3 Tier Wedding Cakes Assembly

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Today I bring you some tips, after which your wedding will be much easier to plan. You can plan so that everything might be perfect. The first thing you must understand is that surprise-situations can arise to ruin some of your moments. If you accept them with calm, you can easily fix the problems that arise.

Even at celebrity weddings planned by the best professionals in the field there are problems that appear during the day. Let’s take a look at what we have to do to get as close to perfection as possible. After the future bride has accepted the engagement ring it is time to consult with both families, choosing a date and a location for the guests party. You must grab and the guest list to get an idea of how big the room should be.

3 Tier Wedding Cakes Assembly

3 Tier Wedding Cakes Assembly from farm4.static.flickr.com

Then you should speak to the priest, pastor or rabbi to choose the date and time fixed for the ceremony. Then you can start with the proper planning. If possible, the most appropriate thing would be to allocate at least a year for planning it. During the top period of the wedding season, from April to October, most churches, catering, entertaining bands and banquet halls are reserved a year earlier. Whether you plan alone your wedding or you hire an organizer, you’d better make a list of all the tasks that you plan to go out and a deadline as a rough guide for each. Use your notes, so that everything might be clearer in moments of crisis. Then you have to deal with budgets for the various things that you will need, such as hall, food, clothes, honeymoon, flowers, music for the ceremony, photographer, limousine, wedding cake, etc. …

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Wedding cakes are the central element of one of the most beautiful moments of the wedding. The wedding cake is also one of the most difficult elements to choose of the dream wedding, as each couple wants a fairytale wedding and a perfect wedding should have an impressive 3 tier wedding cake assembly. In a world preoccupied with fashion and everything that is new, unique, original, the wedding cake can not fall behind, therefore, the future bride and groom follow the wedding cakes trends when planning their wedding. And even if everyone has his preferences in matters of taste, in terms of the wedding cake aspect, the grooms desires say with a single voice: “We want a special wedding cake. ”

3 Tier Wedding Cakes Assembly

3 Tier Wedding Cakes Assembly from farm4.static.flickr.com

An elegant wedding cake, more or less simple, remains the favorite for the traditional couples. For the young grooms, very happy and very determined, colorful 3 tier wedding cakes assembly, are good choices. Flowers, romance, tenderness, exuberant … Depending on the chosen flowers, the floral wedding cake is very appreciated. For a daring pair, modern and youthful, an inverted wedding cake is very timely. If your wedding has a very concrete theme, such as “Cinderella” or if you are fans of traveling, the wedding cake can be part of it. Wedding cakes with sculptures are an original idea, bold, that will give your wedding a spectacular air.

A wedding cake to remember! Whether you want to make a declaration of love, or you wish to make your motto become popular, choose a wedding cake with a message. Wedding guests will be given a new conversation topic! Classical shapes (round or square) of the 3 tier wedding cakes assembly are not on your taste? Try other forms, more special! The painting made directly on the wedding cake, an abstract model or a famous picture… The guests will photograph over and over again these wonderful wedding cakes.11

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