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We all know that the 50th wedding anniversary is named the golden anniversary, but what about the 60th anniversary? How is it called? According to specialists, the 60th wedding anniversary is the diamond anniversary, this being followed by the blue sapphire anniversary (when the married couple celebrates 65 years of marriage), by the platinum one (at their 70th wedding anniversary), by the diamond + gold wedding anniversary (75), oak anniversary (80) and wine anniversary (85).

If in the case of a golden anniversary, the anniversary party ideas that could be considered by the married couple, could regard using all sorts of golden decorations, arrangements, flowers and others, in case of a 60th wedding anniversary, the married couple think of using decorations and ideas that are somehow related to actual diamonds. We do not recommend using plates and glasses made only from diamonds; what we do recommend is to use all sorts of shiny objects, that could make a reference to your diamond wedding.

149503 60th wedding anniversary party ideas 60th Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas

60th Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas (Photo by: Steven Depolo)

In case of a 60th wedding anniversary, the recommendation is to celebrate it at home, where the bride and groom feel the best. There is no need to go to a fancy restaurant, to celebrate a love that has been around for more than 60 years; the couple could do this very well in the intimacy of their home, surrounded by their children and grandchildren, without having to go through all the hustle and bustle of booking several tables at a restaurant or an entire restaurant.

Regarding the gifts that a couple celebrating 60 years of marriage should receive, the recommendation is those gifts to be also connected to diamonds. There is no need to offer a diamond ring or a necklace made of diamonds; it is enough to offer as a gift a lovely set of china plates, emphasizing diamond patterns.


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Brides who are lucky to be marrying in spring have many flower options for their bouquets. We have a few recommendations in this sense on our website. For today’s post we picked the yellow tulip bouquet, hopping this idea will be appealing to many of you. Yellow tulips are sensational choices for springtime ceremonies. Their bright and eye-catchy coloring seems ideal for an outdoors celebration. But they can fit a dainty church ceremony as well! In most cases, spring weddings are less pompous and more natural. And tulips seem to be among the most beautiful and delicate selections to fit the natural touch bridal bouquet style. Tulips are naturally pretty, resistant and versatile.

These lovely blooms are favored by many brides and wedding designers because of their long lifespan. The bride must not worry about this aspect when planning her bouquet. A tulip arrangement should last the entire day and a few days after the ceremony perfectly well! The demure shape of tulips is another unique quality to appreciate. They look simple yet sophisticated, especially when arranged with style and class. Tulips can add a touch of whimsy to any bride and her wedding. Yellow is the color of the sun and its brightness can captivate the attention of the most sleepy or bored guest! The vibrancy or yellow denotes energy, dynamism and cheerfulness.

149548 yellow tulip wedding bouquets Yellow Tulip Wedding Bouquets

Yellow Tulip Wedding Bouquets (Photo by: Rob Hooft)

We don’t believe in the saying that yellow is the color of jealousy and it is totally inappropriate for a bride on her wedding day. We find a bouquet of yellow tulips the perfect accent to a happy smiling bride. Yellow is the color of joy, youthfulness and naturalness. Why invent crazy meanings when all flower colors are created by God! They all have a positive significance. But if you are skeptical you can easily try to associate a bad happening with a flower or color you worn on your wedding day and get superstitious. Yellow has a positive energy and we can all feel it when we’re looking at yellow tulips.

According to the flower dictionary, tulips mean perfect everlasting love and marital happiness. They are less formal than white tulips but extremely elegant and feminine. You can mix tulips with other delicate and soft springtime blooms, for a more diversified arrangement: marigolds, mimosas, narcissuses, sweet peas, ranunculus, calla lilies, day lilies, jonquils, daffodils and frangipani. Your bouquet can be completely yellow or it can feature a secondary color, like white, green, soft pink, blue or purple. The best bouquets that use tulips are those tied in a looser manner. Use a cream or white silk/satin ribbon or wrapping for the stems. There are many types of tulips to choose from: button, French or ruffled parrot tulips.


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Are you worried that you can’t pay for an event planner to organize and decorate your wedding in a professional way? Don’t despair, because there are many other options to follow. It’s not a must to hire an expert in field to do this properly. You would be surprised to find out how many couples decide to do it on their own. Planning a wedding without the help of a professional wedding consultant can be easier for those who are more experienced in organizing different parties and special events in their family or among their friends.

But even those who have no idea how to start and where to end can benefit of a quick learning of the process. The Internet is full of websites and free programs that can help you organize your wedding in real time without flaws. The feeling of joy and excitement you feel getting engaged should not be overshadowed by the worries and stress regarding the process of planning the big event. There are indeed a myriad o items and even more details to solve on a budget and in a short notice. Those who are rather clumsy at this and not the most organized people in the world can leave their wedding plans on the hands of a talented designer. But more pairs choose to follow a less expensive route that usually involves planning their wedding by using free wedding planning software.

149549 computer programs for wedding planning Computer Programs For Wedding Planning

Computer Program For Wedding Planning (Photo by: Grand Velas Riviera Maya)

You may be excited about this alternative, but before deciding on anything, read on for more relevant info. Not all websites that say “free software” are actually fro free. Read all the conditions they have before making a hasty decision. Most websites have advertises to free wedding planning software and not the full program. They are actually offering a free trial for a few days or weeks and not for the entire period of the planning. You need to purchase the entire program so that you can use it fully. Besides this, while playing with the tolls and features of the trial you will notice that you can’t access them all. They have a limited access to some important features that you can unlock only by paying for the program.

The FAQ section should help you figure out if the program you’ve found is free for real. Don’t download or register anywhere until you haven’t read this full section. There are two types of wedding planning software programs you can find: web-based programs that can be accessed online and downloadable software programs you can install in your PC.   The second programs mentioned here can also be found under the name of “shareware” or “freeware”. It will cost you nothing to try it out and see which interface suits you the most.


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Many people who live in Virginia fail to appreciate the splendor and beauty that surrounds them. This region is however admired by many brides and grooms of other locations. Destination weddings in Virginia Beach are increasing in popularity every year. There’s got to be something worth appreciating in this area that makes so many pairs choose it for tier wedding and honeymoon vacation! This region offers miles of unique beaches, gardens, city parks, historical homes and chapels to choose from for a wedding day.

There is a venue to fit any taste and wedding formality. But to make the best choice we suggest you consult a travel agent or a Virginia destination wedding planner. He should be able to guide you to the most affordable or luxurious offers, depending on what you guys are seeking. The city is recommended to eco-friendly couples. There are many green weddings going on in Virginia. So, if you are one of those pairs inspired by the beauty of nature, we suggest you consider adopting this theme for your own nuptials. You will discover many facilities that can help you plan an earthy-themed wedding in Virginia. There are many private beaches and beautiful hotels for lavish affairs to consider, according to your budget and vision.

149550 virginia beach destination wedding Virginia Beach Destination Wedding

Virginia Beach Destination Weddings (Photo by: Toni Birrer)

This region is rather inexpensive and affordable for different types of people. This city has a generous array of wedding ceremony and reception sites to offer to the couple and their guests. Laid-back, exotic and quaint, Virginia Beach is the land of all possibilities! You can even plan a traditional wedding in a hotel ballroom if this is what you want. Or, you can select a classy ceremony at a hotel or a tropical celebration on a sandy beach. You should not settle for the common style though. You can follow your own preference and taste and plan a truly unique party for your and your invitees. Bed and breakfast weddings are also very popular in this region.

Those who want to enjoy the amazing outdoors in Virginia in a more elegant manner can select a state park venue for the ceremony and party. It’s important to find a place that suits your needs. And we say this because you have many options and alternatives to consider. They say that Virginia is for lovers, or at least this is the marketing slogan of this state. The historical mansions and plantation homes are among our couple’s favorite locations for a wedding. Check out the Old Dominion resort for a wedding of this nature. You can choose a winery in Virginia’s Wine Country and plan a romantic lavish ceremony and reception in a high class or low-budget manner.


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Every bride wants a figure-flattering dress for her wedding, regardless of her age, faith or cultural background! There are many options for those who want to look elegant and attractive on their special day. One of the most recommended types of wedding dresses in this sense is the corset style gown. These types of silhouettes are ideal for brides who want to captivate the attention of all guests and receive only admiring glances from their husbands!

All eyes are on the bride as she’s doing her elegant walk down the aisle. In this context we can understand why brides are interested in wearing something exclusivist and outstanding. But before deciding on the corset style, you must make sure that the church’s rules allow you to wear something of this kind. The corset style is very flattering and sliming for a bride. Anyone can choose a dress based on this cut and obtain a superb figure. Full-figured brides are amazed by this type of dress and how many things it can do for their silhouette. The slenderizing effect, especially around the waist area is incredible!

149551 corset bridal gowns Corset Bridal Gowns

Corset Bridal Gowns (Photo by: Jhayne)

There is no other wedding dress design more versatile than this. Women of all ages and body shapes can choose a corset gown for their wedding. You can select from a myriad of styles. There are corset tops with laces or zippers. The gown can be tied in the back or even in the front, depending on the model. Apple-shaped brides can look amazing in a corset style gown. Their tummy will look smaller due to the cinched waistline. The corset top helps a woman define more her body shape and obtain a more curvaceous figure. Corpulent brides don’t need to dress up in plus size gowns anymore. They can simply choose a corset dress and create the illusion of an hourglass shape for their body. Petite brides can also enjoy a corset dress.

Those who are very tiny will find that corset gowns can enhance their tiny figure in a very nice elegant way. Choose a gown with a long corset to add more length to your torso.  Corset wedding dresses can be one or two-piece designed. Each style has pros and cons for a bride. The corset gowns based on a two-piece style is recommended for those who are disproportionate. If you are differently sized at the top and bottom, a corset dress made of two pieces can help you equilibrate your look. You can purchase a separate corset to fit the skirt you found, or vice versa. You need to obtain perfect proportions. One-piece corsets are for brides who want a colored wedding dress.


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Many brides of today are interested in wearing an ethnic dress at their wedding. And this is largely due to the fact that they want something different and original for their big day. Those who have a special preference for a certain civilization or culture should consider wearing a traditional gown to make the ceremony even more unique. There are many couples who are not into the traditions and wedding customs from their country. This seems like a good reason to look for something else.

You have many cultures to get inspired from. But before deciding anything, you must make sure that your family agrees with your way of envisioning your wedding. It’s important to make your folks feel excited and content with the type of wedding you want to plan. This is no time to make the, feel offended by your wedding choice. Many pairs like Asian weddings because they are deeply rooted in tradition. These people have a lot of customs and special rituals to play in their wedding. Brides who are not original from Asia are very excited especially about the type of dresses worn by Asian woman on their wedding day.

149553 asian bridal dresses Asian Bridal Dresses

Asian Bridal Dresses (Photo by: regelzamora)

Many fashion bridal designers who create for Asian-inspired brides like to work with both classic and modern trends in creating unique outfits for the contemporary bride. They like to focus on unique mixes between what’s traditional and what’s fresh and innovative. If you love the Asian type of bridal wear but you prefer something more fashionable, choose a custom-made gown inspired by new trends. In majority of cases, Asian brides decide to stick to traditional designs based on timeless silhouettes. The color is very important to Asian people, especially when it comes to weddings. The red theme is the most popular and famous among their brides. This is the color of good luck and fortune and also of power and wealth. It is often utilized for creating ornaments and embellishments for the wedding and the bride’s gown. Many people enjoy Asian weddings because they are vibrant, fun and very mysterious in terms of rites and practices.

There is a sense of magic in Asian weddings that any couple can use for their own ceremony and reception. The paper and plant décor is grandiose and extremely traditional. The modern bride who is not from Asia can choose a white dress with a traditional red Asian accent or design. Red silk brocade accented with yellow dragon embroidery – these are the elements that compose an original Asian wedding dress. If you prefer something a bit more American-style like, you can choose a classic white silhouette with Asian elements. The most popular Asian bridal symbols are: parasols, peonies and dragons.


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No matter how experience you are in planning a party or a special event, if you don’t know the rules to out send the invitations you’re in big troubles! This chapter can be easy to solve for those who are planning a regular wedding, by the book. But those who are having a destination wedding might not know what the proper etiquette is. It’s crucial to clear out this aspect before facing an unpleasant situation. Now you can educate yourself in any wedding field. Open your browser and surf the internet in search or more info on wedding invitations and basic rules for mailing.

You will discover many unknown things that can be of use to you. Planning a wedding can be extremely stressful and difficult for those who are doing it on their own. Without the help of a professional you can crack or stumble upon a difficult situation. Wedding invitations are important to plan with care and attention. If you order them online you need to purchase response cards as well. The basic rule for sending out invitations to a wedding says that you should do it at least four months prior to the date of your wedding. If you want to design and create the cards yourself, start shopping early for a printer.

149555 when to send wedding invitations When To Send Wedding Invitations

When To Send Wedding Invitations (Photo by: Faylyne)

You need time to fulfill this exciting yet time and energy consuming task. It’s crucial for DIY couples to have their invitations ready to mail at the appropriate time. In most situations, the wedding invitations are mailed five to seven weeks before the big date. It sounds likes enough time for the guests to decide if they want to participate at your wedding and send the response cards back. This should also give you plenty of time to create the guest lists and make the other important decisions for the reception venue like the caterer, the seating charts and the favors. Those of you who have out of town guests should mail their invites a bit earlier, like six to eight weeks ahead. If the wedding occurs in your local area, eight weeks is the earliest recommendation.

Out of town guests also need time to make the appropriate arrangements for their accommodation. For a destination wedding, invitations can be sent up to three months in advance. Your guests have plenty of time to book hotel rooms and buy their plain ticket. But before doing this they need to take a few extra days off of work and find someone to take care of their home or children, if case. In the ideal case, wedding invitations should be mailed six weeks before your wedding. If you send them too soon your guests might forget the date or lose the cards.


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With so many jewelry options available for weddings today, modern brides find it difficult to make the final choice. One thing you can be sure of: any choice is the best choice due to the gorgeous styles existing in this field. Pearls are popular stones among brides. They are often seen in bridal necklaces, earrings and bracelets. But we can also admire them in engagement rings and wedding rings. Pearl necklaces are very common accessories amid brides of all ages, personalities and styles. They seem the perfect jewelries to dress up a simple wedding dress or be worn during the wedding day at the neck or on your hand.

There are many different types of pearls out there to choose from, and making the wisest decision is based on previous experience or knowledge in field. Pearls vary in style, shape and color. They are extracted from different regions of the world and available in both real and intimation shapes. Both real and synthetic pearls look beautiful and elegant. Everybody knows that natural pearls are more expensive than cultured ones because they are also more difficult to find. Recognizing the qualities of real pearls is crucial for those who want to make a high class purchase for their wedding. To help you shop for the best pearls for your big day, read on this article.

149556 pearl wedding jewelry sets Pearl Wedding Jewelry Sets

Wedding Jewelry Sets Pearl (Photo by: Maegan Tintari)

Natural pearls are considered those that are formed inside a mollusk. In this case, man intervention is not registered. Chances to find a perfect round natural pearl are very low. You should be aware of the fact that most pearl jewelries sold on the market are based on cultured pearls. Another important difference can be made between freshwater and saltwater pearls. The first category grows inside mussels or oysters in different lakes, rivers and ponds. These pearls are more durable and have a more irregular shape than saltwater pearls. You should also know that freshwater pearls are more affordable than their counterparts. As we said before, we can see pearls often worn by brides on their wedding day at their neck.

Pearl necklaces add a touch of elegance and femininity to any woman. There are different types of necklaces based on pearls you can choose from for your big day. The first recommendation is the pearl collar necklace. Usually 12 inches long, this type of jewelry can feature three or more strands of pearls. You can wear it with a boat neck, off-the-shoulders or V-neck gown. Pearl chokers are also popular among brides. They are a bit longer around 14 to 16 inches long and they are based on a single strand of stones. This choice is the classiest one of all and it fits well both formal and casual dresses.


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The process of dating may seem frustrating to some women who don’t like this option, especially if the chances to meet someone new or interesting are pretty low. In this context, calling on a matrimonial agency may seem more appealing. You can do this online or by posting your personal ad in a magazine or bridal catalog. Those of you who seek a serious relationship and want to get married can do it through this method. Mail order marriages are available for everyone. In general, young and pretty ladies who seek happiness across the border decide to follow this route. But in all cases, they are interested in forming a serious match.

You too can pursuit this type of union by studying the mail-order market. There are many women all over the world who are searching for a foreign man to build a family. Back in the old days, brides who were seeking marriage overseas were actually poor. They thought that a man from a wealthier region could provide them with a better life and condition. These types of marriages may sound a bit risky, and in most cases they were. A few centuries ago our brides-to-be had no computer to check for their potential partner’s info and picture.

149557 mail order bride history Mail Order Bride History

Mail Order Bride History (Photo by: Real Brides)

Nowadays they can analyze their mate on live webcam. But even in this context, it’s never totally safe to follow this type of marriage. Back then, women were looking for marriage-minded partners with a serious intention of building a home and raising a family. It was obvious that these relationships were not founded on love. But according to many, love followed. Many people have never heard of mail order brides system. But this type of arranged marriage has existed for centuries. The first cases can be tracked down in United States. This state also enounced a few strict laws regarding this type of socializing. They also have laws that protect the rights of women who have become or are becoming mail order brides.

During the 1800s, the mail order bride usually sailed from England to the New World to meet a man who had a stable and prosper life in the colonies. Besides this, arranged marriages were quite necessary during that period, especially in the West were there were always more men than women. Those who worked as ranchers needed more female support at work and in their homes. Mail order brides in the West often left their countries and families to marry a miner or a farmer. Arranged marriages are never safe and they never wore. Many brides married real bandits and without even knowing it. Nowadays, the possibilities of predicting the intentions of a potential husband are a bit higher. Today’s agencies have more rules in this regard.


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It’s a blessing to be a bride on a budget these days! And we say this because of the myriad of affordable options available for economical brides in different wedding fields. Let’s take for instance the wedding flowers. Even those who are having a small or less pompous event need to buy a lot of flowers for the ceremony and reception. They need fresh flowers for their bouquet and the bridesmaids’ bouquets, for the corsages and boutonnieres, for the flower girl’s basket, for the aisle and altar, church doors and candles, for the reception tables and cake.

This aspect may seem easy to solve and inexpensive at a first sight. But when it comes to facing the reality, every bride understands that she needs to pay more for the wedding flowers than she initially planned. There are many clever ways to reduce the costs. One way is to minimize the use of flowers and stick to simple looser arrangements. Single flowers are ideal for the bridesmaids instead of full bouquets. Make sure that the blooms are dramatic and imposing. You can use big impact blooms made of paper to obtain even a more impressive look. Replacing live flowers with fabric blooms is the second alternative for economical brides.

149558 cheap bouquets for a wedding Cheap Bouquets For A Wedding

Cheap Bouquets For A Wedding (Photo by: Maegan Tintari)

Use crepe paper to create lush romantic blooms in your favorite shapes and colors and floral tape for the stems. Stretch the petals at the edges to obtain a fun and trendy ruffled appearance. Those who want to keep close to the real thing can use hydrangeas. These flowers are lavish and dramatic and you will only need three stems to compose a fabulous bouquet. Hydrangeas are large flowers available in a variety of colors. They are more expensive than other wedding flowers, but more impressive and outstanding than anything. We also recommend sunflowers for an inexpensive eye-catchy bridal bouquet. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be a regular bouquet, but a single nice bloom. It’s hip to be a romantic bride wearing a single rose in your hand while walking down the aisle.

This style is nonchalant and fit for modern commodious brides who like to simplify things. We recommend this type of “bouquet” to destination or local beach brides. Invest more in your favorite flowers and use less fillers or cheaper items to complete the bouquet. This will balance the cost. Or, use no fillers and greenery at all, for a more compact and affordable bouquet. If you’re a fall bride and you want a creative look, wrap wheat around the flower arrangement for a more seasonal and rustic whimsy look. Focus in seasonal blooms, they are always more reasonable in price. Use plants instead of real flowers, like lavender, hosta leaves, branches, twigs or succulents.


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The desire of many brides and grooms-to-be is to plan a wedding in an exotic locale. They dream of this for a very long time prior to their engagement party. Nowadays it seems easier to make this choice due to the myriad of affordable packages, venues and themes available on the market. Those who love the seaside and the ocean flair have many options for a really unforgettable wedding. Exotic weddings are both the destination and local ones. It doesn’t really matter if your ceremony occurs on a private beach in Hawaii or in your local area.

If you don’t have a beach in your city or country, you can steal this style and look for ideas to implement it in any other location. All you need is a clean open space and the right tropical ingredients. Any place can be transformed into an exotic land for you and your guests by using an eccentric color theme or another inspiration. Tropical themed weddings are always vibrant, cheerful and relaxing. They are a true blessing for the participants. Add in more thematic touches, like seashells, sandcastle figurines, parasols, sunglasses, live hula dancers and fruit carvings for different candles.

149559 wedding reception tropical centerpiece ideas Wedding Reception Tropical Centerpiece Ideas

Wedding Reception Tropical Centerpiece Ideas (Photo by: Aaron Epstein)

These are just a few unique items and ideas you can use to make your reception an inviting and memorable place for your invitees. If you can’t afford to travel to the tropics, bring the tropics to you. Your friends will have the impression that they have traveled to an exotic oasis while attending your wedding! You can go for the standard route and dump some sand on the ground to dress up the place and have everyone wear orchid leis around their necks. You can dress up in grass skirts and walk around barefoot to enjoy the reception. It doesn’t have to be a mid summer wedding. You can plan a fabulous hot exotic wedding even in the middle of winter! In most cases, these types of affairs occur in warm seasons, outside the doors.

It’s always recommendable to choose an alfresco party and enhance the beauty of the nature. Use string lights, paper luminaries and other hanging flames to make the ambiance more romantic, intimate and mysterious. The little ones will love it. Create floral arches and perhaps a gazebo for your head table to make the setting more romantic and sensual. The alleys can be paved with rose petals or delimited by unique lights. Create various paths with flowers and other thematic accents along the outer edges of walkways. Use netting sections and stuck a few sea creatures in to obtain a really tropical effect. Add a few palm trees around to complete the realness of the scene.


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Modern brides are more pretentious than traditional brides when it comes to wedding dresses & wedding shoes. They are constantly tempted to change their mind in terms of colors and accessories. The palette of styles is so diversified and generous that it’s practically impossible to be immune and ignore the opportunities you have. Wedding shoes can be simple and elegant, fit for a formal wedding, but they can also be adorned and more intricate in design. They can be plain and white or boldly colored and ornate, depending on the bride’s personality and vision. Either way, the comfort factor must be the most important one to consider.

No matter how beautiful and outstanding the shoes are, the comfortableness factor is crucial. Don’t forget to do a few try-ons and see how the shoes fit your toe. Don’t just stay in your shoes for two minutes, but walk around the store to see how comfy they are. Remember that you’ll be standing up for a very long time at the wedding. You have your wedding ceremony to face and then a full night to dance and party. If the shoes are wrongly selected you will be suffering from foot corns. The 2012 bride must make this choice a clever one.

149560 dressy wedding shoes Dressy Wedding Shoes

Dressy Wedding Shoes (Photo by: Andy Rennie)

Don’t just purchase the first pair that captivates your eyes or falls into your hands! Browse through different stores or collections and see which pair suits you and your wedding best. The wedding gown is a decisive factor at this point. Study the color, fabric and embellishment of the dress before making the shoe purchase. Try to match the shoes with the gown if you want to obtain a coherent elegant look. For instance, if your dress features lace, look for a romantic pair of shoes based on a lace type of embroidery. Victorian boots made of lace are ideal selections for those who favor this type of footwear for a wedding. If your gown has a bow motif you can select something similar for the shoes.

Many brides choose to wear a bow in their hair. And we think that a bow accented pair of shoes could add the perfect finish touch to your look! Use removable bows to decorate your wedding shoes and make them look more charismatic! The bows can be white or colorful, depending on your wedding theme. Bows are ideal accessories for a wedding because they are elegant, cute and feminine. You don’t need serious skills to attach a removable bow to a pair of shoes. Anyone can do this at home without any problems. But to make sure that you obtain positive results, run a few tests before on a different pair of shoes to see where to attach the bow. 


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No one can imagine their wedding day without a delicious cake to enjoy. The wedding celebration just wouldn’t be complete without the cake. But why this tradition and where it all began? This practice is as old as we can imagine. They say that the first wedding cake dates back to medieval Europe, but others sustain that this tradition as founded even beyond! Many people believe that ancient societies like Greeks and Romans used to serve a specific type of cake at their weddings.

The history of wedding cakes show us that ancient Greeks used to make special honey and sesame cakes to symbolize the bride’s fertility. Back then, the cake was thrown at the bride or torn over the newlyweds’ heads to promote prosperity in marriage. According to experts in field, Roman people used to bake a special type of bread as well for their weddings. This ritual was also to bring good fortune to the pair. The modern custom of serving each guest a small piece of cake dates back in ancient times when the invitees had to catch the crumbs of cake that fell to the ground after the breakage. The stacked cake based on multiple tiers we prepare today is the modern version of the ancient wedding cake.

149561 history of wedding cakes History Of Wedding Cakes

History Of Wedding Cakes (Photo by: Jayegirl99)

What we call traditional today is actually inspired by old-time honored wedding practices. The types of cakes we serve today were not the norm in ancient weddings. And even if we follow the thread of history in medieval wedding cakes we can not find something similar. During the Medieval era, the couple celebrated their wedding with several smaller cakes. We can see that this practice is back trend in what we call “cupcakes” and individually crafted mini cakes. Those who don’t want to commit to a single color, flavor or shape has this unique option. You can choose to create three separate tiers and display them in a creative manner on the dessert table.

Each layer can be ornate like a cake. One can be based on vanilla or angel food, while the others on chocolate ganache, red velvet or butter cream. Smaller wedding cakes are ideal for sophisticated wedding. The guests can mingle between the miniature cakes and pick their favorite flavor. Besides this, the biggest advantage of using tiny cakes instead of a single tiered confection is that you can display them as centerpieces on the table guests or offer them as wedding favors at the end of the party. Some also say that Medieval couples did not contribute at all to their wedding cake, but each guest was to bring a small cake or bun to add their share to the festivity. Each cake was then stacked up high in layers.


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Planning your second wedding should not be a challenge, like it was several years ago when you got married for the first time. Now you are, as they say, experienced, and most likely you will not make the same mistakes as you did in the past.

If the first time you were a bit in a hurry and organized your wedding without the help of a wedding planner, and in just 3 months, your second wedding should not suffer from the same mistakes; this means that you should hire a wedding planner, and prepare yourself for this event at least 12 months before the event itself.

149502 2nd wedding ideas 2nd Wedding Ideas

2nd Wedding Ideas (Photo by: Shal Farley)

Decide very carefully whom you will invite to your wedding, start shopping for your dress/tuxedo, book a photographer and videographer (in case of an informal wedding, you could ask one of your friends to play the role of the photographer/videographer), book your florist, decide on a menu and start planning your honeymoon. Yes, even if we are talking about a second wedding, you will have to go to a honeymoon again. This could give you the chance to organize a honeymoon much better than in the past, and why not, even enjoy it more than you did the first time.

Related to the wedding etiquette of a second wedding now, we start by saying that, if you have children, they should be the first to know, because your remarriage will most certainly affect their lives (especially if they are minors). Another thing that has to be taken into account, and which is related to the second wedding etiquette, regards the gift register; in case of a first time wedding, it is more than appropriate to register for gifts, but in case of a second wedding, this is not exactly an option, and a marrying couple should decide upon telling their guests what to buy for them, only if they do not have too many objects and if they really want them. Still, those products should be quite cheap and extremely useful for a new family; this means that if the new family wants some Swarovski crystals, they would have to buy those crystals themselves, because these are neither cheap, nor extremely useful for a new family.


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Candle trees represent interesting interior decorations, and they can be used with success at any special event, such as a wedding. They are usually made from metal and have several locations, where votive candles should be placed, in order to illuminate the atmosphere at a wedding and to create a romantic environment. Usually, candle trees are less than $100, are very highly appreciated by those who admire them, and can feature any color desired by the marrying couple who wants them for their wedding. In most cases, couples want their candle trees to appear like made from gold and shine on their guest tables.

Can you imagine how beautiful golden candle trees would be if they would be surrounded by mirrors? This is the centerpiece idea that we recommend today: to use golden candle trees and place several mirrors around them, creating the illusion that what you have on your guest tables is represented in fact by more candle trees, not by only one.

149505 wedding centerpiece trees with candles Wedding Centerpiece Trees With Candles

Wedding Centerpiece Trees With Candles (Photo by: Quinn Dombrowski)

Candle trees have several branches, that can be easily bent to stay in whatever position you want them to stay. This is a very good thing in case of transportation or storage; when you are done with your wedding, you can simply take those candle trees, then all their branches, to make sure that they occupy a very low space, and then place them into a clean location. Or, if you like them so much, you can use them as interior decorations, and place them on shelves, in your house.

Candle trees can be bought online for very low prices, especially when you order more than 10 pieces; the higher is the number of identical products that you order, the more you have the chance of receiving a discount from their manufacturer or seller.


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Are you preparing to celebrate your 50th wedding anniversary and need some inspiration regarding the celebration of such an event? Then let the professionals help you and you just enjoy the fact that you have reached a number of years next to your soulmate, that is not that often reached by other couples.

When starting to prepare a celebration like this one, the first thing that should come to mind is to decide when to celebrate it. If you will have your wedding anniversary in winter, for example, but you do not want to celebrate it in winter anymore, since you have celebrated it for the last 49 years in winter, for your 50th wedding anniversary, you can make an exception and organize your party in the summertime.

149501 50 wedding anniversary party ideas 50 Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas

50 Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas (Photo by: Ian MacKenzie)

And if you do not want to celebrate this wedding anniversary with your husband alone, you better start looking for some wedding anniversary invitations as well, because just like in the case of a wedding, you have to send invitations, to let people know that you plan an amazing party. Start by inviting your family, then add friends, coworkers and colleagues.

Then think about what food and drinks you will serve, what music will be heard at your party, what photographer and videographer you will choose and many things like this.

In case of a 50th wedding anniversary, the best solution is to choose a restaurant where to celebrate it, but if you do not have the money for such task, you can use your house as a wedding anniversary venue. Still, it would not hurt to use the services of an interior decorator, that could get rid of all those ceramic decorations that you might have in your house and that could ruin an atmosphere that should be elegant. Let the decorations be symbolic for your anniversary and choose only golden ones, since the 50th wedding anniversary is known as the golden anniversary.


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Experienced wedding photographers can be reviewed by their customers and included into various categories, such as very good, good, not that good, poor or terrible. But what about those wedding photographers that do not have experience in this field? Should not they be hired for shooting weddings? If you think twice, by selecting the services of a professional wedding photographer, but which does not have a lot of experience, you will manage to save some money, and receive photos that otherwise could be much more expensive, if they would come from another (and very experienced) wedding photographer. So the recommendation that we make today is to consider rookies as well, because in some cases, they are even more talented and creative than wedding photographers who have an experience of 20 years in this field.

Nevertheless, in this article, we will present several information about 2 highly experienced wedding photographers that provide their services in the Los Angeles area. We are talking about Rob Greer and Issa Sharp.

149512 best wedding photographers los angeles Best Wedding Photographers Los Angeles

Best Wedding Photographers Los Angeles (Photo by: Ron Reiring)

Rob Greer is a professional portrait photographer, with many specializations. He is a current member of the Wedding and Portrait Photographers Association, his work being featured in many print publications, such as The New York Times, Profit Magazine, Austin Monthly Magazine and California Style. Among his customers, he includes the Oracle Corporation, Penguin Group, Samsung, Nikon and AT&T. Rob Greer can be contacted at robgreer.com or at 1439 Las Lunas Street, Pasadena, California (by appointment only).

Issa Sharp is another professional photographer activating in Los Angeles; she studied photography at the Art Center College in Pasadena and then she became a photojournalist for the Los Angeles Weekly. During her career, she received a high number of awards, including the Black and White Spider Award, in the Silhouette category (in 2006 and 2007), Women in Photography Award (2006) and an award from the Wedding Photojournalists’ Association, for the Kids category (2003).


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Austria is a country in Central Europe, bordered by the Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Italy Switzerland and Liechtenstein. It covers a territory of 83,855 square kilometers, benefits of a temperate and alpine climate and has a population of 8.4 million people.

In Austria, a honeymoon couple can select one of these beautiful places for a romantic getaway: Vienna, Salzburg, Linz, Graz, Gmunden, Klagenfurt, Villach, Innsbruck, Lienz and Kitzbuhel. Unlike many other countries out there, all these cities offer about the same number of tourist attractions, being equally appreciated by travelers. However, because we do not have enough room to speak about all the attractions available in Austria, we have selected to mention only the most important ones in the city of Vienna.

149508 austria honeymoon Austria Honeymoon

Austria Honeymoon (Photo by: Marcus Winter)

And the first location that we recommend to all couples in love out there wanting to spend their honeymoon in Austria is to visit the historic center of Vienna, which is rich in beautiful architecture and gardens. Then, the recommendation goes to the Art Museum, that contains not only one of the finest collections of art, but also several priceless objects belonging to the Habsburgs. After that, prepare for a walk in the nature, in the most beautiful garden there is in Vienna, the one of the Schonbrunn Palace. This location is out of the city of Vienna, but it is definitely worth the trip. Plus, you can go there with the metro.

If you're fond of animals, do not skip the Zoo Vienna, which is the oldest existing zoo in the world, founded in 1752. This zoo was voted as the best zoo in Europe in 2008 and 2010. Most likely you will not be able to borrow a book from the Austrian National Library, but we recommend honeymooners to visit the library anyway, only to discover an amazing style of architecture. Plus, while being there, they will have the possibility of using the equipment at the Center of Information and Research, and learn more about the rich history of the Republic of Austria. A honeymoon in Austria should end with a show seen in the world’s famous opera house, The State Opera House, which is again a very impressive building, benefiting of one of the best acoustics in the world.