36th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

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Spending some quality time away from home might be the perfect anniversary gift for your 36th celebration. You and your wife could visit some exotic destination or you could simply book an entire week at a spa. You can benefit from lots of spa and wellness treatments and enjoy your time there. You can also rent a cabin for a few days and go with your family. You can hike and maybe take long walks into the sunset. There are plenty of romantic things you can do and it doesn’t matter where you are as long as you are with the person you love. As far as gifts you could buy your wife a new ring and with it you can also renew your vows to her.

Maybe some earrings if she has a collection of them and for your husband you could get him a bracelet. This bracelet can also be engraved with a special love quote. If he enjoys going camping once in a while then you should purchase a new tent for him. You can both go somewhere and camp out for one night. If he loves buying gag gift for you then this year you should also buy one for him. You can find plenty of comical alarm clocks, briefcases, beer mugs with comical messages, comical cologne bottles and so on. If playing broads game is something that you both like to do on weekends you can find some new interesting games online and order a few of them for him. Next to this you can buy him a bottle of his favorite wine or maybe a book on cocktails.

36th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

36th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas (Photo by: kardsunlimited)

This way for your next Sunday brunch or dinner your husband can learn how to make some excellent cocktails. You can also make her a cake or order one for her. Men don’t like to cook or don’t know how to but if you are good in the kitchen and you have some skills then you should cook for your wife this time. It can also be a romantic dinner, a simple dish nothing too fancy after all it’s the gesture that counts more than anything.


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