50th Wedding Anniversary Centerpieces

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Celebrating your 50 wedding anniversary is a true fulfillment. Divorce is a very common thing these days so people who get to celebrate so many years of marriage is something to be proud of. Lots of couples don’t feel like celebrating and planning anymore, but relatives and family usually put together all these details. They can also take care of your adornments and your centerpieces. Since it is your 50 wedding anniversary the color gold should be the main tones of your wedding centerpieces. A very simple and elegant way to create centerpieces is to use photos and frames. It would be a lovely gesture to gather some old pictures during the couple’s marriage and their life together and place the pictures in various frames on the tables.

111672 50th wedding anniversary centerpieces 2 50th Wedding Anniversary Centerpieces

50th Wedding Anniversary Centerpieces (Source: 4.bp.blogspot.com)

This would also be a great way to show the guests what a wonderful and accomplished life the married couple had and still has. Edible centerpieces have always been a good choice. Go for some simple cookies or some fruits to place on the tables. Choose season fruits if the anniversary is during fall or spring or go for some mini cakes instead. Flowers are very popular pieces. Use some silk ones and paint them in the color gold for instance. Or use some simple sticks and rocks which you can spark with gold.

111672 50th wedding anniversary centerpieces 50th Wedding Anniversary Centerpieces

50th Wedding Anniversary Centerpieces (Source: bridalflower.org)

The centerpieces don’t have to be very elaborate they just have to be representative for the theme of the anniversary or related to the couple you are planning the party. You could also sue the color gold in contrast with other tones such as black or red. Use some candles or some balloons which you can hang. This will create a more festive look. The centerpieces can be bought online or you can make them yourself. There is no need to spend huge sums of money when you can easily use the intent and various photos to get inspired. This way you will create your own adornments and get to save money. The centerpieces can be anything from flowers to fruits or simple rocks and branches.



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