20’s Wedding Gowns

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The end of the First World War has introduced a woman’s style to become more boyish in appearance; the loosen style with shapeless in fit clothes revealed a suppressed bust without a line for the waist, broader shoulders and shorter hair cut as well. This silhouette underlined a flat chest where the womanly curves were almost invisible, this look conferring the image of simplicity.

The length of the dresses was around the calf area, and started to show some fluctuations in a design of a gown to contain elusive aspect rendered by handkerchief hemlines made from floating materials. With the mid of the 20’s the length of the skirt became shorter showing the knee, for later to describe uneven hems, an asymmetry in the hemlines of the skirts that made the transition to longer styles of skirts.
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If you are a fan of this style, and an admirer of Coco Chanel (her design in clothing has become the peak of the 20’s, many people when referring to the fashion style of the 20s instantly think of the creations to belong to Coco Chanel), you can choose form the vintage collections of gowns the 20’s wedding gowns that display perfectly preserved styles of outfits. Other fashion designers have also recreated the style of the 20s in designs that resemble so well to the original style. If we go back to those ages we find the tones of beige, sand, navy and black to be the nuances of the jersey fabrics with simple cuts and shapes that didn’t require the use of corsetry to define the line of a waist.

The 20s style in fashion depicted a loosen line, giving the women to wear the dresses a coziness in wearing and an aspect of illusory touch in the appearance. Visiting the wedding gowns collections to contain style that belongs to the 20s we find creations of the same elusive look combining at the same time the modern fabrics with sheath style of the oldies. Thus entire collections represent dresses with different models: one in cotton and lace combos with square cut of the neckline, sleeveless. A wide lace-made shawl collar falls over the shoulders hiding their nakedness, the cotton-made sheath dress has pads for the shoulders presenting an insertion of a vertical lace panel that starts at the neckline center and continuing through the skirt. The white wedding gown is embellished with horizontal ribbons and pink roses that beautifully accent the superior side of the vertical lace-made panel.

The way all these accessories – ribbons, bows – meet the over all aspect of the dress confers the 20s wedding gowns that aspect of elusiveness mentioned before. The design that resembles so much to the fashion of the 20s is conceived for the bridal fashion with a cut of the skirt that is dropped from the waistline short in the front and continuing with a train at its back side. The simplicity of a gown is another look that can be found in the wedding gowns of the 20s, though beautifully detailed the dress may be made in ivory color with two layers and a rosette to decorate each of the shoulders straps, presenting a horizontal cut of the bodice covered in triple layered pleating.

The look of the 20s style of women fashion makes the bride appear surrounded by the aura of an age that got lost in sepia photographed memories, preserving at the same time the ethereal touch of floating fabrics in a coziness of wearing.

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