50’s Wedding Invitations

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The 50’s were considered to be the years following the second World War and everything that came back into life had the print of regeneration in the US, whereas in Europe many countries still had the wounds left fresh after the damages caused by the war. For the Americans the steps made further during the second World War in the technology, communication and medicine brought new changes into their lives and nothing seemed to be the same as before.

In US the 50’s came with rock and roll, beauty competitions – as Miss World, ready to wear boutiques opened in New York, people started sooner than those living in Europe to enjoy life and mind their own private affairs. In this period is tracked the origin of commercially printed “fine wedding stationery” as ordinary people adopted the skill to imitate the life-styles and materialism of society’s elite. On the market emerged society figures that advised common people on suitable etiquette.

50s-wedding-invitationsThe development of thermography, a technique that produces shiny, raised lettering engraving, made the wedding invitations finally become low-cost thus accessible to all. In this way, lots of designs and styles of the 50s wedding invitations appeared. Some of them were simply limited to have the drawings of a groom and a bride encircled by a heart, others were more classy, bearing symbols or stylized figures to depict the incoming event.

The influence of Art Movement at that time could be seen also in the designs adopted for the wedding invitations. Thus the abstract expressionism, the iconography used in Pop Art movement were some of the currents that brought back the figurative art that facilitate the later stylization in post cards and invitations.

Modern invitation design continues to change and constantly try to evolve to match the current trends. Nowadays the wedding invitations correspond to the style of couple as well as the level of formality of the event. As we generally observed that the design of the invitation becomes less and less traditional and more depictive of the wedding couple’s personality. Even if today’s wedding invitations seem to appear in a diversity of designs one more interesting and special than the other, one can not deny the role that the 50s wedding invitations had upon the creation of something new either it comes to the techniques of their production or the artistic conception.11

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