Anemone Wedding Bouquet

Wedding Decorations | June 19 2010 | by Jenny | 1 Comment

If you are planning a more poetical, truly romantic and distinctive wedding and you are looking for special kind of flowers to complement your bridal looks, we recommend you to use anemones.

Not all the brides are attracted to this type of flower, because they might not be aware of anemones as wedding flowers or because they haven’t seen yet a few relevant pictures with anemone modern wedding bouquets. We are crazy about them, especially because of those frilled colored center. While the petals are vibrantly colored, the centers seem to follow the same line, a unique line in flowers.

The anemones are so incredibly romantic, sleek, delicate and charming because they come in a myriad of colors, all suitable for 2010 modern weddings. You should know that these special flowers are available in spring, but they can be found especially since December months to April or even May. In order to convince you of the wonderfulness and elegance of these flowers, let us tell you how many colors are available for you, in order to compose a vibrantly colored anemone modern wedding bouquet.

You can see in particular white anemone with black centers wedding bouquets, especially since the black and white theme is a favorite one among couples who are looking for a chic, stylish and dainty classy effect. But you can also see white anemone with green or yellow centers too. All the white two-toned types work excellent in fancy, romantic, creative and one of a kind arrangements for sleek weddings.

Second in line after white, you can find light pink or gray pink anemone modern wedding bouquets with black or yellow centers. Because of the faded hues, they make an excellent inspired choice for vintage or antique weddings. Creamy anemones with black centers also make an inspired choice for antique weddings. If you are in for something more exotic and bolder than this, we advise you to opt for a sexy red anemone modern wedding bouquets. The centers can be black or white.

What more can you wish in a flower? In case you are planning a winter wedding, a two-toned red and white anemone wedding bouquet might be the best choice you could ever make! For something more mysterious, sensual and magic, opt for a violet or a purple anemone modern wedding bouquet. The centers can be found in deep blue or in black shades.

If you are a fan of the pinkish color, you can choose a hot pink anemone modern wedding bouquet. The center of the pink anemone can be white and purple. Also for a winter wedding one can go with a superb burgundy anemone wedding bouquet.

The black centers can add more elegance, refinement, style, class and uniqueness. The most amazing thing about these flowers, also recalled as “Windflowers” is the versatile two-toned color. They make a good choice especially since they are less expensive than roses. They can be purchased at $3 per stem.11