding ring will find these pieces absolutely remarkable and too unique to overlook them! These models are extremely elegant, fancy and rich and their romantic expression will surely melt many hearts and captivate many glances. We are very curious to find out what you really think of the vintage style and whether you find it an inspired theme or style for your wedding.

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The surprise comes from the fact that the number of those who decide to adopt this fancy style for their wedding ceremony and receptions is constantly growing! The truth is that the old couture style is nowadays brought back to life by really talented and experienced designers with great visions who know how to transform a traditional or a classic and standard design into a more fashionable and glamorous design that can reach the preferences of the modern women.

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We must admit that these antique bridal sets that we’re showing here are very elegant, stylish and elevated. The novelty meets the antiquity and this is how the old and the new form such a great team, a successful team and theme that seem to convince more and more brides and grooms from all over the world! The antique style is based on the tradition and the classic designs that were popular back in the old days and with the finest metals and most elevated techniques of the modern style the designers today can create gorgeous ring pieces that incorporate the best qualities of this controversial style.

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And these qualities are: artistry, sophistication, drama, richness, femininity, elaboration, magnificence, coquetry, romanticism, elegance, finesse, creativity, originality, intricacy, attractiveness and distinctiveness. These are the qualities that can’t be found at the same level in a modern wedding ring. Although the truth is that there are no more wedding rings that can be found under the name of “pure modern rings”. Their design is always inspired by the glam, the high class and the exquisiteness of the antique style. Therefore we can say that these antique bridal sets are ideal for both vintage and modern brides.



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