African American Wedding Gowns

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The women of this century more than in any other social events try to choose with the occasion of their wedding celebration the latest trends in the bridal fashion industry. The general note of a nowadays wedding gown is the mixture of Western style with details inspired from the culture of various nations. The perfect example in this matter is conferred by the African American wedding gowns; these are the ones that fashion designers have chosen to give a touch of cultural traditions to the overall aspect of a contemporary wedding dress.
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Inserting details of the old into the new aspect of a gown is not at all a new feature in the definition of design creation; fashion designers have always been inspired by the past in order to create novelty. As the saying goes: “tell me who you used to be to know better who you are now” and this is relevantly described by the wedding gowns as well, since tradition seems to be the only thing that still defines the composition and the unfolding of a wedding event. Cultural movements, art, national heritage, all these could be easily discovered in the way fashion designers have chosen to create their newest styles.


In this way, browsing for African American wedding gowns we see contemporary attires that display a fusion of the richly textures of the African fabrics with their bold colors into the Western styles of wedding gowns, and images of African photo models fill the pages of bridal attire collections in the attempt to show the touches of their culture in the aspect of a dress that is supposed to be worn in the most important day in the life of a woman: the wedding day.

As much as these brides are committed to their new bridal appearance they still need to show that they incline to the conservative style reflecting cultural expressions they have inherited from their spiritual forerunners. Before these new trends have been introduced in the African American bridal fashion market, the choices of these brides were quite restricted in regard to the selection of the wedding gown.  The wax print, the lace and Swiss voile were the only options of textures included in the manufacturing of the bridal attires.

Now their colorful appearance is introduced as distinctive element in the design of an African American wedding dress, in order for the brides to have more options in the choice of their special gown which will make them shine while walking down the aisle, in their way to commit to the one they love. As such, white dresses incorporating colorful prints in the texture of a voile and/or lace are to be seen while visiting the online bridal sites. There are also golden colored fabrics to be the material that helps in the creation of a ball gown style of the wedding dress, or sheath style of gowns that define so femininely the body shapes of a bride.


Now the web sites are richer in African wedding styles and even if a bride needs to look either traditionally costumed or having details of contemporaneous fashion style in her future look as a bride, she is more than sure to be given chances to find the appropriate style which matches her personality and innermost beliefs nurtured by her nation’s cultural values.11

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