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Carlos Ramirez – the designer of the wonderful Liancarlo bridal brand had a great vision for his newest collection of wedding dresses released for this fall. The models he designed for 2012 – the cold season are luxurious and very, very elegant! We adore the shades he utilized for this line: platinum, shell, ivory, taupe, beige and pearl.

These nuances are ideal for the fall and winter weddings and they are perfect for celebrating a luxurious wedding. The collection is generous in original designs. The silhouettes follow the same line: fit and flare. But the cuts and the details are very unique for each case in part. This is what we love the most about a talented designer: the fact that he uses his imagination to create diverse silhouettes.

129698 fall wedding dresses 5 Fall Wedding Dresses

Fall Wedding Dresses (Source: weddinginspirasi.com)

A collection that contains different designs is definitely a successful one. The bride can easily find a model to like! And it would be impossible not to spot anything fit for your taste here! Autumn and winter are among the trendiest wedding seasons at the moment. It seems that more and more brides and grooms are booking their wedding ceremony and reception in one of the colder months.

129698 fall wedding dresses 4 Fall Wedding Dresses

Fall Wedding Dresses (Source: weddinginspirasi.com)

The locations are always more luxurious and also more elegant during this period. The options outdoors are not very many. Nevertheless, we’ve seen many newlyweds enjoying a whimsical reception outside the doors, in a more adventurous location, like in the mountains or in a forest. Not all couples are conservative about these things. Many modern brides and grooms prefer something less conventional and funkier.

129698 fall wedding dresses 3 Fall Wedding Dresses

Fall Wedding Dresses (Source: weddinginspirasi.com)

They are also looking for the offbeat path to go for the décor arrangements and outfits. Returning to our subject, you can wear one of these fanciful pieces in any type of formal wedding – in or outdoors. The important thing is to keep the décor sophisticated and thematic. We know brides who fell in love with the design of their wedding dress so much that they decided to plan the entire wedding based on that style!

129698 fall wedding dresses 2 Fall Wedding Dresses

Fall Wedding Dresses (Source: weddinginspirasi.com)

There are a few precious models in Liancarlo’s collection you can use for your personal inspiration. Perhaps you can steal the pattern or the design of one of these remarkable gowns and use it in your cake. Fashion-inspired cakes are all the range at this hour in weddings!

129698 fall wedding dresses Fall Wedding Dresses

Fall Wedding Dresses (Source: weddinginspirasi.com)

This collection is very different from the one released last year. Carlos Ramirez now picked the romantic style and amplified it to reach the preferences and standards of the modern bride. The love stories and the childhood dreams of looking like a princess of a bride can be found in this superb collection. The spring bridal line is also out, so don’t hesitate to browse it when visiting Liancarlo’s website.


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Sensational wedding dresses we have here today from St. Pucchi. This gown galore was made for one of the most impressive collections ever released by this designer. If these models managed to stir your interest in order to look for more, don’t hesitate to visit the official website of St. Pucchi.

The entire collection is worth seeing by anyone who is planning a dramatic bridal look for their wedding. The dresses St. Pucchi sells are not for all brides thought. Only those who are ready to adopt a more provocative style for their big day can respond positively to the charm of these gowns.

129699 st pucchi wedding dresses 6 St. Pucchi Wedding Dresses

St Pucchi Wedding Dresses (Source: weddinginspirasi.com)

We have to admit that some of these outfits are truly outrageous! The feathery top model for instance is definitely not every bride’s cup of tea! We adore the blonde and ruby red hair used for this photo shoot. The location is special and the pictures very artistic. This collection was inspired by the statuesque style.

129699 st pucchi wedding dresses 5 St. Pucchi Wedding Dresses

St Pucchi Wedding Dresses (Source: weddinginspirasi.com)

Now we know for sure that the background used for a collection influences the way a bride interprets the dresses. This backdrop is perfect for promoting such an artistic collection. These gown masterpieces are expressive, romantic and very fashionable. There are also many sexy cuts and bold elements of design here to admire.

129699 st pucchi wedding dresses 4 St. Pucchi Wedding Dresses

St Pucchi Wedding Dresses (Source: weddinginspirasi.com)

The plunging necklines, the lacing bodices and the deep neck cuts are among our favorite elements of style used for these fabulous gowns. They make the bride look a little bit voluptuous without reaching the vulgar effect. The contrary, everything is smooth, refined and elegant. This bride looks sensational in every single dress and picture. How can one make the final decision when all these models are spectacular?

129699 st pucchi wedding dresses 3 St. Pucchi Wedding Dresses

St Pucchi Wedding Dresses (Source: weddinginspirasi.com)

We thought that the lack of unique designs is problematic for a bride, but now we see that having a too generous offer of original models can be make a bride’s final choice even more difficult. Nevertheless, we are convinced that each woman has her own principles and things she likes more.

129699 st pucchi wedding dresses 2 St. Pucchi Wedding Dresses

St Pucchi Wedding Dresses (Source: weddinginspirasi.com)

Look for those cuts and details that appeal to your style and personality. Think of the cut that suits you best and then look for the model that captures your favorite design at most. The layers of petals, the heavily beaded bodices, the one-shoulder flowered details and the trimming ruffles look breathtaking. These are the details that we personally adore in this collection.

129699 st pucchi wedding dresses St. Pucchi Wedding Dresses

St Pucchi Wedding Dresses (Source: weddinginspirasi.com)

We are surprised to see the unique fusion between pleats and ruffles in the same place. This combination is for certain the most original element of design we’ve seen in a bridal collection. This designer is not one of those who create ordinary dresses for regular brides. His label addresses to offbeat brides who want something undone before.


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Firms on the organization of celebrations call it a novelty in recent seasons, but in fact our ancestors tried to play a wedding in the fresh air and not indoors. The latter were small and could not accommodate all the guests. Now this tradition is revived, however. Marriage is desirable to carry out during the warm season, roughly from mid-May to late September. A whole garden filled with flowers and subtle flavors has a special charm. I am here to help you with some garden wedding ideas that will definitely create a special atmosphere.

129704 garden weddings ideas 2 Garden Weddings Ideas

Garden Weddings Ideas (Source: cache.stylemepretty.com)

First you need to choose the place where the celebration will be held. Recently, gardens are increasingly using various tents, lightly flavored with white chiffon and organza. They are very beautiful under the streaming breath of the warm breeze and create a sense of purity and freshness. This is a good addition to the decorative features to protect spouses from direct sunlight. Inside it is usually installed a temporary wooden flooring (if the surface is rough) or leave an open lawn. But for the bride and her girlfriends would not be very comfortable to walk on the grass with heels, so still need to consider a temporary floor.

If your garden has, then another special place to rest cannot hurt. Place a bench next to a pond or a gurgling fountain, where guests can relax and talk to each other. Also do not forget about the ‘warehouse’ for gifts – a table or stand, which is usually installed at the entrance to the tent.

Before you start, think how to decorate a garden. In the traditional, Oriental, Moroccan, South African or another style? Moroccan feast involves a riot of colors and smells. South, or, as it is called, Hawaiian, the ceremony involves an abundance of large flowers and for African parties require straw and bright colored ribbons.

129704 garden weddings ideas Garden Weddings Ideas

Garden Weddings Ideas (Source: weddingdecoupage.com)

Decorations must stand in the same style. When making a traditional wedding, only a few made use of contrasting colors together. For example, pink and blue, white and red, white and gold, red and gold. Moroccan celebrations are usually full of different color schemes – blue, yellow, red, orange and green. When decorating a Hawaiian wedding, you should pay particular attention to the subtle colors.

Balloons are the universal way of decorating the garden for any marriage, regardless of its style. They have a very impressive look, when any breeze causes them to dance in the fascinating, unique rhythm. These garden wedding ideas will probably set the entire atmosphere and will create that feeling of freshness and naturalness. Weddings in the garden provide a complete flight of fantasy and allow you to make the most unusual and colorful surprises.


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Fancy weaving of ancient tradition and modernity, good behavior of young, which is not allowed to meet before the ceremony and the merriment of guests, fiery dances and colorful cuisine, all these are aspects are employed in a Spanish wedding. Elegant wedding receptions in a Spanish style will always charm your guests with naturalness, freshness and color.

129705 elegant wedding receptions 2 Elegant Wedding Receptions

Elegant Wedding Receptions (Source: 2.bp.blogspot.com)

Spaniards look forever young and blooming as evergreen orange tree, so in the traditional attire of the bride it is always present the orange color, usually in combination with black. Also orange flowers are woven in bride’s hair and bouquet. If you want to maintain the Spanish traditions, then after the ceremony the husband must offer his wife thirteen gold coins, a symbol of the future of family welfare and support.

At the banquet, the bride must dance with everyone who invites her but for this the man has to pay hard cash.  For a wedding banquet in the Spanish style is best, of course, to rent a restaurant specializing in Spanish cuisine. In such an institution would be the easiest to recreate the atmosphere of a sultry Spanish and authentic dishes to please the guests. Decorating the Spanish wedding will be done with flowers and fruits as well as brightly colored ribbons, but only of natural fabrics. The Spaniards, like the Italians, appreciate the natural beauty. The musical program must be discussed in advance with the musicians and if you really think everything through, you can revive the great Spanish music. Spanish wedding feast is usually accompanied by all sorts of toasts and games.

Wonderful Spanish tradition is to bake a special cake for wedding. It differs in size and resembles a huge outline of a human figure (or decorated with small figures). Around this bread turns a lot of wedding customs. The purpose of the young and their parents is to distribute during the wedding, all the bread to the last crumb. Not one piece should remain at the end of the celebration, otherwise the young will not have good luck.

129705 elegant wedding receptions Elegant Wedding Receptions

Elegant Wedding Receptions (Source: bios.weddingbee.com)

Of course, you do not have to regale your guests with only one pie. Spanish cuisine is in fact an abundance of seafood and meat, lots of olive oil, tomatoes, peppers and garlic, rice and spices.  The excellent cuisine is very well complemented by the picture of Spanish wines and desserts: Catalan cream, milk cream, honey cookies, pestinos with anise and lemon, cooked in red wine, peaches, served with wine syrup, rum cakes and much more. These elegant wedding receptions will truly make you believe you are actually in Spain. Spanish wedding is a bright holiday, full of jokes and dancing. It is an excellent choice for those who are cheerful and full of energy!


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Each couple has a certain way of celebrating their wedding anniversary. There are no right or wrong gifts. Everyone loves to receive presents it just a matter of finding the right one for your husband or your wife. You might want to start of the day with some flowers for your wife and maybe cook her a delicious breakfast before she goes to work. You could do the same for your husband. As far as material gifts you need to buy them a few days before the anniversary. Make sure that your wife or husband does not know anything about the gift. Make it a surprise.

Women love jewelry so you cannot go working with a ring, either gold or diamond one depending on your budget. Maybe a set that contains earring and a bracelet or a necklace would also be the perfect gifts. Perfumes and skincare or makeup gifts are also appropriate for your wife. however if shells not into makeup and much and cosmetic items you could get her more practical things like a bag, painting that she wants or maybe a new car if your budget allows you to.

129683 proper gifts for wedding anniversary 2 Proper Gifts For Wedding Anniversary

Proper Gifts For Wedding Anniversary (Source: brandish.tv)

For your husband you could also go for jewelry such as cufflinks or maybe a bracelet. A new watch maybe or a bow where he can store all of his watches. If he has certain hobbies like collecting something you could maybe get him the one of the missing pieces for his collection. You can find almost anything online nowadays so start looking for either old tamps, old records or whatever your husband might collect. If he’s into electronic gadgets you could  get him a new iPhone or anything else that you know he’s been wanting for a while.

129683 proper gifts for wedding anniversary Proper Gifts For Wedding Anniversary

Proper Gifts For Wedding Anniversary (Source: resources.infosecinstitute.com)

 Whatever you decide to buy each other just make sure that is something you know your other half wants or needs. Just spoil one another with gifts and special moments but moreover spoil each other with love and romance. This day is meant to be remembered and cherished. The gifts you buy can be either inexpensive one or really expensive one, but at the end of the day your love is the more precious gift to one another.


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For those of you who love everything that has got to do with the Italian culture you could opt for a Tuscany inspired theme or even get married in this wonderful place. You will need to book a location either a castle or maybe an mansion or simply choose to go for an outdoor wedding and set up a tent. You could rent a vintage car or maybe a horse and carriage and have your fairytale Tuscany wedding.

Then think of the décor and what embellishments could you use. You might want to opt for some grapevines and some delicious Italian wine which you can use as your centerpieces. Choose some pictures that you’ve took all around the Tuscany area and add some interesting pictures frames. Hire a professional photographer to do these pictures and them have them modified any way you want. Then you need to choose your wedding attire and your groom’s attire.

129684 tuscany wedding 2 Tuscany Wedding

Tuscany Wedding (Source: yourwaytotuscany.com)

You could help out your future husband or let him decide what he would like to wear. Just make sure that you are both on the same page and have at least some matching colors. So if your dress has some red accents in it your future groom can have a red bow tie and so on. Your dress could be white, champagne tones or whichever other colors you like. Think of a style that will suit your and choose something that is in your budget range. Make sure that everything is perfect. Do not forget to include some interesting wedding favors. They can be bottles of wine as well or maybe some lovely candles.

129684 tuscany wedding Tuscany Wedding

Tuscany Wedding (Source: ispwp.com)

These favors should not be expensive, just opt for some small memories that will always remind the guests of your lovely Tuscany wedding. Think of what you can do achieve the perfect Tuscany inspired theme and have all the necessary decorations. You should also go for some Italian inspired wedding invitations and of course base everything on this culture. Be inventive and enjoy planning this event.


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Choosing your bridal gown also depends on how formal or informal your wedding event is. Some brides like to keep it simple and very causal. So if that is your style and you have a very casual wedding you could opt for some really great dresses. White is of course the tradition choice that most brides tend to go for while colored dresses are for those who are a very colorful sense of style and they like to try new shades and colors.

Your bridal gown could also have some colored accents such as a pink dusty tones at the waistline, some blue or some silver hints and so on. It also depends on your wedding theme. If you opted for a fall inspired theme then you could choose a burnt orange dress or a red one. This is for those who dare to be bold and have a one of a kind model.

129681 very informal fall wedding dress 2 Very Informal Fall Wedding Dress

Very Informal Fall Wedding Dress (Source: metropolisweddingdress.com)

The dress can have spaghetti straps, sleeves  or an elegant corsage. The corsage can have small rhinestones details on it and the rest of the dress could be made form satin or tulle. If you are going for a fairytale concept then your dress should be a princess one and have lots of ruffles and other types of “royal” embellishments. It can have small flowers here and there or maybe some glittery gems. The dress can be either a long one or you can go for a short part on the front and a longer part in the back. For this you would need to have really toned legs and an excellent conditions. Not anyone can pull off this look.

129681 very informal fall wedding dress Very Informal Fall Wedding Dress

Very Informal Fall Wedding Dress (Source: onestylishbride.com)

So think it over before you decide to choose such a dress. It will make you feel very sexy but you also have to look your best and that requires some efforts and a lot of working out. If not you always have the long and elegant bridal gown. Go over some models and check out prices. The dress can be accustomed made or you can purchase it form any other bridal shop in your town area. Some online shops might also carry some excellent deals on wedding gowns so fee; free to check those out as well.


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Using crystal decorations for your wedding décor will give your wedding setting a very luxurious and one-of-a-kind look. You could try plenty of looks and use flowers, candles and use some simple branches, spray paint them and then hang some delicate crystal ornaments on them. These crystal ornaments can be bought online and you can find plenty of shapes and plenty of colors. You could also choose to have some edible centerpieces and use some crystal platters on which you can place them. This would be suitable for a Christmas inspired theme. Bake some cupcake or some miniature cakes that contain some snowflakes decorations and then set them onto the crystal platter.

Around the cake you would also decorate the platter with some flowers petals or some small beads. Candles could also be used in combinations with crystal ornaments. You could go for a crystal candelabra look and use some white or some silver candles. Use some colored flowers around this centerpieces so that your arrangements not only shine but also has a splash of color in it.

129682 wedding centerpiece with crytals 2 Wedding Centerpiece With Crytals

Wedding Centerpiece With Crytals (Source: weddingandeventlights.com.au)

Choose some crystals bowls in which you can create a submerged flower look or simply scatter around some colorful orchids and add some votive candles around the arrangement. Use white flowers or colored ones to achieve a very sophisticated look and choose some crystals containers for this look. You will also be able to find some crystal figurines such as butterflies, flowers and so on. You may use them as part of your décor however you see fit.

129682 wedding centerpiece with crytals Wedding Centerpiece With Crytals

Wedding Centerpiece With Crytals (Source: photos.weddingbycolor.com)

Online you can find plenty of stores that sell these types of crystal just make sure you check out different ones so that you can find better prices. Some might be a lot pricier than others. And remember that you can use these crystal decorations by themselves or you can combine different looks using all sorts of other decorations. Look at some images and pictures online and maybe you will find something inspiring for your wedding look.


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Wedding speeches and toasts can be found all over the internet. You just need to know which one is the best choice and from which you should get inspired to write your own toast. Just read a few of them until your inspiration comes. You will need to find a suitable introduction and the best one is either to go with a joke or simply introduce yourself. You may also go for a more formal tone if the event is a bit more elegant. You could use some poems or some quotes that you’ve come across online and that you think it is suitable for the occasion.

You should write the speech on a card so that it will be a lot easier for you to read from it. You might forget what you wanted to say and you might get a bit too nervous. But there is nothing to worry about this can happen due to the fact that you are excited and overwhelmed with so many people. Just apologize and tell everyone that you are a bit nervous. It would not look to red form your card but it seems that more and more people do this because they cannot seem to remember what they write.

129686 wedding speeches toasts free 2 Wedding Speeches Toasts Free

Wedding Speeches Toasts Free (Source: myweddingspeeches.co.uk)

You should make an effort and try to memorize it the best way you can. Also before the speech it would be a good idea to loosen up. Some like to clear their mind while others prefer to drink a glass of wine or champagne. Just stay focused and do not overdue it with the drinks. You should be very sober and balanced when performing this toast. Talk about some personal memories that you share with the groom or bride and maybe joke a little on the fact that the groom finally decided to tie the knot.

129686 wedding speeches toasts free Wedding Speeches Toasts Free

Wedding Speeches Toasts Free (Source: hartandharveyphotography.co.uk)

Just be very loosened up and relaxed and everyone will enjoy your speech and will pay attention to what you are saying. The point is not to be boring and have a long wedding speech. Keep it short, funny and simple. Use your own words to describe what you feel about this wedding and congratulate them when closing your speech.


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Tape, shell and platinum – these are the gorgeous shades promoted by Liancarlo for 2012. Carlos Ramirez is the head chief designer at this company and his style is exquisitely elegant. We like the fancy models he created for this fall. The nuances available in this collection are incredibly hot and trendy.

They are among the most luxurious and unique colors you guys can select for an autumn wedding. We love the trend with metallic hues promoted in weddings these days. We can see this coloring incorporated in different wedding supplies, starting with the outfits and ending up with the décor and food menu.

129697 fall wedding dresses 6 Fall Wedding Dresses

Fall Wedding Dress (Source: weddinginspirasi.com)

The lustrous appeal of these shades is perfect for a late fall affair. They can also fit a luxurious wedding planned in winter. This collection is very rich. You can find lots of unique silhouettes to choose from. We like a diverse collection that offers different styles.

129697 fall wedding dresses 5 Fall Wedding Dresses

Fall Wedding Dress (Source: weddinginspirasi.com)

We picked the most elegant models for this post, but you should look for the others to make sure you will make the best decision at the end of the search. Besides these precious colors, the elements that caught our eyes are the fabrics. This designer used a lot of Alencon lace in these gowns.

129697 fall wedding dresses 4 Fall Wedding Dresses

Fall Wedding Dress (Source: weddinginspirasi.com)

But the most beautiful surprise of this collection is the embroidered tulle style. We adore tulle and we think this way of promoting it is fabulous! The embroidery makes this fabric look even more romantic and elegant. The models that feature tulle embroideries are accented with Swarovski crystals. The bodices are also beautified with crystal embellishments and they look ravishing!

129697 fall wedding dresses 3 Fall Wedding Dresses

Fall Wedding Dress (Source: weddinginspirasi.com)

We fancy the detailed look of these dresses and their dashing glamorous appeal. But what do you think of the organza ruffles in the last dress? Don’t you find this dress spectacular? The ivory vibe and the taupe satin sash used for the waistline add even more whimsicality and romance to the bride.

129697 fall wedding dresses 2 Fall Wedding Dresses

Fall Wedding Dress (Source: weddinginspirasi.com)

The fit and flare cut is the one that predominates in this collection. The majority of the gowns available in this bridal line are tailored this way. This is a modern approach on the mermaid and classic A-line models. This type of silhouette is more versatile and remarkable. Both young and mature brides can choose it for their wedding. Among the other unique fabrics used here we mention the charmeuse and the Chantilly lace.

129697 fall wedding dresses Fall Wedding Dresses

Fall Wedding Dress (Source: weddinginspirasi.com)

As for the details, the drop torso, the petal-skirts, the pleated ruffles, the beaded pearl hue and the satin cummerbunds are out favorite. These are perhaps the most beautiful wedding dresses we’ve seen in awhile for fall and winter weddings. Their timeless flair and glamorous touch are ravishing and hard to ignore or forget. Can you picture yourself looking this glamorous at your wedding?


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Alfresco wedding ceremonies & receptions are very trendy. But the natural themes are also in vogue today. And those who can’t afford to book their wedding for an elegant garden can at least use a botanical theme for the décor. The wedding can take place anywhere outdoors or inside, in a cheaper location.

You can obtain beautiful results even in a backyard. Outdoors weddings are based on a minimalist style and fewer details. It’s important to keep all things natural and light. Set a theme and look for the motifs that capture its essence. Use specific accents throughout the wedding and don’t stray from the general line.

129685 garden wedding ceremony amp reception 5 Garden Wedding Ceremony & Reception

Wedding Ceremony Reception & Gardens – Edmonton Ab (Source: hwtm.com)

This way you will obtain a unified look and a coherent décor. Garden-themed celebrations are among our favorites. They are romantic and very elegant. Compared to other alfresco locations, gardens are more stylish. This is why you have to use more fashionable details if you’re choosing a garden venue. There are many beautiful sources of inspiration for this type of affair.

129685 garden wedding ceremony amp reception 4 Garden Wedding Ceremony & Reception

Wedding Ceremony Reception & Gardens – Edmonton Ab (Source: hwtm.com)

The Victorian style is one of the most popular. If you like this period and wish to create a timelessly romantic atmosphere at your wedding, you can use it for both the ceremony and reception. This period is specific to the vintage look and this is why weddings planned in this way are so charming. Look for antique vases and china in thrift stores.

129685 garden wedding ceremony amp reception 3 Garden Wedding Ceremony & Reception

Wedding Ceremony Reception & Gardens – Edmonton Ab (Source: hwtm.com)

There are also many elegant bargains you can find at the flea market for an economical wedding. Don’t worry about the budget, there are many creative accessories you can find out there to fit your theme. Take a few cues from the remarkable project we’re showing here. You can get inspired from the color scheme and details used here and create your own botanical celebration.

129685 garden wedding ceremony amp reception 2 Garden Wedding Ceremony & Reception

Wedding Ceremony Reception & Gardens – Edmonton Ab (Source: hwtm.com)

You can find gorgeous arrangements in here for both the ceremony and party. This wedding took place outdoors, in a beautiful garden. If the celebration is ample, look for an open space that can allow you to place the tables and create a more lavish setting for the ceremony. We adore the white and green color combo used for these decorations. This mix is fresh and luxurious, simple and elegant in the same time. It is true that this color scheme is one of the most popular for gallant outdoors weddings. But this theme is inexhaustible!

129685 garden wedding ceremony amp reception Garden Wedding Ceremony & Reception

Wedding Ceremony Reception & Gardens – Edmonton Ab (Source: hwtm.com)

There are many versions of this style you can choose. Use other flowers or other types of accessories and design a personalized wedding. This couple used white and green hydrangeas in both tall and petite vases. The high arrangements are great for the ceremony. The china features a romantic model in black and white and fits perfectly well the elegance of the venue.


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Not all beach weddings take place on the sandy shore. Many brides and grooms like to plan the ceremony in a more elegant green place near the ocean. There are many special locations of this kind out there to choose from. To help you make yourself a better image of these types of weddings, take a look at the beautiful photos we’ve posted here today.

We adore the romantic gazebo ceremony and the floral arrangements created for the décor. This is definitely one of our favorite beach venues for a wedding. This couple wanted a cheerful wedding with a light tonality. This is why the bride chose the white and pink theme for her bouquet.

129694 ideas for beach weddings 6 Ideas For Beach Weddings

Ideas For Beach Weddings (Source: hwtm.com)

She picked soft peonies in two shades for an ultra-feminine look. The other floral arrangements follow a more vibrant palette: red, violet and green. The aisle and altar decorations are also based on a lot of blooms in rich pinks, reds and greens. This color combo is great for cheerful ceremonies and happy couples. The intensity of these hues reflects the vibrancy of the season and venue.

129694 ideas for beach weddings 5 Ideas For Beach Weddings

Ideas For Beach Weddings (Source: hwtm.com)

The bridesmaids wore matching bouquets and sleek gowns in dark violet. We like the fact that the bride wanted to wear something elegant. Although the wedding took place outdoors, the arrangements and outfits were very stylish and dainty. The days when beach weddings were interpreted only through casual themes are over. Nowadays, the modern couple is free to choose any theme and style.

129694 ideas for beach weddings 4 Ideas For Beach Weddings

Ideas For Beach Weddings (Source: hwtm.com)

No one can stop you from planning a glamorous ceremony on the beach. The décor and the outfits can be inspired by the luxury of the venue. This is the most efficient way to go to obtain a successful event. Nevertheless, seaside weddings are not utterly formal. They are at most ultra-formal, and the style classically modern.

129694 ideas for beach weddings 3 Ideas For Beach Weddings

Ideas For Beach Weddings (Source: hwtm.com)

Beach affairs are pretentious because they are very specific. This is why you have to use at least an element that reflects the flair of the ocean. We must confess we never thought that red and pink can look so beautiful together. We never paid too much credit to this theme and this is why now we are surprised to see that this style is so fashionable and successful.

129694 ideas for beach weddings 2 Ideas For Beach Weddings

Ideas For Beach Weddings (Source: hwtm.com)

Our designers are constantly looking for new ways of using and reusing the colors that are available out there. They also invent new tonalities that can’t be found in nature. Modern brides and those who are into the vintage style can adopt the crafty look and use fabric flowers and decorative items to incorporate a more special and rare theme.

129694 ideas for beach weddings Ideas For Beach Weddings

Ideas For Beach Weddings (Source: hwtm.com)

But when it comes to outdoors weddings, the organic flair is the most adequate. Keep things local, seasonal and fresh to obtain an inviting event.


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Pink is one of the most pretentious colors and it is definitely not one of the most unanimously accepted for weddings, especially among grooms. Men are always skeptical about this color because it has been interpreted as a girlish color for a very long time.

This is why those who are not up to date with the new trends and tendencies in weddings and colors might consider pink inappropriate for their reception. Fortunately, this preconceive notion of image of pink can be easily dissolved by simply looking at the beautiful arrangements we’ve posted below on this page.

129679 pink wedding reception decor 2 Pink Wedding Reception Decor

Pink Wedding Reception Decor (Source: hwtm.com)

These centerpieces and decorations are inspired by pink and they look fabulous, don’t you think? There are plenty similar and even more beautiful projects you can find out there on this subject. Pink is voguish, no matter what people say. This color will never fall out of fashion because it is very charming and versatile.

129679 pink wedding reception decor 5 Pink Wedding Reception Decor

Pink Wedding Reception Decor (Source: hwtm.com)

One can utilize it in many ways, for different reasons. It can play a principal role in your color scheme or it can only be used as an eye-catchy accent. Either way, using pink in a wedding can help you obtain a more remarkable and vibrant atmosphere at the party. If you still think that pink is too flashy for a wedding, mix it with a darker nuance. You will get a balanced palette that can suit both formal and ultra-formal affairs.

129679 pink wedding reception decor 4 Pink Wedding Reception Decor

Pink Wedding Reception Decor (Source: hwtm.com)

As you can see in these images, the pink here is combined with unique shades of plum and dark violet. This nuance is sensual and dramatic and it adds more sophistication to the arrangements. We like the way the pink and dark purple hues were combined here

129679 pink wedding reception decor 3 Pink Wedding Reception Decor

Pink Wedding Reception Decor (Source: hwtm.com)

We can also see a few shades of light sleek violet used for the flower vases. We adore the fluffy peonies incorporated in the centerpieces. These settings are simple and chic and very feminine. When using pink the ideal is to keep things minimal and natural. Don’t exaggerate with the accessories because pink is already a strident color.

129679 pink wedding reception decor 2 Pink Wedding Reception Decor

Pink Wedding Reception Decor (Source: hwtm.com)

Keep things loose and light to create an elegant ambiance fit for a formal event. Use seasonal flowers for the tables to cut the wedding costs and obtain a more organic and fresh effect. Peonies can be found in spring and summer, in various shades of pink: pale, rose pink, salmon pink, coral pink, fuchsia, hot pink, etc.

129679 pink wedding reception decor Pink Wedding Reception Decor

Pink Wedding Reception Decor (Source: hwtm.com)

If you’re using a darker hue for the chairs and china or napkins, use softer shades of the flowers, like in this project. Pink and purple form a fancy color scheme that can suit perfectly well a royal wedding. Want something more dramatic? Use brown, silver, gold, cooper black instead of purple! These hues are also more formal and luxurious.


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Girls love bridal showers because they are fun, cheerful and full of delicious food! The modern bride gets all the freedom in the world for planning this even in her own manner. The key is to use a theme for the décor and food, to make sure everything follows a pre-established plan.

It’s important to use the same color scheme throughout the event, because this way you’ll get more unity in between the elements of décor and obtain a more coherent party. Although this type of soiree is supposed to be spontaneous, using common elements and specific details can help you plan everything more rapidly and more efficiently.

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Being the host of such a delightful party is surely an exciting thing for a bride. She gets all the attention and also all the presents! This is why she has to create the most magical and flattering place for her invitees! The shower party can be formal or casual, but in general these types of affairs are light and very, very festive!

129680 wedding shower ideas 5 Wedding Shower Ideas

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The tonus is cheerful and the bright colors add even more energy to the party. The shower is about best friends and family and this is why the atmosphere should be more cordial and relaxed. This is a momentous event in a bride’s life and this is why she has to get it all right.

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Some would say that bridal shower parties are all about the desserts. You can get cues from different soiree projects available on the internet. We also have many creative ideas on this subject you can find on our website. The modern shower parties are inspired by various themes and currents.

129680 wedding shower ideas 3 Wedding Shower Ideas

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For instance, the Victorian period is perhaps one of the richest in details and suggestions. This style is traditional yet very flirty and feminine. You can take the party outdoors, in your backyard and use the English Garden party theme. Those who want something royal-like can get inspired from Marie Antoinette movie. The range of desserts and drinks used there is fascinating!

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But of course, your budget is the one to decide in the end the best menu for your party. The dessert recipes promoted today for wedding parties and showers are very elegant and fashionable. There is a lot of color going on there and a lot of creative delicacies. The diversity is the key to a successful wedding dessert buffet. They accentuate the fun activities and the unique thematic beauty of the décor.

129680 wedding shower ideas Wedding Shower Ideas

Wedding Shower Ideas (Source: hwtm.com)

In general, the simplest desserts are the ones that girls enjoy. Details are very important, but not when it comes to food and desserts. Use different trays and cups to serve cupcakes, mini cakes and other finger food. Desserts-only menus are great for bridal shower parties!


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When it comes to wedding decorations, things big and crafty are all the rage. On the other hand, when we’re talking about the food menu or more precisely about the desserts, all things petite and delicious are the trendsetters.

Mix oversize blooms and colorful cupcakes and create a magical place for your guests. They won’t be able to forget your party very soon, we promise you this! This article is about bridal shower parties and so we’ve decided to talk some more about desserts. There is always the question of what to serve at such a fun event!

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Well, if you have no idea where to start or how to create the dessert buffet, take a few cues from the photos we’ve posted below. You can find many unique suggestions! In general, bridal shower parties take place in the afternoon and last till the mid night or till the morning. Girls know how to have fun anywhere, but they surely need a rich candy buffet to get warmed up!

129678 wedding shower parties 4 Wedding Shower Parties

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The drinks are not very important, especially when you’re having the party in the house. The bride’s maid is the one who usually offers her place to host the party. This is a great tradition that you guys can follow. This way you can spare more money for the wedding budget and still enjoy a few hours of quality time with your friends. Afternoon soirees like bridal shower parties are usually very colored and entertaining.

129678 wedding shower parties 3 Wedding Shower Parties

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The music is loud and fun, the tables are filled with sweet food and the outfits can feature a certain theme. You can even dress up in your pajamas and have a unique unforgettable party. It’s not trendy anymore to have your guests use forks and plates. This is a fun party that can involve a lot of finger desserts and petite food. You guys can use your hands to serve these portions and have a great time.

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It would be ideal to avoid cutting slices of roast and cake. Keep your guests away from knifes and other uncomfortable cutlery. It is more practical to serve all the food and desserts in individual pieces. You can use thematic muffin cups, tea cups or small dainty doilies for a more fashionable display. Use big trays and let your invitees taste whatever they want.

129678 wedding shower parties Wedding Shower Parties

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If you don’t have enough serving trays you can borrow a few from your friends or neighbors. If you want to keep things pretty and elegant, use colored trays that match the shower theme. Keep the dessert light and easy to eat. Don’t go for the sticky delicacies. Make sure you have sufficient napkins though! to keep the party going smooth and easy, put the drinks in another area.


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Being the mother of the bride is one of the most exciting things for a woman, no doubt about it. But this role involves a series of aspects that one has to take care of with more attention and responsibility. The outfit a mother should choose for the wedding is perhaps one of the most problematic things to solve.

Nevertheless, this mission is not impossible! You will manage to fulfill it in the end, with or without stress. There are women who know themselves very well and know what looks good on them and what doesn’t. And there are women who are completely clueless about what to wear at such an important event. In this case, things can be more difficult. But you should not fret!

129675 modern mother of the bride dresses 4 Modern Mother Of The Bride Dresses

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We are here to give you a hand with planning the best look of your life. And to do that we brought some of our favorite gowns released by Mireia under Presen. This line was initially called Maria Bisbe, and perhaps many of you can identify this name with something you’ve heard before. This fascinating line is also part of the Jorgina brand and they are all based in Barcelona. They create and sell beautiful dresses for the mother of the bride and of the groom and for wedding guests.

129675 modern mother of the bride dresses 3 Modern Mother Of The Bride Dresses

Modern Mother Of The Bride Dresses (Source: comptonhouseoffashion.co.uk)

Their creations are outstanding and truly original. We like all the pieces they promote in their collection and this is why we find it very hard to pick a favorite. The style they sell is based on a mature cut and a very elegant detailing. The accessories are the ones that make all the difference and add a special touch to these outfits. The trend with hairpieces and boleros is a new entry in the filed of mother of the bride/groom wear.

129675 modern mother of the bride dresses 2 Modern Mother Of The Bride Dresses

Modern Mother Of The Bride Dresses (Source: comptonhouseoffashion.co.uk)

We’ve also noticed that the wedding guests are also wearing headpieces and matching jackets on top of their gowns. To make your wardrobe complete you need to wear a coordinated pair of shoes, and you’re done! Take a look at these photos and see which style you think it can suit you at most. Each of these outfits is sophisticated and fancy. You can look effortlessly fashionable and unique in each one of them. But you should rethink all your options before making the big purchase.

129675 modern mother of the bride dresses Modern Mother Of The Bride Dresses

Modern Mother Of The Bride Dresses (Source: comptonhouseoffashion.co.uk)

Think of the wedding theme and look for one gown that reflects it best. These attire selections are for formal ceremonies and parties. They might not make very adequate choices for casual celebrations. But if the wedding takes place outdoors and it says “Black Tie Optional”, then you can opt for one of these sleek silhouettes. Moms who want to look gallant and extravagant should go for a Mireia look.  


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Planning a cheap and unique wedding is not an impossible mission. At least not today when the choices are so many and diversified! Nevertheless, we have to admit that the biggest cost of your wedding is involved in the reception. This is the most problematic chapter when you have to look for tips and tricks on how to cut the wedding expenses and save more money for the budget.

Don’t worry though because there are plenty unique ideas to consider! The party is mainly planned for the guests. The ceremony is all about the bride and groom, while the reception is focused on special treats and arrangements that can flatter the invitees in a beautiful way. But how unique can you afford to go?

129695 cheap wedding decoration ideas 5 Cheap Wedding Decoration Ideas

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Planning an original wedding can be very expensive if you don’t have solid knowledge in field. You have to be a resourceful person to know what to use and to cut. One of the best ways to reduce the costs for the reception is to use seasonal flowers. There are many cheap assortments out there to consider. It all depends on the time and date of your wedding.

129695 cheap wedding decoration ideas 4 Cheap Wedding Decoration Ideas

Wedding Decoration Ideas Cheap (Source: hwtm.com)

Each month has its special range of blooms you can select from. The important is to follow a natural style when planning the décor. If you’re using seasonal flowers, make sure the table arrangements and decorations are fresh and organic. Exotic blooms are always more expensive than those blooms that you can purchase from any local flower shop.

129695 cheap wedding decoration ideas 3 Cheap Wedding Decoration Ideas

Wedding Decoration Ideas Cheap (Source: hwtm.com)

You don’t even have to use too many stems to create lavish bouquets! You are lucky that the trends today are based on simple decors and minimalist details. If you’re having a wedding on a budget, keep the centerpieces simple and clean. Use vibrant colors to make up for the lack of expensive details. Take a look at the beautiful arrangements in the pictures below.

129695 cheap wedding decoration ideas 2 Cheap Wedding Decoration Ideas

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This couple wanted something elegant and fancy so they used yellow and black hues. This theme is very sophisticated and it can suit both in and outdoors affairs. The bride wanted something lush and expressive for the tables, so she used a lot of seasonal blooms. We can see here tulips, garden roses, calla lilies, tuberoses and a lot of greeneries.

129695 cheap wedding decoration ideas Cheap Wedding Decoration Ideas

Wedding Decoration Ideas Cheap (Source: hwtm.com)

The arrangements are wide and fit for an elegant indoors local. We recommend this project to those who want a restaurant wedding but don’t have a generous budget to purchase expensive accessories. Use black or other dark hues to create a more dramatic décor. The metallic hues can also help you create a luxurious setting fit for an elegant location. We like the boxes used for these flowers. They are simple but very chic and fashionable.


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When choosing the best hairstyle for her wedding the bride has to take into consideration a few important aspects: the wedding formality, the wedding dress design and her face configuration. It’s never easy to get all these things right, at least not now when there are so many beautiful options out there.

You can try to make your own hairstyle if you are skilled in this field or call on a professional hairstylist. Giving the fact that weddings are grand events with a great importance for the bride, it wouldn’t hurt to invest more money in your hairdo. Everything in your wedding wear has to be perfect. You can’t afford to spoil your look because of a bad hair.

129696 updo wedding hairstyles 5 Updo Wedding Hairstyles

Hair Style Updo Wedding (Source: weddingbells.ca)

The updos are easy to do and easy to wear. This style is the most popular but rich in unique versions. You can opt for something traditional if your style is more conservative or for something more casual and modern. Contemporary brides are commodious women who want something simple and chic. They don’t want anything too fussy and difficult to wear.

129696 updo wedding hairstyles 4 Updo Wedding Hairstyles

Hair Style Updo Wedding (Source: weddingbells.ca)

The contrary, they care for something lightweight and natural that can still look fashionable and eye-catchy. The simple style is ideal for both formal and casual affairs. There is no better way to obtain an elegant look than by taking things lightly. The gorgeous hairdos we’re showing today are signed by Alexandre Zouari. This designer is internationally famous for his extraordinary bridal hairstyles.

129696 updo wedding hairstyles 3 Updo Wedding Hairstyles

Hair Style Updo Wedding (Source: weddingbells.ca)

He is also known as the man with the golden scissors! His style is not pompous or ostentatious. The contrary, it is based on simple and clean details. We love the Parisian flair his hairdos transmit. If you want to see more of his works, look for the other photos in his portfolio. He is the creator behind many runway shows and this is why his hairdos look so fashionable.

129696 updo wedding hairstyles 2 Updo Wedding Hairstyles

Hair Style Updo Wedding (Source: weddingbells.ca)

If you are one of those brides who want something couture and prestigious, choose this designer. He also creates gorgeous hair accessories for elegant brides. The hairpieces he designs look sophisticated although they’re not very intricate. Use these designs for your own inspiration. The photos we brought here are worth seeing by any woman who wants something luxurious and high class for her wedding. The braided hairdo in the third picture is by far one of the most intriguing and chic.

129696 updo wedding hairstyles Updo Wedding Hairstyles

Hair Style Updo Wedding (Source: weddingbells.ca)

We love the simple braid and the colored gemstone hair jewelry. This hairstyle is ideal for destination weddings booked for exotic beaches or tropical islands. We also recommend it to the boho-chic bride who wants something specifically refined and romantic. The second updo is sleeker and more glamorous due to the fancy hair decoration based on sparkling crystals and precious stones.