Angelic bridesmaid dresses

Wedding Dresses | December 10 2010 | by Jenny | 3 Comments

Even though there are no strict rules about how the bridesmaids to look like, in a certain limit, as many traditions are not quite respected any more, it seems that there are some categories.
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The brides split in two sides: either they choose the most decent and modest look for them, more appropriate in comparison with what old beliefs mention about the maids of honors, either the daring and bold aspect, as a modernism characteristic. No matter what the aim is the same and it is all about impressing and creating a magnificent contrasting image with the spotlights more on the bride.

For the second category things may be easier as in general sexy and hot appearance is what is intended to be created, with dresses that are short, with deep cut of the dress and so on. But when it comes about a modest look and you do not want to have a dull image and common as well you think that it is impossible to find a pattern to please you. Let’s see whether angelic bridesmaid dresses fulfill all your requests in this way.

First and foremost, the name is related to angles and in this way it means that the dresses of such type are all about decent look and moreover, diaphanous and impressive, with a touch of angel’s view inspiration. If it is to consider strictly the “definition” of this it means that the dresses should have a soft color, nuances like pink, cream, butter color. So, no bold and fresh ones, no shrill look. And in this way it is like respecting totally the tradition about the bridesmaids- it is considered that the bridesmaids should be dressed all alike but as well as in white like the bride itself. But not in all the cases this happens and so what it is still preserved from here is about choosing nuances that are of a soft and more fade off look.

Angelic bridesmaid dresses refer as well to a cut of the dress that impressive not with something out of the ordinary, but through its simplicity. In this way the accent will be more on the one that wears the dress, on the natural beauty. And to give you an example to make myself clear, it is not about cleavage, bust revealed, short length of the dress but the contrary: for example a long dress, straight from top to bottom, no extra details but embellished with some embroidery.

The principal, the basically idea on what brides rely in their decision to choose such types of dresses for their maids of honors is on the one side to be an outfit that approaches to the significance of other position, to the moment when entering in God’s House. On the other side it is as well about not making a shadow for the bride when the maids of honors will appear with too bold colors, with a design of the dress that lets people speechless.11


  1. Julia

    December 10, 2010 at 11:55 am

    The bridesmaid dresses in the first picture are really angelic and I believe that they successfully combine the features of the traditional bridesmaid dress with those of the modern dresses that are nowadays worn at weddings and it can prove to be a really great choice this way. I would certainly choose to wear a dress of this kind as a bridesmaid but it also depends on the theme of the wedding and on other such aspects that need to be considered when choosing the bridesmaid dress. I like the dresses in the second picture as well and I can say that they attracted my attention especially through their simplicity which makes you want to wear them and to feel good wearing them…. in the end, this is the main idea…to wear something that fits you and that you enjoy wearing.


  2. jane

    June 05, 2011 at 8:05 am

    D dresses are fabulous n lovely.


  3. jane

    June 05, 2011 at 8:06 am

    D dresses are fabulous n lovely.luv to have one


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