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If you want to get married in Las Vegas then the first thing you have to do is to see what vendors suit your vision. In order to have a perfect wedding you need to collaborate with people and companies that know what they are doing. Even if the city can host an amateur or two it’s important that you ran into the best. Think of all the details, bigger or smaller: location, decorations, flowers, transportation, menu or music. It’s a little bit overwhelming just thinking about them, not to mention actually taking care of them.
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So, panic is not a viable solution. What is there to do? What may get you through the day and take the pressure off is an online wedding directory. They are fun and easy to use and most importantly they will introduce you in a world of valuable information. Now, if you are a little picky and find flaw in everything you can try a name with consistent reputation on the market.

A very good example is 702 Wedding.com. This is everything you want and even more when it comes to planning the perfect wedding in Las Vegas. Their motto is influenced by the town history. Sin City “started” as a modest, cheap wedding destination for the couples on a hurry and with a low budget. It was the feeling of freedom that made the city so attractive. In time Las Vegas changed into a first class wedding destination. More and more a Vegas wedding translates into luxury and glamor, glitter and five stars resorts. It’s an image very different from the one Las Vegas had during the first wedding ceremonies. A 702 Las Vegas wedding means exceeding the clients’ expectations no matter the numbers behind their big day. This is the statement they believe in: to make sure that every client receives quality services at reasonable pricing.

Fulfilling this mission has brought them numerous awards from specialized journals and magazines. More importantly than all the fancy prizes the biggest award a company like this can receive is the “thank you” from thousands and thousands of couples. Their happiness and their perfect image of their wedding is the only reward this team of dedicated professionals expects. It’s more important to create unique memories and amazing photo albums that would eventually last on for generations. Compare it as you want with a legacy, with a message of love for the generations following. On their site there is information about pricing, wedding packages and booking. You can even chat with one of the experts if you have any inquiries.

A 702 Vegas wedding is sure to impress your guests in the most delicate way. In the end you will be extremely pleased with your decision of working with this vendor. After all, reputation comes from thick and impressive portfolios. What was that saying? Ah, yes…pictures are worth a thousand words.11

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  1. Adeline

    January 22, 2011 at 3:01 pm

    Finally, an article about a wedding vendor. But I guess when talking about wedding vendors you kind of say the same hing over and over again, as they can all be perfect choices for different kind of people. What can I say right now is that from a very long list of wedding vendors, 702 is also there and is quite somewhere toward the top. They seem to be professionals as their site shows and comments from other people. But no matter who one may choose, you cannot deal without a professional in VEgas. They are a must for those people who are not locals and find it quite difficult to come to VEgas day by day. So having a professional to help you is a must.


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