Ancient history of wedding rings

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We’re not sure how many of you would like to know more about the ancient history of wedding rings, the symbolism of wedding rings, the significations, the meanings and the popular beliefs that make them what they are, but in the following lines we would like to introduce you into a short story or ancient history of wedding rings.
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Everybody is absolutely certain that the concept of “wedding rings” appeared for the first time during the Egyptian culture, when most of the ancient Egyptian money coins were created with a hole in the center. These coins were actually worn by the Egyptian people like rings and this is how the whole tradition of wedding rings started.

The groom placed the ring of money on his bride’s finger and by this ritual he wanted to let her and everybody else know that she was to be his lovely wife and his wealth and social status were now hers too.

Moving on to a popular belief that considered the placement of the ring on one’s hand to be extremely essential for the couple’s life, most traditional engagement rings and wedding rings used to be worn and they still are worn on the third finger of the left hand.

Most ancient people believed this precise third finger of one’s left hand contains some sort of nerve that can be followed up right to the heart. With this connection being set, there was no turning back or another place to establish the ring on. The famous diamonds that we’re not incorporating in wedding rings so beautifully were also considered to play a special role in a couple’s life.

The ancient history of wedding rings and diamonds more precisely confirms the popular beliefs of the Romans and of the Greeks that diamonds were precious and sacred. While the Romans thought that diamond stones were real mysterious fragments of shooting stars, the Greek people believed that diamonds were actually the tears of their God.

Even today we think that diamonds are the most precious, wonderful and miraculous magical stones that can be incorporated into a veritable wedding ring. Perhaps you are wondering now: when the first diamond wedding ring appeared and where can it be traced down? Well, the very first wedding ring that featured a diamond dates since the 1477s, when an Austrian married his wife with a gold diamond wedding ring. The diamond stones were used in a very unique way, following the letter pattern “M” of the bride.

Back in the ancient times, the wedding ring ceremony wasn’t the ceremony of two wedding rings. Only the man was in charge of giving the bride a ring. The double ring wedding ceremony started only during the ‘50s and the whole ritual was actually a clever attempt to increase the wedding ring industry and sell more rings. Today we think that both the bride and the groom must wear a wedding ring in order to become one, a complete heart that will always stay faithful.11

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