Angel Wedding Cakes

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Wedding cake can be the most delicious symbol of the wedding party, but in earlier times, the custom has been slightly different. Wheat, symbolizing fertility, was baked in cakes which were then given to all the guests to throw them in the bride.

When the bride and the groom cut the wedding cake, they divide the marital happiness in the same way that couples did centuries ago. In the recent past, traditional wedding cakes consist of a simple cake, white, decorated with white frosting with a plastic bride and a groom on top, but nowadays it is usually very retro. While traditions are very good in this new millennium, the wedding cake may reflect a unique statement of the couple’s individuality.

Love never dies. Thus our eternal love angels whisper. Along with them, we free ourselves from fear of being abandoned and we open our soul to the fountain of love. Couples who have faith in God and want to show this on their wedding day, they can successfully choose a wedding cake that has one of its layers in the form of an angel to symbolize their love for God and his angels. As their names suggest, the angels are meant to mediate the relationship between man and God, conveying messages from the Divine to man and vice versa, from man to God. But they are not just mere messengers in the strict sense of the word, they are responsible and to guide and support us along the road of life.

Angels reflect the divine perfection: infinite kindness and generosity, being able to love and enjoying unlimited always a great joy that they want to share with us. They instantly know the consequences of a principle or many thousands of facets of reality. Any angel knows the secrets of nature, mastered the laws governing the universe are vast repositories of a science and an infinite wisdom. They work constantly for the good of the man, always and everywhere. Even if we do not perceive their presence and not give them any thought, angels watches over us every moment, help us in difficult moments and defend us of all sorts of dangers.

Angels are everywhere: they watch over homes, accompany us on trips, are with those suffering and in need of support and solace in times of discouragement. Not being restricted by laws imposed by the field, they can move at a speed unimaginable to us, we are constrained by the laws of space and time, it suffices to think of them and they will just be with us, ready to offer their valuable help .

Since birth, every human being is left under the protection of an angel who has the specific task to assist in any moment of his life without ever abandoning it. Each person has his own guardian angel, regardless of race, culture or religion to which it belongs. Even people who say they are atheist, materialist convinced or who refuse to believe in another dimension than the earth, have a personal angel.

Our personal angel preserves us from the dangers which threaten us without us even suspect them, urges us to open ourselves to what is good and avoid evil, is to forward our prayers and intervenes on tirelessly for us to receive Divine love always. With so may meanings, it would be wonderful in your wedding day that an angel to be with you in the shape of a white wedding cake and his wings will give the impression that you can fly wherever you want with the beloved.11

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