’60s style wedding rings

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If you are not satisfied at all with what modern wedding rings look like, then perhaps a vintage antique inspired wedding ring can make you happier.
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More and more brides and grooms from all over the globe are attracted to the idea of owing and wearing an old style antique wedding ring, especially if the have something in common with a certain old period or era.

So, if you wish to honor an important time in your parent’s life, in your grandparent’s life or a certain period of time that you treasure it for a certain reason, now it’s time to apply for an old fashion wedding ring. The ‘60s were the time when the retro style was in vogue.

If you are a retro fan or a retro style wearer, then perhaps you would like to wear something like a unique and authentic ‘60s style wedding ring.

During the 1960s, the fashion and the jewelries more precisely were in big trend and demand. And nowadays with the famous “Mad Men” show more and more modern brides and grooms are looking forward to find and buy a ‘60s style wedding ring just like those presented in the film. The classic style seems to be enjoyed by many contemporary brides in particular who would love to receive a retro inspired ring as the wedding ring to wear for the rest of their lives.

There are hundreds of unique and original designs, pattern and sets that can be chosen in ‘60s style wedding rings, and almost any kind of bride and groom can find their dream ring within this style. For diamond stone lovers who wish to wear something rather rare, unconventional and unseen on everybody’s fingers, a diamond ‘60s style wedding ring can make an excellent choice to start with.

In general, if we are to describe the 1960s period, we would say that things were quite simplistic. The fashion and the clothing line style were simple, natural and chic, while the jewelries were made to complement the outfits and to make the women look more glamorous, sophisticated, exquisite, and coquette. One of the most popular types of ‘60s style wedding ring was the one that featured three stones.

Whether set with diamonds or with gemstones, during the early period of the 1960s, the ‘60s style wedding ring usually featured a big central stone in the center and other two smaller on the sides. Later in time, these rings transformed and gave birth to the popular solitaire diamond ‘60s style wedding rings.

The solitaire stones were cut in general in oval shapes, in round and marquise shapes. The band was usually made from yellow gold, in order to highlight the brilliance of the solitaire stone. After this period, the wedding rings become wider and more intricate. The cocktail ‘60s style wedding ring featuring a cluster of gemstones was one of the most sought-after by women of that time.11

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