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When thinking what centerpiece and decorations to use for your wedding décor you also have to think of the other adornment pieces that will help you pull of such a look. For instance you can’t just have simple flowers on the tables, you need a container such as vase or a baskets and some other accessories on the tables like candles holders, napkin holders and so on. Everything will help complete this look. Choosing a wedding concept is the first things that you should be thinking of.

Once this has been decided you can find some stores and buy all of the supplies that you need. Buy some glass vases either round or tall ones and add some flowers twigs and branches and so on. Next to the vases you can add some candles or you can use candles as your main centerpieces. Find some big white ones or whatever other colors you would like and add them in some glass containers. You can also choose to go for a floating candle look. Flower garlands can be used to adorn the entryways for your reception and can be used for the church ceremony as well. These flowers can be colorful and bright or you can use one type of flower and color.

138540 wedding decorations and accessories 2 Wedding Decorations And Accessories

Wedding Decorations And Accessories (Source: bios.weddingbee.com)

Lanterns can also be hanged outside and can be used for your reception as well. Some couples like to choose edible centerpieces for their table look such as fruits, cookies, miniature cakes and so on. Fruits are very inexpensive while miniature cakes or cupcakes will cost you more. Make sure that the look for these edibles is based on the theme of your wedding. If you are having a beach inspired wedding then the cupcakes should be decorated with some shells or with some palm tree decorations.

138540 wedding decorations and accessories Wedding Decorations And Accessories

Wedding Decorations And Accessories (Source: 4.bp.blogspot.com)

For a winter wedding choose some snowflakes or some Santa inspired cookies and cupcakes. You will surely be able to find each and every one of these items. Some will cost more and others will cost less. But whatever the cost may be you need to make sure that everything on your list has been take care of.


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Deciding upon the hairstyle for the wedding is definitely one of the most exciting parts of the planning. The modern bride is the most enthusiastic of all brides from all times because nowadays there are many unique designs to choose from. The range of styles that are available for wedding hairdos is very rich and generous with every single bride in part. It is practically impossible not find something to suit your personality and go with your wedding dress.

There are many aspects to consider before making the final decision on the most beautiful bridal hairdo. Your wedding hairstyles must be adequate and not only beautiful and attractive. Modern brides have many preferences, and in most cases they are kind of contradictory. For instance, they want to enjoy a casual and commodious wedding but in an elegant way. So have can they combine the formal and the comfortable factors? Well, due to our designer’s talent, everything is possible nowadays in weddings. You can go glamorous and relaxed in the same time.

138534 wedding hairdos 3 Wedding Hairdos

Wedding Hair Do (Source: hairs-style.com)

There is the bohemian style that is both nonchalant and dashing. To help you make yourself an image of the most popular types of hairstyles, here are a few suggestions. The number one bridal hairstyle we recommend you is based on a hair down style. If you’re having a casual affair, then you can wear your hair down. This idea is great for those who have a long hair, but also for those who have a medium, straight or curly hair. Any bride can choose this style because it is simple, easy to achieve and wearable. You can wear it with a middle parting, in a side style or in beautiful large locks. It’s necessary to adorn your hair with a beautiful accessory or headpiece.

138534 wedding hairdos 2 Wedding Hairdos

Wedding Hair Do (Source: mymarried.com)

The up-do hairstyle is the most popular among formal bridal hairstyles. This is a classic style that can be achieved in many ways, for different results. Ideal for both curly and straight hairs, the up-do looks stunning in simple, messy or formal arrangements. You can choose a casual bun, a dramatic chignon or a sexy French bun. Let a few strands outside or wear it with bangs for a softer and more feminine look.

138534 wedding hairdos Wedding Hairdos

Wedding Hair Do (Source: romansalonla.com)

Don’t forget to accessorize your look with matching earrings. They will add more framing to your face and also provide you with more elegance and sophistication. Half up-dos are ideal for long hair and short hair. This style is the perfect compromise between the down and up hairstyles. It’s easy to create a bum hairstyle and fix it in the end with a subtle clip. You can add a beautiful flower fascinator to your hair to make the bump look more fashionable and formal.


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One of the most important things which have to be done a long time before the wedding is finding the right wedding invitations. They are the ways in which you decide to let everyone dear to you that you guys have finally decided to get married and that you want them all to be there, in your wedding day, to celebrate together. The thing is that finding the perfect wedding invitation is not as easy as it looks like and couples spend even a month trying to make a decision. Depending on the type of wedding you are planning to have and depending on your requirements, you will be able to find your wedding invitations. If you want them to be unique and unusual, however, you can have even a harder time finding them.

138584 unusual wedding invitations 6 Unusual Wedding Invitations

Unusual Wedding Invitations (Source: majesticinvites.com)

But it is not impossible. Finding unusual type of wedding invitations is not such a hard thing to do, but you have to know where to look for them. There are some stores which deal with such things or that make wedding invitations on order. They give you the chance of customizing your wedding invitations as you please. You can even be the one to decide the font, the colors, the shape and every other little detail that goes on the wedding invitation. However, if you want a really unusual type of wedding invitation, you will have to start searching online.

138584 unusual wedding invitations 5 Unusual Wedding Invitations

Unusual Wedding Invitations (Source: weddinginvitations21.com)

Hand made artists are very popular today. They are very interesting people who put all their love and talent in their art. The best part of it all is that everything that gets out of their hands is unusual and unique. So, if you want your wedding invitation to be yours and yours only, going to a hand made artist is your best choice.


There are numerous advantages that these artists have and the main is related to the originality and quality of the work. They will never produce something of poor quality. They prefer spending more money on the materials than producing low-quality work. Plus, make sure the artist you go to is at least famous online.

138584 unusual wedding invitations 4 Unusual Wedding Invitations

Unusual Wedding Invitations (Source: weddingfully.com)

Why Should I Go to a Handmade Artist?

The main reason for which you should try your luck with a handmade artist is because they are all very talented and the passion they put in their work is the most important for them. Of course, you will have to find a hand made artist who deals with wedding invitations. There are plenty out there who make jewelry and the ones who make invitations are only a few, so you will have to thoroughly search for them. The only thing you need to worry about is to find them in time, because making a lot of wedding invitations can take a lot of time, especially if you want them to be sophisticated and unusual looking.

138584 unusual wedding invitations 3 Unusual Wedding Invitations

Unusual Wedding Invitations (Source: oddstuffmagazine.com)

A hand made artist will also make you some very good offers and you can end spending a lot less on your wedding invitations than you would if you had bought them from a specialized bridal store. Plus, you get a nice look on your invitation and you will surely have the most interesting reminder of the most important day of your life. Before you go talk to the artist you are planning to hire to make you the invitations, decide upon the type of wedding you are going to have. If it is going to be a casual wedding, you are free to do anything you want, but the wedding is a formal, elegant type of event, try making the invitations less unusual.

What Place Else Can I Find Unusual Wedding Invitations?

At home! You can find the perfect unusual wedding invitation at home, on your computer. There are so many online stores which deal with commercializing wedding invitations, you would not believe. Furthermore, the best part of it all is that these online stores offer you a chance of customizing or even putting together exactly the type of wedding invitation you want to have. Another bold choice would be for you guys to create your own wedding invitations. That is highly unusual, but you will have to have the time and the patience to do them, because it is not as easy as it sounds. There are also a lot of things you will need to purchase before you start making them and everything adds up just to rob you of your time.

138584 unusual wedding invitations 2 Unusual Wedding Invitations

Unusual Wedding Invitations (Source: bottlemeamessage.com)

The online stores which offer you a chance of creating your own wedding invitation are very easy to use and they offer you a lot of items and décor pieces you can use on the invitation. As I have been mentioning, it is very important for you guys to decide upon what type of wedding you are planning to have, because if it is going to be a formal, very elegant and sophisticated one, you will want to tone down the unusual a bit. Sending out weird wedding invitations to very elegant people is weird, especially if you send them out for an elegant event.

138584 unusual wedding invitations Unusual Wedding Invitations

Unusual Wedding Invitations (Source: invitationsflash.com)

If, on the other hand, you plan on having a very casual, intimate wedding, you can send any type of wedding invitation to your guests. It is important, though, for them to state clearly the time and the place of the event. It only depends on you the way your wedding invitation is going to look like and if you want it to be unusual, weird, bold and very beautiful; you will be able to do it. Always remember there are more than 2 choice and solutions to every problem and if you want to get your hands on the best wedding invitations, you will have to look a little bit harder. This is the main reason for which most couples start looking for their wedding invitations at least 5 or 6 months before the wedding. This is because they need their time to be delivered the invitations, to address them and send them out and, believe it or not, that can take a lot of time, especially if you have never done this before.


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A great amount of time and money goes in the wedding dress planning. This item is one of the most important to purchase for a bride. And modern brides spend a lot of time shopping for their dream wedding gown. This is an exciting and joyful experience for those who have time to wonder around through different stores and browse through different silhouettes.

But those who are on a budget or in a very big rush may find this experience very stressful and tiring. It’s always important to know what you are looking for. Otherwise you can easily get lost within the myriad of models available in a bridal saloon. Try to make a list with the styles that suit your figure and match your personality. Look on the internet for the models that are the most adequate for your body shape and individual style. This way you will save a lot of time when you’re out there shopping. The essential is to find a gown that can make you feel and look great.

138566 off the shoulders wedding dresses Off The Shoulders Wedding Dresses

Off The Shoulder Wedding Dress (Source: bellodress.com)

You need to plan ahead this aspect because the perfect wedding dress is sometimes very hard to find. It all depends on how big your expectations are. If you consider yourself to be a very pretentious woman, start the search as early as possible. We all want a magical fit and look for our big day, but this wish needs time and effort to complete. One of the most romantic silhouette a bride can choose for her big day is the off the shoulders style.

138566 off the shoulders wedding dresses 2 Off The Shoulders Wedding Dresses

Off The Shoulder Wedding Dress (Source: weddinginspirasi.com)

Choosing the wedding gown by neckline is one of the cleverest ways to make this right. And it’s important to pick a unique neckline that can make you look outstanding. In most cases, the brides who choose their gowns by neckline want something less popular for their dress. If you are sick and tired of the same strapless and sleeveless designs, perhaps the off the shoulders style may be more on your taste. This neckline is sensual, feminine and dainty. You will look effortlessly beautiful in this style, we guarantee you that! Now, it all depends on your body shape.

138566 off the shoulders wedding dresses 3 Off The Shoulders Wedding Dresses

Off The Shoulder Wedding Dress (Source: weddinginspirasi.com)

Women with wide shoulders and full arms might not look at their best in an off the shoulders or one-shoulder gown. But those who have beautiful collar bones and slim arms should definitely take into consideration this type of neckline. The off the shoulders dress design appeared for the first time during the early 1550s. The Tudor gowns were the first models to ever incorporate this type of neckline. However, the Tudor dress was very different from the off the shoulders models we know today. The old model had long sleeves ending at the wrists.


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The wedding dress is something a woman has always dreamt about. Ever since we were little girls, we used to think about how we would look like when the day came. And now, when we are all grown up, we find that it is quite hard to choose the dress you have always dreamt about, either because it is too expensive or because it is not suitable for our styles or bodies. In any case, whenever we decide to go out there and start looking for the perfect wedding dress, we have to keep in mind a few things about how it is supposed to look like. The first thing you need to decide on how much money you are willing to spend on the dress.

 Affordable Plus Size Wedding Gowns

Affordable Plus Size Wedding Gowns (Source: sangmaestro.com)

After you set a certain budget, you can go out there and start looking. The thing is that there are numerous things you should take into account when you are shopping for a wedding gown and one of the most important things is your body figure. I know every woman wants to feel lovely and beautiful in her wedding day and the wedding gown has the power of doing this, but only if it the right type of wedding gown for your type of body. For instance, chubby women will not be able to look their best in a backless type of wedding gown or in a mermaid type of dress. They would look amazing in an A-liner, though.

 Affordable Plus Size Wedding Gowns

Affordable Plus Size Wedding Gowns (Source: kisseveninggowns.com)

There are plenty plus size women out there and you do not have to worry about not being able to get the type of dress that you have always wanted, because you will surely come to find something adorable, which will fit you perfectly. Keep in mind that the wedding gown you get does not have to fit only your body, but also your personality and style. There is nothing more beautiful than a bride in her wedding day, who feels absolutely spectacular in her wedding gown. The wedding dress has the power of making any woman look gorgeous, regardless of how skinny or chubby she is and for that to happen, you have to find the perfect dress.

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Tips to Find the Right Dress

Shopping for clothes can be quite a frustrating experience, especially for chubby women, who simply have a hard time finding clothes for their size. Well, when it comes to the wedding gown, things can be even a little harder to deal with and the main reason for that is because the wedding gown is all the times hard to find, at least the perfect one. The first thing you need to know is that your shape counts the most. Therefore, knowing your shape can help you a lot. No plus size woman will ever wear a mermaid type of dress or a tea-length one. These are the dresses which are more suitable for skinny, short girls rather than for chubby ones.

 Affordable Plus Size Wedding Gowns

Affordable Plus Size Wedding Gowns (Source: 2.bp.blogspot.com)

An A-line type of dress is the most suitable for women with full curves. This type of dress helps a lot, because it does not show the shoulders or the belly, which may be the biggest problem chubby women have. Also, a V-

neck type of dress is more than suitable for women with a generous cleavage. When you go shopping, you have to understand that the wedding gown you spend your money on must make you feel the best and it should also put forth all your advantages and nicer forms. Instead of showing off your belly, the legs or the shoulders, try showing some cleavage, because this always work. Plus, it will surely make you look even more feminine.

 Affordable Plus Size Wedding Gowns

Affordable Plus Size Wedding Gowns (Source: micweddingdresses.com)

A plus size bride is not so hard to please. But it is very important for the dress you get to be tailored for your measures. If you find a dress you love, make sure you make it perfect, shaped exactly for your body. Also, try to avoid puffy wedding gowns, because they can create an illusion and they can make you look even bigger and you do not want that. Another important thing you have to know is that there are numerous designers who create wedding gowns especially for plus size women and if you want a fashion designer’s gown, you should go to one of their stores.

Don’t Be Afraid to Break Rules!

Have ever seen something that you simply feel in love with but you did not get it because you thought about what people would say? Well, my dear, it is high time you shopped for yourself, not for the others. Keep in mind that this is your wedding and if you see a wedding gown which simply stings you, you must get it! Regardless of rules or limits, make sure that the wedding gown you get is exactly right for you and your body. You should also go for a colored wedding gown if you think that it suits you. Make sure, whatever you do, that you are pleased and absolutely in love with the wedding gown you bought. Otherwise, there is a big chance you will feel bad and upset in your wedding day.

 Affordable Plus Size Wedding Gowns

Affordable Plus Size Wedding Gowns (Source: 9lover.com)

If you want to find an affordable wedding gown and you did not have any luck in stores, you can always try your luck with an expert seamstress. They are very well prepared and if you have a certain type of wedding gown in mind, a seamstress can do such a thing. Plus, you can also get to save up some money. You will have, however, to buy the fabrics yourself and also discuss about how you want your wedding gown to look like. The best part about seamstresses is that you can, at all times, see how the wedding gown is looking and you can even try it on, so as for the seamstress to make the necessary adjustments.

 Affordable Plus Size Wedding Gowns

Affordable Plus Size Wedding Gowns (Source: dressesday.com)

Regardless of what you decide to do about your wedding gown, make sure you find one that suits you entirely and that you are in love with it. A wedding gown is supposed to make you look beautiful, hot and very interesting and if you try on a dress that makes you feel this way, you should never think twice about it. Just get it and be done with it.



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The music that you are going to play at your wedding is extremely important, because it is the only way to set the mood and the entire atmosphere of the party. If you do not want your wedding reception to be dull, you should make sure that you have either a great band booked or an awesome playlist, otherwise you may end up hating the entire thing. People expect to dance and have a great time at a wedding and this is what you should offer them – a chance of getting on the dance floor and bust some incredible moves.

138583 good wedding songs from the 60 s and 70 s 6 Good Wedding Songs From The 60's And 70's

Good Wedding Songs From The 60's And 70's (Source: dilshil.com)

Throughout time, there have been numerous songs which marked entire eras and there are still couples who use some of these songs in their wedding receptions. Some of the 60s and 70s songs, which were great hits at the time, are still played at weddings and that is mainly because they are romantic, slow songs which are more than appropriate for such an event. Furthermore, they are super-appropriate for a hippie themed wedding. I know there are plenty flower-power-y people out there who want to have a nice wedding and they all turn to the songs of the 60s and 70s, because they are the most appropriate for such an event.

138583 good wedding songs from the 60 s and 70 s 5 Good Wedding Songs From The 60's And 70's

Good Wedding Songs From The 60's And 70's (Source: cardinalbridal.com)

Actually, these songs are appropriate for any type of wedding, considering the fact that they are danceable and very fun to listen to. Before you start choosing, however, you will have to decide upon the type of wedding you are going to have. Casual weddings can play any type of music, but elegant, very formal events cannot do that. Instead, a very slow, romantic and elegant type of playlist would do wonders for a formal wedding. If you plan a themed wedding, it will surely be a casual one and then, you can choose any type of song. Songs of the 60s and 70s are still very praised and the advantage is that these songs are known both by young and older people and everyone is going to dance on them, mostly because they will know the songs and they will not feel embarrassed about dancing on something they have never heard before.


Most Famous Wedding Songs of the 60s

The 60s was a time of British artists, most of all, as during this time the Beatles, the Byrds and the Turtles came out and they were crazing the entire world. Plus, the Motown artists in the United States of America were very famous and Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder and Smokey Robinson were absolutely loved and praised. The music of the 60s is about love, about being loved and about loving back and there is nothing more appropriate for a wedding than a playlist full of love songs. Here are some of the most famous songs of the 1960s, which are still used thoroughly in weddings today.

138583 good wedding songs from the 60 s and 70 s 4 Good Wedding Songs From The 60's And 70's

Good Wedding Songs From The 60's And 70's (Source: images.dexknows.com)

  • Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, played by Marvin Gaye;
  • Brown Eyed Girl, played by Jim Morrison;
  • Can’t Help Falling in Love, played by Elvis Presley;
  • Chain of Fools, played by the unique Aretha Franklin;
  • Georgia on My Mind, played by Ray Charles;
  • I Want to Hold Your Hand, played by the Beatles;
  • My Girls, played by the Temptations;
  • Ring of Fire, played by Johnny Cash;
  • Unchained Melody, played by the Righteous Brothers;
  • When a Man Loves a Woman, played by Percy Sledge.
    138583 good wedding songs from the 60 s and 70 s 3 Good Wedding Songs From The 60's And 70's

    Good Wedding Songs From The 60's And 70's (Source: howlatthemoon.com)

As you can well see, all these songs are very well known and even though you may be young, you probably know more than half of these songs. Aside of the fact that they are very danceable, their message is also very special and appropriate for a wedding and this is the main reason for which you should choose songs like these ones for your wedding reception. This is the best way to assure yourself that everyone is going to have a wonderful time at your wedding and you guys too will have the nicest of moments.

Best Wedding Songs of the 70s

The 70s were also good times in what concerns the music. People back then know that music was more than just a beat and their lyrics showed it thoroughly. Also, some of the 70s songs, at least most of the popular ones, are still used by couples in their weddings. Why? Well, the music of the 70s is one of the most appreciated because it has everything: rhythm, nice lyrics and they can be used to set a very nice and interesting mood. Here are some of the most popular songs of the period, which are still used by couples in their weddings today.

138583 good wedding songs from the 60 s and 70 s 2 Good Wedding Songs From The 60's And 70's

Good Wedding Songs From The 60's And 70's (Source: viralblog.com)

  • Love Train, by the O’Jays;
  • Get Down Tonight, by KC and the Sunshine Band;
  • You’re My Best Friend, played by Queen;
  • Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe, played by Barry White;
  • You Are so Beautiful, by Joe Cocker;
  • Best of My Love, played by the Emotions;
  • Brown Sugar, by the Rolling Stones;
  • Superstitions, by Stevie Wonder;
  • Don’t Stop til You Get Enough, played by Michael Jackson;
  • September, played by Earth, Wind and Fire.

All these songs made everyone happy back in the 70s and they were highly used in weddings and they are still used, especially by couples who are having vintage-inspired weddings or hippie themed weddings. Whatever type of wedding you decide upon having, it is very important to know that the music is one of the most important elements of the entire thing and if the music is not chosen carefully, you can mess everything up and no one wants to have a boring wedding reception.

138583 good wedding songs from the 60 s and 70 s Good Wedding Songs From The 60's And 70's

Good Wedding Songs From The 60's And 70's (Source: myweddingdance.co.uk)

The songs mentioned above are among the most popular songs of all times and you should take them into account when you make your wedding playlist. With such songs, you cannot fails, because they have the perfect recipe; they are fresh, full of rhythm, they have nice lyrics and they remember people of great times they spent when they were young. So, if you want to bring back some good memories and if you want to have a blast at your wedding, make sure you come up with a strong playlist, including the most beautiful and popular songs of the 60s and 70s.


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We know many couples that have decided to plan an Asian themed wedding and this is why we thought that it would be great to share with you a few of our favorite ideas on this subject, or more precisely on Asian bridal attires. We know that there are still many interracial newlyweds out there who are interested in this theme for their big day. You don’t even have to be a big fan of the Asian culture to like their wedding customs and costumes.

The gold and red color schemes are the most popular when it comes to Asian weddings. But this color mix is a very trendy one even for European couples. This is why we say that you may like the Asian style without even knowing that you’ve already chose it for your wedding. This color combo is can feature different hues, according to the formality of your wedding. The bride is the most enthusiastic one when it comes to Asian wedding celebrations.

138563 asian inspired wedding dresses 3 Asian Inspired Wedding Dresses

Asian Inspired Wedding Dresses (Source: 1.bp.blogspot.com)

And we say this because of her outfit. Have you ever seen an Asian bride and the type of gown she’s wearing? We bet you did! But you don’t have to think of Asian wedding dresses in terms of traditional costumes for your wedding. Modern brides inspired by the Asian culture can choose from many contemporary designs that look very fashionable. We brought a few examples so that you can make yourself an image on the modern Japanese and Asian styles. The modern gowns are inspired by both western and eastern cultures and this is why they are so versatile and outstanding.

138563 asian inspired wedding dresses 2 Asian Inspired Wedding Dresses

Asian Inspired Wedding Dresses (Source: weddingbellsblog.com)

There are many white Asian themed wedding dresses that can suit a modern bride who doesn’t like red. The most popular colors for Asian inspired wedding dresses are red, gold, pink, green and yellow. But you can also find your favorite model or pattern in white. Ne Tiger creates some of the most beautiful, comfortable and feminine Asian wedding dresses in white, especially for the 2012 bride. There are many unique and beautiful elements that we love about Asian inspired bridal dresses.

138563 asian inspired wedding dresses Asian Inspired Wedding Dresses

Asian Inspired Wedding Dresses (Source: 2.bp.blogspot.com)

The silk bands tied around the waist, the kimono designs, the floral patterns and the luscious fibers are our favorite qualities. It’s never a bad idea to add a touch of Asian elegance to a white wedding dress. If you don’t want anything too traditional or cultural, add a red or pink sash to your white gown and tie it in an Asian manner. The results will be just fabulous! If you want the real Asian look, be careful with this style because it tends to be very elaborated and intricate. The fabrics are rich and lush, where silks and satins are the most popular.


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The modern bride who wants to go rustic can choose a lovely theme to complement this style. We recommend a floral theme based on sunflowers. These lovely flower assortments are very unique and interesting. For some brides they are just too intriguing or unusual for a wedding, while for others they are the perfect doze of whimsicality for an original ceremony and reception. We are big fans of sunflowers because they are extremely beautiful when arranged with style. Their lavish blooms and large petals, their yellow and black color scheme and their long stems are among our favorite qualities.

Besides this, sunflowers are affordable and versatile. What more could a bride wish for her wedding? If you love this type of flower and you wish to wear it on your wedding day, create a beautiful sunflower bouquet. It’s easy to achieve it as this style is less pretentious compared to other floral bouquets. Sunflowers can suit perfectly well a countryside wedding venue. But you can plan a beach or a mountain top celebration and use sunflowers! They are great for summer and fall season weddings. Bright and optimistic, these flowers can add more vibrancy to your party and more energy. Your guests will surely appreciate your idea and subscribe to your wedding theme.

138535 sunflower wedding ideas 3 Sunflower Wedding Ideas

Sunflower Wedding Ideas (Source: media-cache1.pinterest.com)

To make the sunflowers from your bouquet match the rest of the wedding you’ll have to incorporate a few stems in the centerpieces. Choose a sunflower theme for your reception and you won’t regret it. Sunflowers are strikingly beautiful and they can decorate your wedding space in a very warm and surprising way. If you’re having a seasonal wedding, sunflowers will enhance the tonality and vibe of the season and venue. Go outdoors for a more successful party. You should use sunflowers also for the corsages and boutonnieres, for the bridesmaids’ bouquets and other church decorations.

138535 sunflower wedding ideas 2 Sunflower Wedding Ideas

Sunflower Wedding Ideas (Source: media-cache3.pinterest.com)

Many brides and grooms who are having a wedding on a budget decide to go with sunflowers. They are inexpensive and easy to purchase. You can even grow them in your own garden! These beautiful blooms are extremely eye-catchy and effortlessly elegant. You don’t even have to purchase too many stems because they have lush blooms that can help you create a generous bouquet. Sunflowers are simple and chic choices for alfresco weddings.

138535 sunflower wedding ideas Sunflower Wedding Ideas

Sunflower Wedding Ideas (Source: media-cache5.pinterest.com)

They look astonishing on their own, but also when combined with wheat, feathers, pine cones and other seasonal or crafty decorative items. Sunflowers look beautiful next to Billy Balls, roses, calla lilies, asters, chrysanthemums and dahlias. Due to the fact that sunflowers come in long stems, you can create an elegant arm-sheaf bouquet. As for the centerpieces, both low and high arrangements can work, depending on the wedding formality you’ve decided on.


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Planning the wedding reception is definitely an exciting moment but also a very stressful experience for those who are on a budget. Fortunately, modern couples can benefit of a myriad of unique ideas that can apply to a cheap wedding. These ideas are affordable alternatives to the standard ones and this is why they are even more unique and appealing.

Many people like to attend a wedding because of the food. They know that there will be a lot of dancing and eating and these two elements are enough to determine them to accept your invitation. So, giving the fact that some of your guests will come to your wedding to enjoy a nice meal, make sure that your menu is rich enough. But what choices are there for the economical couples? There are many low-budget suggestions we have from our wedding experts. It’s easier to plan a tasty yet inexpensive party than you initially thought.

138536 budget food ideas for wedding receptions 2 Budget Food Ideas For Wedding Receptions

Budget Food Ideas For Wedding Receptions (Source: cheapuniquewedding.com)

When selecting the food and the drinks you have to take into consideration several important aspects, like: the time of the day, the venue, the season and the formality of the wedding. There are many types of foods you can serve based on the time of the day. If your wedding takes place in the afternoon, choose a brunch reception. This style is cost-effective and also very unique. You will be able to save a lot of money on your food. The brunch style can also work for a morning wedding. Choose light finger foods and snacks to flatter your guests. A three course menu might be too heavy for casual daytime wedding. Serve snacks like: omelets, deviled eggs, smoked salmon, chips and dip, bagel, hot dogs, crackers and cookies, cheese sticks and muffins. As for the drinks, anything like tea, fruit juices and coffee can suit. For desserts, have pancakes, ice cream, chocolate brownies and various pastries.

138536 budget food ideas for wedding receptions Budget Food Ideas For Wedding Receptions

Budget Food Ideas For Wedding Receptions (Source: weddingcupcake.com.au)

If you’re having a lunch reception you can choose a traditional menu which can also allow you to cut the wedding costs on the food. Choose delectable dishes with light food, like: sandwiches, pizza, pasta, burgers, cheese balls, sausages, fried fish and fries, chicken wedges, chicken rolls and salads. For the drinks, serve wine, mocktails and ice tea. The dessert table can contain the same treats as above. Dinner receptions are a bit more expensive because they are more formal and you need to go for a three course meal. Choose soups, kebabs, spring rolls, dim sums, cutlets and chicken rolls for the appetizers. The main dish can contain different types of roasted chicken and soups. For the drinks, go with cocktails, wine, fruit juices and champagne. Serve cakes, chocolate fudge, cheesecakes or caramel custards for the dessert.


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One of the most exciting places to get married is the beach. In fact, anything abroad is pretty awesome to experience, especially by the adventurous couples who don’t want the same old traditional wedding in the city. You guys can choose from a myriad of dream wedding destinations out there, according to your budget and personal preferences. The bride who is going away for a romantic wedding escapade is for certain the most enthusiastic of all.

There are many beautiful opportunities for her, especially in matters of wedding dresses and accessories. A destination wedding surely offers you the chance of trying out a variety of designs and silhouettes. Nevertheless, only one can make your dream come true and your day complete. But how can you make the best decision when the palette of styles is so large? Well, there are a few things to consider besides your taste in fashion. The theme of the wedding and the venue are important factors that should influence your decision.

138545 cheap destination wedding dresses 3 Cheap Destination Wedding Dresses

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But perhaps the essential thing is to keep in mind your wedding budget. Set a price range that you can afford and then look for destination wedding dresses that fit your category. It’s easier to filter your options based on your budget. This way you will also keep your mind and heart focused on those dresses that you can really afford. Your budget will be like an alarm clock that will keep you away from falling in love with a dress that you can’t afford to pay. The most popular types of dresses available for destination affairs are the beach dresses. And this is because the vast majority of brides decide to get married on a tropical island or beach. The exotic natural style is the most sought-after by our modern newlyweds.

138545 cheap destination wedding dresses 2 Cheap Destination Wedding Dresses

Cheap Destination Wedding Dresses (Source: weddinginspirasi.com)

This is why fashion bridal dress designers have so many beach-inspired models in their collections. The sun, the sea, the sand and the breeze on a beach are the principal elements to consider when choosing a budget destination wedding gown. Ask for dresses that fit your price tag and then try them on to see which one flatters your figure and complements the weather and venue conditions of your wedding. Anything based on chiffon or another natural fabric can suit.

138545 cheap destination wedding dresses Cheap Destination Wedding Dresses

Cheap Destination Wedding Dresses (Source: weddinginspirasi.com)

The neckline of your gown should be lower than the usually, giving the fact that beach weddings are very hot and commodious. Don’t wear anything too heavy or thick that can make you feel uncomfortable. An off the shoulders model can make a sensual choice for romantic brides, while a one-shoulder strap design can suit the modern brides. The offbeat bride who cares for a subtle sexier look can opt for a low back wedding dress.


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We enjoy very much the new floral trends promoted nowadays in weddings. And we’re not talking only about the wedding décor but also about the fashion trends in bridal dresses and accessories. Nowadays we can see flowers everywhere in a wedding, starting with the floral wreaths worn by the bride and ending up with the wedding cake patterns. There is a large infusion of floral prints and patterns these days in the wedding & bridal fields.

We must confess we are very excited to see this happening because we’ve always liked flowers. They are the perfect decorative elements for a wedding because of their romantic symbols. There is no better way to add more elegance, vibrancy and natural beauty to a wedding or a bride than through flowers. The modern bride wants to look fresh, young and feminine. And in this context, a floral theme can certainly make her dreams come true. We are happy to propose you a beautiful idea of a wedding dress based on floral patterns and prints.

138550 floral beach wedding dresses 3 Floral Beach Wedding Dresses

Floral Wedding Dress + Beach (Source: whiteazalea.com)

We don’t know how many of you had the chance to browse through the internet in search of trendy wedding gowns for your big day. You can find many gorgeous models based on floral inspiration online. We have more ideas on this subject on our website that you can browse through in search of the perfect look for you. Flowers make charming ornamental items for a wedding dress, especially when used in color. You can find many designs based on white floral appliqués that look absolutely sublime! However, the colored floral wedding dresses are even more striking and ravishing.

138550 floral beach wedding dresses 2 Floral Beach Wedding Dresses

Floral Wedding Dress + Beach (Source: 3.bp.blogspot.com)

If you want to make a fashion statement at your wedding, choose this style and you won’t regret it! These types of gowns are ideal for beach affairs or destination weddings in general. The flower prints can differ from case to case according to the type of venue and theme you’re planning for your wedding. If you’re on a tropical island, choose an exotic flower pattern for your dress. If you’re going for a Mexican beach wedding, opt for a bright colored floral design.

138550 floral beach wedding dresses Floral Beach Wedding Dresses

Floral Wedding Dress + Beach (Source: brides.prestonbailey.com)

Nevertheless, you should know that the floral beach wedding dresses we’ve seen so far in our designer’s collections are not very bold and flashy. The contrary, the colors are very soft and sweet. Anything like coral, peach, blush, nude, sand, beige, champagne, gray, buttery yellow, lavender or powder blue can suit a beach floral wedding. If the colors are too intense your dress might not look like a wedding dress anymore. Check out these delicate wedding dress samples we’ve posted on this page and get inspired for your own fabulous wedding attire. By the way, which one is your favorite?


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Many brides dream of having a royal party for their big day but this dream is not always easy to accomplish. The money issue is one of the biggest impediments in this sense. Nevertheless, we think that anyone can plan a royal-themed wedding with the right ingredients. It’s not a must to use only expensive things so that your reception can look like a regal event. You will discover that your imagination is more valuable than your budget.

What’s the point of throwing a fortune on completely inadequate or unattractive items? So, whether you’re a rich couple or an economical couple, the creativity is the quality that can make a royal wedding take place. You can always purchase cheap things and craft them in the house to look like they are expensive. Girls love to play with sparkling things and add them to different items. If you are a big fan of the DIY style, you can try to execute a royal wedding on your own. You need a lot of glitter and a sharp sense of fashion to add the perfect elegant touches to your décor.

138554 royal wedding party photos 2 Royal Wedding Party Photos

Royal Wedding Party Photos (Source: mydreamweddingdecorations.com)

The royal style is one of the hottest these days in weddings. Prince William’s wedding to Kate Middleton started this trend and it seems that our wedding stylists and fashion designers are not over yet this event and all its implications. There are still many brides and grooms today after a year of the royal wedding that want to adopt this style for their own big day. Of course, not at the same scale, but in the same grandiose way! We enjoyed very much the simple elegance adopted by Kate for her look. The wedding arrangements looked indeed very royal and stylish but they were not based on elaborated and intricate traditional things.

138554 royal wedding party photos Royal Wedding Party Photos

Royal Wedding Party Photos (Source: mydreamweddingdecorations.com)

The wedding was in fact simple, clean and extremely elegant due to this approach. You can plan a discreet royal wedding based on all things simple and stylish or a fairytale celebration in a more girly fun way. The royal style can be glamorous, classic, conservative, romantic, whimsical or modest and decent. It all depends on the approach you want to take on your wedding. We love the idea of using classic invitations, expensive champagne, cascading roses and sleek decorations and a princess wedding dress gown and a sparkling tiara for the bride. The venue you choose for a royal wedding is very important. If you want something big and extravagant, book a castle to obtain a real royal effect. If you don’t have anything of this kind in your area, opt for a cathedral, ballroom or upscale hotel venue. Anything majestic can fit. Make sure that your entrance is grand and spectacular!


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Many couples decide to renew their wedding vows after a few years of their big day. Some of them like to celebrate each year of their marriage in a unique way and this is very good news! Contrary to what you might think, modern newlyweds are just as romantic as traditional couples from the paste. It’s just that they choose to express their love and feelings in a different way. The type of romanticism promoted nowadays in weddings and ceremonies is a bit more whimsical and personal.

Who can renew their vows and why? This is one of the most important questions you need a correct answer to when you’re at this chapter. It’s customary for the couples who got married to commemorate their wedding anniversary in a special way. As we said above, you can choose to renew your vows and plan a beautiful ceremony, or simply celebrate with your close friends and family at a chic party. Even those who eloped on their wedding day to a foreign destination can choose to “formalize” this day at home with friends and family.

138557 ceremonies for wedding vow renewals 3 Ceremonies For Wedding Vow Renewals

Ceremonies For Wedding Vow Renewal (Source: weddingchicks.wpengine.netdna-cdn.com)

There are also many cases when the couple just went through a rough time in their lives and now they want to start all over again, with new forces and expectations. A vow renewal ceremony can be very helpful in this context. Who said that you’re not allowed to repeat the vows you’ve spoken again, in front of all the people you know? Many brides and grooms who are going away for the wedding day like the idea of planning another ceremony just for those who couldn’t make it at the wedding the first time!

138557 ceremonies for wedding vow renewals 2 Ceremonies For Wedding Vow Renewals

Ceremonies For Wedding Vow Renewal (Source: weddingchicks.wpengine.netdna-cdn.com)

Couples who are at their 20th or 30th year of marriage might also want to remind themselves and their dearest ones that they are still in love and excited about their marriage as they were on the wedding day. Renewing your vows is the best way to reaffirm your love and commitment and express your appreciation to your betrothed. Experts in field say that vow renewal ceremonies are in most cases intimate affairs based on all things romantic and personal.

138557 ceremonies for wedding vow renewals Ceremonies For Wedding Vow Renewals

Ceremonies For Wedding Vow Renewal (Source: weddingchicks.wpengine.netdna-cdn.com)

The venues usually picked by the couple are based on landmark places. If you’re moving out to a new place with the promise of starting a new life, it would be great to have the ceremony at your new place. But anything casual and carefree on an open field or anywhere in the nature can fit this occasion. If you’re having a 50th wedding anniversary you will have to look for a more elegant place, however. Golden anniversaries are serious events that must take place somewhere more luxurious or at least more stylish.


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Do you look for some videographers in your region, meaning Hawaii? Then read this article where we will recommend you two of the most appreciated videographers that activate in the Hawaii area.

And the first one of them is Propeller USA, Inc., a company that is located at 1357 Kapiolani Boulevard, Honolulu, HI 96814. The website where this company can be contacted is weddings.propeller-usa.com.

138544 hawaii beach wedding video package 2 Hawaii Beach Wedding Video Package

Hawaii Beach Wedding Video Package (Source: mylovelyhoneymoon.com)

Whatever you you may be looking for, this company can deliver. Their videographers can transform a special day into an even more special by creating the video that will remain with you for the rest of your life, video that showcases your personality.

You may desire your video to be classical, interactive or cinematic, whatever you want, it can be provided by this company. You can even consult them for free by sending them an e-mail or by calling them at (808) 447-9946.

Regarding the packages provided by this company, we can say that you will benefit of multiple cameras, multiple videographers, that can capture on camera not only the wedding party, but also the ceremony and the moments before the ceremony, when the bride is getting read it and also when the groom is putting on his suit. The outcome is provided in Blu-ray disc and DVD.

138544 hawaii beach wedding video package Hawaii Beach Wedding Video Package

Hawaii Beach Wedding Video Package (Source: dreamhoneymoonsuite.com)

Don't worry if you have chosen a location with a little amount of light, because it is natural for wedding venues to not have enough light (after all, most wedding parties are held in the nighttime); Propeller USA, Inc. has the lighting equipment you may need.

The complete staff is of 6 videographers, which discuss with the couples, in order to get to know them better and provide a more customized wedding film.

And now the second videography company that activates in Hawaii is IMF Visions, located at 55 South Kukui Street #D3009 Honolulu, HI 96813. The website of this company is imfvisions.com. And the phone number where this company can be contacted is (808) 392-4012.

What this company promises you is to give what you have always wanted from a wedding video and this is: services from talented professional cinemagraphers, which have two decades of film and editing experience; the best treatment when shooting the movie of your life and great equipment for recording this important event, which is your wedding.


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What does ‘contemporary’ mean? Is it similar to ‘modern’? According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, ‘contemporary’ means ‘happening, existing, living’ or in other words, something that happens during the same period of time with another thing or person. Having this in mind, we can say that we are all contemporary with Madonna, for example, because she is living during the same period of time when we are also living.

Now related to the ‘modern’ term, this is, according to the same dictionary, a ‘characteristic of the present or the immediate past,’ and in some circumstances it is indeed similar to ‘contemporary’ so this means that you can search for contemporary or modern wedding flowers, because they have basically the same definition.

138428 contemporary wedding flowers 3 Contemporary Wedding Flowers

Contemporary Wedding Flowers (Source: marthastewartweddings.com)

And if contemporary or modern wedding flowers is what you are looking for, Martha Stewart has the most appropriate bouquets to show you. One of the first contemporary bouquets that drawn our attention is the red bouquet made of ranunculus, a beautiful flower that normally comes in red, pink and orange.

<-336×280 Large Rectangle – center->

The bouquet that we have seen on MarthaStewartWeddings.com is adorned with a beautiful golden bee, that adds a creative style to the bridal bouquet. You can use this bouquet not only as a bridal bouquet, but also as the bouquet of the bridesmaids or as a table centerpiece.

138428 contemporary wedding flowers 2 Contemporary Wedding Flowers

Contemporary Wedding Flowers (Source: marthastewartweddings.com)

Probably the most fragile flower that lives the same days we do, in other words, which is contemporary with us, is the anemone. This amazing flower has white petals and it is painted by nature in the middle with a black color. A bouquet made of anemones should be presented as simple as it is, without embellishments or enhancements.

138428 contemporary wedding flowers Contemporary Wedding Flowers

Contemporary Wedding Flowers (Source: marthastewartweddings.com)

And the last bouquet mentioned here is one made of bright sweet peas and fuchsia peonies. To add a little more style to this bouquet, you can use a two-color ribbon.


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Probably the best flowers are available in summer, but in the autumn you can find beautiful flowers as well. In fact, in the autumn one can find at the flower shops some lush bouquets, that are amazing and in some cases even more spectacular than summer bouquets.

As a rule, florists use hydrangeas, dahlias, garden roses, mokara orchids and thistles when they prepare a fall bridal bouquet. But not only this; some of them even use gum tree leaves in order to create a beautiful and unusual bouquet for an unusual bride.

138548 wedding flowers for fall 2 Wedding Flowers For Fall

Wedding Flowers For Fall (Source: marthastewartweddings.com)

If the bride is more classical, she could use an arrangement formed by shaker grass, ranunculuses, snowberries, garden roses, dahlias and greenery. A bouquet made of these flowers is exquisite, and at the same time, very rustic.

<-336×280 Large Rectangle – center->

Brides that prefer to have a white bouquet, just like their gown can choose to have an arrangement made of spray roses, wax flowers, tuberoses and scabiosa pods. This type of bouquet is mainly white with a little bit of green, thanks to the leaves of these flowers. Their leaves represents their beauty, just like their flowers, and it would be a shame to eliminate them in the middle of the process of creating a wedding floral arrangement.

138548 wedding flowers for fall Wedding Flowers For Fall

Wedding Flowers For Fall (Source: reception-wedding.com)

A purple bouquet can be obtained thanks to these plants: calla lilies, scabiosas, wild raspberries, wild berries, columbine, millet and seeded eucalyptus. This is truly a fall bouquet, because of the plants and also of their colors.

And now something to remind us of summer, a bouquet which should be used mainly in September, or even in October, but as long as the weather is sunny. We recommend this, because the arrangement includes sunflowers and pink dahlias, flowers encountered mostly in the summertime. When the process of creating this bouquet is done, you can use a yellow paper to wrap the tails of the flowers.


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There are many types of toppers you can use on your wedding cake, but you are both motorcycle fans, you can use those cute little Harley Davidson wedding cake toppers. You should be able to find such toppers in any bakery which deals with such things, but it is not exclusive and it may happen for you not to be able to find such toppers. There is another option, though, and you should take it into account. The online world offers you a chance to find anything you are looking for and the best part is that you can place your order and you will surely be able to get what you want delivered straight to your house.

138483 motorcycle wedding cake toppers 2 Motorcycle Wedding Cake Toppers

Motorcycle Wedding Cake Toppers (Source: magicalday.com)

The thing with those little Harley Davidson cake toppers is that they are quite hard to make. The idea is that the toppers should look perfect and if the bride and groom can be pictured on it, it is even better. Any experienced baker will be able to make such a cake toppers. However, you need to know that the cake toppers in the shape of a motorcycle can be made either out of paper or out of sugar. If you decide to go with the first option, you will be able to keep your cake toppers for the rest of your lives, as a nice reminder of the most important day of your lives. If you decide to go with the second option, you will surely end up eating it.


Motorcycle wedding cake toppers are extremely interesting because they give the baker the opportunity to come up with an original idea of placement. For instance, the little bride and groom toppers can be placed either on the motorcycle or someplace near it. Moreover, you can even ask for a certain model of motorcycle. If you own one, you can ask the baker to produce a little copy for the wedding cake. The truth is that cake toppers can be quite ingenious and the truth of the matter is that they are superb, no matter what they envision. Regardless of what type of motorcycle you decide to turn into cake toppers, you will surely be pleased with the results, as motorcycles as cake toppers are the latest trend.

138483 motorcycle wedding cake toppers Motorcycle Wedding Cake Toppers

Motorcycle Wedding Cake Toppers (Source: owedd.com)

If you guys love motorcycles, it would be a real shame if you did not get your cake to be topped with a marvelous motorcycle cake topper. As long as you find the right person for the job, you should not worry too much about how the entire thing is going to look like in the end. If you want the cake to have even a greater impact, you can even decide about making a themed wedding, where you can play with décor items and with colors, so as to recreate an entire motorcycle event in your wedding cake. Considering the fact that most weddings today are themed, you can even go for a motorcycle type of thing, especially if you guys are in love with them and they are a huge part of your lives.


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Sometimes buying the right wedding dress for a kid seems to be even harder than buying a dress for her mother, for example. This usually happens because a little kid does not stay put to try on a dress every week when she goes to a tailor to see the progress of her dress and also because a little kid does not like to go to clothing stores, or at least not yet. Children prefer to go to toy stores, and girls would rather dress their dolls than dressing themselves.

Still, there are girls who like this activity of trying on dresses. And you can see those girls at weddings; they are those that look at their best, because they had the patience of trying several dresses and of letting their moms select the most appropriate for them. A little girl that does not want to try on many outfits will make her mother choose one of them, whether the outfit fits her as it should or not.

Sophisticated kids wedding dresses

Women who have little girls choose to dress their girls much like they will dress for a certain wedding. This could be a good thing if the mother wears something appropriate for an event like this, but at the same time, this could be a wrong thing to do, if the mother wants to wear transparent clothes.

138421 kids wedding dresses 6 Kids Wedding Dresses

Kids Wedding Dresses (Source: flowergirl4wedding.com)

Luckily, ‘sophisticated’ means high quality. And even if there are some transparent materials used for that dress, those materials will only let other people see other materials, not the skin of the wearer. And when it comes to a sophisticated flower girl dress, there are many transparent fabrics, only that they are placed on other materials, which are not transparent.

The purpose of a sophisticated flower girl dress is to make the little girl look like a princess or Cinderella.

138421 kids wedding dresses 5 Kids Wedding Dresses

Kids Wedding Dresses (Source: trendeeflowers.blogspot.com)

If you are good at tailoring clothes, you can design and create your little girl's dress by yourself. Take into consideration that the most appropriate design for a dress like this, created for a girl, is represented by a ruched bodice and a ruffled skirt. And if you accessorize the look with a tiara, your girl will definitely be the most beautiful girl at that party.

Accessories for kids wedding dresses

Since we have mentioned tiaras, it is appropriate to mention some other accessories now, because without them, the look of the little girl will seem unfinished.

138421 kids wedding dresses 4 Kids Wedding Dresses

Kids Wedding Dresses (Source: flowergirl4wedding.com)

If you did not know this, a girl is more likely to wear accessories that a woman, because most of them seem created for them, not for women. Imagine a little girl with a decorative flower in her hair. Doesn't she look great? Now imagine an 80-year-old woman with the same accessory in her hair. How does this old woman look like? Not that good, right? And this is not only because she is old and she has wrinkles all over her face, but because some accessories simply do not fit everyone.

Besides necklaces, bracelets, hair accessories and others, a girl could use some flower girl baskets for a wedding, whether she is the ring bearer or not. These baskets are so great to visualize and if they are held by a little sweetness, they are even more beautiful.

138421 kids wedding dresses 3 Kids Wedding Dresses

Kids Wedding Dresses (Source: flowergirl4wedding.com)

The baskets you see in the above image are usually used for carrying flower petals that are tossed by little girls, when the couple arrives at the church. Many people believe that when flower petals are tossed, they bring good luck and prosperity.

Baskets like this are usually covered by satin or silk and they are beautifully decorated. If you have limited financial resources, you can create them by yourself, just as you can create the dress of your little girl. There are many tutorials online that speak about how to create a flower girl basket. In the situation in which the bride and groom take care of this aspect and ask your girl to be their flower girl, most likely they will be those that will buy the flower girl baskets, so that you will not have to create them.

Shoes for kids

If the dress of a little girl going to a wedding could be similar to the dress of her mother, the shoes are definitely different. Generally, a woman wears high-heels on a wedding, but this is not an option as long as you are 4-5, when you should use only ballet shoes or shoes without any heel.

138421 kids wedding dresses 2 Kids Wedding Dresses

Kids Wedding Dresses (Source: flowergirl4wedding.com)

For your little girl is more important to be comfortable than to look good, this is why when you search for kids shoes, always ask your little one to try them on. Do not buy kids shoes online, because a kid will never go over a problem with her shoes, just like an adult could do. If the kid does not like a certain thing about those shoes, you can be certain that she will never wear them until the problem is solved or until you find another solution to make your kid wear those shoes. Still, you should not use hoaxes to trick your kid, just to wear a pair of shoes. If the shoes are too big or too small, the girl will have problems with them; she will either fall because of her too large shoes, or she will have problems with her toes and none of these situations is desired.

So always ask your little one to try the shoes on and buy only those in which she feels comfortable. It is better this way than to take care of her wounds, after wearing a pair of shoes that was not created for her.


When you search for kids wedding dresses, whether you do this online or in stores, we recommend you to take your kid with you, because she will be the person that will wear that wedding dress, that pair of shoes and those accessories, so she will have to agree with wearing a certain dress, pair of shoes and accessory.

138421 kids wedding dresses Kids Wedding Dresses

Kids Wedding Dresses (Source: allprettylittlethings.blogspot.com)

Never buy a certain clothing piece for your little girl without her approval, or if you do, make sure that you have the possibility of returning the product, because you could get yourself turned down by your girl. Regarding the accessories now, if you know what your kid likes, you can buy her some accessories, still don't push your luck too much in this direction either.