80's Love Songs Wedding

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The music of the 80s as it happened to be for always, was the reflection of a social time and the times of this decade – from 1908 till 1989 –   brought a lot of changes in regard to the economies that started to industrialize and economic statutes from all over the world started to liberalize. These changes have put a print on the musical releases of those times, professionals working in this field trying to come up with songs that reflected the moves all around the world. And as usual, new songs were also present as a buffer to the physical pain that started to dominate the social backgrounds of many countries outside USA.

Not to mention that the consumers’ market became more demanding in regard to the tastes in fashion, cars, even music. Michael Jackson is the music icon who has appeared on the musical stages of the 80s promoting new style in clothing, dancing and pop music. The sounds of keyboard synthesizer and the ones of a drum machine so familiar in the 70s continued to be the ones heard in the sounds of the 80s, more often in New Wave music.

When organizing the celebration of your wedding and you need to insert in its composition notes of old but at the same time classic style you can appeal for the use of 80’s love songs wedding can display within its musical atmosphere. Considering that many of the 80’s songs have remained till today in the musical tastes of the people, the top musical charts of all times could stand as testimony for this statement, you can include some of the 80’s love song in the displaying of your wedding.

The wedding celebration normally takes place in two parts: the ceremony and the reception. While the first one could take place in a place of worship therefore enabling the priest’s assistant to play songs adjusted to the religiosity of the moment, the second one is free to be run in a manner that gives the couple the liberty of choice. In this respect a list of the songs could be made through the help of a professional DJ or simply in the core of your home listening to the collections of CDs you have available.

The 80’s love songs wedding could comprise in the atmosphere of its reception can be some of the following: “Love can build a bridge” – The Judds, “When I said I do” – by Clint Black and Lisa Hartman, “Come what may” – the song from the famous and sensitive and romantic movie “Moulin Rouge”, “For you” – by John Denver, “More than words” – Extreme, “Lost in your eyes” – performed by Debbie Gibson, and many, many others.

In case the DJ or a band of musicians aren’t included on the list of your expenditures that belongs to the wedding planning process, then lists of the 80’s love songs are available on the online pages and from there you can make your selection on your home PC and from there with the aid of a hi-fi station and large speakers you can have them performed in the atmosphere of your wedding reception.11

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