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A wedding celebration is composed of many elements and at the stage of preparation is necessary to understand what can you afford and what you do not. Saving, of course, is necessary, but first you should determine the priorities. Budget wedding ideas, in this context, will be very helpful, especially if you want to create a dream wedding with a limited budget.

133298 budget wedding ideas 2 Budget Wedding Ideas

Budget Wedding Ideas (Source: dilshil.com)

The wedding banquet

You should not save here because all the restaurants have the minimum cost for the banquet menu. Pricing restaurants in major cities can be divided into different categories, so you could definitely find something to match your needs. In order to save on the banquet, be ready to modify the format of the event. You could invite guests to a dinner party and not to a feast. Also focus on the atmosphere, rather than on food. In this case, it is appropriate to make invitations that reflect the specific focus of the celebration.

Wedding decor and flowers

This is one of the most expensive components of any wedding. But if you want to save, let us focus only on some elements.  It is important to consider the point where the flowers should be placed to design a wedding look complete and without empty seats. Everything rests on your willingness to compromise and seek innovative solutions. If you are lucky and do not need saving, let decorators and florists to show imagination.

133298 budget wedding ideas Budget Wedding Ideas

Budget Wedding Ideas (Source: static.oprah.com)

Wedding photography

Here the word ‘save’ should definitely be forgotten.  The average price of a good wedding photographer ranges from 700 to 1500 dollars. If you are offered lower than the price, be confident that it is either a novice photographer not entirely confident in his abilities, or he does not have a very high-quality equipment.  Budget wedding ideas cannot find their place in this area. Your wedding album will last for life and you surely do not want to have unprofessional photos.

Wedding ceremony

Here I mean not only a master of ceremonies, but also a set of other components: musical design, décor, programs. I am deeply convinced that the wedding ceremony is one of the main components of any wedding. Even if it will exit the ceremony and choose a light buffet, all guests will remember this touching moment. And why not? Since we want to find optimal solutions, we can take risks and do as we want and afford.

Musical arrangement

The most economical option is to hire a skilled DJ. But this is already quite an extreme measure. I strongly recommend having a band. If you want to save money, you can invite a novice team, which is happy to perform for a small fee. But in this case it is important to understand that the quality of performers in any case will be considerably less than that of professionals.


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The destination wedding – here is the dilemma faced by most newlyweds. To arrange a luxurious wedding or to spend money on an unforgettable honeymoon? However, many do not even suspect the existence of another option – holding a wedding in another country!

What is particularly attractive and important of getting married abroad, it is not necessary to be an oligarch, because often you will be able to meet even a smaller budget than a wedding in your country. You must understand that the days when you were limited to some common wedding venues are long gone. Marriage abroad attracts young couples because their individual preferences are taken into account, which makes the event extraordinary and memorable. The abroad places to have wedding receptions are increasingly wanted by couples who want to create a dream wedding. Let us see what you have to do in this case.

133299 places to have wedding receptions 2 Places To Have Wedding Receptions

Places To Have Wedding Receptions (Source: free-press-release.com)

Register your marriage abroad can be both real and symbolic. In the first case, your signature will be quite formal and a certificate issued by the official representatives. Basically, these weddings are conducted in formal organizations at the City Hall.  However, a set of countries are very limited in what concerns the registration and they are divided into two groups, differing in the venue of the wedding ceremony. The first group includes the European countries: Italy, Greece, Austria, Iceland, United Kingdom (Scotland), Croatia, Greece, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Cyprus. The ceremonies take place here in the old palaces or castles where kings once married. A second group includes ‘sea’ countries such as Cuba, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Seychelles, Barbados, Mauritius, Sri Lanka, Fiji and Goa. They will offer you a ceremony in the open air.  But if you want to arrange a symbolic register, this will have absolutely no legal consequences. This ceremony can be quite varied and places to have wedding receptions can be quite incredible!

133299 places to have wedding receptions Places To Have Wedding Receptions

Places To Have Wedding Receptions (Source: free-press-release.com)

Enjoying nature in its original form would help refresh your marriage with new colors and feelings, fill your life with fresh impressions and unusual discoveries. You have a terrific opportunity to exchange vows of love and loyalty to your dear and beloved partner!   Just imagine an unparalleled sunset, white beach, strewn with petals, and you – in traditional dress – leisurely walk on romantic music to a place decorated with tropical flowers. Then you will exchange love declarations and be sure to plant a coconut tree together (in Maldives this is a sign of eternal love).

Your holiday will be no less colorful and memorable if you spend it in Bali. At your request, organize a wedding in traditional style. In Bali, the meaning of the ceremony is to send each other various objects of sacred significance. For example, a narrow white half-meter rope, bound out of the twelve strands means the willingness of men and women to be bound by strong bonds of marriage.


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For the modern bride who still wants a little bit of that “something old” to wear, perhaps a cap sleeve wedding dress can make a beautiful choice. Sleeved wedding dresses are not the most popular attire selections for contemporary brides, but they can definitely make inspiring models for mature women and for those who want more coverage for their shoulders and arms.

We are happy to announce you that the wedding dress with short and ¾ sleeves is back in vogue. We’ve seen many unique models in the latest collection of wedding dresses released by our designers for this year. The trends are not made to stand still but to move and change continuously. This is why some of the old models are revived, while some of the modern styles are left behind. The range of wedding dress styles is wider now that it ever was before, yet there are still designs that are falling out and back again in trend.

133259 sleeved wedding dresses 3 Sleeved Wedding Dresses

Sleeved Wedding Dresses (Source: wedding-pictures-01.onewed.com)

The sleeved style is one of them. There are many women who decide to wear a wedding dress with sleeves without any specific reason. It’s true that one doesn’t need a special motif to choose a beautiful wedding gown when she sees it. Even if you already have a model you would like to try for your big day you can still feel free to experiment and like other designs. Free yourself of preconceptions to be able to embrace a new style that might be smiling at you the next time you go shopping. Allow yourself to fall in love with a dress that you’ve never seen before!

133259 sleeved wedding dresses 2 Sleeved Wedding Dresses

Sleeved Wedding Dresses (Source: jlmcouture.com)

It’s more exciting this way, to just go shopping around without having any particular design in your mind. See what happens and whether you have the availability of falling in love at first sight with a dress. We’re not advising you to purchase the first dress that catches your eyes. Just be ready to meet many beautiful models while you’re out there in the complex world of wedding dresses. There are different sleeves to choose from if you care for this style especially. The trends evolved throughout the centuries and the ones that are popular now are the most flattering ones.

133259 sleeved wedding dresses Sleeved Wedding Dresses

Sleeved Wedding Dresses (Source: cheapweddingdresses4sale.com)

The cap sleeves are the most beautiful short sleeves a bride can choose for her wedding dress. The sleeves can play a functional role or they can serve as a fashionable accessory. The cap sleeve is the one that covers only the shoulder in a ball-shaped mound. This is the minimum coverage you can choose for your dress and this is why is so popular among young brides. Those who have a good muscle tone on their upper arms should go for this look.


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Using humor is always appreciated when it comes to wedding toasts. You have to brighten up the atmosphere so that people enjoy themselves and that you can loosen up. Emotions are not a good thing and you can really get distraction while giving this speech. Even if some people might not pay attention to what you are saying, this should not make you more nervous. You just have to stay on your path and continue saying the things you have to say. Speak from the heart and try to be as funny as you can.

Even if you are not a comical person you should still look up some jokes and sayings that will help you feel more comfortable. You should learn the jokes by heart but if you can’t or don’t have time then simply write them down on a sheet of paper. Before the actual speech you could even rehearse the speech either in front of your family member of in front of the mirror. This would be a good practical technique and it will help you improve.

133245 wedding toast jokes clean 2 Wedding Toast Jokes Clean

Wedding Toast Jokes Clean (Source: weddingpartytoasts.com)

You should start on your speech at least two weeks before the wedding so that you have time to modify and change it any way you wish. Look online and check out some speech samples that might give you an idea of what you have to say and what not. There are some simple rules that you need to follow whenever you must give this type of speech. First of all your posture, you have to be sober and you must avoid any nervous gesticulations, this might be a distraction for the guests.

133245 wedding toast jokes clean Wedding Toast Jokes Clean

Wedding Toast Jokes Clean (Source: buzzle.com)

You should stand up straight and speak into the microphone and if there is no microphone then make sure to speak loud and clear. You also have to keep it short and try not to bore the guests too much. That is why using jokes in your speech is always good way to go. So try and be funny and witty but without overduing it. Just be yourself and you will do a great job.


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If this is your first wedding anniversary then you should make this day a really special day. Surprise your wife by cooking her dinner, or by having a surprise party. Or a simple gesture like getting her an amazing gift. Women love to be impressed and this can easily be done by something she really wants. You could buy her some jewelry, which never fails or maybe some other types of accessories that she loves to wear. Maybe a silk scarf, a cashmere sweater, a leather jacket , some leather gloves and so on. Purses and bags and also highly appreciated gifts so try and look up some of her favorite bag designers and see what are the latest arrivals.

You could get her a new model something that she’s been eying for a while but she don’t want to spend that much money on the bag. This is your time to make her happy by getting her what she wants. Place your order online or go straight to the store if you have one near your area and get the bag for her. You might want to call the store first and see if they have it in stock.

133243 gifts for first wedding anniversary 2 Gifts For First Wedding Anniversary

Gifts For First Wedding Anniversary (Source: bagbliss.com)

This way you will avoid making more than one trip to the store and your wife will not suspect a thing. For your husband you could get him either some fashionable accessories like sunglasses, a new leather belt, maybe some silver cufflinks or whatever other things that he wants. If he’s into fashion and likes to dress nice all the time, maybe a new shirt from Burberry or Armani or maybe a simple briefcase which he can use for work. If he likes sport then you could buy him seasonal tickets to see his favorite team.

133243 gifts for first wedding anniversary Gifts For First Wedding Anniversary

Gifts For First Wedding Anniversary (Source: sndgems.com)

If he loves reading books you might want to get him the books that his collection is missing. Maybe a vintage watch would also be something he likes. Just think what he needs and what he would like to receive. This day is about spoiling each other with these kinds of presents. This 1st year wedding anniversary will only happen once so you need to make the best of it and celebrate it in style. Go out to dinner, go out dancing or even travel somewhere. Do whatever you feel like doing and enjoy these moments with the one you love.


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Your wedding band is that one special ring that should have the most important meaning to you. It symbolizes lots of things for different people. No matter the type of alloy that you choose or if it’s a high end wedding band or a simple one, this ring should be treasured and cherished. Making this decision should be something that you and your husband decide together. So check out different shops before you pick the ring that you will have with you for a long time. Just take your time and don’t rush into any decisions without running it through with your husband. You could both do your independent searches and look at different sites.

Once you have found the ones you like the most you could confront each other’s choices and then make your final top three picks. The metals form which the bands are made could be a lot of them, they could even be combined in different ways. You can choose from a gold, rose gold, silver, platinum which is expensive but it can be quite special and many other choices. These bands could have diamond on it or some other stones like sapphires or rubies.

133244 unique wedding bands 2 Unique Wedding Bands

Unique Wedding Bands (Source: handwovenbands.com)

The models could be very unique and if you wants something that is not common and something that will stand out then you will have to be prepared to spend a little more than you planned. These unique wedding bands style don’t come cheap. But at least you will know that you have made a good investment. Make sure to speak to a professional jeweler and learn how you should take care of the bands. Some metals might be a bit more sensitive than others.

133244 unique wedding bands Unique Wedding Bands

Unique Wedding Bands (Source: onestylishbride.com)

The bands might also have interesting engravings on them and you can even have them engraved with your own special words. Or you could have the bands custom made if you truly want something one of a kind and specially made for you. Decide how you wish to go from here but make sure that the bands will be ready by the time of the ceremony. So don’t take too long and place your order.


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Your invitations are really important and they are the first things that you should decide upon. You and your groom have to decide together what would go with your fall wedding theme and pick out the cardstock that you like along with the verses and poems that you wish to use as your introductions. You can find interesting fall wedding verses online which can really spicy up your introductions and let the guests know a little bit more about your theme. The designs of the invitations is also very important. You could opt for a simple colored invite with your picture in the middle or you could choose some fall inspired models and designs that will look very unique.

The leaves could be painted or they could be drawn. Hand made wedding invitations are very popular since you could ask the artistic to make them any way you want and they will be quite original. You could choose the fabrics that will be used in the decorations of your invite for instance some bows and other ribbons made from different materials. For instance for a more rustic feel try and use some simple strings instead of elegant satin bows and ribbons.

133241 fall wedding invitation card stock 2 Fall Wedding Invitation Card Stock

Fall Wedding Invitation Card Stock (Source: momentaldesigns.com)

You could also choose some grapevine deigns or some westerns inspired sceneries that will go very nicely with your concept. The colors of the cardstock should also be chosen based on the theme. And since it’s fall what better colors than earth ones or metallic tones. Pastels shades are also suitable along with some vibrant tones to create a bit of contrast.

133241 fall wedding invitation card stock Fall Wedding Invitation Card Stock

Fall Wedding Invitation Card Stock (Source: mypersonalartist.com)

So opt for some burnt oranges along with some browns, red along with some rusty yellows, gold and purple and many other combinations that will really give your invite that fall feel to it. Make sure that you add relevant information such as time, date and location and of course an RSVP which will be very useful. This way you will know who is coming to your wedding event and who’s not. Choose everything based on your likes and check out some prices to see which is the best option for your wedding budget.


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Using branches as part of your wedding décor means that you should use nature as your wedding theme. However, these branches will also give your table area a very interesting and sophisticated look. You could use crystals in order to give it that sophisticated feel to it. Go for either colored ones or simple clear ones. They could be any shape you want and the easiest way to use them is to hang them into the branches. Then the branches should be placed in some vases. If you want to go for a more nature inspired look then try using some simple branches along with some pebbles to seal the look.

Just arrange the pebble next to the vases or even add them in the containers. If you are using round or square shaped vases then feel free and add these stones into the bowls along with some sand or with fill up the bows with these rocks. You could add some greenery on top. Adding flowers could also be a nice touch not to mention that it will add a pop of color to your entire setting. So you should think of different ways you could use these branches and experiment with different looks before you decide on the last one.

133242 wedding centerpieces branches 2 Wedding Centerpieces Branches

Wedding Centerpieces Branches (Source: cache.elizabethannedesigns.com)

These branches could be bought or you could use actual branches from your garden. Just make sure that they have a certain shape and look so that it makes it easy for you to work with them. You could hang some silk flowers on them or some interesting paper butterflies. Some star models or some bird inspired figurines, whatever you might think of.

133242 wedding centerpieces branches Wedding Centerpieces Branches

Wedding Centerpieces Branches (Source: media.theknot.com)

Anything can be glued or hanged from these branches. The internet could really inspire you to put together some interesting centerpieces, if not then you could ways hire someone to help you out. Someone who know the latest trends and has an eye for detail. This person is a professional wedding planner and he or she could really help you out with planning this entire event not to mention coordinate all of your decorations.


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What can be more romantic than offering the guests some heart shaped wedding favors? After all this whole events is about love, the union of the people and romance. So why not emphasize this concept by giving the guests some heart wedding favors. These heart wedding items could made from different things. The easiest things to make are heart shaped cookies which will not only look nice but they will also taste nice. You could sue chocolate, vanilla or any other favors. Sprinkle them with other little heart sprinkled or some red icing.

Then warp them up in some small gift boxes and add a small ”thank you“ note. You could also make cupcakes that have heart designs on them. The cupcakes could be whichever color you want and the heart could be either red since this color represents passion and love or you could go for any kind of color. Maybe some blue hearts, pink ones or even golden hearts. Just think outside the box and do something different with your wedding favors. You could also give the guests some heart inspired charms.

133239 heart wedding favors 2 Heart Wedding Favors

Heart Wedding Favors (Source: img0.etsystatic.com)

They could be engraved with your wedding date or you could have them monogrammed. There are all kinds of stores where you can order these wedding favors from. Just take a look online and see what you can find. Maybe some pictures frames that have some heart decorations or some small pillow hearts which can be used as decorative objects.

133239 heart wedding favors Heart Wedding Favors

Heart Wedding Favors (Source: hotref.com)

Simple heart shaped key chains or wine openers with a heart shape on top. You could also order some mugs with an interesting heart designs and maybe a famous quote that you and your husband love. There are lots of ways to do this, just be creative enough to think of new and original ways to offer your thanks to the guests. These heart shaped wedding favors usually come with a price but there are plenty of good deals you can find or you could reduce a lot of the wedding costs if you make these favors yourself.


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If you wish to give your married friends something to remember you, then the best wedding gifts would be something that has your personal touch. You could make or create something for them. If you have any skills like painting or drawing you could make them a memorable painting or a wedding portrait. If you are passionate about photography you could maybe take several pictures of them and then use them to make a very unique collage. You could also print the photos and buy a photo album and make a very special scrapbook for them.

Use some poems and some quotes that you think are suitable for each one of their picture. If you love to make jewelry for instance, you could make a personalized jewelry piece for them. Make some earrings for the bride while for the groom you could either go for a bracelet or maybe an interesting key chain that has a personal meaning to him. Buy them something they will need for their new house, like some china or some coffee sets which you can engrave. You could even paint the coffee mugs, each one in a different way and give them a really unique look.

133240 handmade wedding gift 2 Handmade Wedding Gift

Handmade Wedding Gift (Source: img3.etsystatic.com)

If not you could choose some comical mugs with some funny drawings on them or some funny messages on each cup. You can find these comical items at all sorts of stores and you can have them personalized any way you want. Another thing you could make is to frame their favorite poem of love saying. Maybe an expression or a quote that is very dear to them.

133240 handmade wedding gift Handmade Wedding Gift

Handmade Wedding Gift (Source: parklanecards.com)

Use a silver or a wooden picture frame and offer it as a gift. This will mean a lot to them and they will surely appreciate your gesture. Because in the end, its about the meaning of the gift and what it represents for them and not the value or the size of it. So whatever you decide to get the newlyweds just make sure that it’s something personal and something they will always cherish.


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In the world of precious stones, a ring with a diamond is the materialized wish of one spouse to legalize their relationship than ever before. For those who decided to celebrate this event as it should be, it also brought down a lot of trouble, including the search for suitable wedding rings. Well, someone who wants to preserve all the traditions has to pay a lot of effort.  In any case, Neil Lane wedding rings should fit modern people, as well as traditionalists. If you really want to mark the moment as being a special one in your future life together, then you should better pay attention to the following ideas.

133296 neil lane wedding rings 6 Neil Lane Wedding Rings

Neil Lane Wedding Rings (Source: brides.com)

‘Will you become my wife?’

These words (with a slight change in wording in different languages and with different intonations) are recited every day by hundreds of thousands of potential suitors around the world. Together with a proposal of marriage, the fiancée gets the so-called engagement ring. This tradition is very common and there is no precise definition for the ring which is received by a future bride. Here it is the classical picture: he kneels and says the phrase rehearsed, opening the jewelry box. If she agrees, she says ‘yes’, and wears the lucky ring on her finger. If the answer is no, he will have to return the ring to the jewelry store. (Romeo, make sure you have kept the cashier's checks!)

133296 neil lane wedding rings 5 Neil Lane Wedding Rings

Neil Lane Wedding Rings (Source: realisticwedding.files.wordpress.com)

<-336×280 Large Rectangle – center->

Of course, the marriage proposal has many variations. Ingenious lovers come up with very surprising alternatives. The inscription “Will you marry me?” repeatedly appeared on the stadiums’ scoreboards, painted on the asphalt, drawn through the air. The ring does not always appear out of the box. It can be hidden in a flower bud, tied to a balloon, attached to the pet’s collar … Some girls even found the cherished ring in the soup, salad, dessert during a romantic dinner in a restaurant. The main thing with this extravagant proposal is to choose the right course and ask the chosen one to not chew. In general, these original proposals should be carefully considered. And the best – just say the word and get the cherished ring from the box. It is a romantic ritual, not a gala concert with special effects. In any of the cases, the ring is the star of the moment, so you should definitely take some time to find the PERFECT RING.

133296 neil lane wedding rings 4 Neil Lane Wedding Rings

Neil Lane Wedding Rings (Source: brides.com)

She said ‘yes’

What do I do next? Of course, to declare all about your intentions to get married. This tradition has existed since 1215, when Pope Innocent III issued a postulate that all weddings should be publicly advertised in advance in the church. Today, only the bride and groom decide how, when, where and to whom announce their betrothals. This may be a church engagement, cocktail for friends and family, dinner at a restaurant or an ad in the newspaper. On the occasion of the betrothal guests are not obliged to give gifts, but nevertheless it is considered good to offer flowers or a bottle of good wine. At this party, the bride and groom can announce a wedding date or may keep it a secret.

133296 neil lane wedding rings 3 Neil Lane Wedding Rings

Neil Lane Wedding Rings (Source: bios.weddingbee.com)

From the moment of engagement until the wedding day the bride should not be taking off the ring. It is usually worn on the ring finger of her left hand (in some countries – right).  The tradition of modern engagement ring dates back to 1477 when Emperor Maximilian I gave Mary of Burgundy as a wedding gift a diamond ring. Since then, the ring of precious metal (gold and later platinum) with a large gem is considered a classic ring.

Today, the ring of white gold with a large central diamond can be found at many companies, but the best, of course, is Neil Lane. You can choose a ring with a sparkling diamond cut or pear shape or languidly rectangular radiant cut or even emerald cut. The secret of diamonds that have that particular shine is given by the original mount. Neil Lane wedding rings will surprise you a huge selection of rings with a central diamond and various cuts (pave, baguette or heart-shaped).  The craftsmen of this company offer diamond in different colors – for example, a ring with pink and blue diamonds.

Also, if you know your future bride is very fond of antiquities, you r best option is to gave her a vintage wedding ring. This is a broad ring in yellow gold with diamonds, decorated with a large emerald, sapphire, ruby or pearl (an excellent alternative to the central diamond). The impression is that these rings are handed down from generation to generation. It sounds like a very attractive story.

133296 neil lane wedding rings 2 Neil Lane Wedding Rings

Neil Lane Wedding Rings (Source: insideweddings.com)

Thousands of years ago (long before the appearance of the rings), the symbol of betrothal was a strip of strong cloth or leather. The groom just tied the bride's hands and feet, so that she could not escape. We have gone far from barbaric times, so now in love men can ‘tie’ their women with a beautiful ring and sincere feelings, of course.

Finally, the wedding…

And then came the long awaited wedding day – time to put on the finger of your chosen one another jewel ring. A wedding ring is just a circle of precious metal. In most countries, this ring is worn on the ring finger of the left or right hand (depending on the country). One of the most important questions: what to do with engagement ring after marriage? There are several options. You can remove it and only wear the wedding ring, you can ‘move’ it on any other finger, wear it on a chain, or can be left on the ring finger together with the wedding ring. Fortunately, many jewelers have taken care of that so that engagement rings are combined with wedding rings, forming a great duo. As you expected, Neil Lane also offers this alternative.

133296 neil lane wedding rings Neil Lane Wedding Rings

Neil Lane Wedding Rings (Source: neillane-engagementrings.com)

Another problem – the problem of compatibility of the ring of male and female – is excellently managed by Neil Lane. This jewelry house created great ‘couples’ of platinum, gold rings and rings of gold in three colors (white, pink and yellow). Platinum and gold rings are available in several designs: simple and elegant or adorned with diamonds or engraved with a specific word or even image. Most of these rings are original and sleek.


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2012 wedding ceremonies are more fashionable than they ever wore before, and in many cases even more aesthetical than romantic. This is due to the fact that the modern bride is a real fashionista who wants to look like a real diva on her big day. This includes selecting the accessories for both her personal adornment and the wedding setting with more care and precaution, according to the new requirements of current trends.

Everything the bride wears on her wedding day is selected by style and fashion. Her shoes, her jewels, her veil and even her hairstyle are real expression of her sharp sense of style and beauty. The headdress is one of the trickiest accessories a contemporary bride must select for her ceremony. And the choices are multiple in this sense. There are vintage, modern or classier choices. For instance, those who want the traditional princess look can wear a fancy tiara.

133260 wedding tiaras and hair pieces 3 Wedding Tiaras And Hair Pieces

Wedding Tiaras And Hair Peices (Source: site.advantagebridal.com)

These types of accessories are also the most popular and the most versatile. Even the bridesmaids can wear tiaras if the bride decides to wear something else, something even more pompous or outstanding. Those who want the princess look but in a more modern way can choose a headband. There are many other options for those of you who want something hot and trendy, like a flower or feather fascinator, a hat or a birdcage veil. We should talk some more about bridal tiaras because they are the most common and the most formal or wedding-appropriate.

133260 wedding tiaras and hair pieces 2 Wedding Tiaras And Hair Pieces

Wedding Tiaras And Hair Peices (Source: wedding-pictures-04.onewed.com)

Not all tiaras are the same and this why you have to pay more thought into selecting the right design for you and your wedding. The first aspect to consider when making this choice is your attire. It’s indicated to purchase the dress first and then see which type of headdress you can wear to obtain a coherent look. Your headpiece should also match the shape of your face and the wedding formality. The best tiara will be one that can capture the style of the wedding and your individual style.

133260 wedding tiaras and hair pieces Wedding Tiaras And Hair Pieces

Wedding Tiaras And Hair Peices (Source: tj-bridalgallery.com)

All the accessories you’re wearing on the big day must be well-assorted. The jewelry, the gloves, the shoes, – they all have to feature the same style or a complementary one. There are tiaras adorned with crystals, flowers, pearls, gemstones and even diamonds. Make sure you pick the right one based on the amplitude and formality of the ceremony. For instance, if you’re having a casual wedding, don’t use something too pompous and sparkling. Make sure the tiara frames your face in a nice smooth way and draws attention to your most beautiful traits. That design which can make you look too full, too little or too big is not the right one to go.


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Strapless wedding dresses have become popular icon for modern brides but they are not the only style to choose for your wedding. Fortunately, our designers are thinking of going back to sleeves and bring back the most unique styles that were popular back in the old eras. This is why we can find so many beautiful wedding dresses with sleeves nowadays in our famous designer’s collections.

If you want a couture gown with beautiful sleeves for your big day we recommend you Franc Sarabia’s collections. His style is amazing and perhaps one of the finest. His dresses feature sleeves of all lengths and they all look exquisite, elegant and fashionable. Manuel Mota, Aire Barcelona and Rosa Clara also create spectacular gowns for brides who love sleeves. You’ve noticed perhaps that the lace and sheer fabric boleros are in high fashion these days.

133257 short sleeve wedding dresses 4 Short Sleeve Wedding Dresses

Short Sleeve Wedding Dresses (Source: weddingdressesblog.org)

Well, check out these designers if you want to see some gorgeous dresses assorted with matching textured boleros with short and long sleeves. The models with ¾ sleeves are the newest acquisitions of our modern brides. They adore the styles that come with middle length sleeves because they look very feminine, elegant and chic. These types of dresses are never traditional-looking or too fashionable to be worn by young or mature brides. The color, the cut, the fabric and the design are essential elements to consider when selecting a wedding dress.

133257 short sleeve wedding dresses 3 Short Sleeve Wedding Dresses

Short Sleeve Wedding Dresses (Source: wedding-pictures-02.onewed.com)

But in many cases the bride decides to purchase a gown because she likes the way it looks overall and not on pieces. The sleeved designs are great options for those who want something else or something more decent. There are many models that you can attach sleeves or straps to in case you can’t seem to find a couture model to like. Many strapless dresses of today can have sleeves added or removed, depending on your preferences.

133257 short sleeve wedding dresses 2 Short Sleeve Wedding Dresses

Short Sleeve Wedding Dresses (Source: wedding-index.net)

There is a lot of versatility involved in the world of wedding dresses nowadays and this is definitely something to rejoice at. Strapped wedding gowns are ideal solutions for those who don’t want a full coverage of their shoulders and arms, but something slightly more delicate, feminine and supportive for their bust area.

133257 short sleeve wedding dresses Short Sleeve Wedding Dresses

Short Sleeve Wedding Dresses (Source: static.i-weddingdresses.com)

Short-sleeved bridal dresses can make elegant choices for any season. They are rather formal than casual, but it all depends on the fabric, texture and cut of the dress. In general, older brides and those who are getting married for the second time are choosing a sleeved wedding dress. The cap sleeves, the petal sleeves, the puffed and balloon sleeves, the T-shirt sleeves and the elbow-length sleeves are the most popular short selections. If you want more coverage and a more romantic look, opt for a long lace sleeve style.


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The wedding style is often a reflection of the couple’s personality. In many cases, the theme is the real expression of their vision and preferences in terms of colors, motifs and symbols. For instance, if the bride and groom are elegant persons, they would perhaps choose something based on white and black. We love those weddings that are planned by color. They look very fun, coherent and fashionable.

The greatest thing of all is that nowadays any color can be incorporated in a wedding without creating an ostentatious or inappropriate look. Our designers have a great eye for mixing and matching the colors in order to result a beautiful and elegant combo that can fit the formality of a wedding. One of thee most stylish color-schemes one can choose for a unique wedding is the black & white scheme.

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These two shades form an irresistible couple, and they look just like the bride and the groom. It’s like the couple found the best compromise between their color tastes and chose something neutral yet symbolic. We know men prefer the dark tones, while women care more for the colorful shades. But if the groom is not easy to bend when it comes to adding a hot pink or a brighter hue to the black theme, a white shade can make the best selection.

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Black and white weddings are ideal for those who want a classy and dashing party. The bride can wear a black and white wedding dress and leave everyone breathless! This palette is surely a ravishing one for a wedding gown. And we’ve seen many designers using it for their collections. Atelier Aimee for instance has a superb collection of black and white wedding dress called “Collezione Bianco e Nero”.

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Black And White Wedding Dress (Source: aimee.it)

This is a special line dedicated to brides who prefer the classic look. The gowns they have are very dramatic. But the surprise is that this color-scheme looks very romantic in this collection. This theme is not the most feminine or juicy theme for a wedding, but the way it was incorporated in these models is pretty seductive. This designer chose to go for the sumptuous ball gown style and this is why these dresses look so expressive and passionate.

133258 black and white wedding dresses Black And White Wedding Dresses

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We’ve posted here a few of our favorite models from this line to convince those who still think that this color mix is not wedding-appropriate. You will change your mind after seeing these creations, we are convinced of it. To make sure you will make the wisest selection, check out the full collection on Atelier Aimee Montenapoleone’s website. The dark wedding dresses were popular back in the 1800s, when brides often chose black for their big day and for other special occasions.


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This article is for all couples who don’t now what a wedding ceremony means and what are the most important moments they should focus more. There are many young brides and grooms who have no idea about the rites, the formalities and the etiquettes assigned to a wedding ceremony. Perhaps it’s not important to know all the sets of rules to be able to pull a successful ceremony.

But it’s essential to know the basic things that occur during the program. If you’re having a ceremony in a church or in a chapel outdoors, you might also want to know more about the religious factor and all the symbols that are involved. There will be readings from the bible and other special moments you should be aware of. Being informed about what happens in a ceremony is a way of being more present, with both mind and heart. There is nothing more beautiful, more sentimental and romantic than a wedding ceremony.

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The program includes the exchanging of the vows and rings ceremonies – which are the ones that everybody expects to see. But in many cases, the guests too can be confused about wedding ceremony, especially those who have never attended one before. It’s important to know a few things about how you should act and behave. These are not hard and fast rules common sense etiquettes that can prevent you from ruining the couple’s wedding. It’s very important for a guest to know exactly what to expect, what to say and when to applaud.

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Each one of us wants to be a great guest to our friend’s wedding, so let’s see what the basic information on how a ceremony proceeds are. The wedding location is very important for a guest. He needs to know whether the ceremony will take place in a garden, in a public park, in a city hall or in a place of worship. This will dictate the dress code and the way he should behave. They say that the good guest who behaves properly is almost invisible! Well, this is not the best description you would want for yourself, isn’t it? But there is a little truth in this saying you will have to submit to. Don’t show up dressed inappropriately for the formality.

133254 what happens at a wedding ceremony What Happens At A Wedding Ceremony?

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Behave elegantly and polite. Don’t drink too much and don’t laugh during the ceremony. It is a solemn moment when the bride and the groom swear eternal love to one another in the eyes of God. So keep the fun and the good laughter for the reception party. The shortest types of ceremonies (15 minutes at most) are those that take place at city hall. The space reserved for guests is practically very small.


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In general, young women choose their outfits according to their preferences and vision. And they are all for the most attractive and unique look. Older women on the other hand are for the adequate look. They are never fully happy with the way they look now that they have passed their youth age and this is why they are constantly complaining about their body shape. It’s true that the vast majority of moms are more corpulent and more pretentious with the types of cloths they purchase for their wear.

This is why in many cases making the best choice for your daughter’s wedding can be a daunting experience. You should not feel disappointed after the first day of shopping though. You still have time to search and try on more models until the big date. This is why we always recommend mothers and other members of the bridal party to start the search as early as possible. This will give you time to change your mind and perhaps even return a gown and purchase another.

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There are many factors to consider when selecting the right mother of the bride dress. And before going out to haunt down the stores we suggest you some homework. Find out what style or theme your daughter chose for her wedding and then ask her about how formal should your dress be. The time and date of the wedding and the venue are other important aspects to keep in mind when making the big purchase. There are also your personal preferences to take into consideration when shopping for your outfit, but it’s essential to pick the length, the color and the fabric according to the principal coordinates of the wedding.

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The comfort factor is one the most important when it comes to mother of the bride dresses. We know you guys are interested in finding a gown that is both unique and easy to wear. It’s not that difficult to find a dress that is equally attractive and commodious as you might think. Not anymore! The collections launched by our designers are very generous in different types of lengths, cuts and designs.

133256 mother of the bride dresses Mother Of The Bride Dresses

Mother Ofthe Bride Dresses (Source: weddingdressesforever.com)

Even the color palettes are very rich and various. You have to feel confident in your skin and glamorous while wearing your gown. So verify if the model you like can provide you with the right attitude too. If you’re choosing the dress by formality, think of the length first. Long gowns are for evening reception, while cocktail length dresses are for before 6 p.m. events. The long styles are more formal and decent as they offer more coverage for your body, while the shorter models are more adequate for casual and ultra-formal parties.


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Those of you who are very excited about summer and all the pretty things this season brings might be interested in reading this article about tropical wedding receptions. We also know that there are many couples who decide to plan an exotic wedding in the dead of winter. This is even a more ingenious and interesting idea to follow, don’t you think? Either way, the tropical theme doesn’t need a motif or a special location or season to be executed.

Anyone can implement this style in her wedding without paying attention to the time of year or wedding venue they chose. There are many ways to bring the tropics to your wedding place by simply using the right decorative items and accessories that reflect this style. And you can choose even a backyard for the party! In many cases it’s enough to add a few sparkling sand on the floor and incorporate a few exotic flowers in the décor to obtain a tropical feel.

133252 tropical wedding reception centerpieces 3 Tropical Wedding Reception Centerpieces

Wedding Reception Tropical Centerpiece (Source: weddingaces.com)

But if you want something more sophisticated than this or something more unique, we advise you to follow the tips we have here for you. If you want to make a simple outdoor party look more vibrant and cheerful opt for a luau celebration. This style is specific to Hawaii regions, but it can be done even on an open field. One great way to bring the tropical flair in your party is to use leis, which you can offer to each guest when they arrive at the party.

133252 tropical wedding reception centerpieces 2 Tropical Wedding Reception Centerpieces

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These decorations will add a nice and chic air of festivity in the air. To make the backdrop a bit more energizing and fun, string colored lights, paper lanterns or colorful flower blooms in trees. Use bold colors and hang a few seashells, corals and starfishes around to create a more exotic look. Use fruity cocktails like Mai Tai or something regional, like Hawaiian Sunset and a few seafood appetizers and fresh fruits. This will definitely help your guests get into the mood and get the party started! Play some live music to make the atmosphere even more relaxing and agreeable. To delimitate and decorate the reception area in a wild and funky style, use ring tiki torches.

133252 tropical wedding reception centerpieces Tropical Wedding Reception Centerpieces

Wedding Reception Tropical Centerpiece (Source: aperfectcelebration.com)

These are simple touches that can transform a standard tropical wedding into a spectacular fiesta! Your invitees will surely feel like they are part of a real island wedding, at least for one evening. To bring the tropics indoors can be just as simple. Use palm fronds to decorate the hall and serve some colorful cocktails. Add a few umbrella straws, scooped out pineapples filled with floating candles or fresh fruits. Use big ruffled flowers, like orchids, ranunculuses or hibiscuses in bright shades.


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One of the most difficult and overwhelming things to plan when it comes to weddings is the favors for the guests. Weddings in general are big events that take a lot of thought, time and energy to complete. But when it comes to satisfying someone else but you, things can get even more challenging. Nevertheless, you don’t have reasons to worry about. There are so many clever ideas out there to consider! But to make sure you make the best pick, follow the style or theme of your wedding.

They say that everything you use in the wedding, starting with the invitations and ending up wit the cake has to reflect the specific of the wedding. For instance, if you’re having a countryside wedding, incorporate more rustic motifs throughout the décor. If you’re having a vintage theme, use more antique objects or thrift store decorations to express the uniqueness of the style you picked. The favors you give to your guests should also carry the theme.

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After all, these gifts are meant to be wedding souvenirs for your invitees to guard and keep for the rest of their lives. This is why they have to be as symbolic as possible. Nevertheless, there are many cases when the favors are not to last. For instance, when you’re offering edible favors, you can’t expect your guests to keep them for a lifetime. They will eventually eat them and perhaps forget about your wedding. Well, in order to make a lasting impression, you can invest in the packaging of the favors. It’s hip to have original boxes or jars containing different dragees, cookies or delicacies made especially for the wedding.

133253 wedding party favors 2 Wedding Party Favors

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 We know people love desserts in a wedding and they are constantly looking for the dessert table and for eagerly expecting the wedding cake. In this context, the idea to offer your attendants edible favors is quite clever and inspired. These treats are sweet, tasty and also good-looking. You can be sure your guests will enjoy them and remember your wedding as a successful one. If you want to give them something delicious and really healthful, offer them home-backed cookies.

133253 wedding party favors Wedding Party Favors

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There is nothing more adequate for a modern wedding than organic food and homemade desserts. Chocolate-dripped brownies, marshmallows, cheesecakes or puffed-rice squares are ideal choices. Lollipops, sugar canes or sugar floss also make unique and whimsy treats for a more cheerful wedding. Customize your sweets to fit the theme of the wedding or the season. Offer your guest honey jars or other glass recipients filled with jams or sauces. Beverage mixes and hot chocolate and natural snacks are other unique ideas to pursuit if you want to make your guests feel happy and excited about your wedding.