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About Green Forest Products

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We can say many things about the green products, but not that much about the green forest products, since they are a new thing on market. More information about this type of green products can be found on greenforestpaper.com. There you can find more about this company, about their products, from where to buy their products, you can receive some answers to the most frequently asked questions and you will have the possibility of contacting them.

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About Green Forest Products (Source: greenforestpaper.com)

These products are made of 100% recycled paper and you can buy some bathroom tissues, paper towels, paper napkins and facial tissues. These products are hypoallergenic, they are safe to be used in septic systems and they are cheap. Because you seemed to more interested in the history of this company than in the products created by themselves, let me say that once upon a time, there was a company named Green Forest; the name of the brand started its history in 1990 and it was created by Fort Howard, this being the name of the company, not of a person as you might imagine. This Fort Howard company was back then a medium-sized paper company located in Wisconsin.

105979 about green forest products About Green Forest Products

About Green Forest Products (Source: bohobodega.com)

This company has created the start of the company that is today, Green Forest. In 1997, that paper company, which was not yet known as Green Forest, merged with another company that dealt with the same activity object: paper. The name of the other company was James River. After all these operations, Green Forest remains a brand that is well known in America for their products that do not use chlorine, that present environmental characteristics and that manufacturers household products in North America desired by more and more Americans. Even though this is a small company when it is compared to the giants of the paper industry, this company is one of the largest manufacturers of products made of paper.


You are invited to buy Green Forest products and to make a difference in the way you live and for the environment in which you reside.



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