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How are the honeymoon nights supposed to be like? What does a bride have to do on her first night as a married woman? Are there any traditions that need to be taken care of, or she must follow whatever her heart tells her?

Probably the most important thing that a bride needs to consider is to wear a sexy lingerie. Although couples say that the first night (which usually happens on their honeymoon) was amazing, yours might not be that extraordinary, especially if you already had sexual relations with your partner. So to not make this first night just another night when you practice love with your partner, follow these rules that will make the first night one of the best of your entire life.

138605 brides honeymoon night 2 Brides Honeymoon Night

Brides Honeymoon Night (Source: dreamhoneymoonsuite.com)

The first thing is to talk about how happy you are, now that you're married. Probably those couples that rush to have sex will say that they don't have the time to do this, that they will have an entire life to talk and now it is the time to move to action. But psychologists say that if you take things slowly, especially if you are tired after the whole buzz with planning the wedding and all, you will feel more comfortable while making love to your partner. So don't rush to have an intimate sexual experience; instead aim for a romantic adventure.

138605 brides honeymoon night Brides Honeymoon Night

Brides Honeymoon Night (Source: dreamhoneymoonsuite.com)

Maybe now is the time to read some books about sex. Don't be shy if you have never done this before and do not read them by yourself, but with your partner. There is no need to read this kind of books on your own, since the sexual activity is performed by a couple.

And to spice things up, don't have sex for several days before the wedding. This will make you anxious and ready for the big night.


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Couples that choose diamond wedding bands must take into consideration several aspects.

1. Have the money for a diamond wedding band

Generally, diamond wedding bands are expensive, especially if they are placed on a platinum ring. And let's face it, you simply cannot combine diamonds with silver or gold, even though these metals are expensive as well. When it comes to diamonds, you need to combine them with only the best in terms of metals and the best metal ever created is platinum.

138517 diamond wedding bands 2 Diamond Wedding Bands

Diamond Wedding Bands (Source: wedding-guidelines.com)

In some cases, the diamond used for the wedding band is cheaper than the band itself, if this is made from platinum, so you need to have the money for a diamond ring, before starting to search for a ring like this.

2. Pick a diamond wedding band that works with your engagement ring

You cannot place a diamond wedding band next to a nickel ring, no matter how beautiful that nickel ring is or how important it is to you.

In the situation in which your engagement ring is made from a not that valuable metal, at least place the engagement ring on your right hand and the wedding band on your left hand.

3. Make sure that the color of the wedding band can be matched with most of your outfits

Let's not forget that your wedding band is something that you will not remove, not even when you sleep, so this should be created to be easily combined with your outfits. Whether you go to the theater, to visit a friend in a hospital, or you go shopping or to work, you will wear the same diamond wedding band, so it should have a color that could match any casual and also elegant outfit.

4. Have a jewelry center near you, that offers cleaning services for your diamond wedding band

138517 diamond wedding bands Diamond Wedding Bands

Diamond Wedding Bands (Source: wedding-guidelines.com)

From time to time, you need to clean your diamond wedding band, just like you do with your computer, car, watch, smartphone, tablet or other products in your house.

If you have chosen a wedding band with lots of diamonds placed one to another, most likely there are loads of locations where dust could get accumulated. And because you don't want to end up having a bacteria or a virus brought by the dust in your ring, we strongly recommend you to visit once in a while a jewelry center, where your ring could get cleaned.


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Many couples decide to have a wedding video, that will tell the story of their wedding for many years to come. A video like this usually starts with the preparation of the bride and groom for the wedding ceremony. As a rule, videography companies do not include the pre-ceremony activities in the wedding video, this is why if you want to be filmed while getting ready for the big event, you will have to pay extra.

138518 story wedding videos 2 Story  Wedding Videos

Story Wedding Videos (Source: bridegroomphotos.com)

After the bride’s hair is done and after the groom is all dressed up, the videographers (because there are minimum two of them – one at the bride’s house and one at the groom's house) meet at the church, where the ceremony will take place. At this location, there are good chances for only one of them to remain and shoot the event or, if the couple prefers to have both of them, they will both remain and cover different areas of the church.

In some cases, videography companies have various videographers, specialized on shooting different videos, so the specialists sent by the company to capture on camera the pre-ceremony activities may not be specialized on shooting wedding ceremonies, so they may be replaced at the church with other videographers.

138518 story wedding videos Story  Wedding Videos

Story Wedding Videos (Source: 2.bp.blogspot.com)

The same thing could happen with those videographers that shoot the video at the ceremony; they could be replaced with other colleagues of theirs, that will shoot the wedding reception.

And this is normal to happen because some videographers are trained to shoot videos only in natural lightened environments, while others are trained to do this only when they have artificial light and they do not know what to do exactly in order to obtain the best images in natural light. And because no one wants at their wedding to have a videographer that only starts to learn how to use his/her equipment, the videography company usually divides their videographers into various categories like: videographers for the wedding ceremony, videographers for the wedding party, videographers for shooting the beginning of the video and others. And couples that desire a story wedding video will have to address more videographers, to be sure that the video will have an excellent quality.


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Candles first, ladies and gentlemen. At the church, these ceremony decor settings are meant to left us speechless. You can get inspired by entering various websites where they sell wedding candles and create your candles by yourself or order some of the candles you see on those websites.

If you have always pictured getting married in a beautiful church, while you and your partner are surrounded by little lights coming from wedding candles, you can discuss this matter with the officiant and ask him if there is possible to bring some candles that you have in mind. Normally, the church is the one that offers all the decorations you need, but in case you want some more, you can bring them yourself, as long as the officiant agrees.

138515 wedding ceremony candles 2 Wedding Ceremony Candles

Wedding Ceremony Candles (Source: weddingfashioning.com)

If we are talking about an outdoor wedding ceremony, an interesting idea for using wedding candles is to place them in a huge tree. In this case, you should use only candles made from glass or other material that is fireproof; you don't want to start a fire while getting married. So luminaries are out of the question. A good idea in this case would be to use some jars where you normally keep your jams; well, instead of putting a jam into those jars, you will place a little candle, that you can buy from any store that sells decorative objects.

138515 wedding ceremony candles Wedding Ceremony Candles

Wedding Ceremony Candles (Source: weddingfashioning.com)

Another great idea that can be used in the indoors and outdoors as well is to have a decor that can complement the setting of the wedding. This way, you can use suspended chandeliers, that play the role of the wedding candles. Why use the normal and regular candles, when you can be extraordinary? All you need to do is to incorporate the chandeliers into the decor of the church or of the wedding ceremony venue, so that all these arrangements to seem proper for such an event. The chandeliers can be suspended, by using a translucent pedestal, that will not interfere in any way with the rest of the decor.


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A bride must do her best to ensure that her wedding is going to be a wonderful one and that everybody is going to admire this amazing event. It is important to choose all the aspects properly and to match them perfectly: the wedding theme, the decorations, your wedding outfit, the wedding flowers, the wedding favors and so on. If you manage to match them all then your wedding is going to be a stylish and elegant event and you are going to be the most popular bride of all. Try to choose some special wedding favors for your wedding reception because after all, the wedding favors are small gifts which can help you express your gratitude. If you want to do this then you have to be sure that you have chosen some suitable wedding favors and that you manage to transmit a correct message.

138579 caramel apples for wedding favors 2 Caramel Apples For Wedding Favors

Carmel Apples For Wedding Favors (Source: marriagefavors.com)

Fruits as wedding favors are an excellent idea because they can look amazing, impressive and elegant and because they are very healthy. Apples are definitely the most popular fruits and they can be used if you want to have some interesting wedding favors and to impress everybody. Caramelized apples are tasty, delicious and incredible good-looking. This is an idea which can’t fail and which is going to impress everybody. Choose caramelized apples as wedding favors if you want to have a beautiful reception. This idea is extremely suitable for a wedding in fall and even for a wedding in winter and it is not very indicated in summer because the sugar can melt and the aspect of the apples can be ruined.

138579 caramel apples for wedding favors Caramel Apples For Wedding Favors

Carmel Apples For Wedding Favors (Source: delish.com)

It does not matter what you decide to have as wedding favors, as long as you choose something that you like and something that you truly believe that it can be suitable for your guests’ personalities. This is the most important thing: to find something perfect for everybody and to please them all. Caramelized apples are easy to buy, they are cheap and they can’t fail. You can also cover the apples with chocolate if you want them to be even more stylish. You can combine white chocolate with black one and you can ask a baker to create some special decorations for them. Your wedding is very important and you should treat it properly. Choose some amazing wedding favors and find a way to express your feelings.


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The wedding flowers are vital for a good wedding because they can do true miracles when it comes to your outfit but also to your wedding location. You must pay a lot of attention when you choose them and you have to do your best to ensure that they are suitable for your personality, style and for your budget. If you want to save some money then you can always choose silk flowers. They are cheaper and they can resist for years. You can save your wedding bouquet and you can show it to your grand, grandchildren. This can be an awesome memory and you should know that you must not neglect the wedding flowers. Choose a red wedding bouquet if you want to look spectacular and impressive and if you want to be in the spotlight. A red, silk wedding bouquet can be exactly what you need.

138558 red silk wedding flowers 2 Red Silk Wedding Flowers

Red Silk Wedding Flowers (Source: 2.bp.blogspot.com)

Silk flowers have also some disadvantages. No matter how well they are made you can always see the difference between natural flowers and silk ones. They can have a worst aspect than natural ones. Another disadvantage is the lack of their smell. If you want to have a romantic and perfumed wedding bouquet then silk flowers are not the best choice for you because they can’t offer you something like this, not matter how hard you try. If you do not care about the differences of aspect and scent then you should go for such a bouquet which seems to be the most suitable one for you and for your personality.

138558 red silk wedding flowers Red Silk Wedding Flowers

Red Silk Wedding Flowers (Source: silkweddingdesigns.com)

No matter what you choose, as long as you match it with your wedding outfit and with your personality. A red, silk wedding bouquet can be perfect for a bold and nonconformist woman who wants to be in the spotlight and to impress everybody. Choose a similar pair of shoes for your wedding dress and you are going to have a perfect final aspect. If you want to put into the spotlight the match between your shoes and your wedding bouquet then you can always choose a short wedding dress. They are perfect for these occasions because they are romantic and interesting. Your wedding day is the most important day of your life and you should celebrate it properly, with an amazing wedding outfit and with some spectacular accessories. Your wedding bouquet is one of those amazing accessories and you should choose it properly if you want to succeed.


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Modern brides are savvy-brides who know how to make the best of their look for the big day. Nevertheless, the new models released by our fashion designers are also very flattering and focused on the feminine lines of the female body. The biggest muse of our designers is the contemporary woman herself. They always try to adapt and adjust their style to fit the preferences and expectations of the modern bride.

Nowadays, our girls want something comfortable, easy to wear and romantic in the same time. The type of elegance they prefer is a simple one, based on all things casual and nonchalant. Fortunately, our designers have many brilliant ideas at this chapter. The new boho-chic and vintage silhouettes they create look astonishing and are very comfy in an equal measure. Knowing what type of silhouette suits you and your body is a must for 2012 pretentious brides. To be able to make your shopping process easier and more delightful, we suggest you do your homework first.

138570 sheath wedding dresses 3 Sheath Wedding Dresses

Sheath Wedding Dress (Source: wedding-pictures-04.onewed.com)

The internet represents a rich source of information in this regard. Find out more about your figure and then look for the gowns that are designed for your shape. This way you can be sure that your dress will be figure-flattering and attractive. It’s hard to figure out what type of gown looks perfectly on you when you’re being subjective. You have to ask an expert in field or a third part to find out what the best design is for you. The sheath style is very classy and elegant, although modern and sexy all at once. This type of dress is narrower than the A-line silhouette and looser than the mermaid style.

138570 sheath wedding dresses 2 Sheath Wedding Dresses

Sheath Wedding Dress (Source: media.theknot.com)

If you want a form-fitting gown but nothing too tight and incommodious, we suggest you adopt this intermediary style. We like the close fitting of the sheath design and the way it looks so romantic in the same time! This model is a reminiscent of the gorgeous evening gowns worn during the‘50s. This style is very elegant and close to the formal look. It is not as dramatic as the ball gown or princess style, but very classy. The only problem with this type of dress is that it is slightly unpractical.

138570 sheath wedding dresses Sheath Wedding Dresses

Sheath Wedding Dress (Source: media.theknot.com)

Many modern brides find it very hard to move in and a bit too constricting for their taste. But if you want to look sensual and feminine, then you should give it a try with this silhouette. You should know from the start that this type of gown is not the most comfortable one, especially when it comes to bending the knees. If you’re planning on dancing the entire night at your wedding you should think of something more commodious and wearable.


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Whether you’re planning a trendy or traditional look for your daughter’s wedding, one thing you have to be convinced of: the mother of the bride’s dress has to be utterly elegant and stylish. It doesn’t matter the length, the fabric or the color you choose. The elegant factor is the essential one. However, modern moms also want their outfit to feel commodious and easy to wear. You know you are a very lucky mother! One, because your daughter is getting married and two because you can find a wide range of beautiful and comfy styles designed exclusively for your wear!

Our designers find the mother of the bride field very interesting, especially when it comes to emitting new ideas for their outfits. The bride’s mother is the second most admired woman in a wedding after the bride. Her gown is very much analyzed by the wedding guests, especially by those who work in field or are more interested in things like fashion, beauty and style. So, the conclusion is that you can’t afford to wear anything that you have in your closet! Your daughter’s wedding is the perfect opportunity for you to go shopping for a hot and trendy outfit. Perhaps you haven’t been out there shopping for a while now!

138574 a line dresses for the mother of the bride 2 A line Dresses For The Mother Of The Bride

A Line Dresses For Mother Of The Bride (Source: vipdresses.org)

This is why this experience will be even more exciting for you. You can go with your daughter so that she can advise you on the designs to try one, or with the groom’s mother. Although it’s customary for the mother of the bride to choose her wedding outfit first, in our modern days this etiquette is not always followed. Mothers prefer to go shopping together and act like two good friends. There is no need to cause discrepancies now that the two of you will become so close related. This occasion is a great one to get to know each other better and become friends. The biggest problem old mothers encounter when it comes to choosing a wedding outfit is related to the size.

138574 a line dresses for the mother of the bride A line Dresses For The Mother Of The Bride

A Line Dresses For Mother Of The Bride (Source: vipdresses.org)

When you’re no longer in your 40 you start worrying about the cloths you can find to fit your size. It’s essential to find a silhouette that can flatter your body shape and enhance your most beautiful traits. Besides the elegant and comfort factor you must also look for a figure-flattering model. Stylish and chic, these are the words that can describe best the type of look popularized nowadays for this field. The A-line silhouette is the most popular and the most versatile. This cut cans suit different types of figures. Besides this, it is classically elegant and age-appropriate! There is something very feminine and timelessly romantic about this shape that can suit a mother, don’t you think?


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If the big day is coming and you are anxious to get everything together and right, you are also probably wondering about what the best moment of the day would be for you guys to take the wedding pictures. First of all, however, before you take the pictures, you need to make sure that the photographer you booked is one of the best in your area. The first problems that appear regarding the wedding pictures is not really related to the moment of day you took them. It is actually about the photographer, who could not really do the job right. So, the main thing is to make sure he is the best you could get with the budget you had.

138505 best time of day for wedding pictures 2 Best Time Of Day For Wedding Pictures

Best Time Of Day For Wedding Pictures (Source: photographe-mariages.net)

Only then can you proceed into worrying about other things. I know that every bride wants her wedding pictures to look incredible, amazing and for them to be the most beautiful couple in the world and they are very much interested of what time of day is best for them to get the pictures taken. Well, common opinion seems to be in favor of the morning before the wedding. This is a time when you both look incredible, as you got your fresh make up on, the groom has his everything in the right place and this is when you look your best. If you decide to take your wedding pictures after the wedding, you may end up looking like little zombies, with your entire make up gone and the groom with the shirt out of his pants.

I know this does happen, but depending on the wedding you’re planning, you never know. So, in order to avoid any type of problems, it would be better for you guys to take the pictures in the morning, when you are both fully dressed, you look healthy, gorgeous and very fresh. This is important, because the wedding pictures you take stay there forever, and they are the sole reminder of the most important day of your life. Therefore, you want them to look amazing. You can even try going out for pictures early in the morning, when the light is a little softer, because pictures look better in different types of lights and the morning light will surely put its print on your faces and attires.

138505 best time of day for wedding pictures Best Time Of Day For Wedding Pictures

Best Time Of Day For Wedding Pictures (Source: images.dexknows.com)

We all must understand how important the wedding day is and we should treat it with respect. If you decide to take your pictures after or even during the wedding, things can be a little hard. First, your look – not so fresh anymore! Second, you will most definitely be tired, cranky and stressed out and there is going to be no one there to snap you out of it. So, choosing the morning for your wedding pictures seems like the best idea. Plus, you get a chance to experiment with the light and other little things offered by mother nature in the morning. As long as the entire décor for the pictures is lovely, you do not have to worry about how the pictures are going to look like, because they will most definitely be amazing.


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The engagement ring is the thing a woman expects the most and she has dreamt about it, she has imagined it and she has serious plans with it after she gets it. The engagement ring is the most beautiful way of saying “I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you” to your dear one. Although tradition has it that the future bride does not have to know when the groom will propose, today couples want to deal with problems before hand, so there is no surprise. Therefore, they end up choosing together the engagement rings. Sure, there are women who do not want to know when the proposal is going to come and they are entitled to their wish, but what if they don’t like the ring that much?

138507 affordable engagement rings 2 Affordable Engagement Rings

Afordable Engagement Rings (Source: best-engagementrings.com)

In any case, there are very rare cases when a woman does not love the ring. Anyways, giving and receiving the ring is not the problem. The problem is that engagement rings can be very, very expensive. Some of them can cost up to several hundred… thousands; or even millions. But we are not talking about those. We are talking about affordable engagement rings, because there are plenty of those too. Of course, the diamond is not as big or as shiny, but there is a diamond there and, as you know, diamonds are a girl’s best friends. No one would ever say “no!” to a diamond ring, especially if it is coming from the man she loves and adores most in the world.

Finding an affordable engagement ring is not that hard. You can try in your local stores which deal with such thing or you can go online and find some jewelry there. You will surely find something beautiful and a lot cheaper than the extravagant ones. There are plenty cheaper engagement rings and, if you ask me, they are the best choice. You have to think that spending a fortune on the engagement ring will make a huge gap in your budget. The same budget you are planning to get your wedding rings from and plan your wedding from! Therefore, the best idea would be to spend less on the engagement ring and save a lot for the big day.

Less money does not necessarily mean cheap! You can get quality engagement rings at a lower price, but you have to look for them. Spending too much money on one ring can cause a lot of damage. Your girl will not be sad or disappointed, as any ring you get for her is going to be one of the two best rings she will ever receive. Therefore, try making a decision and spend a little less on the engagement ring and plan the wedding you guys have always wanted.

138507 affordable engagement rings Affordable Engagement Rings

Afordable Engagement Rings (Source: lovepromiseandring.com)

Finding an affordable engagement ring is not that hard, as long as you try your luck online as well. There are plenty companies which have taken their business online and they have a lot cheaper prices than you get at Tiffany’s, for instance.


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Candy favors can be used in a variety of containers. They can be placed in some jars, scoops, tins or bottles. But before deciding on the container you will have to choose the candy. They can be filled with all kind of flavors such as vanilla, fruity ones, yogurt, almonds and lots of delicious combinations. They can be round, heart shaped and many other unique shapes. You can find plenty of stores that sell original candy shapes. Choose some shapes that you think go with your wedding concept such as shell shaped candy or the regular round ones. Make sure that the size of the candy can also fit the containers you’ve chosen.

If you want to stick with the bottles then make sure you choose clear ones. Colorful ones can also be a choice but if you want the candy to be more noticeable then you should sticks to clear glass bottles. They can have your initials engraved on them or maybe a personalized sticker with your names or a special quote that you and your husband both love. The candy can be one color or it can be a variety of shades. If your wedding them is a black and white one, then you can choose white candy to add into the bottle.

138542 candy filled bottle wedding favors 2 Candy Filled Bottle Wedding Favors

Candy Filled Bottle Wedding Favors (Source: murdocks.typepad.com)

If your theme is a pink and blue one opt for some pink and blue candy colors. Just think about it and go for whatever combinations you like. The bottles can also be embellished in lots of ways so that they look a lot more original. You can wrap them in some tulle or use some colorful bows.

138542 candy filled bottle wedding favors Candy Filled Bottle Wedding Favors

Candy Filled Bottle Wedding Favors (Source: 25.media.tumblr.com)

You can also give the guests some bottles of wine and even put a fake tag on them but instead of wine when they get home they will discover that the bottle if full of candy. Just give this some though and decide how you want to do it. The prices for such wedding favors are not expensive and there are endless possibilities. No matter what you decide to use you can be sure of the fact that the guests will remember such a lovely wedding.


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Finding the perfect gift for your wife requires time, money and patience. You should look at some stores not just near your area but online as well. You can easily order something for her from one of her favorite shops or boutiques. Maybe some clothing items if you know her size or some basic accessories like a purse or some sunglasses. Some electronic devices like a new epilator maybe if you know she need a new or a straightening iron maybe.

There are lots of brands from which you can choose and various designs as well. You could also look into some perfume sets. Get her  a new fragrance or maybe one of her old ones that you know she's run out of. Put together a small gift basket with some creams and some scented candles as well. Another idea would be to send your wife to a spa. Let her have this day for herself and when she comes back from the spa you can cook for her. Maybe a weekend getaway would also be a perfect gift.

138543 25th wedding anniversary gift for wife 2 25th Wedding Anniversary Gift For Wife

25th Wedding Anniversary Gift For Wife (Source: static.orient-express.com)

Try finding some destinations like Prague, Paris, Rome and so on. You can spend some time together, go shopping, take a lot of pictures and spend two amazing days away form work and routine activities. This can be relaxing for the both of you not to mention a very romantic and thoughtful gift for your wife. You could also make her a card. Even if it doesn’t seem much for her it will mean a lot knowing that you’ve made it especially for her. Next to this card you could buy her the biggest flower bouquets that you can find and take her out to dinner. For some women material gifts don’t count as much.

138543 25th wedding anniversary gift for wife 25th Wedding Anniversary Gift For Wife

25th Wedding Anniversary Gift For Wife (Source: imgisland.com)

They rather have a romantic evening or anniversary trip with their husband. After all this is how memories are made by spending such amazing moments with the woman you love. Gift come and go but the special memories are the ones that will be forever remembered. And its up to you to make these magical moments happen.


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When choosing a venue for your wedding you need to take some things into account. The first one and the most important is your budget. Renting some locations might be a bit more expensive than some. You can have the wedding indoors or outdoors. Look for the perfect place and make sure that you decorate it with some adornment pieces which will completely transform the place. For an outdoor fall wedding you should use some warm colors such as orange, brown and so on. Combine different colors and tones so that the color scheme that you’ve used is perfectly balanced.

You can choose to have some pumpkins decorating the entry ways and of course be used as centerpieces. They can be white ones or orange ones. Add some flower bouquets in them or some delicious treats. Fill the pumpkins with some candy and some chocolate bars. This kind of look would be suitable for a Halloween theme. You could also use some other treats like some cupcakes decorated with some orange icing and some sprinkles on top or some cookies which can be arranged on some platters.

138546 outdoor fall wedding in lynchburg va 2 Outdoor Fall Wedding In Lynchburg Va?

Outdoor Fall Wedding In Lynchburg Va? (Source: weddings-place.com)

These cookies can be shaped as leaves or as acorns, for instance. You can also use some flower arrangements on your tables. They can be used in some baskets which will give your centerpieces a more rustic concept or they can be placed in some cylinder vases. These flowers can be dahlias, roses, mums, carnations and whatever flowers you would like to use. Order some flower garlands to decorate the entry ways and the dance floor as well. You can do lots of creative things with these flower pieces, just know what you want.

138546 outdoor fall wedding in lynchburg va Outdoor Fall Wedding In Lynchburg Va?

Outdoor Fall Wedding In Lynchburg Va? (Source: weddingdecors.info)

Another idea would be to opt for some mason jar containers and add some wildflowers in them. Maybe place some lanterns on the tables as well or some candles. Find some inspiration either by looking at some other decoration pictures or by consulting with your husband. Together you have to make this choice and opt for what’s best for your fall wedding concept.


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Using branches for your wedding centerpieces look can be a change from the flower bouquets and arrangements that most couples seem to go for. This look is suitable for a rustic wedding concept or for a fall theme. You can use simply branches and decorate them with some silk leaves or some paper leaves instead. Paper decorations are very popular and they are a very modern approach. Not to mention that they are also inexpensive and they can be made at home.

Another idea would be to around these branches with some dangly crystals. The crystals can be clear or they can be colored ones. Choose some simple containers either round or square one sand fill them up with some colored beads or pearls. You can find lots of stores that sell gems and rhinestones which can be used for this kind of decoration. You could also use some colored Christmas globes to hang on the branches if you are having a winter inspired theme.

138547 wedding centerpieces with branches 2 Wedding Centerpieces With Branches

Wedding Centerpieces With Branches (Source: bios.weddingbee.com)

These globes can be silver, red, blue and other winter inspired shades. Make sure that whatever colors or decorations you choose to combine with these branches they match the theme. Look around some stores and make a list of prices. This will help you figure out which would be a better place for you to shop for your wedding decorative items. Some stores might have sales going on where you can find some useful adornments. You can also check out some handmade stores that have some original pieces.

138547 wedding centerpieces with branches Wedding Centerpieces With Branches

Wedding Centerpieces With Branches (Source: 2.bp.blogspot.com)

These branches can also be adorned with some tulle or some lights. You can create either a very original and modern look or go for a wilder concept such as leaves, paper flowers, butterflies hanging from the branches and so on. Some other wedding photos can inspired you to find some suitable ideas for your own wedding concept. If not you can always recur to a professional who can give you some tips and help you to pick out the rest of the decorations. A wedding planner will come up with some new ideas for you to choose. What you decide to go for is up to you and your future groom.


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Your 14th wedding anniversary is a reason to have a big celebration. You can throw a party or go somewhere with your wife. Whatever you decide to do on this day you shouldn’t forget the gift. Your husband will be expecting to receive something. It can be either some traditional gifts that you’ve gotten used to over the years either a bottle of his favorite wine and a new watch or you can try something different this year. If your husband likes to go fishing with his friends you could get him some new fishing equipment or maybe a new treadmill if he’s very athletic and he likes to work out.

You could also find some gag gifts online and personalize either a coffee mug he can take to work or maybe a photo album. Take some pictures from some of your trips, wedding, birthdays and even anniversaries and put them all in a wonderful personalized photo album. Jewelry is something that will always make a woman smile. So find some stores that you know she likes or maybe the jewelry pieces that she’s been eyeing for some time and buy them for her.

138549 14th year wedding anniversary gifts 2 14th Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts

14th Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts (Source: lovedazzle.com)

Maybe some silver earrings or a white gold bracelet with some charms on it. A pair of designer sunglasses would also be a good idea for your anniversary gift. If you know your wife loves to shop you could surprise her by getting her some gift certificated at different stores. This ways he can buy what she wants. Even if this kind of gift is not as romantic as buying her jewelry or flowers it is a very practical and useful one for your wife. Maybe cook her some dinner and set the mood with some candles.

138549 14th year wedding anniversary gifts 14th Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts

14th Year Wedding Anniversary Gifts (Source: scrapbook-crazy.com)

This might be a great surprise for when she comes back from work. You can also take her camping if you both love nature and other types of activities that you enjoy doing. Because on your anniversary the gift is not the only thing that matters, the intensity of the moments and the person you are with are also important. So make sure you spend this day with the people you love.


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A beach theme wedding can be a very casual concept. This you don’t have to stress with too many details regarding your attire. You should choose a comfortable white or colored wedding gown and your groom should also choose a loose shirt and maybe some white pants instead of the traditional black suit. As for the decorations you should base them on your wedding concept. Choose to add some orchids to the tables and some candles. They can be white ones or pillar colored candles which can be added in some tall glass bows. You may also create some interesting centerpiece using some mirrors underneath the centerpieces.

Add some rose petals all the way to the aisle so that your ceremony will also look embellished. For the pews you can simply tie some white tulle and make a bow or add some small flower bouquets. Set up some tiki torches on the beach and play around with other decorations pieces that will help you pull off this tropical look. As for the menu you need to choose something light and fresh such as salads, maybe chicken or even fish. The wedding cakes have different styles.

138551 northern california beach weddings 2 Northern California Beach Weddings

Northern California Beach Weddings (Source: alohaislandweddings.com)

Choose one that you prefer and make sure that it has either some tropical flower designs or some shells decorations. The icing can be white, blue or whatever other colors inspire you for this tropical concept. As for the wedding favors you should give the guests some scented candles or some fish inspired key chains. Wine openers, pictures frames, candle holders and other elements that have some beach symbols on them. The guests will be pleased to leave with a small reminder of such a lovely and romantic wedding.

138551 northern california beach weddings Northern California Beach Weddings

Northern California Beach Weddings (Source: destinbeach-weddings.com)

You need to make a list of all the tasks that you have to do. It is important to be prepared and to be very well organized. Organization and preparation are key factors when planning a wedding. You should also work with your husband together decide on the budget and other costs that need to be take care of.  It’s up to you to make sure that everything runs smoothly that day.


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A lot of things can go wrong when giving a wedding toast. But it’s up to you to make sure that it doesn’t. In order for you not to forget your lines you need to write the speech on some cards. This will help you remember. Of course you can also learn the speech by heart. You shouldn’t drink also. Be careful because more than one drink might not be good for you. Avoid any alcohol beverages until you have finished the speech. There is no reason to feel nervous.

If you have prepared yourself you will surely impress everyone. Even if you stutter the normal thing would be to apologize and tell everyone that this is your first time giving a speech and even if its not tell them that you are nervous. They will understand because speaking in front of so many people can be a bit intimidating. It might help to practice a little in front of the mirror. If you rehearse the speech you will surely gain more confidence for the big day. You should also try and keep short.

138552 wedding toasts gone wrong 2 Wedding Toasts Gone Wrong

Wedding Toasts Gone Wrong (Source: burlingtonconventioncentre.ca)

Guests don’t like to sit and listen to a 15 minute wedding speech. You should also be funny and use some tales and stories about the bride and groom. This will make the toast a lot more interesting than speaking about general things about marriage and happiness for instance. So try and make it personal. Of course it would be best to avoid any embarrassing stories that might put the bride and groom on the spot. These stories are not something that you should take advantage of, only of the bride and groom allows you talk about that certain topic, if not then it’s off limits.

138552 wedding toasts gone wrong Wedding Toasts Gone Wrong

Wedding Toasts Gone Wrong (Source: 1.bp.blogspot.com)

Another common mistake that can influence your wedding speech is the serious note. No one likes to sit in their chairs and listen to a serious wedding toast. This is a happy occasion and you should use jokes and various comical tales to lighten up the mood and make the guests smile and enjoy your speech. Before writing your wedding speech try and look up some samples. Also try and be confident and relaxed if you want this to be a great toast.


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When purchasing your wedding decorations and supply from any store you get to choose them by browsing some catalogs. This will help you figure out exactly what you are looking for. You need to base your choice on the color pallet of your wedding and of course the concept. For a winter theme choose some glass vase in which you can add some twigs painted with some gold or silver shades or some silk glitter flowers. You may also choose some cylinder vases in which you can add some colored globes.

Another idea would be to use mistletoe in some small containers. For a beach theme opt for some blue tones and shades and choose to use some shell shaped candles which can be used as your centerpieces. You could also opt for some white flowers or some balloons. Balloons are very inexpensive but they can be very festive. For a more elegant wedding theme opt for some big flower arrangements or some sophisticated candles ones. The candles can be pillar ones and they can also be used for the decoration of the church. You will have to buy some tulle or some lights and have the pews decorated as well.

138539 free wedding decorations catalog 2 Free Wedding Decorations Catalog

Free Wedding Decorations Catalog (Source: cache.elizabethannedesigns.com)

If you want to personalize the centerpieces you can do that by engraving your initials on them or by using a picture. You can also use some antiwar looking picture frames along with some small colorful bouquets of flowers on the tables. This will be a great and simple centerpiece look. Pictures can also be hanged from the ceiling or you can glue them on the walls. You can do whatever you please since this is your big day and every detail needs to be chosen based on your preferences.

138539 free wedding decorations catalog Free Wedding Decorations Catalog

Free Wedding Decorations Catalog (Source: beach-theme-wedding-ideas.com)

If you hired a wedding planner you could consult with a professional if not consult with your husband. You need to make a choice regarding the flower. The table setting and everything that is related to the wedding décor. You will want to remember this day up until the very last adornment and color.