36th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

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The 36th wedding anniversary hasn’t a flower or a gemstone attributed to it and not even a traditional material. However, on this occasion china is offered, as this is the modern gift that symbolizes 36 years of matrimony. Milestone anniversaries receive a lot of attention by having many gift ideas associated to them, but other anniversaries are equally important to married couples, who choose to celebrate them by offering presents.

Offer your wife or husband a china set of coffee or tea, one which will complement other china sets that you have and will make your breakfasts even more enjoyable. If you don’t want to buy an entire set, a single piece will do as well. A coffee mug with an interesting design or a vase which can be displayed in your living room are perfect presents that will always remind of the anniversary, while at the same time being extremely useful. As sometimes it is enough just to suggest the traditional or modern gift through the elements of another piece that would be very useful to you, the 36th wedding anniversary is no exception. If you have so many china sets that you have no place where to store them, it would be useless to buy another one just because it can be easily associated with the anniversary. Opt instead for a china cabinet or hutch, which still preserves the original idea of connecting the occasion with china and is very useful as well.

102083 36th wedding anniversary gifts 2 36th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

China Tea Set (Source: image.made-in-china.com)

Unfortunately, there aren’t any flowers that symbolize the 36th wedding anniversary and if you want to accompany you gift with a bouquet of flowers you can choose any flower your wife loves or the same flowers that were in her bridal bouquet. Make a nice bouquet of 36 flowers, which is the magical number of your matrimony.

Buy a ceramic piece if you want to keep with the china theme. Jewelry boxes, statues, coffee mugs, plates or picture frames are great 36th wedding anniversary gifts. Choose the one that is not only beautiful, but also useful and wrap it in a nice box, embellished with colored ribbons.

102083 36th wedding anniversary gifts 36th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Coffee And Chocolate (Source: acapellafoods.com)

The things that have always connected you can be real sources of inspiration. For example, if you have always enjoyed drinking a cup of coffee together to start your day, offer a basket filled with gourmet coffees, coffee mugs and chocolates. If you like to serve wine at dinner, fill the basket with bottles of wine from the year you got married and gourmet cheeses. Also, if you are planning to have a second honeymoon in a beach location, prepare a basket of towels, sunscreen, sunglasses and travel accessories. These are very practical, and bring a smile on your spouse’s face, as they announce the upcoming trip.



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