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The wedding rings are vital if you want your wedding ceremony to be an amazing one. Not to mention that the wedding rings are going to be worn day by day and that they have to be chosen with a lot of attention. They must be suitable for the rest of your jewelries and they have to be chosen according to both of you preferences. If you want to have a vintage themed wedding then you should opt for some vintage wedding rings too. Diamonds ones are the best choice and they can’t fail. Their price may be a little bigger but they totally deserve any financial effort, especially because they are bought once in a lifetime.

141596 antique diamond wedding rings 3 Antique Diamond Wedding Rings

Antique Diamond Wedding Rings (Source: weddinghairstylesblog.com)

Look at the ring from above! It is perfect for a woman wedding ring and it can look amazing if it is worn with a vintage wedding dress and with some suitable accessories. Wedding bands are way more suitable for a wedding than normal rings, because they are smaller and more delicate and they can be worn daily. You can choose between white gold or yellow one but you should know that white gold is more suitable for a vintage themed wedding. All in all, you have to choose the type of gold according to the majority of your jewelries. If you have a lot of silver and white gold jewelries then you should opt for this material and the opposite, for gold jewelries a gold wedding ring is perfect.

141596 antique diamond wedding rings 2 Antique Diamond Wedding Rings

Antique Diamond Wedding Rings (Source: fashiontrendsmag.com)

If you are a man then the second photo is exactly what you need, a simple band, a delicate one which can look amazing with her wedding ring. It is important to find a certain balance between your wedding rings in order to make them look good together. White gold wedding rings are even more suitable for men than yellow gold rings because they have a bolder and stronger aspect and because they can look good on your hand no matter if you have other jewelries or not. Not to mention that they respect the theme of the wedding.

141596 antique diamond wedding rings Antique Diamond Wedding Rings

Antique Diamond Wedding Rings (Source: i1.squidoocdn.com)

The wedding rings are supposed to be forever but there are some situations when their replacement is necessary. If one of you gains some extra kilos or even if you lose them, a new set of wedding rings is definitely required. If you want to have a special memory when it comes to them then you can organize a wedding vows renewal. In this way you are going to exchange your rings again and you are going to confer them a special meaning and a powerful one. Choose the best wedding rings for you and you will not fail.


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When you want to organize your wedding you have to find a way to ensure that everything is perfectly chosen and that you are going to have the most amazing wedding in the world. Each wedding must be announced and your guests have to be invited properly. In this way, it is already known that you are going to need some wedding invitations in order to be sure that everybody is going to understand exactly the main things about your wedding: the theme, the date, the location and of course the grooms. In this way they are going to be able to see if they are interested in coming at your wedding or not. You have to do your best to choose some amazing wedding invitations, some suitable ones for your personality and for the theme of the wedding. If you want them to be even more special and interesting then you can use homemade wedding invitations. We are going to show you how they are made.

141592 handmade wedding invitation ideas 2 Handmade Wedding Invitation Ideas

Handmade Wedding Invitation Ideas (Source: free-wedding-invitations.com)

All you need is: colored cardboard, suitable envelopes, markers, glue, and decorations. You can easily obtain some interesting wedding invitations if you choose collages. In the photo from above you can see a very interesting idea of homemade wedding invitations. You can see how good those dried leaves can look on your wedding invitations. You can choose such an option too. You can use flowers instead of leaves or even special stickers. The decision is entirely yours and you should choose the most suitable option for you. There are two possibilities: you can write the message using markers or you can write it using a writing machine. If you have nice hand writing then you should choose the first option.

141592 handmade wedding invitation ideas Handmade Wedding Invitation Ideas

Handmade Wedding Invitation Ideas (Source: holiday-crafts-and-creations.com)

In the second photo you can see a very simple model. All you need is some colored and glittered cardboard which must be cut in equal pieces and a simple, white piece of paper with all the information required. Add some glue, stick them together and then use a ribbon to create something interesting and delicate. The effect is an amazing one and it cannot fail. Add them in some suitable envelopes and all you have to do is to deliver them. Homemade wedding invitations are cheaper and they have more personality than bought ones. You can choose such a choice especially if you are going to have few guests only. They are going to be impressed and they are going to feel honored to participate at your wedding. Homemade wedding invitations are a very nice option and you should choose them without fear.


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A vintage wedding is definitely an interesting one and it can easily attract a lot of guests. It is original and you have big chances to have the time of your life. It is important to choose the theme for your wedding with a lot of attention because it is going to be used for all the decorations, for the wedding location and even for your outfit. Try to find a certain balance between all of them and the result is going to be a very spectacular one. You should know what to choose and how to match them in order not to fail and to have the wedding of your dreams.

141582 antique wedding favors 3 Antique Wedding Favors

Antique Wedding Favors (Source: myweddingfavorsetc.com)

The wedding favors are small gifts which are offered by the grooms in order to show their appreciation and gratitude for their guests. You can choose anything you want according to your preferences and according to your budget and of course, the most important thing, according to your wedding theme. If you have decided that you want a vintage wedding then you should opt for some vintage wedding favors as well. In this way you will not fail and you are going to have the wedding of your dreams and the effect that you want for your guests.

141582 antique wedding favors 2 Antique Wedding Favors

Antique Wedding Favors (Source: hotfrog.ph)

What do you think about the bottle opener from the first photo? It is definitely a useful favor, a good looking one and of course, an original wedding favor. It is also cheap and easy to find. You can be sure that such a gift is going to impress all your guests and that they are going to adore you for your amazing tastes and preferences. The second image contains a very nonconformist decoration, a metallic bike decorated with vintage elements. Such a nice decoration can be also used as wedding favor and it can create a wonderful reaction among your guests. You should know what to choose in order not to fail and to have a great party.

141582 antique wedding favors Antique Wedding Favors

Antique Wedding Favors (Source: weddingwindow.com)

The last image is actually a collage between several photos with frames. You can always opt for a vintage photo frame. They are useful, elegant and they have some huge chances to become your guests’ favorite wedding favors. You can impress your guests even more if at the end of the party you offer them a photo which was made during the wedding reception by your photographer. If you want this to happen then you must ask him to develop the photos, to print them and to modify them in order to look old. You can be sure that they are going to be completely amazed.


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The bridesmaid is a very important character when it comes to a wedding and she must look amazing because she is going to be in the center of attention for a long time during the wedding ceremony and at the reception, too. If you were chosen for this role then you have to know what to wear in order to look seductive and impressive and to be a perfect maid of honor. Try to choose something that looks good on you and something which is fashionable and interesting. In this way you will not fail and you are going to have an amazing aspect.

141587 coral bridesmaid dresses 3 Coral Bridesmaid Dresses

Coral Bridesmaid Dresses (Source: assets.karmaloop.com)

The coral dress in the photo above is a safe choice for such an event. It is a short dress which is modern and interesting and it is asymmetric. These types of dresses are designer’s favorites this season because they are original and unique. If you want to look amazing then this dress is exactly what you need and you can wear it without fear. If you do not have nice legs or if you simply do not like short dresses then you can opt for a long one in the same color. The effect is going to be spectacular and interesting, too and you are going to look perfect.

141587 coral bridesmaid dresses 2 Coral Bridesmaid Dresses

Coral Bridesmaid Dresses (Source: onlineclothingmarket.com)

The shoes for such a dress must be simple ones, classic stilettos, in order to make your outfit look balanced and to obtain a very interesting effect. The photo from above illustrates you such a pair of shoes which can look amazing if they are worn with such a nonconformist dress. The round shoes are becoming less popular while sharp shoes are recovering their lost glory. The shoes in the photo are a combination between the two styles and they are exactly what you need in order to prove that you are a true fashion icon and that you do not fail when it comes to clothes.

141587 coral bridesmaid dresses Coral Bridesmaid Dresses

Coral Bridesmaid Dresses (Source: glamour.com)

Taking into consideration the simplicity of the dress and of the shoes, you can easily choose a statement pair of earrings. They look amazing and they are going to complete your outfit in a stylish and elegant way. These three elements are all you need in order to look divine: a dress, a pair of shoes and some spectacular earrings. Try to match them with a nice haircut and with a suitable makeup and you are going to impress everybody. Try to talk to the bride and tell her about your outfit. You must obtain her approval otherwise you may want to choose something else.   


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Are you confused about what to wear for a wedding? Don't be, because in this article we will suggest you several wedding dress models, that are perfect for a good old dress-up and knees-up. We will never suggest you something that could upstage the bride.

141547 guest at wedding dresses 4 Guest At Wedding Dresses

Guest At Wedding Dresses (Source: ecx.images-amazon.com)

Our first recommendation goes to a lovely brown dress, which can be accessorized with some cream-colored shoes. This sleeveless beaded yoke dress is designed by Jessica Howard and is sold for $108 on Amazon. It is made from polyester and is available in these sizes: 6, 8, 10, 12, 14 and 16.

141547 guest at wedding dresses 3 Guest At Wedding Dresses

Guest At Wedding Dresses (Source: ecx.images-amazon.com)

A dress a little bit more expensive ($198) is the one shoulder chiffon dress with beading along waistline, designed by Eliza J. This dress is also made from polyester and is available in these sizes: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 14.

141547 guest at wedding dresses 2 Guest At Wedding Dresses

Guest At Wedding Dresses (Source: ecx.images-amazon.com)

If you want to be hard to forget, try the Dolce & Gabbana brown solid satin silk dress. This is made by a world renowned fashion designer, this is why it is the most expensive dress presented in this article: $395. Its list price is $1500, but these days, Dolce & Gabbana offers a discount for this product of $1105. This lovely dress is made 100% from silk and has the Italian size 42. This is perfect for any occasion, it is just above the knees and has sliding pockets on both sides. In American notations, this dress is made for the 6 and 8 sizes. As long as you want to buy this dress, you should know from the beginning that all sales are final; the company does not accept returns and also does not exchange a product with another one.

141547 guest at wedding dresses Guest At Wedding Dresses

Guest At Wedding Dresses (Source: ecx.images-amazon.com)

And because a woman needs some accessories as well, at the end, we will present a beautiful pair of sandals, designed by Annie. The pair we present now is a black one, being suitable for any black dress. Your elegance will reach its highest point when wearing this amazing pair of sandals. Their feminine heel sling perfectly wraps around your foot, giving you the feeling that you look good, just like you want. These sandals are decorated with rhinestones for a memorable look. Other colors in which these sandals are available are: gold, silver and black lamey.


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Would you like to throw a green wedding party? You are at the right place, because in this article, we will show you how to have a beautiful wedding ceremony and then party, in your own backyard. You don't even need trees to benefit of a lovely green wedding, because you can create a focal place, made from various plants.

141555 backyard wedding decorations 2 Backyard Wedding Decorations

Backyard Wedding Decorations (Source: landscapeideasanddesign.com)

However, if you do have a tree, but a tree that does not make flowers, we have a dramatic idea for you: purchase some flowers from a floral market or florist and also some ribbons from a supermarket; after this, tie the ribbons from the branches of those trees you have in your backyard (the ribbons can reach the ground), and then, tie with care every flower to those ribbons. This is a great idea for the couples that don't have a floral garden and also don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on floral arrangements.

<-336×280 Large Rectangle – center->

They need to buy 50 or 70 flower threads, which they will tie to some branches of their trees and they will be ready to wait for their guests. The image created by these hanging flowers is just great and is always preferred by romantic photographers. In fact, some of the ideas of how to decorate the backyard for a wedding may come even from the wedding photographer which the couple hires for this big event.

141555 backyard wedding decorations Backyard Wedding Decorations

Backyard Wedding Decorations (Source: landscapeideasanddesign.com)

A backyard wedding ceremony can be just like any other ceremony, which is performed in a church. The difference is that instead of a ceiling, the guests will have the sky above their heads. For a wedding ceremony that takes place in the outdoors, the couple will need to have enough chairs, that will be beautifully decorated, just like the chairs in a church. Chairs should be placed in order to create an aisle, where the bride will walk on, taken towards her future husband by her father. Because there is no altar placed in a backyard by default, and also because you cannot bring the altar which is normally found in church to a backyard, you will have to improvise. A good solution is to create a wooden or metal structure, which has a rectangular shape and is enhanced by a lovely curtain. The officiant and his desk should be behind the curtain and when the groom enters the stage, the curtain should open, letting the groom take his position and wait for his bride. When the bride enters, all the guests that sit on their chairs should stand up, as a sign of respect.

A backyard can be enhanced by other decorations as well, such as balloons (which can be hung from the branches of the trees too), by a tent placed in the middle of the backyard, by big umbrellas (in case of rain), by beautiful backyard furniture and by many others. If you have celebrated your wedding in a backyard, you are free to share some backyard wedding ideas with us.


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What are the activities that happen during the wedding day? What are the traditions which are supposed to be taken into consideration by the happy couple and their guests? What are the superstitions related to a wedding day? These questions and many others will be answered in this article, which you hope you will enjoy.

What is a wedding?

Contrarily to what most people know, the wedding is similar to the wedding ceremony, not to the wedding party, which takes place after the wedding ceremony. This happens because in most cultures and religions, it is much more important to be married in front of God, than to celebrate this holy union. Thus, every couple that wants to get married should have a religious ceremony; it does not matter what religion or where the ceremony will take place (in a church, on the beach, on top of a mountain, in the bride's house, at the hospital), as long as it is performed by a man of God and in the presence of some guests.

141544 my wedding day 2 My Wedding Day

My Wedding Day (Source: weddingsevens.com)

What are the wedding traditions and customs that should be taken into account at a wedding?

These vary greatly between cultures, religions, ethnic groups, countries, and social classes, but in most countries, wedding ceremonies involve an exchange of wedding vows, a beautiful presentation made by the officiant to the entire audience, related to what a family is all about, special music and loads of flowers. Depending on the religion of the bride and groom, the officiant and also the couple say specific words during the wedding ceremony, and also act in a specific manner.

A very popular tradition which can be encountered in the East and also in the West regards the color of the bride’s dress. The bride is supposed to wear white, but this is not imperative anymore. In the past, people believed that if a woman worn a dress of a different color, she was not pure anymore; this was a mistake and soon, brides started to use colored dresses as well. The color of the bride’s dress is not connected any longer to the bride’s purity.

141544 my wedding day My Wedding Day

My Wedding Day (Source: weddingflowersrainbow.com)

The wedding rings have started to be used in religious wedding ceremonies in Europe and America, but it is not sure who exactly invented this modern tradition. It is clear that the Bible does not emphasize wearing wedding rings to show your marital status. In fact, it is known that until the early 20th century, men did not wear wedding bands, although they were married.

Couples that get married at the church believe that they can throw the wedding party on a different day, not on the same day when the wedding ceremony takes place, but according to what many clerics say, it is important to have a wedding reception after the ceremony, because some rituals must be performed there as well and these rituals have a strong power and significance only if they are performed after the religious rituals that occurred during the ceremony. These rituals that are characteristic to a wedding reception are: toasting the newlyweds, their first dance, the cutting of the cake and others, depending on the couple’s religion.


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Add a touch of elegance and style to your big day with the highly appreciated black and white wedding invitations. Online, you will find an amazing collection of fun and sophisticated invitations. An invitation of this kind can be sent to announce a formal wedding, but also an informal one, if the pattern and drawings on the invitation are informal as well.

Today's trends in wedding stationery, the black and white wedding invitations, can be found in a large number on Amazon. Other websites can provide you with wedding invitations as well, only that the cheapest products are available on Amazon.

141557 black and white wedding invitations 3 Black And White Wedding Invitations

Black And White Wedding Invitations (Source: ecx.images-amazon.com)

And the first invitation, which can be bought from Amazon is the Wilton black and white invitation, which is in fact a kit containing 25 invitations, 25 envelopes, 25 pockets, 25 principal tags, 25 reply cards, 25 ribbons, 25 reply card envelopes, 25 direction cards, 50 adhesives and 15 test sheets. This product is available for only $31.60; it is sold by River Road and Fulfilled by Amazon.

141557 black and white wedding invitations 2 Black And White Wedding Invitations

Black And White Wedding Invitations (Source: ecx.images-amazon.com)

The second invitation is again designed by Wilton and is available for the price of $22.95. This time, the kit contains 25 invitations, 25 envelopes, 6 test sheets, 25 reply cards, 25 ribbons, 25 belly bands, 25 reply card envelopes, 25 pre-tied bows and 25 adhesives. This product is sold by First Stop Books & Movies. At this price, you need to add the shipping and handling fees and if you live in other country, not in the United States, you will also pay import taxes.

141557 black and white wedding invitations Black And White Wedding Invitations

Black And White Wedding Invitations (Source: ecx.images-amazon.com)

Finally, the black and white invitation that we present in this article, is also a Wilton product. It is $23.42, is sold by Stuff4 and includes these following elements: 25 invitations, 3 invitation test sheets, 75 foam adhesives, 52 all-purpose cards, 25 white ribbon pieces, 25 envelopes, 25 reply card envelopes, 26 reply cards, 25 white bows and 25 pockets.


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Planning your wedding in Ethiopia not only does you feel more special but it also allows you both to discover a new world full of tradition, wonderful beaches and mountains, and bring your friends and guests in a unique place where they are expected to have much more fun than before. Unlike other African countries, Ethiopia impresses through its own wonderful places, tropical forests and mountains and this is why you really should consider going there. According to official statistics, the country gathers more than 80 different ethnic groups which means that the East-African country is full of surprises and many traditions.

141564 ideas for a successful ethiopian wedding 2 Ideas For A Successful Ethiopian Wedding

Ethiopian Wedding Ceremonies (Source: deborah101.files.wordpress.com)

Although Ethiopia is well-known as a very poor country the population will surely stun you through their traditional dance, food and other specific stuff that you might consider using at the wedding. Given the fact that it’s pretty hard to plan a wedding by yourself, we recommend you hiring an experienced planner or firm who knows the market very well, otherwise things might get complicated. Stun your friends and guests by getting a wonderful location surrounded by mountains, forests or beaches.

The location must therefore match the surroundings very well so you can absorb the Ethiopian atmosphere wherever you are. Of course it would be better for you to adopt Ethiopian clothing even if you are not used doing that. In this case, let yourself stolen by the African surroundings and by all the tradition details you are about meet. Usually, an experienced wedding planner will present you all the suggestions and more detailed ideas you should consider when arriving there. And since you have decided on an Ethiopian wedding you might want considering using colorful decorations and arrangements.

141564 ideas for a successful ethiopian wedding Ideas For A Successful Ethiopian Wedding

Ethiopian Wedding Ceremonies (Source: farm5.static.flickr.com)

Furthermore, we would also recommend taking a ride around the capital of the country, Addis Abeba, and visiting a few lakes so you can make a clearer idea about this country and its people. Although the country doesn’t meet the sea it gives you the possibility to visit some of the most beautiful cascades and lakes in Africa. As you probably know, the majorities are Christians which means that you can consider joining unique rituals so you can get rid of the stress and not only.

Finally, we would like to add that opting for an outdoor wedding ceremony and party is the best way to meet the real Ethiopia. Usually, people prefer an outdoor exotic wedding over a hotel event simply because they can feel the unique atmosphere easier. On the other hand, we mention that if you can not make it for wedding you can plan your honeymoon in Ethiopia. But even in this case you might be forced to dig deeper in your pocket or sve some money previous to the special event. 


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A touch of romance is the first thing you think of when planning the wedding and a beautiful landscape is the perfect solution for this. Either indoor or outdoor, a Hawaiian wedding would, no doubt, delight you and all of your guests thanks to the unique beaches and not only. If you come from far away then you should opt for a wedding planner or expert because if you do it by yourself you might face some difficulties in organizing it. Therefore, we recommend you calling a wedding master to plan your special event. So, to make sure that your wedding will be very successful just hire an expert or an experienced company.

141565 hawaiian wedding party suggestions 2 Hawaiian Wedding Party Suggestions

Hawaiin After Wedding Party Invitations (Source: ahawaiiwedding.com)

But before planning your wedding try to consult your partner so that you can both be happy with the location. Of course, you will for no doubt decide to have tropical waterfalls, exotic backgrounds and virgin beaches around you because this will transform the special event into a very impressive and romantic wedding. Moreover, your closest friends will be very happy to go there and have a great week in one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Surrounded by the Pacific Ocean, your wedding may become a real success for both of you. Your family will also be delighted to join such a wonderful thing especially if this is their first time in Hawaii.

Details like centerpieces, music, menus, candles and floral arrangements should all match each other, otherwise the wedding might not turn into a memorable event. For instance, playing traditional music will give the wedding a touch of authenticity so it is highly recommended calling an experienced DJ or a specific band able to play multiple genres. Regarding the menus, food and drinks they should also come from Hawaiian tradition in order to make your guests feel different.

141565 hawaiian wedding party suggestions Hawaiian Wedding Party Suggestions

Hawaiin After Wedding Party Invitations (Source: simplyweddingsbybritbertino.com)

Your tables must be featured with Hawaiian arrangements and the location must inspire romance and elegance, as well, and to make this use Hawaiian stuff only. Given the fact that you don’t come to Hawaii very often make sure you take advantage of everything that surrounds you, including the sands, forests and ocean. More precisely, an experienced photographer should not miss your list even though will cost you a lot of money. Therefore, it is worth calling a photographer because he or she will help you have the best pictures of you two as couple.

Finally, we mention that the wedding party should take place on the beach. Why? Simply because your guests will also have the possibility to swim or cool themselves by getting in the water. It will be more fun if you manage to convince your friends drink champagne using a shell.


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For those who want their wedding to be a real success we highly recommend improving the dance ability. The first wedding dance is one of the most important moments of the special event because this is the way you and your wife/husband get in the middle of the crowd. Your guests and closest friends cannot wait to see you making your first steps together and chant your names. Also, it is very important to adopt an elegant attitude so you can start the wedding as wanted. Another important detail you shouldn’t treat with superficiality is the first dance song.

141572 first wedding dance song suggestions 2 First Wedding Dance Song Suggestions

Suggested Songs For Wedding First Dance (Source: weddinghouse.co.nz)

Here, we would like to give you some advice. First we will start with the kind of music you want to play for the first dance. If you think that your moves are very good then you should opt for a more sophisticated rhythm so you can show your best. But if your dance skills are not that good you should choose a 4/4 song because this allows you to give up pretentious moves. In this case, you should inform the DJ or the band about this, otherwise this special moment might turn into a unpleasant one.

What we also want to add here is that taking some dance lessons would help you a lot. Therefore, visit a specific studio because this will for no doubt improve your dance and moves. If you don’t want to go there, either, just ask a friend or family member to give you a help hand. Furthermore, the atmosphere created for the first wedding dace is very important because this gives the moment a touch of romance and joy. Given the fact that your guests will create a circle around you an elegant attitude is required, as well.

141572 first wedding dance song suggestions First Wedding Dance Song Suggestions

Suggested Songs For Wedding First Dance (Source: images.suite101.com)

Concerning the genre of the song, you may opt for rock’n’roll, though most of the couples refuse that, waltz and pop. As you probably know, most people opt for the second option, namely a waltz song, while others go with classic ones. There are dozens of songs that perfectly match the first wedding dance but we’ll only present you three. Celine Dion’s ‘Because You Loved Me’ is one of the most played songs at the wedding. In fact, Celine Dion herself remains one of the most played artists at such special events.

Another song that may delight you is Elvis Presley’s ‘Can’t Help Falling In Love’. The romantic song features a slow rhythm and very touching words just perfect for a first dance. Finally, Joe Cocker’s ‘You Are So Beautiful’ has also become a very popular song especially thanks to a wonderful voice that makes you feel special. So, either you opt for a slow song or a faster one just make sure that your dance skills are very good.


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Choosing your wedding favors should be based on your wedding anniversary party. If you want this to be a memorable event then you need to give the guests something that will remind them of how much fun they had. If you and your husband have decided to have a beach anniversary party then you should look at some stores that carry these kinds of favors. You don’t have to spend lots of money on these favors, you just have to creative enough and do the best you can with the items that you have. You can even make your own beach favors. For instance bake some shells inspired cookies or decorate some glasses with some personalized stickers.

You can also give the guests some small fruits baskets containing all kinds of exotic fruits like pineapple, coconuts and so on. Instead of fruits you can purchase some coconut oils and some aromatherapy candles. Of course the candles should also be beach inspired ones and they should be adorned with some colorful shells or with some pearls.

141601 beach wedding anniversary favors 2 Beach Wedding Anniversary Favors

Beach Wedding Anniversary Favors (Source: cf.mp-cdn.net)

You may also make some bracelets for the guests. Buy some pearls and then make a necklace for each of your guests. This might take some time but you can always ask someone in your family to help you out.  These favors can be personalized in lots of ways or you can add your initials on the gift boxes. Key chains that have a sunset or a palm tree charm are also suitable favors for this theme and they are every inexpensive as well.

141601 beach wedding anniversary favors Beach Wedding Anniversary Favors

Beach Wedding Anniversary Favors (Source: cf.mp-cdn.net)

Maybe some cups or some shot glasses with palm tree designs on them are  also something to consider. If you have lots of ideas but you don’t know which one is the right one, all you have to do is consult with your husband and together you will reach a comprise and find the perfect wedding anniversary favors. Analyze your budget and see which are the stores that carry the best products in terms of quality and of course price tags. Lookout for any sales that might be happening at these stores and maybe you will get lucky and purchase these favors at an excellent price.


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For most couples exchanging anniversary gifts has become a habit. And they might not be inspired when buying a gift for their husband or wife. Luckily there are plenty of fun gift shops where you can shop and get some unique ideas. For instance if you know your husband loves to drink coffee and he drinks it more than two times a day then buy him a comical coffee mug shaped as a coffee bean or that has an interesting quote on it.

If he really likes your gift he can even take it to work and brag about it. Another idea would be to get your husband some clothing items if you know he loves to dress up and be elegant all the time. If he’s into fishing then buy him a new fishing rod or some comical rubber bait. You can have fun when purchasing these kinds of anniversary gifts and spice things up a bit. If you know your husband has been wanting a new phone for some time now you could get him a fake phone that has a special ring tone and so on.

141602 25th wedding anniversary gift 2 25th Wedding Anniversary Gift

25 Th Wedding Anniversary Gift (Source: lgblog.co.uk)

If your wife is used to getting money from you so she can buy whatever she needs, this time you should do things differently. Instead of a credit card or bills you could give her a while piggy-bang filled with chocolate coins. This will surely make her laugh and even if she won’t be expecting such a gift from you she will appreciate your original ideas. Another idea would be to get her own personalized fragrance bottle. The bottle can be a simple one but the fragrance can be a truly unique scent. There are stores that allow you to pick your own perfume notes. So choose either floral notes or floral fruity ones and so on.

141602 25th wedding anniversary gift 25th Wedding Anniversary Gift

25 Th Wedding Anniversary Gift (Source: img.ehowcdn.com)

This is if your wife loves perfumes and if she is always on the lookout for new perfume bottles and scents. If she collects postcards or shot glasses for instance get her some new items so she can enlarge her collection. Just try and be as original as you can either by giving your wife and husband gag gifts or by buying a more personalized gift.


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Most couples get their inspiration from online photos. You can copy any look that you like or simply use a color combination, or an arrangement that you absolutely love. The same thing can be done with a fall inspired theme. You can find plenty online pictures or magazines photos related to wedding decorations and more that can really inspire you. You can look at different venues, flower fall arrangements, fall cakes and so on.

Rent a park or a botanical garden and have an amazing outdoor fall wedding. As for the reception you can set up a tent outside and make sure you choose a color pallet for this concept as well. Since its fall you should get inspired from the wonderful fall tones. Use brown and red for your tables and chairs and choose some lovely red flowers or some red candles to set the mood. The candles can be added in some round bowls or in some tall glass ones. In these bowls add some flower petals or some dried leaves.

141603 fall wedding photos 2 Fall Wedding Photos

Fall Wedding Photos (Source: weddings.johnthephotographer.com)

Leaves are also an important symbol of the fall season which can help you put together various looks. You can hang some leaf garlands all over the reception and decorate the entry ways and the church area as well or you can incorporate this symbol in other flower arrangements. As far as the cake you can also look at some fall inspired wedding pictures and check out different models and styles. The arrangements, the size and color are up to you to decide.

141603 fall wedding photos Fall Wedding Photos

Fall Wedding Photos (Source: diyweddingdecorations.org)

You may also check out some artistic work done by photographers when it comes to taking pictures.You can look at some photo studios and see if you can find any professional photos that you like. Then you can hire this professional do take all the pictures at your fall wedding. He will be present at most of the important moments at your ceremony and reception as well. So everything that has to do with your wedding can be found online from stores, florists, favor shops and so on.


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Putting together a rustic centerpiece décor has a certain coziness to it. You can find lots of unique pieces that can really transform the look of a simple restaurant. Some couples want to create an even more authentic look and instead of a restaurant they decide to have the reception in a barn. Using some twigs and some hay bouquets as centerpieces will be a suitable choice for this look. Choose the type of arrangements that you and your future groom like.

The hay can be added in some mason jars or in some basket. Next to the hay some fruits can also be added such as red apples and some nuts. This color combination will also give your table area a more contrasting tone. You can also use wildflowers if you like the idea of using florals for this look. Sunflowers will also work and you can even order some flower garlands which can be placed in the middle of the tables. If you also want to add some lanterns to your tables then choose some dark colored ones.

141604 pictures of country wedding centerpieces 2 Pictures Of Country Wedding Centerpieces

Pictures Of Country Wedding Centerpieces (Source: 3.bp.blogspot.com)

They can be paper ones or they can be metallic. If you area looking for some elaborate arrangements then choose to have some edible treats on the table such as cupcakes or some funny looking cowboys hats which are edible. They can be ordered from specialized bakeries that do these kinds of delicious treats. You can also place these cookies on some rustic inspired trays of plates. Everything has to be inspired front this rustic theme and this includes flowers, containers, plates, candle holders, napkin holders and so on. Your centerpieces are the first things that the guests will be noticing once they enter the location.

141604 pictures of country wedding centerpieces Pictures Of Country Wedding Centerpieces

Pictures Of Country Wedding Centerpieces (Source: images.oncewed.com)

So whatever color, style or shape they are, they need to be eye-catchy and they need to be impressive. The choice is yours to make. Consider your budget and of course the theme of your wedding when choosing these decorations. There are lots of small detail pieces that can be used for this look. Pieces that will help you put together an amazing rustic décor.


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Your 2 year wedding anniversary is one of the many anniversaries that are to come along the years. That is why you have to do your best and make these first celebrations memorable. Most couples love to exchange gifts and buy something special for the one they love. Men usually buy women flowers and jewelry while women often cook romantic dinners and plan romantic getaways. This is perfect for those of you who love traveling and experiencing new things.

There are many destinations to choose from and as far as prices go they range from affordable trips to really expensive ones. It also depends on how many days you will be staying, because most couples like to think of this celebration as their second honeymoon. Choose some islands in Greece or decide take a tour around Spain or Rome. There are lots of romantic cites to visit and you can take a lot of wonderful pictures which will always remind of this fantastic trip.

141605 2nd year wedding anniversary 2 2nd Year Wedding Anniversary

2nd Year Wedding Anniversary (Source: letsgodine.com)

If you rather stay home and plan a fancy party you can do so. You can call up your friends and family or send them some casual invitations. The party can be held at a restaurant, club, park and various other locations. You can also choose a theme for this event. Based on the theme , choose your decorations and your party favors. These favors don’t have to be pricey ones they can be simple key chains or some candy wrapped in some boxes. Don’t forget about your anniversary cake which should be an inexpensive one as well. You can have this party as big as you want it or as private as you want it.

141605 2nd year wedding anniversary 2nd Year Wedding Anniversary

2nd Year Wedding Anniversary (Source: 3.bp.blogspot.com)

You can also celebrate this in the comfort of your own home, call your parents and have a quiet dinner with them. You and your husband could also spend the whole day at a spa resort or maybe doing something that you both love like fishing, going swimming, bike riding in a park and so on. This day should be about the two of you so if you’re not up for big crowds and stressful parties decide to celebrate this in your own private way.


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Your wedding invitations are a very important part of your wedding. They need to be chosen based on your personal preferences and on your wedding theme. Start your search by browsing some stationary shops and by checking out prices, types of papers, invitations styles and so on. When you have chosen your wedding theme you will have to search for appropriate wedding invitations. For instance for a fall theme use some acorn designs on your invites or some pumpkin drawings.

The invitations can also be shaped as leaf if you are looking for something special. Lots of these invites can be bought from hand made shops which create some unique invitation styles. The prices might be a bit higher but it will be worth every penny. For a beach theme choose blue as your main invitation color or turquoise shade. Opt for some shell adornments either in the corner of the invite or in the center of it. You will have to make lots of decisions regarding the style and model of the invitations.

141606 handmade wedding invitations 2 Handmade Wedding Invitations

Handmade Wedding Invitations (Source: hanahouproductions.com)

You will also have to choose the fonts and find a suitable introduction. If it’s a beach theme then find some sea inspired verses. You can choose a more comical invitation style as well and use animal photos or you can add your own picture on the invite. Opt for one color or choose to combine different shades. For a black and white theme your wedding invitations should be black and white. These hand made invitations require a lot of work and it might take some time to make 100 or more invitations so make sure that you place your order in advance so that the stores have time to finish your order.

141606 handmade wedding invitations Handmade Wedding Invitations

Handmade Wedding Invitations (Source: 3.bp.blogspot.com)

You can choose really simple and elegant designs or very complex ones. Just be patient enough to wait until all of the invitations are finished. Include and RSVP and some time details along with the location of your reception. Keep in mind that the invitations have to reflect your style as a couple and your wedding concept.


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If your parents are renewing their vows you will have to be the one giving a toast. It doesn’t matter how young you are, you should know that this is your duty. Also if you are a teenager and your parents have barely managed to find time to get married in a church and they want to have a reception as well, then you have to prepare yourself because you should say a few words. It might can a bit intimidating so you have to start by clearing your mind and thinking of your parents.

After all they are the ones who want to hear you say how much you love them and how happy you are that they have finally managed to do this. Start off with a joke or by telling everyone how they fell in love and how your father proposed to your mother. You can use the internet while doing your research for this speech. It might help you understand what you should say. Read a bunch of samples and then decide to use a beginning or an ending that you liked.

141607 kids wedding toasts 2 Kids Wedding Toasts

Kids Wedding Toasts (Source: 1.bp.blogspot.com)

Your toast can be a comical one it can have a more serious note. Just try not to be too serious or else you will make your parents feel too emotional and they might cry. This event requires a big cheer and there is no reason to get too emotional. Talk about the things you know and be very relaxed and natural when giving this speech. Try and keep it brief because no one likes to hear you talk on an on about your personal memories or stories.

141607 kids wedding toasts Kids Wedding Toasts

Kids Wedding Toasts (Source: 1.bp.blogspot.com)

You will have to get personal just don’t say anything that might embarrass your parents. At the end of your speech you could use a joke or maybe a quote that you liked. You can also wish them a long and happy life together and may they be just as happy. If you hear applause then that means you had a successful wedding toast. Your parents will be proud of you either way and they will be happy that you had the courage to speak in front of so many people.