Amethyst solitaire wedding rings

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Colored wedding rings are growing in popularity every year especially among young modern couples who are willing to explore more and choose something that is more different and unique. Compared to diamond wedding rings, amethysts wedding rings are surely a more enchanting and lovely to watch choice. Besides the exquisite beauty that lies in these types of rings, amethysts embody lots of other qualities or advantages that a couple should know about.
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The unique symbols and meanings that are hidden in this fascinating gem seem to make a good reason for convincing a couple to purchase an amethyst solitaire wedding ring over a diamond wedding ring.

The amethyst stones are considered sacred gems that have spiritual powers and properties related to things like protection, power of healing, spirituality, sincerity, originality, innocence, truth, hope, faith, purity and devotions. Amethysts are considered powerful stones that can heal the wearer from all kinds of addictions or that can reduce the stress and clear or the negative emotions of an individual. Nevertheless, some brides might not be directly interested in these things but they will surely appreciate all these qualities that amethyst stones have and be more impressed with them than with diamonds.

Those who are attracted to astrology or zodiacal signs in general might be happy to find out that amethysts are the birthstones of February. So if your month of birth is February why waist time searching for another type of wedding ring? Choose to go more personal and more meaningful by opting for a sensational and sensual amethyst solitaire wedding ring.

In general, amethysts wedding rings are available in many popular styles, some more vintage and antique inspired, others more contemporary or simple, depending on the design and the formality of the ring. The most popular types of amethyst solitaire wedding rings are: art deco styles set with other types of gemstones that can complement the design such as pink tourmalines, peridot or sapphires, figural styles with butterfly or flower designs beautified with amethyst stones, eternity styles accented with diamonds or with aquamarines or tanzanite stones for a more colorful appearance or wide band styles set with larger amethyst stones.

The solitaire setting is definitely the most popular one that is also used for diamond wedding rings. If you want to show the amethyst central stone to everyone and enjoy many admiring glances you should vote for the solitaire setting because it is the most revealing set. If you do want a more glamorous and eye-catchy brilliant look then why not look for amethyst solitaire wedding rings set with little diamond accents on sides? This way your looks are going to be truly amazing, charming, fascinating and remarkable from a distance.11

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