5 Years Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas

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For your 5th wedding anniversary party you should plan a small or a big party with friends and family. No matter how many people come to this celebration, one thing is for sure. You want to be surrounded with people that you care about and people who care about you. Deciding on how big or small you want this party should be a decision made accordion to your budget. Big anniversary parties cost a lot of money and they require lots of decisions such as what decorations to use, which restaurant to rent and so on. If you are thinking of planning something small it can be either at your own house or maybe rent a small restaurant.

You could order a simple but elegant anniversary cake and invite some friends over. If the party is not such a formal one then you can call them up. However if you are planning in having a formal and elegant dinner you should send some invitations. If you are having an outdoor anniversary party you could use some lights or some lanterns as part of your decor.

5 Year  Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas (Source: big-wedding-tiny-budget.com)

5 Year Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas (Source: big-wedding-tiny-budget.com)

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Some flowers as your centerpieces or some balloons which will give the location a much more festive allure. Use some confetti on the dance floor if there is one. Another suggestion would be to have a barbecue for instance. This is something which will not require you picking out flower decorations and napkin holders. It will have a much more casual feel to it but what matters is that you celebrate with the people who matter most to you. This is something that you should discuss with your husband or wife.

5 Year  Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas (Source: media-cache7.pinterest.com)

5 Year Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas (Source: media-cache7.pinterest.com)

If you want to be a surprise anniversary party then you will have to figure things on your own. Maybe consult with someone in your family or ask them to help you out. Whatever you decide to do you need to make it count. Because your wife or husband will be happy no matter the color of your table cloths or the flowers you choose for your table d├ęcor.


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