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To create stunning centerpieces that will be used at a wedding, a person has to benefit of plenty of imagination, with no limits. An interesting idea that could be considered by any creative bride or groom is to have on their guest tables some paper magnolias, arranged in tall white cylindrical vases. These vases should be of different heights, to increase the visual interest. Paper flowers can be made by downloading a sample template, that will allow everybody to make the perfect crepe-paper flowers, without further instructions.

The next idea is a bit unusual, therefore recommended in case of an informal wedding. Most likely you know the expression ‘Love is in the air’; well, you could use this expression, by representing it through the help of some bird cages, where to place some little birds. Be certain that those birds that you plan to ‘rent’ for your wedding are accustomed to people, otherwise they will vocalize during the entire wedding, spoiling a lot of interesting moments, like the first dance of the happy couple or the moment of cutting the cake.

151899 centerpieces for wedding reception Centerpieces For Wedding Reception

Centerpieces For Wedding Reception (Photo by: Grand Velas Riviera Maya)

Besides paper flowers and bird cages with actual birds inside of them, we recommend using some unusual candles as well. These decorations including candles should contain votive candles, placed inside of some paper bags; they are called ‘luminarias’ and are adorable attention grabbers, especially when the light inside the restaurant where the wedding is celebrated is very low, giving these candles the chance to shine and be noticed.

Hot air balloons do not come only in large sizes, but are available in small dimensions as well. Generally, they are used in combination with votive candles again, just like the previous decorations, and represent a unique way of adding an extra something to a wedding venue. These balloons should be purchased only from specialized stores and not created by an untrained person.

Another idea is to use cylindrical glasses, where to place bouquets of various floral arrangements, such as Ping Pong mums, chamomile, and lady’s mantle. The uniqueness of this idea is represented by the fact that these bouquets are gathered to form conical bouquets, wrapped in some decorative papers or napkins. After they are arranged like this, they are placed in those cylindrical glasses, which should be filled with water, to allow the flowers to stay fresh for several hours.

Those who want to solve 2 issues at the same time, could choose to use as wedding centerpieces the wedding favors that they have prepared for their guests. In this case, wedding favors will be represented by some flower pots, creative candles, handmade products, sweets, flowers, small keepsakes, mini bottles of wine or champagne, and other objects that can be used both as gifts, and also as wedding decorations.


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What gifts to offer to a recently married couple, who is now celebrating their first wedding anniversary? Most likely they have received anything they wanted a year ago, when they have celebrated their wedding. So in this case, you have to think of some unusual presents, that will make them smile. Of course, you could think of some useful products too, such as sets of cups of tea or coffee, bedding, cosmetics, music CDs or DVDs, but the couple most certainly has products like this, so why purchase something like this, when the happy couple could offer, in their turn, that gift to other people they know. Instead of buying a present that will be used by other people, not by those intended by you, make sure to purchase something that will make the couple glad for receiving such present. And in this category of unusual products, we have these next items.

The first one is an USB recordable turntable with CD and AM/FM radio, that is $129.96 at QVC. This product transforms your music, one track at a time. To use it, you need to have old vinyl records; the music content stored on those old records will be transferred to an USB drive or SD card. Although this product looks like an outdated one, its speed is definitely not vintage; one could transform a music track recorded on vinyl in just a matter of minutes.

151900 first year wedding anniversary gift ideas First Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas

First Year Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas (Photo by: Ken's Oven)

The second gift idea is related to a personalized sweetheart photo, that captures all the wonderful memories that you have with the happy couple. You can write virtually anything by using bits of photos, such as ‘Happy Anniversary’, ‘James and Lisa’, ‘First year of marriage’, ‘May you have a life full of happiness’ and others. This product will make a perfect accessory to any entrance way or family room. A product like this is handmade and requires at least several hours of work.

And the final product recommended here is a book entitled ‘My reasons for loving…’. A guest invited to a first wedding anniversary party should purchase 2 books like this, one for the bride, and another one for the groom. This personalized ‘I love you’ book is $39.95, is sold at Love Book Online and gives its recipients the possibility of making a list of reasons why they love their partner.


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If you have been invited to weddings where the bride and groom lit a unity candle during their wedding ceremony, most certainly you have noticed that they have done it at different moments during that ceremony. This happens because the moment of lighting a unity candle is not set in stone by any priest, thus it could happen at any time, when the happy couple considers.

However, it is clear that the moment of lighting a unity candle takes place after the bride and groom recite their vows. In some cases, their vows are spoken exactly at the same moment of lighting their unity candle, with the help of the taper candles they have received from their mothers.

151903 when is candle lighting during wedding ceremony When Is Candle Lighting During Wedding Ceremony?

When Is Candle Lighting During Wedding Ceremony? (Photo by: Doug Floyd)

Depending on the religious faith of those who get married, the moment of lighting a unity candle follows their exchange of vows, or another moment, when they receive blessings from a minister, and is followed, in its turn, by potentially different ceremonials. For example, at a wedding, you might see the bride and groom getting out of the church immediately after lighting their unity candle, and at another wedding, you might see them surrounding a certain table, where the bread and wine used for the Holy Communion were placed. It all depends on their religious faith, and also on the traditions taken into account by the church where they get married.

The unity candle symbolizes the formation of a new family, being highly used in the United States, but also in other parts of the world where Catholic couples get married. A unity candle is almost always white, and sometimes is decorated with the happy couple’s wedding invitation, or with their picture. The unity candle lighting ceremony is accompanied by a special music.


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Weddings are fun to plan as long as you know exactly what you want from the event. When you don’t know things tend to get overwhelming because the possibilities available are always unlimited. So, if you know exactly what type of songs you want to play during your wedding, it will be much easier for you to find the perfect titles. For instance, those passionate about Texas country wedding songs should take a look below and choose the titles that they find most suitable.

One of the options that I recommend is “I Love The Way You Love Me”, a wedding song that belongs to John Michael Montgomery. This song is a great choice even for the first dance because its lyrics talks about lovers dancing in the rain, stealing kisses from each other and deeply falling in love. What’s also nice is that the main conclusion of this song is that the two lovers could never live without each other anymore.

151939 texas country wedding songs Texas Country Wedding Songs

Texas Country Wedding Songs (Photo by: Shelley Neuman)

If you are interested in a beautiful country duet suitable for a wedding, you should consider a Tim McGraw and Faith Hill performance entitled “It’s Your Love”. This love song talks about the intensity of love and the blessings that it ends up getting into our lives. What can be more romantic than telling your bride/groom that she/he is the best thing that has ever happened to you? Another duet that I find as touching is that between Clint Black and Lisa Hartman Black who performed together a song known as “When I Said I Do”. It’s a 1999 country song that highlights the strength and importance of marriage vows. No matter how hard or how easy things get, you are supposed to be there for each other each step of the way.

Another romantic country song that should be part of every wedding playlist is “I Do” by Paul Brandt. This song talks about how good finding true love makes us feel. We get rid of all doubts and worries and we find out that by the side of the one we truly love we instantly become better persons. The message is classic but the words used to send it are pretty original, so this song is definitely a great choice for a unique couple and a unique wedding.

If you are interested in even more options, you should also consider “Forever and Ever Amen”, a song that belongs to Randy Travis and “Bless the Broken Road”, a beautiful Rascal Flatts song that’s all about the rarity of true love and the miracle of finding it.


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If you are in charge of hosting the bridal shower of a friend and you have no idea what food to serve to the guests during the pre-wedding party, you should take a look at the suggestions below that are all aimed at helping you choose dishes appropriate for a bridal shower.

You should first of all keep in mind that it’s best to have the bridal shower during the day, so that you can serve brunch or lunch. It’s best to stay away from bridal showers that involve serving dinner because in this case the dishes you choose need to be more sophisticated. So, if you think that the bridal shower theme you have chosen can be paired with a brunch you should consider serving several courses. The list should include an appetizer, a main dish and a dessert. In addition, in between the courses you should get the guests involved in various bridal shower activities. When it comes to actual dishes that you can serve during a lunch or brunch bridal shower, you should know that most popular are quiches, tea sandwiches, pasta and petite fours that you should use as main dessert.

151953 food served at a bridal shower Food Served At A Bridal Shower

Food Served At A Bridal Shower (Photo by: Laura)

I also want to let you know that no matter the type of bridal shower that you decide to throw, you should definitely include on your list of foods to serve finger foods. Besides being easy to use as colorful centerpieces when beautifully arranged on platters, finger foods are extremely practical because they give the guests the chance to continue mingling and getting involved in the activities you have planned even after the food is served. So, you should make available a vegetable and fruit tray for the vegetarians, a cheese tray and  other healthy finger foods that you can easily make in the time you have available for putting together the pre-wedding party. Examples of desirable finger foods are mini pizzas, mini cupcakes and hamburger sliders.

You can also decide to base all the foods served at a bridal shower on a certain theme. For instance, if the bride is Italian or loves Italian food you should prepare mostly traditional Italian dishes such as a Caesar salad as appetizer, meatball pasta as main course and tiramisu as dessert. As easy is to put together a Mexican or Chinese-based menu suitable for a bridal shower.

Don’t forget about the idea of having only desserts which is suitable for a bridal shower scheduled to take place in the afternoon and dedicated to a sweets fanatic. Just make sure the delicious desserts are accompanied by plenty of coffee.


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If you are interested in finding the best websites from where you can buy exquisite and affordable wedding invitations you should take a closer look at the following list of options. Each one of the mentioned sites offers a wide collection of invitations usable for certain wedding themes. These invitations are made of quality paper and come in various styles, colors and patterns.

I will start by mentioning yourinvitationplace.com which offers a wide collection of exquisite wedding invitations suitable for any budget. You have the possibility to customize your invitations and make them suitable for your wedding theme or personality by changing the wording, the ink color and the lettering’s style. This website also allows you to design your own wedding invitations directly from your computer and preview the final design. Finding a suitable wedding invitation will be quite easy because the invitations are organized in various categories including most popular, budget friendly, traditional, contemporary and destination. You will also have the chance to choose the paper you want and the embellishment desired (ribbon, bow or filigree). Besides wedding invitations you will also be able to order invitations suitable for any other special occasion including bridal shower, Bar Mitzvah, baby shower and birthday party.

151941 wedding invitations websites Wedding Invitations Websites

Wedding Invitations Websites (Photo by: _e.t)

Another website from where you can buy beautiful wedding invitations is weddingpaperdivas.com. Considered one of the best websites focused on providing the best invitation designs on the market, this website impresses with a user friendly interface and a huge collection of invitations suitable for numerous occasions. When it comes to choosing the right wedding invitations you should know that you have the possibility to access various categories created based on design style, theme, color, price, paper type and card designer. In essence you will be able to order designs created by the website’s specialists as well as wedding invitations signed by famous brands like Ann Kelle Designs, Night Owl Paper Goods and Sarah Hawkins Designs. The prices involved usually vary between $1.49 and $4.52.

You should also visit the zazzle website which is probably the most popular website from where you can order elegant and beautiful wedding invitations and not only. Launched in 2005, this website is focused on offering the best products to customers from all around the world no matter if they desire a simple design or a more sophisticated creation. On this website you will find invitations designed for various special occasions including, birthday party, wedding and wedding anniversary. In addition, you will also be able to order wedding favors and party gifts. The wedding invitations available are organized in categories.


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When it comes to wedding day hairstyles, you should know that the list of possibilities is pretty unlimited. However, you can easily take a decision because the style you decide to use is influenced by a long list of factors including the length of you hair, the type of dress you are going to wear and the type of veil that might be part of your bridal appearance. After you consider the influence of all those factors and others that matter to you just as much, you should consider using one of the wedding day hairstyles mentioned below.

You should start by thinking about a classic bridal updo. This wedding day hairstyle is pretty popular among brides, especially if the wedding is planned to be a formal event. That’s because these updos add sophistication to any bridal appearance, especially when they are paired with twists or curls. The downside is that you will be able to make good use of this style only if you have at least medium length hair that is also medium to thick and pretty straight. For fine hair this hairdo doesn’t work because it will most likely not stay in place the entire day. However, if you desperately want to use this hairstyle even if you have fine hair, you should consider hair extensions or creating the updo based on a pin-on ponytail.

151942 wedding day hairstyles Wedding Day Hairstyles

Wedding Day Hairstyles (Photo by: tostadophoto.com)

If you are interested in an updo but not in a classic bridal look, you should consider using modern updos that tend to add to the formal updo a romantic and soft side. For instance, you should consider a tousled style that can be put together no matter the length and the texture of your hair. You will just have to use a tiara and plenty of combs and hairpins that should be manipulated by a skillful hairdresser. Also keep in mind to carry some extra bobby pins with you the entire day, because when hair falls out from such an updo the best idea is to put it back in place using bobby pins and not use more hairspray.

Those who have short hair shouldn’t feel that they are limited in options either, because with a little imagination you can come up with a unique and sophisticated look. You will also have to use hair accessories. For instance, if you have short hair you should consider wearing on the wedding day a soft bob that should be paired with a tiara or a headband. This timeless look will always impress the audience while being suitable for any type of wedding dress.


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The traditional Scottish wedding ceremonies that you can attend these days are actually a blend between ancient traditions and modern trends that no couple can ignore. So, if you are interested in having a traditional Scottish wedding ceremony you will just have to choose the medieval and Celtic traditions that you like the most and combine them with a modern approach.

151943 traditional scottish wedding ceremony Traditional Scottish Wedding Ceremony

Traditional Scottish Wedding Ceremony (Photo by: Dave Conner)

For instance, Celtic wedding traditions say that you should never marry in May or when a waning moon can be observed in the sky. It was believed that such wedding dates are unlucky. Another Celtic wedding tradition involves sprinkling the bed of the married couple with water in order to bless it. The list of Scottish wedding traditions becomes more extensive when we take into consideration medieval Scottish traditions. For instance, back in the day the exchange of rings was as important for a Scottish wedding ceremony as it is nowadays. That’s because wedding rings were and still are considered a symbol of eternal love thanks to their shape that has no beginning and no end. You should also know that since medieval times, after the exchange of the rings the bride and groom kissed in order to seal their union. That means many of the elements that modern wedding ceremonies involve are actually wedding practices that Scottish people used in medieval times.

You should also know that the tradition of carrying the bride over doorsteps has been around since medieval times and was part of every traditional Scottish wedding ceremony. That’s because it was believed that doorsteps are the home of evil spirits, so by carrying the bride in his arms, the groom was going to protect the bride against all those spirits. Another tradition that has survived and is used in most traditional Scottish wedding ceremonies involves having a piper stand at the church’s door and greet the guests with his/her music. That piper is also supposed to continue playing while he/she escorts the couple from the church’s door to their car. Bagpipe music also tends to be used for the cutting of the cake because it’s a kind of music that sets a special type of atmosphere while paying tribute to the bride and/or groom’s Scottish ancestors.

I must also mention that Gaelic hymns are also a part of many traditional Scottish wedding ceremonies. In most cases they are actually the song on which the bride walks down the aisle. If you are having such a traditional wedding ceremony I also recommend you to buy gold wedding bands that wear a Celtic symbol such as the Celtic knot.


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When it comes to corsages and who wears them, the wedding etiquette says that traditionally only the mothers and grandmothers of the bride and groom get to wear these beautiful accessories. However, nowadays it’s common for the bride to offer corsages to all her female friends and family members. This gesture is considered to be a sign of appreciation for the help offered by these people during your life or during the wedding preparations. You can also give corsages to your closest relatives (an aunt or a dear cousin).

151945 who get corsages for the wedding party Who Get Corsages For The Wedding Party

Who Get Corsages For The Wedding Party (Photo by: Joshua Duggan)

You should also know that choosing the right corsages involves making sure the design of interest matches the outfits of the people who will receive the corsages. Usually, brides choose the corsages according to the color chosen for the wedding, but considering the colors of the outfits chosen by your closest friends and family members is definitely important if you want to add elegance to their outfits and not ruin them. If you plan on giving corsages to your bridesmaids it will be easier to choose the corsage color because you already know all about their dresses. You should also make sure you inform the persons who will receive these beautiful accessories in advance. That’s because some of them might find different excuses to not wear them like “it will itch their wrists or it will damage the outfit”. If everyone is pleased to wear the corsage no matter if it’s pinned to the dress or tied on the wrist, you should consider buying corsages in neutral colors because it will be harder to make mistakes. Keep in mind that on the market you will be able to find a wide variety of corsages made of both natural and artificial flowers. Here are a few of the most interesting options.

If you want a silk corsage you should consider buying the corsage number COR007 listed on the weddingbouquets website. This beautiful corsage is made of white silk and is based on a beautiful open rose, a rose bud, a green rose leaf, white beads and a gorgeous sheer organza ribbon tied into a double bow. For this stylish corsage you will have to pay $8.

You can also opt for a natural corsage made of orchids tied up with a beautiful ribbon which can be ordered in any color you like. The orchid is nicely placed on a green leaf along with white beads and a beautiful ribbon tied into a bow. The price of this catchy corsage that can be ordered as wrist or pinned corsage is $9.


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Melissa Sweet is a well known fashion designer who periodically lunches outstanding bridal collections which impress with their originality and attention to details. Any wedding dress signed by Melissa Sweet will make you feel beautiful and like a princess. Here are only a few of the most attractive wedding dresses signed by this designer and available on the market.

Wallis is my first recommendation. This bridal gown is part of the 2010 Fall Bridal Collection and is made of organza. It’s strapless and impresses with a soft neckline, a form fitting bodice covered in small organza rosettes and a natural waist which is accentuated by a sheer organza ribbon tied into a delicate bow. The skirt is amazing having a mermaid design and flowing down on the floor. Just like the bodice, this stylish skirt is covered in organza rosettes and flatters your silhouette. You should also know that this glamorous gown is available in various sizes and has a chapel train.

151950 melissa sweet bridal gowns Melissa Sweet  Bridal Gowns

Melissa Sweet Bridal Gowns (Photo by: shino 誌野)

Another Melissa Sweet wedding dress that you should consider is Ambrose which is also made of organza and catches your attention with delicate embroidery and gorgeous beadwork. This elegant dress comes with a V-neckline, sheer straps covered in silver embroidery, a stunning bodice covered in embroidered lace and a natural waist accentuated by a sheer organza sash decorated with silver embroidery. The modified mermaid style skirt flows on your body and impresses with its richness and lace overlay. This beautiful wedding dress also has a zipper closure and a stunning chapel train. You should complete your bridal appearance by choosing a pair of high heels.

The Mila bridal gown is also signed by Melissa Sweet and is a desirable option for impressing your groom and guests on your special day. Made of high quality white taffeta, this strapless dress catches your attention with a sweetheart neckline, a form fitting bodice and a dropped waist which is decorated with an asymmetrical floral corsage placed on the left side. The skirt flatters your figure and impresses with drapes and a chapel train. To complete your appearance you should use a pair of high heels which will add more elegance.

I also need to mention the Farren bridal gown which is part of the 2011 Bridal Collection of the designer. This beautiful strapless dress is made of organza and has an outstanding design. It comes with a sweetheart neckline, a ruched bodice and a natural waist which is delimited by a sheer organza ribbon. The floor length skirt is fabulous being made of various ruffled layers of organza and ending with a sweep train.


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If you want to impress your friends on Halloween with outstanding costumes you should definitely consider buying or renting one of the various bride and groom Halloween costumes available on the market. The following suggestions are definitely worth the money because they are pretty unique.

The Marry Me Dead Zombie women and men costume is my first suggestion. Available in various sizes and costing only $59.99, the women catchy and spooky zombie bride costume will definitely clear the room and will help you fall in the atmosphere of the Halloween party you’re attending. The dress is made of polyester and impresses with a tattered and shredded design. It has spaghetti straps and a short skirt. To complete your zombie costume you will also have to wear the tulle veil tied with a black bow and the black rose bouquet. On the other hand, the zombie groom men costume is also available for $59.99 and catches your attention with a formal design. It consists of a black and white distressed tail coat with black buttons, a bow tie and a pair of black pants.

151951 bride and groom costumes Bride And Groom Costumes

Bride And Groom Costumes (Photo by: Jim Reynolds)

Also usable as bride and groom costumes for Halloween is the Ghost in the Attic design. The groom’s costume is available in various sizes and is made of polyester. It’s designed to cover your corpse in an elegant tuxedo. You will wear a shredded shirt, a black tuxedo jacket with tails and a white bow tie. Black pants, white gloves and a top hat are also included in this ghost groom costume. Choose the right make up that makes you look like a ghost and you are ready to give life to the words “till death do us part”. On the other hand, the ghost in the attic bride costume is as spooky as the groom’s costume. It includes a ghostly grey wedding dress with a sheer overlay and lace inserts at the wrists and neck. To provide an intense ghost-like feeling, this costume also comes with a gray sheer veil and a grey rose bouquet. Both the bride’s and groom’s costumes are available for $46.99.

You should also check out the skeleton bride and groom costumes which will cost you around $100 (both). These costumes are suitable for celebrating the night of the living dead. The groom’s costume consists of a black, white and red jacket, a floral vest, a white and black collar with bone and skull pattern and a top hat. Black pants and white gloves are also included. The bride’s costume includes a dress with a skull and bone design, a red waist sash and a black veil.  


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The guests, especially the female ones, invited to a wedding will always try to find the most elegant and exquisite outfits that flatter their silhouette and catch the attention of the audience while avoiding to overshadow the bride. If you’ve been invited to such a special event this fall and you are looking for a stunning dress you should check out the following options.

My first suggestion is the sheath wedding party dress number 02880979 which is available on the tidebuy website for $359. This stylish dress is designed by Luba and is made of chiffon. It comes with a scoop neckline, three-quarter sleeves, a ruched bodice and a natural waist which nicely gathers the material on the left side and ties it with a gorgeous flower embellishment. The skirt is knee-length and nicely flows on your body highlighting your silhouette. To complete your outfit you should choose a pair of diamond earrings and a pair of silver high heels.

151946 guest wedding dress Guest Wedding Dress

Guest Wedding Dress (Photo by: Lee Haywood)

Another stylish wedding guest dress that you should take into consideration is the A-line dress designed by Miriama. Available in various sizes and colors, this strapless dress is made of chiffon and impresses with a sweetheart neckline, a pleated bodice and a floor length skirt. The natural waist is delimited by a matching sash decorated with a beautiful satin flower with beads in the middle. The skirt catches your attention with an A-line design and allows you to easily move, ending with a sweep train. If you are interested in buying this dress you will have to pay $385.

You should also consider the chic column evening dress number 09686722 listed on the same tidebuy website. This elegant dress is made of satin and stands out with a beautiful design. It has a scoop neckline, soft straps decorated with beautiful embroidery and metallic accents and a stunning bodice which is covered in embroidery and beads. The skirt nicely flows down on the floor flattering your slim figure and ends with a beautiful court train. You should also know that this dress also catches your attention with a beautiful floral detail placed on the left strap and a fabulous lace overlay which is delicately embroidered and covered in beads and metallic accents. Available in various colors and sizes, this stylish dress can be yours for $1,218.

These are only a few of the most elegant and stylish wedding guest dresses that you should consider. Don’t forget about the short satin cocktail dress number 06570143 available on the same website.


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If you want to impress your future wife with an elegant and expensive engagement ring, you should consider buying for her one of the sapphire and diamond engagement rings available on the market. The list of such rings is pretty extensive and is made available even by online jewelry retailers such as angara.com.

An interesting option available on the mentioned website is the Two Ring Wedding set that includes a round sapphire and diamond engagement ring and a matching band. When ordering this set you will be able to customize the gemstone’s quality as well as the metal type used. For instance, this set can be ordered made from silver, white or yellow gold and platinum. My recommendation is to go for white gold because it looks great in contrast with the blue of the sapphires that embellish this piece of jewelry. What I can tell you about the design is that it places the focus on a round cut main sapphire that’s hosted by a 4-prong setting. Also important to mention is that the shoulders of the band are embellished with 6 other sapphires that are designed to be the centers of beautiful flowers created using the metal of your choice and around 112 white diamonds. We are talking about an exquisite engagement ring that you can currently get in exchange for only $2,459.99.

151949 sapphire diamond engagement rings Sapphire Diamond Engagement Rings

Sapphire Diamond Engagement Rings (Photo by: Jewels Globe)

Another sapphire and diamond engagement ring that you should consider buying from angara.com is the classic three-stone ring listed under the item number SR0160S. The center stone is a sapphire that you can order to measure 4, 5 or 6 mm in diameter and have any quality of your interest. The other side stones used to complete the three-stone setting are round brilliant cut diamonds smaller than the beautiful center sapphire. The band that hosts this setting can be made from various types of metal and is simple, meaning that it’s not embellished by gemstones in pave setting or engravings. The great news is that this ring is currently on sale, so depending on the choices you make you can get it for as little as $679.99.

I also recommend the Angara Victoria Ring that you will find listed on the retailer’s website under the item number SR0563S. This beautiful sapphire and diamond engagement ring carries in its center a beautiful oval cut sapphire placed in a basket setting. Right next to that sapphire you will find on each side two hearts. Inside those hearts you will notice the presence of round cut white diamonds. The rest of the band is pretty simple being made from 14k white gold.


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It’s not easy pulling off a dream wedding. There are so many loose ends, that some brides tend to get really tangled in them. But even if this is very important to you, you still have to take each thing at a time. Don’t fill your head with too many questions before time. Go one step at a time, be organized  and always a have list of things to do. The first one is finding a venue. This is your priority because once you have your dream location you can start putting the pieces together. You can rent an outdoor garden, where you set up tables and chairs and plan your dreamy reception. You can also have the ceremony in a park and then book a restaurant for your reception.

There are plenty of great places for your to visit. Always book in advance. Then you should start focusing on the invites. You can’t buy the invites if you don’t have a venue. Choose the models and styles you like and always think of your wedding theme. The decorations for the whole venue have to be based on this theme. You can use lanterns if you are having an outdoor wedding. Tiki torches can be used for a tropical theme or lights for a fall or winter look. On the tables you can add flowers, balloons, edibles or even fruits. There is no limit to what you can do with the right decoration pieces. You will also have to decide if you want to give the guests favors or not.

151935 dream wedding Dream Wedding

Dream Wedding (Photo by: Gemma Morgan)

This is not a mandatory thing. Some couples decide to make a donation instead of spending that money on wedding keepsakes. But you can also make something like cookies or homemade biscuits and give them to the guests. This is just a simple way tot thank them all for being with you on this day. Your attire is also important. So start looking for the dress as soon as possible. Wear whatever white or colored shoes you think will complete your elegant attire. Nobody said it will be easy, but if you know how to handle things and if you have some help it should be less difficult.


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The first years of marriage are always fun. Celebrating them is even more exciting. You get to buy your beloved one a gift and surprise him or her with all kinds of gestures and ideas. If your husband loves to play pranks on you all the time, then you can get him a gag gift on your 3rd  anniversary celebration. It can be a comical board game which you can personalize or it can be a very interesting phone. There are lots of comical gadgets on these shops you can get him. The whole point of these gag gifts is to make him smile and really be impressed with your choice. You can also surprise him with other expensive items like a leather watch or a golden one. If he has to dress up for work and he likes wearing suits, then get them a pair of silver or platinum cufflinks.

Browse some jewelry stores online or go to the local mall and see if you can find something you would like for him. If your husband likes to shop, which is rare when it comes to men’s preferences, get him a gift certificate at his favorite store. This way, he can buy whatever shirts and accessories he likes. Do the same with your wife. Get her a gift certificate to one for her favorite makeup stores. But if you want to show her that you care about the things she likes, put together a special gift baskets for her.

151933 gift for third year wedding anniversary Gift For Third Year Wedding Anniversary

Gift For Third Year Wedding Anniversary (Photo by: Stanley Lewis)

Add in there her favorite products and sweets. And since this is a celebration, make sure you don’t forget to add a bottle of champagne. This gift can be unwrapped at a candlelight dinner. Cook something for her and fill the house with candles or balloons. Make your house as festive as you can for when your wife gets back from work. If you don’t have children yet, then there shouldn’t be any impediment. Show her how romantic you can be and how happy you are that you are celebrating 3 years of being married to an amazing woman and wife.


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Decorating a hall means that you have to have a concept in mind. Because based on it, you will also need to find the perfect decorations. You can drape fabric all over the place and create an elegant look. Next to these draping details, you can also use some flower arrangements. Buy some flower corsages which can be used to tie the drapes. You can add whichever flowers you like. If you want to create a very fancy decor, you can rent some candelabras and hang them all over the venue. On the tables place some candles or some impressive flower arrangements. For a fall theme, you can use all kinds of leaf decorations. Add the leaves in some glass containers along with some candles. From these leaves you can also make garlands.

They can be placed at the entryways or they can be left to hang from the ceiling. Pumpkins can also be used for this fall theme, especially if you have a harvest concept in mind or better yet a Halloween one. Carve the pumpkins and add a simple tea light candle inside them. Look online and see lots of other inspirational pictures. You might get a good idea regarding the color combination you wish to use or whatever other ornaments look good together. Write down any interesting ideas you might come across. There is no shame in getting inspired from other wedding events.

151934 wedding hall decor ideas Wedding Hall Decor Ideas

Wedding Hall Decor Ideas (Photo by: Allie from Vancity)

But this day is about your needs and desires, so make sure that you also have your own view regarding the décor for your reception. Even if you are working with a limited budget, you can still create some wonderful decorations. Make some paper flowers, paper hearts and use them to adorn the hall. Anything can inspire you. Whatever you choose for the final look, you have to make sure that it’s based on your desires. You and your groom have to consult when it comes to these kinds of details and in the end reach an agreement so that you are both pleased with the way your venue décor turned out.


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Choosing the right colors for your dress can make a big difference. It can change the whole appearance of your dress. You have to consider your figure and of course your age when choosing your attire. If you work out and want to show of your figure, you can do so without any exaggerations. Find a pastel colored dress with some ruffle details and complete this look with a pair of red patent leather shoes. You can also opt for earthy tones or dark ones if you are going to your step-daughter’s fall wedding. The dress can be a long one if you don’t like showing off your legs or if the dress code is a formal one. The color of  the dress can also be black if you think this classical look is suitable for you. You can wear a colorful shawl over your shoulders or an embellished bolero.

Sometimes your attire has to have a pop of color if you don’t want to go by unnoticed. Being in the bridal party, means that you have to be very elegant and have impeccable taste in fashion. You might not want to stand out too much, but you will either way. If you are not comfortable wearing an orange dress or a red one, then go for a dark brown one with some red embellishments or a deep blue one. The dress can have small crystals details on the back or at the waistline. It would be advisable to stay away from too many bows and flower details. These are suitable for someone younger. You have to look refined and chic and dress according to your age and status. 

151930 what color dress should be worn at a fall wedding by a stepmother What Color Dress Should Be Worn At A Fall Wedding By A Stepmother?

What Color Dress Should Be Worn At A Fall Wedding Stepmother (Photo by: Camille La Vie)

You can always use some bold accessories like some dangly earrings or maybe a very elegant hat. You can look for some unique necklace pieces which can really be a statement piece for your attire. If the dress is made out of satin with no other embellishments, then choose some pearls or some other gems you like to embelish your look. Remember that if you want to look amazing, you have to feel amazing. It doesn’t matter how much the dress was or if it’s a designer one or not, what matters is that you look ravishing in it.


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Colors are also very important when choosing your table ornaments. If your want these decoration pieces to really stand out, you will have to combine the right shades and tones in your head. For a tropical beach concept, you can mix various blue shades and white. You can also choose other pastel shades and darker blue tones. Looking at some images online and decorations will help you figure out what centerpieces you also want to use. If you like the idea of blue and white, you can start looking for some flower arrangements. There are plenty of flowers you can find in the color blue. You can use just blue flowers and add them in a white container or vice verse.

You can also consult with a florist and tell him or her to make you table arrangements containing both blue and white flowers. These bouquets can be very luxuriant ones so that they can stand out on the tables. Add them in a tall crystal vase or in a basket. You can try all kinds of modern approaches, there is no need to stick to a traditional look. Even if the theme is a tropical one, baskets with flowers will look very nice on the tables and very different. You can also mix the flowers with some fruits. Add some blue ones n a large container and add some colored fruits to make the decorations pop even more.

151932 white and blue wedding centerpieces White And Blue Wedding Centerpieces

White And Blue Wedding Centerpieces (Photo by: Georgianne Vinicombe)

In these decoration shops you will also find all kinds of gems and white crystals which can be added at the bottom of the containers. Use some tall champagne glasses, add some white pearls and then the blue flowers on top. This is a very modern arrangement, one which  you even do on your own. All you need is to be inventive. Blue and white candles are also a  good choice for any outdoor or indoor wedding theme. They can be placed some candle holders or on some mirrors next to some blue flower petals or blue crystals. Try and picture these looks in your head and go for the one you absolutely love and must have.