Affordable Plus Size Wedding Gowns

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The preparation of your wedding event brings you back to the times when you had to get yourself ready for your prom ball. Back then you were a little bit over sized, but with the college’s times you started step by step to integrate yourself in a more ponderous life regarding the meals and the sporting activity that you so lazily avoided while being a freckled teenager. You have been proud of the way you managed to lose considerable weight and the time you have spent while looking for the prom ball dress seems to loose its tracks in the ashes of your memory.
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But now with the planning of your wedding the time spent in search of the wedding gown brings you back to facing the same problem: finding a cheap plus size dress, but in this case it is not about any dress or not even an evening dress, is about an affordable plus size wedding gown. This plus size comes not exactly from what one might think of gaining weight or something, though it is about gaining extra pounds only this time is because of the baby you carry. The baby is the reason that you came back to your former plus sizes, but it is OK as long as this is caused merely by the pregnancy.


You would have liked to have your wedding organized in the earlier days of pregnancy, but you had so bad times carrying the first months that you was forced to take long weeks of sick leave and stay home. The 7th month of pregnancy finally proved to be better and in this way you can continue with the planning that you have meanwhile interrupted. Lucky you that your mom and your bridesmaid were close to you every time you needed something and your fiancé was not around to help. The same happens with the choice of the wedding dress; the two women assisting you and advising you to buy something that is not very expensive since the dress is meant to be worn only once and you need to focus on something very cheap as well.

The first day when you have started this tiring quest for your affordable plus size wedding gown it has never crossed your mind that you can reach for a dress that has a design for an evening dress which could be afterwards altered given the fact that your best friend is a seamstress and she can assist you with this issue. Since the plus size wedding gown quest opened innumerable online pages with collections for proportionally plus sized brides, but nothing for your pregnancy format, you see yourself in the position of ordering two models of white dresses and have them tried on and see which one fits the best.


You call your seamstress friend and have her assist you with the trial and say which one is the most appropriate to your ‘pregnant bridal condition’. The dresses you have ordered are basically styled in the same pattern, only the fabric and its design are different. The first one has the neckline scooped with spaghetti straps and the bodice has beaded embroidery; the skirt falls from under the breast line allowing the silk fabric to flow in four large panel in a tea-length style of the skirt. This one seems to give space for the large tummy to be more comfortable, whereas the other one will need to suffer more alterations to allow you breathe more freely while wearing the gown during the celebration of your special and one-of-a-kind event.11

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