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In Maryland, happy couples can find plenty of wedding photographers, because this city was created to be one of the highest selected cities where to marry (‘Maryland’).

And one of these wedding photographers that activate in Maryland is Jay Moore and his company, Jay Moore Photography. This company is located in Baltimore, Maryland, and it can be contacted at 443-844-8627. If you want to collaborate with this photographer, first you need to set up an appointment and then discuss the details of your upcoming wedding. Only this, you can be certain that you will benefit of all the attention that you want.

147201 md wedding photographers MD Wedding Photographers

MD Wedding Photographers (Photo by: Capture The Uncapturable)

Be Photography LLC, located at 8616 Castlemill Circle Nottingham, Maryland, is a company specialized in photojournalism and where actual photojournalists work. This company can be contacted at 410-256-2637. The editing process is very important to this company; they retouch every single photo individually, making sure that skin appears to be smooth, teeth are white, sharpness and contrast are the way they should, colors blend perfectly, black and white are used in the required percent and so on. Photographers there work with digital equipment, because they consider that Canon and Nikon no longer make professional film cameras.

Grace & Elegance Photography (telephone: 301-725-1999) is a photo agency that serves Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware. According to the owner of this company, George Payne Jr., the great thing about photographing weddings is related to the energy that the photographer gets from all the people that are captured on camera. This energy is generated by love and their emotions and represent food for the photographer’s soul. His style is a combination of photojournalism, fine art and avant-garde. He possesses liability insurance and shoots in digital, just like the previous companies as well.


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Planning a honeymoon in Colorado is one of the best choices if you love the great outdoors. You will be surrounded by dazzling scenery of the Rockies and also by the San Juan Mountains, you will be able to participate at tens of outdoorsy activities, such as rafting, fishing, horseback riding, biking, hiking, playing golf, skiing, or you will just relax in a spa.

Honeymooners usually select places like Breckenridge, Aspen, Vail, Crested Butte, but some other little-known places that are recognized for their old mines, historic sites, stage coach trails and turn-of-the-century buildings are also appropriate for a honeymoon.

No matter what city you choose to spend your honeymoon in Colorado, you can be certain that you will benefit of the honeymoon package that you desire.

147198 honeymoon package colorado Honeymoon Package + Colorado

Honeymoon Package + colorado (Photo by: José Maria Silveira Neto)

Next we will mention two hotels that you will love in Colorado, because these seem created for honeymooners. The first one is Hotel Jerome, which is located in Aspen and has 92 rooms and 8 suites. The style of this hotel is Victorian, rooms are spacious and beds are big. The bar and restaurant are also worth mentioning; they are more than just impressive gathering places. If a marrying couple desires to celebrate their wedding in Colorado (not only their honeymoon), they can easily choose the restaurant of this hotel for this task.

The second place to stay in Colorado, namely in Vail, is the Sonnenalp Resort, that offers 12 rooms and 128 suites. The landscape that surrounds this resort, and also the facilities provided by it make you believe that you are in Austria. But not only the hotel is amazing; staff and atmosphere present in this hotel are unforgettable as well. The name of the restaurant located inside this resort is Ludwig’s Restaurant; a place where everyone can have a good time regardless of the money spent there.


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What are the characteristics of the modern wedding bands and how are they any better in comparison to those that were used 20 or 30 years ago?

First of all, wedding bands today can look as sparkling and glamorous as those wedding bands that were used 20 years ago, only that they are much cheaper, because thanks to the improvements made by geologists and researchers, nowadays you can wear a spectacular diamond wedding band, without that wedding band featuring an actual diamond. How can this be possible, you may ask. This is possible thanks to the development made in the precious gems field, development that now allows researchers and scientists to create lab diamonds, that can be even less than $100 each, diamonds that otherwise would be several thousands of dollars, if they would be extracted from the ground, not created in a laboratory.

147196 modern wedding bands Modern Wedding Bands

Modern Wedding Bands (Photo by: Gabrielle)

Modern wedding bands are, at the same time, made from modern metals and alloys. Some of the alloys that started to be used in the past few years are represented by tungsten carbide and titanium combined with sterling silver. These alloys do not give only endurance to the jewelry they create, but also resistance to bacteria, jewelry made from titanium and tungsten being extremely hypoallergenic. It can be said that jewelry made from these metals and alloys can be used even by children, who do not have a properly developed immune system; this, because these metals are much cleaner than all the products that can be normally touched by children, and which can cause them immune problems.

The third and last characteristic of modern wedding bands was already mentioned in the second paragraph: their price. Because modern wedding bands today are not entirely made of precious metals (they can be only plated in gold, platinum, palladium), and also because precious gems are obtained in a lab, not extracted from the ground, they bear much lower prices than in the past, this making them more attractive.


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Cincinnati is a city in the state of Ohio, United States, in the Hamilton County. It has an area of 79.6 mi.² and 296,000 inhabitants. According to old writings, Cincinnati was the first American boomtown in the early 19th century, rivalring larger coastal cities in wealth and size. Unfortunately, the expansion of this city did not last for long and nowadays, this is just another American city, which cannot be compared anymore to New York or LA, as it was in the past. Nevertheless, a tourist going to Cincinnati can find there the home of two major sports teams, the Cincinnati Bengals and the Cincinnati Reds, the Medical College of Ohio (founded in 1819), the University of Cincinnati and many historic places.

Because of the history that it features, Cincinnati is selected by many marrying couples to be the location where they will get married. And because a wedding cannot take place in the wild, but in a restaurant, next we will present some of the most popular wedding venues in Cincinnati.

147200 wedding event venues cincinnati Wedding Event Venues Cincinnati

Wedding Event Venues Cincinnati (Photo by: Alejandro De La Cruz)

Any person that has read a history book about Cincinnati knows that Italy plays an important role in this city, where most buildings are constructed in an Italian style. Maybe this is why Nicola’s Ristorante is at the #1 position in the top of the most appreciated wedding venues in Cincinnati. No need to say that the cuisine in which this restaurant is specialized is Italian. Prices there range between $31 and $40 and reservations can be made with OpenTable. Nicola’s Ristorante is found at 142 Sycamore Street and serves dishes indoors and outdoors as well. It is very well decorated and the wine and food are amazing.

Orchids at Palm Court is the name of another appreciated restaurant in Cincinnati, one that offers the same price range as the previous one. The difference between this restaurant (located at 35 W. 5th Street) and the previous one is that this is specialized in American cuisine. This restaurant offers the best dining experience in Cincinnati and there is no wonder that this was rated as the number one restaurant in the city by Cincinnati Magazine. Orchids at Palm Court is wonderful for special occasions, a great place to soak up nostalgia of a by-gone time. If you have read ‘The Great Gatsby’ you will understand how the atmosphere at this restaurant is.


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Shooting a wedding video that is focused around the reception party and dinner is not an easy task. This is why marrying couples that plan to celebrate their wedding at night should focus only on getting professional videographers for their wedding.

A video is all about movement and moving images, not about still images, like photos. It is true that some photos can express movement as well, especially when the photographer is very skilled and has the appropriate equipment to show this, but videos are 100% about movement. So what you need for your wedding reception is a highly trained videographer, that is also a very good photographer. In fact, photography and videography are very much related, and the general belief is that one cannot be an excellent videographer, if he/she is not a very good photographer as well.

147197 wedding dinner video Wedding Dinner Video

Wedding Dinner Video (Photo by: ayako)

A wedding dinner that will represent the main focus of a videographer will be divided into the same sections of a regular dinner. First, the videographer will focus on presenting the hors d’oeuvres, then on showing the main course, then the desert (represented by the wedding cake or cupcakes) and then the coffee, which is invariably present at any wedding. Because the main course is the one that takes the most time to get enjoyed by the wedding guests, the videographer will offer this section the highest amount of time in the wedding video.

A wedding dinner video should start not with the wedding ceremony of the marrying couple, but with the first moments that occur at the wedding reception, where the actual dinner is served. At the same time, the wedding dinner video will end not with the moment when the couple leaves to their honeymoon, but with the coffee served immediately after the wedding cake is brought to the reception space.


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The wedding cake is one of the main attraction points at a wedding. There are many designs of wedding cakes that have caught everyone’s attention these days, as there is more than a simple, white wedding cake. There is always the possibility of enhancing the cake with flowers. You can talk with the baker and choose together the edible options or with a florist and choose among the beautiful, fresh flowers or the artificial ones to make the cake look special for the most special day of your life.

If you go to a baker or a cake artist, you will be amazed of can be done out of fondant or gum paste. He/she can make realistic flowers and decorate the cake in the most beautiful way possible. Fondant is based on sugar and it can be tinted in any color and molded to result any piece. Some cake designers make artistic masterpieces from sugar. But if you don’t want to go through so much expensive, you can order online candied violets, as they are easy to use and rather inexpensive. Another way to have your wedding cake with flowers is to use artificial flowers and here the sky is the limit, silk flowers look very realistic and they can be found available on any color. You can custom silk flowers to complement the exact color scheme of your wedding and if you want something totally different, you can choose blooms made out of wood, glass, plastic or fabric. The advantage is that you can have a keepsake for you to treasure years to come.

147258 wedding cake flower Wedding Cake Flower

Wedding Cake Flower (Photo by: stevebrownd50)

Real flowers will always be recommended to decorate wedding cakes and they can add that elegant touch to the cake. But when choosing fresh blooms, there are a couple of things that you have to keep count of. Make sure the flowers are food safe, even if they will not be eaten. Poisonous flowers are very dangerous and they just need to touch the cake in order to make harm. Such flowers can usually be found in the garden and they include foxgloves, daffodils, hydrangeas and many lilies. You can check with the florist and make sure you are choosing the right flowers; your guests will deeply appreciate it.

There are so many options at your disposal that you just have to choose the most convenient for you. But without doubts, you can be sure the wedding day will bloom with flowers.


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Every bride needs a bridal gown, because it is the definition of a wedding and a beautiful dress only complements the beautiful bride. There are many styles and designs for bridal dresses and brides nowadays can choose from so many examples, including color dresses, short wedding dresses and more. Bridal shops on Maui are offering local brides and even brides who travel to get married on Maui beautiful gowns, accessories, veils and jewelry to complement the dress in the best way possible.

 Elly’s Formal Wear & Bridals has wedding gowns and tuxedos, traditional and formal gowns, beach wedding dresses and also destination wedding dresses, like wedding shirts for men, beach sandals and accessories and beach wedding gowns. When you are getting married on the beach you want something comfortable, and high heel shoes are definitely not suitable to walk in the sand. Also, the wedding gowns should be light and not with several layers, like ball gowns, because they are hard to manipulate and once the ceremony takes place on the beach, you will start feeling hotter and hotter. The prices of the dresses are quite reasonable, as you can find gowns around $500 and more, according to the design. It is surely one shop you can find more than just the gown.

147251 bridal shops on maui Bridal Shops On Maui

Bridal Shops On Maui (Photo by: sevenyearitchs)

Bridal Queens Shoppe offers elegant and exquisite wedding dresses and stylish tuxedos. Here you can find designer gowns, in case you still want the bets for your wedding. You can find designs from Mon Cheri, Casablanca, Eden Bridal, Faviana and more. Even tuxedos are from well-known designers, such as After Six, Oscar de la Renta, Christian Dior, Ralph Lauren, Peggy Ellis, Raffinatti, Fubu and more. If you want to have that glamorous wedding where everyone will be admiring your high class and taste in elegancy, then a designer dress will surely blow everyone away. The shop also has bridesmaids’ dresses and destination wedding dresses, elegant, simple, and just stunning.

L’Amour Bridal Boutique is located at just a couple of minutes from Maui hotels and wedding locations and it is a premier full service bridal salon offering everything brides need. Within the shop you can find exclusive brands of dresses, rental tuxedos and accessories. They offer personalized attention and they have the latest fashion in what bridal is regarded. Finally, Enchantress Boutique has the hottest trends in women clothing and jewelry. Wedding dresses are priced around $1000, according to design and fabrics.


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A wedding is one of the most important events in a person’s life, if not the most important. There are many couples out there who are looking forward a perfect wedding, but they can’t afford hiring a wedding planner to take care of everything. No matter the size of the wedding, where it takes place and so, it still needs planning and high attention to detail. A wedding planner usually charges 10-15% of the total wedding cost, which can be quite high considering how much weddings cost these days. It is rather hard to have a wedding under $10.000 when there are so many things do to: flowers, music, photography, wedding cake, venue, decorations, centerpieces, and wedding favors and let’s not forget about the honeymoon either.  

So what is there left to in order to reduce the cost, but to plan the perfect wedding? Well, couples can choose wedding planner forms available online for download, either free or for a certain cost if they are customizable. These wedding planner forms are very useful when it comes to planning, because they can be downloaded and placed in a binder and there you have lists with what to do, what are next, the vendors, the budget list, and the invitation list and so on. It is hard to be organized when you plan a wedding and usually, brides just note things down on pieces of paper and them place them around and never find them in time. But with a wedding planner binder or notebook with the forms from the internet, you will have everything in one place.

147259 wedding planner forms Wedding Planner Forms

Wedding Planner Forms (Photo by: zoe.wang)

Many online sources offer free downloadable wedding planner forms. In this way, every bride can download and go through the forms and print out what she needs. You will then the your own wedding planner, going through the details, being in charge of everything, who knows, maybe you will quite like it and see it as a future career. At first the thought of planning a wedding by yourself might seem frightening, but once you get to it and you see how every detailed is settled and once you go pass each step and get closer to the end, you will see how accomplishing it is, especially when you receive credit from your guests, admiring your great taste.

So, in case you can’t afford getting a wedding planner, you can at least afford to print some forms out.


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Nowadays there are many alternatives to the wedding cake. You can have the wedding cake designed in any shape, color or you can have a wedding cupcake cake instead. It is everyone’s choice on what they want for the wedding, but a lot of people choose cupcakes over the wedding cake, because they can be baked by the bride or someone familiar to her, they can serve a variety of flavors and frostings. You don’t have to have a single design for the cupcakes; you can choose to decorate them in any way. However, there are many ways in which you can display the cupcakes so they look elegant and not just party snacks for children.

A cupcake tower is a great way to display the mini cakes. They can be set up in the form or a wedding cake by using tiered platters and for a more elegant looks, you can consider a cascading platter instead. You can still have wedding toppers or on the final platter you can add fresh flowers or fondant figurines, bows and so on. The whimsical design for the wedding cupcakes is another great idea, because cupcakes can be frosted with anything the couple wants. For instance, in case you are a big fan of outdoor activities, you can use green icing and then each cupcake can have a mini tent on top of them.

147260 wedding cupcake cake Wedding Cupcake Cake

Wedding Cupcake Cake (Photo by: Jessica Spengler)

Moreover, after you frost the cupcakes, you can pipe letters on top. They can have the initials of the bride and groom or you can spell a message that means a lot to you. This way everyone will be fascinated by your idea and will have a lot of fun reading out the message on the cupcakes. Even though cupcakes come in small shapes, this does not mean they can’t be dressed like a large wedding cake. They can be decorated with flowers made or sugar or edible gold or silver balls. You can use all sort of decorations, such as mini bows, hearts, stars, even pearls and so on.

The flavors of the cupcakes can vary. The traditional flavors are chocolate and vanilla, but there are so many other options available, such as red velvet, mocha, fruit flavors, and marble, with custard filling, fruit jelly, marshmallow and more. You can consider of many ways in which to display the cupcakes as well. They can be arranged artfully on a table or on a tiered cake stand.


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The color scheme of a wedding can be chosen according to the couples’ preferences. They can go with the classic colors most choose at their weddings or perhaps they have colors that mean something to them. No matter what you prefer, you can have a single color scheme at the wedding or you can choose to combine colors. In case you are interested in green wedding ideas, there are many which you can integrate at your wedding and some of the best as well. Green is popular because it brings freshness and you can combine it with several other colors, such as pink, yellow, red and more. There are also many shades of green, from lime green to dark green, so start making your pick.

Moreover, you can combine multiple shades of green to add contrast, for instance forest green and sage. For a modern, fall wedding, you can incorporate olive green with cream or chocolate brown. For a summer wedding, pink and green work so well together. Lime green can be used with purple or yellow, for a bold effect. Red and green are perfect for holiday weddings and fruit weddings. There are weddings based on themes and yours can be one of them. You can make your wedding day a fairytale around green color. Include green theme with fruits, nature, citrus or flowers and you can even have a garden wedding that will let everyone feel the beauty of nature.

147246 green wedding ideas Green Wedding Ideas

Green Wedding Ideas (Photo by: Maegan Tintari)

The advantage of green color is that you can have any flower you want, as all stems and leaves are green. But you can also choose other decorations, like green balloons on the ceiling; green paper lanterns and you can hang small green lights around the reception area. Especially in the evenings, it will add that twinkling effect. The chairs can be wrapped up with green tulle bows or napkins can be in green linen. Centerpieces can be created using green candles, green bottles and vases and floral arrangements. Pitchers and clear glass bowls can be filled up with fresh sliced limes and green candles. Even wedding favors can be placed in green boxes or they can be even green, if you choose soaps, mini spa baskets and so on.

Green can also be found in the wedding attire. For example, the wedding dress can be embroidered with green ivy. A dress with emeralds or emerald jewelry will surely complement the event.


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Presents that are offered at weddings should match the personality, age and gender of those who receive them. You cannot offer a set of cosmetic products to a 4-year-old girl, who did not even start to use lipsticks and eyeshadows, and also you cannot give your mother a toolbox filled with car tools, even if she has a car and is very passionate about cars. Some gifts are simply not appropriate to be offered at weddings, this is why today you will see what is suitable and what is not for an event like this.

Gifts for parents

147192 unique wedding present ideas Unique Wedding Present Ideas

Unique Wedding Present Ideas (Photo by: mothernaturebeauty)

What can you possibly give your parents that will be much more cherished than your love and appreciation? Probably nothing, however we recommend you to offer your parents a gift basket full of goodies. A present like this contains more than just sweet treats, that will definitely be appreciated by the feminine side of the couple receiving such present, but also some bottles of champagne or wine, that are delightfully added to the chocolate truffles, crunch cookies and seasoned crackers, to impress the masculine side of that couple.

Gifts for siblings

Now, there should be made a differentiation between men and women, since the your brothers/sisters could be interested in different things. Nevertheless, we will recommend a product that works for every sister/brother; this is a beach set, containing a lotion that is meant to protect the skin against the damages created by a too powerful Sun, some bath gels, to wash the skin immediately after returning from the beach and also a sponge designed to gently rub the skin and eliminate the dead cells of the skin. A product like this is usually $20 and is highly popular at beach weddings.


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Calla lilies can be used as symbols or actual flowers on many elements present at a wedding. For example, the wedding cake can be adorned with some amazing calla lilies, the wedding gown can be also enhanced by a pattern emphasizing some calla lilies, the bride's bouquet can be made entirely of calla lilies, and the guest tables can feature some lovely lilies, that will be appreciated by everyone coming to the wedding.

Calla lily bridal bouquet

147188 calla lily wedding decorations Calla Lily Wedding Decorations

Calla Lily Wedding Decorations (Photo by: Clyde Robinson)

Much more important than the floral centerpieces placed on guest tables is the bridal bouquet, that appears in almost any photo where the bride appears as well. So if this bouquet is so important, it should seem depicted from heaven. This is an easy task, if the bride decides to use some calla lilies for her bouquet, because these flowers are fragile, delicate, beautiful. Plus, a bouquet made of lilies will rest easily in a bride’s hands. However, if the bride wants something a little bit heavier, to be capable of tossing it towards the unmarried ladies coming to her wedding, she can use also some roses and ranunculuses.

<-336×280 Large Rectangle – center->

Wedding cake

You don't have to use actual calla lilies to impress your guests; use some miniature calla lilies made from sugar, that will definitely create a dramatic counterpoint to some angular tiers of your wedding cake. We recommend serving a cake that has its tiers sitting on clear acrylic columns and also fixed on a custom stand. That stand can be also used when the wedding cake will make its big entrance in the restaurant where everybody will celebrate the wedding.

Bright floral centerpieces

Calla lilies are available in a large variety of colors, although people know them as being white and pink. Thanks to the evolution of the science today, we can have any color of calla lily that we could desire. In addition, you can always pair calla lilies with other flowers in order to create a lovely centerpiece that will match the color of your wedding.


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Those who plan a destination wedding can take into account these beautiful destinations.

Bahamas as location

Alright, all Bahamas is pretty, and this is a fact, but the most romantic location on the island of Bahamas is definitely the harbor, where lots of marrying couples go to have their wedding ceremony officialized on the edge of the beach, by the ocean. A beach wedding like this should be organized in an informal way, and the bride, groom and even their guests can walk barefoot, to emphasize one more time the connection there is between humans and nature.

Wedding invitations

147191 destination weddings ideas Destination Weddings Ideas

Destination Weddings Ideas (Photo by: Dennis Jarvis)

If you plan a wedding in Bahamas or in any other exotic location on this planet, it is wise to announce your guests that they will have to pack their bags and follow you in your adventurous experience. You can use an accordion-folded booklet, where to write more about the adventure that you and your partner plan. Use this method to give your guests details about the hotels where they will be accommodated, about the restaurants that are located nearby, the tourist attractions and also about the entire program of your wedding day (if you have already established it).

The bridal look

How is a bride that organizes a destination wedding supposed to be? Obviously, she should wear a glamorous gown, that will amazingly match the wedding venue. For a spectacular look, we recommend some Christian Louboutin high heels (So what the wedding is informal? A bride can wear heels anytime she wants), and also a Romona Keveza gown (this fashion designer is known for the unique dresses that she creates). And as accessories, a bride planning a destination wedding can use some white phalaenopsis orchids in her hair instead of the classic veil.


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Votive candles are prayer candles, that are usually used in churches or for relaxation purposes. Nevertheless, a marrying couple that wants to create a romantic atmosphere at their wedding can use votive candles on their guests tables as wedding centerpieces.

This type of candles are made from beeswax and are typically white or yellow. This means that if you plan to have votive candles at your wedding, you cannot use electric candles, one because this would not create that romantic atmosphere that you want, and two because votive candles are by default candles that generate actual flames, not candles that work with the help of the electric power.

Votive candles are used by most Christians in religious purposes, being lit for prayer intentions. When Christians (being they Catholic or Orthodox) lit a votive candle, it is considered that they pray for a certain person that is no longer among us. In churches, next to the location where votive candles are placed, there are also several donation boxes, intended to raise some money for special causes.

147194 votive candle wedding centerpieces Votive Candle Wedding Centerpieces

Votive Candle Wedding Centerpieces (Photo by: Natesh Ramasamy)

For Eastern Orthodox, votive candles are lit next to icons, to signify the holy light. They are usually placed in round containers, filled with sand; in that location, the worshipers place their candles in the memory of someone dear.

However, at a wedding, it is not recommended to use some containers filled with sand and place them in the middle of your guest tables (unless you plan a beach wedding), but some small candle holders that could house these votive candles, that are meant to bring back the memory of someone who was appreciated by the marrying couple. Because it is difficult to imprint the image of the person, which is no longer living, directly on the candle itself, it is wise to imprint this image on the candle holder, so that everyone present at the wedding to know the reason for which these votive candles are used.


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Renewing wedding vows is the perfect way to tell your spouse and everyone that you are willing to do everything again. It is a proof that you still love each other and you want to celebrate your love through a meaningful event. There are many ideas for renewing wedding vows and it all gets down to the cost and what you want to do. Vow renewal ceremonies don’t have to be as conventional and traditional as weddings, as you have the freedom to do things you want and how you want to. If you don’t want to be simple and to have the ceremony and the event at home, you can easily go to an exotic destination and have the second honeymoon. You can also go on a cruise or to Las Vegas and choose to do something totally different. There are so many vow renewal packages that have decent costs and that will surely offer services you need.

In case the wedding was not how you always pictured it, you now have the opportunity to have the wedding of your dreams. At first, couples have limited budgets, which usually set the tone for the ceremony. Many still have the desire of having the bells and whistles they pictured when money was not a factor. If you have the proper means, do have the wedding of your dreams, you will appreciate it more and now you have the experience of doing things faster and better.

147245 ideas for renewing wedding vows Ideas For Renewing Wedding Vows

Ideas For Renewing Wedding Vows (Photo by: Jim Zulakis)

Choosing to combine the second honeymoon with a vow renewal is a great idea, especially for those looking for some adventure. Just picture a cruise to a sun-drenched island or a trip to an exotic location, it is so romantic and intimate that will bring the spark back in your marriage. Since there is just the two of you in your vacation, you can exchange wedding vows no matter how short, long or what they refer to.

You can choose to do something unexpected at the vow renewal ceremony. You can go to Las Vegas and let Elvis officiate the ceremony, and then you can go on with the party at a casino or go watch shows. On the other hand, the ceremony can be as simple as just a gathering at your house. You can have a barbecue in the backyard, but still dress up fancy and you can prepare cocktails, put music and have a good time.


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Weddings are expensive in general and they require high budget investment. But the wedding in New York City cost is also influenced by the location, where you are having the wedding, the caterers you choose, vendors and so on. There are some expensive hotels in the city where you can have your wedding, like The Plaza, Ritz Carlton and so on. Here just a room costs several thousands of dollars. Manhattan is definitely the most expensive area; rents are high, lifestyle in general and having a wedding of course. Other areas, such as Brooklyn or Queens don’t require such high money investments, but it also depends on where you want to have the wedding and the budget you are willing to invest.

To get a slight point, in Manhattan is hard to plan a wedding under $10.000, being one of the world’s most expensive cities. But there are options to have your dream wedding in Manhattan and create that special moment together. The wedding venue is probably the most expensive part of a wedding. But there is the possibility of choosing a venue that is inexpensive or free for that matter. Especially for an outdoor wedding, there are plenty of options. You can choose Brooklyn’s Botanical Garden, Central Park or Prospect Park. These areas can be perfect for a wedding and they will cost you nothing. You can have the reception inside a theater or you can choose East Village’s St. Mark’s Church, which rents out the space for weddings at fewer costs than other churches.

147243 wedding in new york city costs Wedding In New York City Costs

Wedding In New York City Costs (Photo by: Pamela V White)

The wedding dress is another element that can cost more than a wedding in general, but if you don’t fancy much about designers and couture dresses, you can always choose a vintage bridal shop or shops with discount dresses. You can also custom your wedding gown and have it exactly how you always dreamed about. When you have good friends, you can ask them to help you with the wedding. You can put them in charge of various aspects, such as photography to a friend that has a good camera and loves taking pictures, the DJ can also be a friend who knows how to mix and a creative friend can give you a hand with the arrangements and with centerpieces.

Catering is another wedding element that costs greatly. But instead of a fancy sit-down dinner, you can choose instead a buffet meal and let everyone eat what they want.


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For the do-it-yourselfers out there, there are many ways that can be considered for they to create their own wedding decorations. They can buy various kits and then simply follow the instructions provided in those kits, in order to create unique decorations.

When it comes to a wedding, it seems much easier to design your own wedding invitations than to create an entire centerpiece by yourself, but if you have the talent and time to do this, you will see that anyone can create a lovely centerpiece, by investing only a little bit of time and imagination.

<-336×280 Large Rectangle – center->

Nail art centerpiece

This type of art may not be appreciated by every guest coming to the wedding, this is why it is recommended to use this idea only if you plan an informal wedding, where only very good friends will come. Obviously, we are not talking about actual nails, that will get together to form a round decoration, but about artificial nails, like those used by teenagers when they want to emphasize some long and interestingly polished nails, that will be glued in order to form a round bouquet. For this type of bouquet, you don't even require water. Also, you can place the bouquet directly on table, not in a vase created for flowers. Nails can be colored in any color of your choice and have any design that you like.

Soap molds

147189 do it yourself wedding decorations Do It Yourself Wedding Decorations

Do It Yourself Wedding Decorations (Photo by: Nico Paix)

Luckily for those who have never worked with soap before, soap molds are sold online or in stores, and they are ready to be shaped according to the client’s desires. By purchasing some silicon molds, a bride or groom can create some lovely shapes that will be placed on guest tables, such as hearts, roses, monograms of those who will sit at their tables, diverse figurines and so on.


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Wedding invitations can be made from a large variety of materials and can feature an infinity of patterns and designs. Having said that, you can imagine that their prices also vary from very low to very high. If you plan a budget wedding and search for some cheap wedding invitations, learn that the cheapest invitations that can be bought nowadays are the ones made from paper and that come with their interior 100% blank. This will help the stationery manufacturer keep the price of his/her invitations low, for not using ink to create the layout of those invitations.

At the same time, in order to save some money, stationery manufacturers do not use complicated drawings on the first cover of their invitations and also do not sell their invitations with matching envelopes, letting their customers deal this matter differently, either by purchasing separate envelopes or by creating the envelopes themselves.

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Cheap Wedding Invitations (Photo by: Debs (ò‿ó)♪)

Speaking of which, other solution if you want some cheap wedding invitations is to design them yourself. All that you need is a color printer, lots of inspiration (and if you do not have inspiration, you can find plenty of models and designs online) and special paper to print your invitations. Even envelopes can be printed with the same design that you have chosen for your invitations, only that for them, it is preferable to use a special printer, that works only with envelopes. You can use a regular printer as well, only that the paper that will be printed will be thicker and it could get stuck inside that regular printer; so in order to keep problems away, it is wise to use envelopes bought from stores. For example, you can purchase some white envelopes, that you will draw with some colored pens and pencils to match the design of your invitations. This way, you will save some money for not buying a special printer to print envelopes, and you will also make your guests happy for offering them some handmade wedding invitations.