50th wedding anniversary songs

Wedding Party | August 12 2010 | by Jenny | 0 Comments

Name a day when you wake up from your bed, look on the window and you’d want almost to scream: “Thank you, God, for this wonderful day and for this amazing life! Thank you for taking care or my love, for leading my steps on a shiny path where love is all that matters!” For me, is simple to name this day: 50th wedding anniversary.
Some couples are still preparing their wedding day dreaming that future will take care of their love, keeping them together, helping them to grow their love while other couples bless this day, celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary, look in their past reminding the most beautiful moments of their marriage, looking with hope in the future waiting for other marvelous years spent with the same eternal love.

The 50th wedding anniversary is also called the Gold Wedding and it represents the standard value, wealth souls who have crossed half a century together. What better gift can highlight the greatness of the moment than an object that has the same age? Whether it is a painting, a book, a bottle of liquor or a shawl. Equally suitable are all gold jewelry, of which the pin will be feeling for her and watch for him. No matter what they do with them. Even if they don’t have anywhere to wear them, they will bequeath to grandchildren. This day must be celebrated because is a wonderful almost surreal day. Music always helps people to express their feelings, that’s why I suggest you to use this friendly “tool” to enjoy immensely this day.

Some couples celebrate their wedding anniversary at home with their best friends, while others make a small party in a restaurant. For both situations, 50th wedding anniversary songs are a “must”. Still wondering what music you should pick for this divine event? Why don’t you take a look on your wedding video because I’m sure you have a short video (maybe white-black one) and this will remind you some songs of the period you’ve got married with your dear man. Is a wonderful feeling to turn back time and remind the best day of your life when you said the most convincing “yes”. Still, I’d like to recommend you some great songs which are perfect for this day and I’m sure they’ll help you to relieve your feelings and show everybody that true love exists, event that some people still consider this feeling as being a myth.

Here are my suggestions of 50th wedding anniversary songs which will make your day: “You are so beautiful” performed by Joe Cocker, “You are the sunshine of my life” performed by Stevie Wonder, “Because you loved me” performed by Celine Dion, “My kind of woman, my kind of man” performed by Patty Loveless, “Rockin’ years” performed by Dolly Parton, “The way you look tonight” performed by Frank Sinatra, “Remember when” performed by Alan Jackson, “Put your head on my shoulder” performed by Paul Anka, “Dream Lover” performed by Bobby Darin, “Blessed” performed by Elton John and this song is certainly my favorite one because its lyrics are just amazing especially for grandparents: “I need you before I’m too old / To have and to hold / To walk with you and watch you grow/  And know that you’re blessed.”11

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