80's Love Songs Wedding

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With the desperation you are looking for songs to be suitable for your wedding you have just one theme in your mind: love songs. They best describe the situation, suitable for this event. Yes but to opt for just love songs is not the way to success. You need variety in style and genre. And since modern music will be your first category then you should consult the list of some old hits.


With certainty people will love to hear them again, to croon the lyrics. Plus that think at the parents dance time and such a song can be suitable here too. Back in their youth time such songs made furors. 80’s love songs for wedding sounds of a big interest for you?

80's Love Songs Wedding (Source: files.blogter.hu)

80's Love Songs Wedding (Source: files.blogter.hu)

What can one chose? It all depends on your wedding style, on the bride and groom preferences. From A-Ha to Aerosmith, Elton John or Guns N’ Roses the range of options is a wide one, in rhythms too. Today’s proposals resume to:

Berlin- “Take my breath away”: it is a slow song, one dedicated in the name of love which finds a metaphorical interpretation.

Bryan Adams with songs such as “Everything I do I do it for you”, “When a man loves a woman” can be as well viable choices. It is the expression of giving everything for the person loved.

Foreigner- “I want to know what love is” or “Waiting for a girl like you” completes the list with a sort of dedication brought to the bride in this case.

80's Love Songs Wedding (Source: quieroletras.com)

80's Love Songs Wedding (Source: quieroletras.com)

Different interpretations but all with the same aim, expression the love between the bride and groom 80’s love songs for wedding can be the pause at the party after rhythmic sounds and dancing till exhaustion, also during the dinner time. If the wedding in its essence is a love celebration so the music should be! 


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