50th Wedding Anniversary Cakes

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Celebrating a 5-th wedding anniversary is definitely a great occasion that worth sharing a splendid and unforgettable wedding cake with your guests. 50th wedding anniversary cakes are usually more mature, elegant, unique, personalized and stylish than the wedding cake, but with few exceptions.

There are many couples who are still feeling young and free to choose any wild, funky and funny idea for a wedding cake topper. Couples who are sharing a great sense of humor can express the joyful feeling with their guests by serving them a piece of whimsical, original, crazy, unusual and stunning wedding cake.

There are lots of 50th wedding anniversary cake ideas for those who are looking for a more impressive, trendy, non-conventional and appetizing wedding desert. 50th wedding anniversary cakes are usually created to reflect the happiness and thanksgiving of a life shared together by the couple and to evoke the romanticism and the flattering feelings that still exist between the wife and the husband.

One can choose a heart-shaped golden 50th wedding anniversary cake design for a more elegant, sophisticated, stylish and chic wedding anniversary. For those who have a generous budget and want to create a sumptuous event can always decide to repeat the wedding day move by organizing a big and pretentious wedding anniversary day. That is why many couples are choosing a replica, a copy or an imitating cake topper of the original wedding cake for the 50th wedding anniversary cake. In these cases the 50th wedding anniversary cake will appear as a light motif, an ending cycle or a culmination of so many years spent together between the bride and the groom.

One can use a photo of the original wedding cake to create the 50th wedding anniversary cake topper, print it or paint and place on the cake. Most of the couples who are celebrating the golden anniversary are using a golden 50 number figurine for a more stunning, magnificent and elegant wedding. But if you are a creative couple and don’t want to use this old cliché can always let your imagination run free and choose to create a more unique, personalized and unusual 50th wedding anniversary cake design. Use sparkling and shiny motifs such as golden flowers, leaves, crystals, diamonds, pearls, beadings, gems or any other jewelry topper for a more royal and extravagant look.

Porcelain and acrylic toppers are also a popular and favored choice for a beautiful 50th wedding anniversary cake. Choose any other color that works gorgeous on a 50th wedding anniversary cake such as ivory, burgundy, red, purple, brown, yellow, orange or green. Combine these colors and create a spectacular themed 50th wedding anniversary cake that no one ever seen. Brown and gold 50th wedding anniversary cakes are very trendy and fashionable, as well as brown and red, or purple and white.11

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