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When performing a wedding toast know that this can be done with some champagne or some wine. It doesn’t matter what you have is in your glass as long as you use it to cheer for the bride and groom. Being prepared for this kind of speech is very important and is one of the main keys to holding a successful wedding speech. You have to keep it short and try to keep it as comical as you can without overstepping your attributions. Don’t talk about anything embarrassing and anything that might make the bride and groom feel embarrassed.

They need to hear cheerful things and comical stories that will also entertain the guests. They need to be your audience along with the bride and groom. Make sure that you have a firmed tone and voice so that you can make yourself listened. Look straight into their eyes and try not to make too many hand gestures or anything else that might get too annoying and distract the guests.

140305 wedding wine toast 2 Wedding Wine Toast

Wedding Wine Toast (Source: i.ytimg.com)

You have to keep it together and if you feel you are too nervous to carry on have a glass of water. Excuse yourself and make a few short jokes. You can also end with a serious note and talk about how marriage brings people together and how love unites them forever. You should give them advice or use some wise quotes that can express the way you feel. Towards the end of the toast make sure that you still have wine or champagne in your glass so that you can toast with the guests.

140305 wedding wine toast Wedding Wine Toast

Wedding Wine Toast (Source: images.polkadotbride.com)

You have to drink on behalf of the bride and groom and congratulate from the heart. Wish them all the happiness in the world and use some short sayings that will make them understand how happy you are for them and how many good things you want for them. Be very relaxed and do this however you know best. Don’t copy anyone’s style and just be yourself. You will surely give an excellent speech and everyone will be captured by it.

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There are many simple ways you can start off a wedding toast. Most people choose to joke a little while others recur to some wise quotes and sayings that will inspire the bride and groom on this new path they’ve started on. You should decide which is the most suitable choice for you. Then you need to find some sample toast, read them and decide how you wish to write yours.

It is always best to write the toast because if you forget a few words you can look down on your speech card and get back on track. The guests will understand that due to nerves and excitement you might forget small part of the speech. But what matters is that you are very charismatic and you know what to say. Make sure that you use  a few personal stories in this toast and talk about how the bride and groom meet. These kinds of love stories always seem to impress others and people like listening to these kinds of happy ending stories.

137357 wedding toasts and quotes 2 Wedding Toasts And Quotes

Wedding Toasts And Quotes (Source: weddinglds.com)

So feel free to share some personal happenings. Talk about how love should be the main thing that unities two people and how marriage should be like. Give them some advice even if you are married or not. You can use other lines and poems that you’ve found online and you liked. The toast should be a brief one and should consist in honest words. The bride and groom will love to hear you say how happy you are for them. Talk about happiness and use some wise quotes on happiness as well.

137357 wedding toasts and quotes Wedding Toasts And Quotes

Wedding Toasts And Quotes (Source: 1weddings.net)

There are many inspiration sites full of quotes that can be used for your wedding speech. Make sure that you keep eye contact with the bride and groom and you smile when giving this toast. People need to see you express your good thoughts and joy. The end of the speech should be short and should consist in some honest wishes. Raise your glass and drink for their happiness and long lasting marriage.

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A wedding toast should be held either by one of the parents of the newlyweds or the best man. The toast depend on who is giving the speech since each speaker has different memories and stories to tell. Of course a mother will talk about some childhood stories and the dreams and expectation of his son or daughter while a best man or a maid of honor will talk about the bride or groom from a friend’s point of view. The stories might be different but the purpose of this wedding speech is the same.

It should congratulate the bride and groom and to give them some pieces of advice. So decide on what you are going to say to them and make sure that your write it down. Due to nerves and so much excitement that day, you might forget a few words. That is why it is always best to be prepared. You can begin with a wise quote on love or even some jokes if you need to relax. Make sure that you are sober and you don’t drink too much before this speech. Once the toast is over you can get back to enjoying your evening.

137181 wedding toasts 2 Wedding Toasts

Wedding Toasts (Source: blogs.dexknows.com)

You have to speak from the heart and use your own words. Some prefer to copy words and saying from other sample toasts online. If you like an idea or saying you can o so, but the best thing to do in this case would have to be to use your own words. After all the person getting married is someone you know so it shouldn’t be any problems with finding the right words to say.

137181 wedding toasts Wedding Toasts

Wedding Toasts (Source: ianmartinphotography.com)

Think of what they need to hear and talk about happiness, marriage and love. You can tease the groom and the bride a little but at the end of the speech you should end in a goodwill note. Maybe even make some jokes and don’t forget to congratulate both of them for making this happen and for deciding to start this life together. Whatever you say or whatever jokes and stories you decide to use, the newlyweds will be honored that you have given a speech at their wedding.

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Being a best man implies a lot of responsibilities. Among these responsibilities, the best must also give a wedding speech. This can be pretty scary because it implies speaking in public. But in order to overcome this phobia and do well on your speech you will need to follow a few basic steps. First of all you will need to get rid of all your nerves and emotion. You need to be confident in yourself. You will need to write down some though and basic ideas. You should read some sample speeches online so that you know where to start. This way you can get inspired and write a very beautiful wedding toast. You will need to underline and make sure you have a beginning, a middle and an ending. This way you will know that your speech is complete.

102742 bestman wedding toast 2 Bestman Wedding Toast

Bestman Wedding Toast (Source: aweddingidea.com)

At the beginning at the speech make sure you introduce yourself and thank all the guests for coming to this wedding. For the middle part you can add some jokes in order to lighten the mood. You can joke about marriage, tell some funny stories about the bride and groom, things that will make the guests feel entertained. You should also talk about what marriage and unity in front of God means. It helps if you add some serious advice in the middle of your speech or end your speech in a serious tone.

102742 bestman wedding toast Bestman Wedding Toast

Bestman Wedding Toast (Source: lusterstudios.com)

You can offer your friends some advice and let him know that he has made a good decision by taking this woman to be her wife. This way you will complement both the bride and the groom. At the end of the speech raise your glass and toast to the newlyweds. Make sure you use simple yet sincere phrases. You don’t have to put together a very elaborate and complex speech. Sometimes the simpler words can reveal some very intense feelings. But try to stay focus and don’t overdue with too much sentimentalism. And the point of a wedding speech is to talk about the married couple, life, love and joy. Also make sure to wish them all the happiness and blissful things in the world.

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Celebrating an anniversary is a very intense and emotional moment. Each couple celebrates this moment in their own particular way. Some don’t have the budget to have a big party so they prefer to do something private and romantic at home. You can cook a nice meal, put some music and celebrate the best you can. But for those who are having a big 60 year anniversary party and must give a speech , the responsibilities are bigger. The speech can be done by friends and family. But you must also give a thank you speech on behalf of all the guests who came and attend your party. A party without guest is no party. You should be very confident and write something to say. Use some jokes, which you can find at any online sites.

102572 60th wedding anniversary toast 2 60th Wedding Anniversary Toast

60th Wedding Anniversary Toast (Source: 4.bp.blogspot.com)

Make a short list to people you want to give thanks. Maybe you have a nice or a nephew you haven’t seen in a long time and they couldn’t make it to the party so make sure to mention their names. You should also thank your wife and talk about how these 60 years of marriage have been for you. Talk about the meaning of love and respect and what it takes to make a marriage work for so long. Your speech should have a beginning, middle and end. If you respect these things you will have a very organized and well put together wedding speech.

102572 60th wedding anniversary toast 60th Wedding Anniversary Toast

60th Wedding Anniversary Toast (Source: slava-slavik.com)

As for the jokes you can include them anywhere you want. Since it is a party you can joke however you want. Use jokes about marriage and funny anecdotes. This way your guests will have a good time and they will enjoy listening to you. Anniversary toasts need to be bride and to the point. Try to go with a funny tone so that you can enjoy yourself and leave out too much emotional declaration because you won’t want to make your wife cry even if they are tears of joy. Keep it happy and cheerful.

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Maids of honor have a lot of duties but the most important one is to give a wedding speech. This can be a very difficult task if you don’t know how to begin. Here are few pointers to help you out in your task. First of all think of this as a great honor and not as a burden. This will make things easier. Then you should figure out what you want to say. Either if the bride is your find or maybe your sister you need to express your feelings. You need to be confident and deliver the speech in a very wisely manner. Begin by introducing yourself and talking about the bride and the groom. If you know some funny stories about the two of them or how they meet you can introduce them in your speech. You could try and add a funny note to your speech.

101212 maid of honor toast wedding 2 Maid Of Honor Toast Wedding

Maid Of Honor Toast Wedding (Source: funny-wedding-ideas.com)

This will help the guests feel more at ease and you will also entertain them. People love to laugh and what better way to be happy than at a wedding? It’s the perfect occasion to tell some jokes about marriage. Just don’t overdue it . You also need to be serious and end your speech with some blissful wishes. This means drinking on behalf of the bride and groom and wish them only joyful things. You should also raise your glass and applaud them.

101212 maid of honor toast wedding Maid Of Honor Toast Wedding

Maid Of Honor Toast Wedding (Source: media.myfotojournal.com)

The ending is up to you. But make sure to have a very constant and organized speech. You can red from the paper but it would be advisable to paraphrase what your write. You also need to speak loud and clear so that everyone in the room hears what you are about to say. Don’t be nervous because there is no reason to be. It’s just an informal and comical wedding toast which will only last 5 minutes. After that your duty as a maid of honor end there and you can party with the guests. Just rehearse it a little before the special day so you make sure that everything is in order and that you make the bride and groom proud of choosing you as a wedding toast speaker at their wedding.

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 Wedding toasts can be very hilarious speeches. It just depends on the person who is giving the speech. There are a lot of people who like to listen to jokes and be entertained at a wedding. Well here is your chance to show off some of your comical skills. You need to write down a few ideas o that you don’t stutter or loose your train of thoughts. It would be best to memorize your jokes and your speech but it is not a rule. There are a lot of people who read strictly form the paper. It would be recommendable to try and paraphrase. You can get inspired form the many free sample speeches you can find online.

101194 hilarious wedding toast 2 Hilarious Wedding Toast

Hilarious Wedding Toast (Source: 2.bp.blogspot.com)

Don’t copy them, just browse though them and write down some basic though and what you want to say. Make sure you are very presentable at the beginning of your speech, you want to make a good impression on the guests and you want the bride and the groom to feel proud that they have chosen you to speak at their wedding. Remember that the people want to hear something wise and funny at the same time. You need to make the bride and the groom laugh as well and have a good time.

101194 hilarious wedding toast Hilarious Wedding Toast

Hilarious Wedding Toast (Source: arj-photo.co.uk)

A wedding day is full of nerves and emotions so a few jokes here and there are perfect to lighten the mood. You can talk about how you know the groom and his bride and talk about how the two of them meet. If they meet in a strange of hilarious way you should take advantage of their story and share it with your “audience”. Just keep the story decent and leave out any embarrassing moments. Remember to highlight the main ideas of the speech and don’t forget to include some wishes at the end. You could also raise a glass of champagne and cheer on their behalf. Remind them why thy got married and wish them all the joy and bliss in the world. Just be prepared, rehears the speech a few times and be confident that you can pull it off. You need to be a professional and face this challenge.

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Wedding toasts are part of the many American wedding traditions. At each wedding someone is asked to give a toast. It is usually the best man or the father of the bride or groom. This is  a very huge honor. But many people avoid speaking in public. If you are one of those people and you don’t know how to take on this task, here are some tips to offer you some guidance. First of all you need to go with a casual and friendly speech. Don’t try to create some formal and elaborate speeches. You are not speaking at the president’s wedding. It's just a wedding with your friends and you were asked to speak a few words. A few words mean that you need to keep your speech shorts and to the point. Use simple phrases and key words. You should start by introducing yourself. Try to include some funny saying about marriage or even some jokes if you will.

100388 humor wedding toast 2 Humor Wedding Toast

Humor Wedding Toast (Source: wedding-holiday.net)

Humorous speeches are much appreciated and are much more fun to listen to. You can find a lot of online jokes about marriage. Just look through some websites and get inspired. Make sure to write them down or better yet try and memorize them. Make sure your speech has a beginning, middle and an ending.

100388 humor wedding toast Humor Wedding Toast

Humor Wedding Toast (Source: weddinglds.com)

The beginning must be short, the middle should contain some personal information about the bride and groom, maybe a few jokes and the end must be honest and concessive. The ending is about wishing all the best and all the happiness in the whole wide world for the newlyweds. You could also end with a wise quote or maybe some personal advice. Make sure you also raise a glass of champagne and drink on behalf of their union. So that’s it. Your job is done. And it will only take you a few minutes to realize these few steps. The point is to be focused and well prepared. Don’t be nervous and if you are just take deep breaths and calm down. It will be over before you know it. Make sure to rehearse the speech a few times and you will surely do a great job.

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Wedding bouquets come in lots of different styles. Some are simple and classy round bouquets while others could have a more impressive note and style. The cascade bouquets can be a really rich and luxuriant arrangements. The types of flowers that you add in it also count. The nosegay bouquet is also a style that many brides go for. However some look for a more modern approach and instead of a big arrangement, they decide to go for flower corsages or a basket full of flowers. There are many different styles, it just depend the look you are aiming for. The baskets flower look is perfect for a more casual and rustic wedding.

If you are having the ceremony in an open field, this would be a very suitable choice for your bouquets. For a more elegant theme, the round bouquet is the most popular one. You can play around with colors not just flower types when it comes to these bouquets. If you love purple, create a bouquet made out of different types of purple shades. You can also use darker shades for a fall theme like red and dark orange. Greenery can also be added among all of these fresh cut flowers. Talk to a florist and choose your bridesmaid’s bouquets as well because they will also complete their final look.

155035 wedding bouquets Wedding Bouquets

Wedding Bouquets (Photo by: suboceana)

As for your tables, you can choose really tall arrangements or go for the classical ones. Your containers can be shaped in many ways and they can glass, wooden, plastic and so on. Choose the flower combinations that you prefer and which can be found during the season in which you are getting married. A professional florist will be your right hand in this and will help you decide on the best flowers ad the best combinations. Discuss prices with him or her and see if you can get a discount for buying all of your flowers from the same flower shop. Everything has to run smoothly on this special day and you need to pay attention to every single detail.


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If you and your wife are celebrating your 22 wedding anniversary also known as the copper celebration, there are some fancy gifts you can purchase for one another. Copper jewelry can be bought from specialized stores. If she values art, a copper sculpture might also be a good gift choice for her. There are many more materials gifts you can focus on, but the important thing  is to remind and show your wife or husband how much they mean to you. This can not only be done through gifts, but through romantic surprises and all kinds of kind gestures.  You can take your wife somewhere romantic or you can do something you’ve never done before.

This could include taking some dancing lessons or participating in other kinds of fun courses. You can also have a small dinner party at home and make sure to decorate your house. Hang lights in your yard or some balloons in the house. If you love flowers put together some flower arrangements on the tables. You can either cook something special for dinner or order something from your favorite restaurant. The dessert can be made by you and it should be a big anniversary cake. It can be a layered one or a simple heart shaped cake. Write a funny message on it or something romantic.

155033 copper wedding anniversary Copper Wedding Anniversary

Copper Wedding Anniversary (Photo by: R.Elli)

You can also throw a surprise party for your wife. Women usually put together these kinds of events, but a man can also do it. Its just a matter of being organized and keeping everything a secret. If you don’t want your wife to meddle or suspect everything , you need to be careful. Call your friends and make sure they don’t tell your wife. Order a cake from a local bakery, some food and buy your wife some flowers. These are just simple gestures which anyone can do for the person they love. There is no need to buy her or him pricey gifts and wow your spouse with material items. Just tell her or him how much you love them and show them by planning something special on your copper anniversary.


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If this year you and your husband have decided that you won’t spend your money on fancy gifts, you should at least do something special on this day. There are lots of fun things you and your husband can do. If you always wanted to visit some cities in Europe you can take some friends with you and go on a  7 day tour. A cruise might also be a more relaxing choice. It might cots more but if you book it in advance, you might get a good deal. Or if you can’t afford a cruise, you can still go and check into a hotel with some fantastic spa services. You can enjoy some massages and simply unwind.

Choose a location near your town if you don’t want to drive too much and if you just want to be closer to home. For those of you who are seeking adventurous destinations, going scuba diving in Egypt could be a memorable experience for you. You can also enjoy Cancun and its sandy white beaches or Hawaii. But if you have a tight budget this year, staying home can also turn out to be a fun experience. You can prepare a romantic surprise for your wife. This could involve a dinner you cooked and some candles all around the house. An early picnic can also be a great idea especially if you both enjoy the outdoors.

155034 20th wedding anniversary 20th Wedding Anniversary

20th Wedding Anniversary (Photo by: ramadaresortkhaolak)

Put some tasty sandwiches in your basket, fruits and ice tea. You can even make your husband’s favorite pie and just spend a few hours of peace and quite. You don’t have to invest a lot of money in spending a wonderful day. Twenty years of marriage is a long time and you should do something different on this special day. Do something you haven’t done in a long time or something different. Try new things like a new restaurant, a new sport, go somewhere, throw a party and be with the people you care about. A casual barbecue or a casual dinner party is also a great idea which will not require a big financial investment from you.


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The right use of fall colors and combinations can really make a difference. There are lots of great colors you can use for your whole décor. There are no right or wrong choices it’s just about what you like. If you have a preference for bold color combinations, use orange shades in combination with some dark yellow tones. You can find lots of yellow flowers which you can use as table ornaments. They can be added in transparent vases or the vases can also have an interesting color. Rusty tones are perfect for a more rustic concept. Incorporate a brown color along with some cream or light red shades or purple tones. 

You can add red flowers placed on round logs on the tables. Wooden pictures frames in combination with flower blooms would also be a nice touch for this theme. For a Halloween concept, you can use lots of orange combinations. This color will make the guests think of the Halloween pumpkin figurines and lots of other elements belonging to this holiday. You can add actual pumpkins on the tables and add a white votive candle in them. Carving them will give them an even more authentic appearance. Carve spooky faces or some happy ones. Plastic containers are also a good choice and in them add a variety of colored candies.

154970 fall wedding colors Fall Wedding Colors

Fall Wedding Colors (Photo by: blacksapphire)

You can also create bouquets made out of orange flowers. You can also go for a contrasting effect and choose twigs and branches and this way your pumpkins will pop on the tables even more. The focus will be on the orange shade of the pumpkin figurines. These twigs can be purchased in bulk and the same thing can be done with the flower arrangements. There are many decorations which can be found in all sorts of colors. Just browse some shops and ideas will come flowing. If you know the kind of theme you want to go for and if you already have an idea of the colors you want to use, it should be easy to pick all of the ornaments.

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A fall wedding can be held indoors or outdoors. There are some great venues you can choose from. A garden would be a great venue and you can decorate it using many fall elements. Place the tables and the chairs and use colored bows to ornate the chairs. You can also place some flower corsages on the chairs if you want. Flowers can also be used as centerpieces. They can be tall and impressive arrangements or you can go for something a lot less formal. Use mirrors on the tables and add a bunch of colored gemstones on a square shaped container.

You can also add small pumpkins as centerpiece in which you can add branches or a simple tea light candles. You will also have to think of the favors if you wish to thank the guests. These favors can be something you’ve baked or something you’ve bought. Buy them candles or a bottle of wine. If wine is too steep for you, give the guests coasters with leaf models on them or some key chains. As far as you attire, it also have to be based on this concept. For a more formal look, choose a dress with sleeves or a cape. Since it’s fall and since the wedding is being held outdoors, it might get chilly. Your shoes can be high heel ones or you can choose some fashionable ankle boots with lace or other kinds of embroideries.

154902 fall weddings Fall Weddings

Fall Weddings (Photo by: Top Bride Dresses)

They are also a suitable choice for a more rustic concept. The groom can wear a dark colored suit and opt for a colorful bow tie. His shoes can be black or brown. You and he have to decide on the look you are going for and respect it. Your bouquet and the bridesmaid’s bouquets have to be fall inspired. So make sure you use fall flowers because they will also be cheaper ones than any other fancy flower types. Choose a dark orange bouquet or a multicolored one. These are just a few things that you will need to consider for your fall wedding concept.

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Garden weddings are held in amazing locations. Some couples decide to add their own decorations while others prefer to use little adornments and stick to the simple and natural beauty of the garden. If you have a tent set up in the garden, you will need to find some decorations to match with this venue. Flowers should be your number one choice in this case. There are endless combinations and colors you can go for. Don’t be afraid to use bold shades like purple and pink flower arrangements or yellow and green. This will only brighten up the reception area and will also reflect your theme.

You have to choose these vibrant decorations and centerpieces if you want the wedding tables to stand out. You can also add fruits on the tables. They can be displayed in lots of different ways. You can use them on simple trays or they can be carved. You can carve them yourself or hire a professional to help you with these fruit sculptures. At the entryways you can place flower arrangements and combine them with fruits. If you use yellow flowers you can add a few lemons in the arrangements as well. You can also mix lemons and limes and use greenery arrangements instead of flowers. Buy the flowers in bulk to save up some money.

154834 garden wedding ideas Garden Wedding Ideas

Garden Wedding Ideas (Photo by: Sheraton Hotels and Resorts)

Tiki torches will also add a nice touch at the entryways or you can hang lanterns. Inside the tent you can decorate your dance floor with confetti or with flower petals. You can order simple tall arrangements as well and place them in the corners of the dance floor if the dance floor is square. Think outside the box and find ways to adorn this wonderful location. If the reception is being held outdoor and if you have no tent, place some fairy lights all over. This will give it a magical allure for sure. You can also use lanterns all over the place and of course various flower garlands. Use lots of bright colors and get inspired from nature.

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Your wedding invitations will have to reflect your personality and last but not least your theme. For a summer or spring wedding concept, butterflies are the perfect symbols to use. There are many stationery shops online which can be your inspiration for such invitation styles. The butterflies on the cardstock can be white and silver ones, they can be gold or they can be multicolored ones. If you are looking for a specific color , you will find endless combinations. The size of these butterflies can be a small one or they can cover the whole cardstock of the invitations. The only way you will know what you like and what not is by looking at some samples.

The cardstock can be a regular square one but it can also be shaped like a butterfly. These kinds of style are truly one of a kind but they will cost more. So before you decide to spend that much money on your invitations, make a list of costs and calculate how much you should be spending on these invites. You can also look for abstract butterfly designs or handmade invitations. These kinds of invites can have unique painted butterflies on them or some other applications. The butterflies can be silk ones and they can be glued in the corner of the invites or right in the middle. A pop-up butterfly invitation will surely make an impression on your guests.

154754 butterfly wedding invitations Butterfly Wedding Invitations

Butterfly Wedding Invitations (Photo by: Debs (ò‿ó)♪)

There are other styles you can opt for, but whatever you decide to choose make sure you and your future husband both agree. He might like a simpler design while you might want something a bit more sophisticated. In this case, you will need to sit down and have a talk. Don’t rush into buying these invitations before you analyze the price, the style, the color and so on. You need to be sure of your choice and remember that these invitations have to reflect your spring or summer theme. The wording is also important so be cautious when choosing your introduction and while adding all the correct date like time, place and location.

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When you first choose your wedding venue, you have to think and use this location for your wedding theme. If not there are lots of other ways you can get inspired for great wedding themes. The season is one idea and you can come up with some great concepts based on the season of your wedding. For a fall wedding, a Halloween concept can be a great choice. You can use all kinds of fun and scary items to transform your venue into a scary and authentic Halloween haunted place. A Thanksgiving concept can also make a great theme especially if you love the holidays. Another holiday theme you can opt for is a Christmas one.

If this is your favorite time of the year and you wish to use this concept for the big day, there are lots of elements you can use. Think of the symbols that best represent this concept and find a way to use them for the reception. Garlands made out of light can be hanged all over the venue and you can use colored globes as centerpieces. A lot more items can be bought or rented from these specialized shops. Make list and calculate the total costs so that you know where you stand. Another great theme would be a tropical concept. This is more appropriate for a beach wedding.

154690 best wedding themes Best Wedding Themes

Best Wedding Themes (Photo by: Special Event Rentals)

You can use a lot more color for this look and decide to create an exotic vibe. For a spring theme you can choose to have a concept inspired from a movie you like or even from a book. “Alice in Wonderland” would be one example but there are other ideas you can use as well. Cartoon themes are also quite fun and perfect for those with a strong sense of humor. A garden concept is also perfect for a spring wedding. The inspiration is everywhere but you should always start with the season and the venue. These two factors will help you more than you know. Consult with your fiancée and make the best decision in order for the wedding day to be memorable.

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In order to make your dream wedding come true, you have to jump through all the hoops. These hoops are decisions you and your groom have to make together. You have plenty of things to plan and figure out. You should start by choosing the perfect location for your fall wedding. It can be a rustic indoor place or a romantic outdoor one. Setting up a tent would be a wise thing to do, especially since during fall it tends to rain a lot. You need to come up with a theme and buy your decorations based on it. It can be a holiday fall theme or a romantic one. If you want romance, use candles all around the venue.

This will give the reception a soft glow and will put everyone in a romantic mood. Next to these candles you can also add some flowers. They can be a dark plum shade or a dark red one. Place these arrangement in small vases if you don’t want the flowers to block the light of the candles. Make sure they are not too close to the candles either. Find a way to make this work and always think of the final aspect. Pumpkins either plastic or real ones can be incorporated in your fall look. Using them as containers would be a nice touch. If you want to use favors to thank the guests, you can add them on the tables and use them as centerpieces as well.

154625 beautiful fall weddings Beautiful Fall Weddings

Beautiful Fall Weddings (Photo by: soo12)

They can be containers filled with candies or chocolate shaped pumpkin figurines. Add a thank you message on it or find a funny poem which will thank them and make them enjoy your favors as well. For your attire, it needs to be based on your wedding concept. If it’s a formal fall event, look for a formal attire if not opt for something less fancy. A tea length gown with a pair of lace ankle boots are perfect for your rustic concept. The groom can wear a dark grey suit with a colored bow tie or a fancy black tux. It all starts with the right accessories and colors.

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Invitations are used to reflect the theme of your wedding. This will inform the guests about the formalities concerning this event and the theme you are planning. If you want a classical invitation like the postcard style, you can add various tropical elements to it. Use lots of bright colors for the background of the invitation and opt for abstract sea designs. You can also add a picture of the two of you in the background. You can also choose a simple blue invitation and make the embellishments look even more special. You can tie it using a starfish model or by creating some interesting loops and adding pearls on the bows.

A beige colored invite with blue accents will also pop. Palm trees are also some of the elements you can think of including in the invitations. Sceneries with sandy gold beaches and sunsets are also a pretty romantic touch. You can find all of these invitations style at specialized stores. Some couples also like checking out handmade shops. They can be even more special due to their handmade applications. They can even have hand painted beach elements on them. A flip-flop invitation style is perfect if you are looking for a more humorous approach. You can do these invitations on your own or if you don’t want to mess it up stick to ordering them online.

154557 beach theme wedding invitations Beach Theme Wedding Invitations

Beach Theme Wedding Invitations (Photo by: delilahiris)

There are many samples you can look at. You can make a list of the stores and prices you would prefer and then decide on the final invitations based on your personal likes. The budget is also a key factor when choosing the finishing touches for the invitations. The more details the invites have the more they will cost. Make sure that you also choose a suitable wording and that you include the RSVP. These details are important so you have to pay attention and make sure nothing slips. You can hire a calligrapher if you want a special writing or go with the basic font style. Just make sure that the invitations have at least a beach element or color combination that represents this theme.