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Wedding rings are no ordinary rings. It should reflect your individuality and style. Traditionally, the bride and groom wear rings with the same model. But stylish bands in different metals, colors, and newer models replace this trend. Here are a few of the most modern wedding rings types.
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Diamond wedding rings: diamonds are women’ s best friend. The diamonds will remain in fashion forever. Modern wedding rings with diamonds are made of white gold. White gold and diamond is a gorgeous combination that will always be in fashion. Depending on your budget, you can have diamonds all over the ring, or you can have only two or three diamonds. The cost will depend on the weight of the ring and diamond clarity.

modern wedding rings 300x300 Modern Wedding Rings

Modern Wedding Ring from wedding4teen.com

Buying a gold ring is an investment because the value of gold will rise again. Some of the modern wedding rings nowadays are 14 K gold ones with three colors and 14 K gold in a comfortable fitting of celtic origin. Celtic wedding rings are currently the favorite among young brides and grooms. These rings are made by hand and are considered pieces of art.

Tungsten carbide wedding rings: There is a tendency regarding the use of high technology in metal rings. This trend has increased partly because of high prices of gold and diamond rings and partly due to the stylish designs of these rings. For this reason, people who want to reduce cost but to remain in step with fashion, opt for tungsten carbide rings. Rings made of tungsten and zirconium carbide are also considered fashionable as they enjoy a superb finish.

Titanium wedding ring
Titanium is a soft metal and is one of the growing trends in terms of design jewelry. Moreover, these rings are a very good choice in terms of savings. For people who will not make much fuss around wedding rings, titanium rings offer the best solution. Diamond titanium ring are one of the most popular trends nowadays. Titanium rings are white therefore they give the effect of platinum. They are available in a price range that starts from 50 euros to 150 euros, depending on the model and texture of your choice.

modern wedding rings 2 300x168 Modern Wedding Rings

Modern Wedding Rings from products.gem-fashion.com

In addition, gems and wedding rings artfully created will be the market leader in terms of trends in wedding bands. One of the most important things to remember before buying modern wedding rings is that you should buy them from a trusted jeweler. Compare prices before making your final decision.11

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Are you looking for matching wedding rings? From vintage models to meticulously crafted rings with colored stones, you can pick one of these models of matching wedding rings that are both trendy and classic.
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Diamond matching wedding rings
This model has a multitude of small stones, faceted, arranged closer to each other, so that the metal is not visible. In other words, it looks like the metal would be paved with diamonds. Diamond rings and wedding rings are cast in glow without being flashy. This type of rings can be made both in yellow gold and platinum.

matching wedding rings 300x300 Matching Wedding Rings

Matching Wedding Rings from theweddingsinfo.com

Vintage wedding rings
Traditional models are in vogue this year. Even Hollywood stars are wearing vintage-inspired rings. These rings are generally adorned with faceted smooth round stones, in a traditional European style, but you’ll also find faceted stones in asscher style or other styles. Basic details are: scroll, frames and burst into little pebbles watermark.

Wedding rings with colored stones
Yellow diamonds, pink or blue sapphires, and even large pink diamond ring adorn ladies’ fingers more and more all over the world. Colors can be modern (you can opt for contrast), fever (four-point mount) or vintage (watermarked frames). Whether you choose a favorite color or a gem according to your zodiacal sign, colored stones are ideal for a stylish marriage wedding ring.

matching wedding rings 2 300x300 Matching Wedding Rings

Matching Wedding Rings from weddings-paradise.com

Wedding bands with overlaid rings
Two, three or more stacked rings look great. More rings with stones around adjacent are a spectacular show. Whether you choose metal or gold with paved stones, or if you opt for simple metal rings, this look is modern and flexible. You can wear both the ring and the engagement ring. The good thing is that you start with a single ring, and your husband will know what gift to buy you for anniversaries in the coming years.11

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A wedding should be like a story that comes to life. Amaze your guests with one of these five unique wedding ideas. A luxurious lounge area can transmute your reception to another level.

Place chairs and sofas around the dance floor, so that guests have an area where to rest. Put white sofas, tables and chairs decorated with flowers in bright colors, colorful pillows and covers that give the feeling that you are in a club. Another way to give the appearance of a lounge is to put high bar chairs around the dance floor.

unique wedding ideas 300x225 Unique Wedding Ideas

Lounge Area from sweetstylings.com

Leave aside the simple white tablecloths and add a stylish element by adopting textured materials. Whatever personal styles there are such materials that amaze you. Using several materials like organza tablecloths with ornaments or velvet and taffeta you are guaranteed a theatrical style. The choice of dark colors like rich red or classic neutral colors with bright shades of green and yellow toners can turn over a setting. Inspire from your glossy cosmetics and incorporates metal details in the wedding décor. You have a large palette to choose from: silver, gold, bronze, tin or copper. Animate the tables with vases in mercury shades, napkin rings, photo frames and metal plates or trays. Place glowing candle holders or large transparent bowls with sparkling crystal beads. Light can radically change a setting. Large and impersonal ballrooms become like clubs. Swarovski crystal chandeliers and classical flickering candles may be elements of finish if you do your wedding in a tent.

unique wedding ideas 3 300x152 Unique Wedding Ideas

Wedding Lighting from manchesterasianweddings.com

Opt for lamps that project a specific pattern, a message or a monogram on the dance floor. Use spots to change the color during the reception. In addition to the band that performs at your wedding, hire an instrumental band that would appeal to the party, is it local musicians on drums and fanfare of the city. You can also opt for a dance band or mariachi singers. Other unique wedding ideas you can opt for are casino tables, pictures, or a cartoonist.

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Many women dream of their wedding day to have hair up in different styles, more or less complicated and more chic, while other future brides prefer a more romantic hairstyle, hair left, loops or partially trapped. You make up your mind? Before the big day most brides are increasingly capricious. They are demanding and are able to change specialist for a simple deviation from the plan. She is the boss, the main actor in the wedding photos, so it is clear that she will be very critical. What are the 8 chic wedding hairstyle ideas?

1. If your hair is not very long, you can use extensions to get a perfect hairstyle to complement your perfect wedding dress. Of course the choice depends on your personality and your wedding dress.

wedding hairstyle ideas1 249x300 Wedding Hairstyle Ideas

Vintage Hairstyle from wedding2011.net

2. It is recommended to try several hairstyles three months before the wedding. In this way you can decide if you wear a veil, a tiara or a flower pin.

3. Do tests with your hairstylist to get the best hairstyle that fits both your dress, but you and make you feel comfortable. Remember, your groom will be waiting to see the woman of his dreams, not someone who looks totally different from the woman he fell in love.

4. Short hair can also be worn in chic and sophisticated wedding hairstyle ideas. For longer hairstyles that require stripes, do not avoid opting for extensions, even for the big day.

5. In vogue this season are vintage hairstyles. Loops created from many braids and curls may be some recommendations for you.

wedding hairstyle ideas 2 Wedding Hairstyle Ideas

Hippie Hairstyle from wedding-all-about.blogspot.c

6. Hippie chic style is one of the most spectacular suggestions especially for very young brides. Russian or thin braids can be only two options in the wide range to choose from.

7. Choose hair accessories depending on the wedding dress and bouquet. Do not choose something too pompous if the wedding dress and bouquet are voluminous. Try something simple, providing a touch of style for your hair. Less is more! This is the code by which you must guide.

8. The multitude of choices can lead to confusion. Therefore you need to do your shopping plan schedule and you must strictly respect it.

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NEC Display Solutions is launching a completely new range of projectors, TCO certified. M Series exceeds NP610 offering outstanding performance and much improved options for energy saving. The new and innovative features are all Eco. For example, the 75% AV Mute function and the first Eco Auto mode projectors from the entire world are reducing significantly the operating costs. In the same time, NEC Display Solutions introduces a new naming concept for its entire range of projectors to make the global portfolio more transparent to its customers.


With a life span of the lamp and filter cleaning to a range of up to 6000 hours plus the innovative features of M Series, users can significantly reduce the total cost of property. The new function 75% AV Mute is enabling the user to disable intuitively the projector by simply pressing the green button which is situated on the remote control through the lens cover. This reduces the lamp power to 75% which significantly lowers the total energy consumption of the projector, resulting an increased lifetime of the lamp.

nec NEC Releases New Eco ProjectorsUsing the Auto Eco function, the luminance of the lamp is adjusted automatically to match the submitted content, enabling optimum brightness and maximum energy efficiency, at any time. In addition, some models have two levels of Eco Mode; the new second level is designed for whiteboard applications.

All models from M Series with up to 3500 ANSI lumens have been certified by TCO. With a high quality presentation, projectors are delivering impressive bright images with a XGA (1024 x 768) resolution and (1280 x 800) WXGA resolution, having a 2000:1 contrast ratio which is excellent and up to 4200 ANSI lumens brightness. All models come with 1.7x large optical zoom. The new M Series continues to provide all the advantageous features of previous models, such as the Auto Vertical Keystone, Direct Power On function, and the unique Carbon Savings Meter function.

direct power on NEC Releases New Eco ProjectorsM Series features enhanced connectivity, with an HDMI input and three USB ports. For users to be able to easily identify the most suitable products, NEC Display Solutions implemented a new naming concept, which will be expanded to cover the entire portfolio of projects. For example, the name “M260X” identifies an M series multimedia projector with a brightness of 2600 ANSI lumens from the first generation with XGA resolution.11

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The majority of couples desire their wedding party to be imposing, luxurious, and impressive, so to rise to the intensity of their feelings. Of course, there are also couples who want a private reception, but no matter choices for your wedding party, decorations are vital. Here are some wedding decorations ideas for unique and spectacular scenery.

Floral arrangements incorporating feathers are very fascinating and extravagant, but you must choose correctly the restaurant so as to be in harmony. You can use peacock feathers, but also other large feathers like ostrich, toned in flamboyant or elegant nuances of black, blue or dark green.

wedding decorations ideas 300x199 Wedding Decorations Ideas

Decor from bestweddingdecorations.info

Fruit decor is perfect for a wedding in spring or autumn. You can use glass pots and vases with colored water in which different fruits are introduced. The most conventional combination is green apples and cherries. Of course, the setting can also be made ​​from attractively decorated bowls with fruits, arranged as an abundance corn on the guests’ tables. If you crave for a wedding as it seldom is, there is no doubt you can choose for a decor mainly focused on an ice sculpture. Usually, some different colored lights around it are placed so the sculpture has each time another color. Sculpture can represent the couple, a swan or whatever you want and represent you. Among the trendy or in vogue decor, a chocolate fountain is welcomed as an evening gratification for the guests, before the wedding cake. The chocolate fountain is installed on a special table around which are arranged attractive bowls with fruits, chopped to be easily taken and passed through the chocolate wave. It certainly will not be even a guest unhappy about this show.

wedding decorations ideas 31 300x292 Wedding Decorations Ideas

Ice Sculpture from bride.net

Medieval decor is magniloquent and is mostly appropriate for halls embellished with wood. There can be arranged flares, armors, and daggers, knights. If you wish for such a decor, the simplest is be to search for a restaurant already having these elements incorporated. Taking into account these spectacular wedding decorations ideas your wedding should not be a simple boring ceremony, but a real show. Of course, these are just suggestions, but your imagination can make miracles.11

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We are living in an environment where industrial chemicals are becoming more evident. And part of it affects the hormonal system, under certain conditions. Researchers are looking for solving this problem for over ten years.


Endocrine disorders are caused by certain chemicals, which have the ability to alter the hormonal system, of both humans and animals. The hormonal system governs the majority of the essential functions of the body: fetal and child development, reproduction but especially the immunity system.

green environment The Environment and Endocrine DisordersA recent study made by the American Academy of Sciences shows that a minuscule amount (a billionth of a gram) from a toxic substance that is located at the exit of water stations for waste is sufficient to cause in only two years the feminization of the male population of fish from a lake until the sterilization. The study also shows that feminized fish populations in rivers of industrialized countries become entire legions, starting with river Seine in France and up to the American river, Potomac. To improve this situation, the solution found- improvement of water treatment- is very expensive, costing about 5 Euros per inhabitant annually in Europe.

environ The Environment and Endocrine DisordersSince the early industrial era humanity has unleashed about 100,000 new synthetic chemical compounds. Among them were identified few with obvious effects on the endocrine activity, such as: dioxins (compounds resulted mainly from an industrial process), bisphenol A (found in many plastics, including some baby bottles), phthalates (chemicals found in plastic toys), bromated agents (used in anti-fire textile materials or equipments) and many pesticides.

In Europe, CASCADE Network of Excellence is dealing with problems of food contamination for four years. Prof. Gustafsson says that the first way of exposure the population to endocrine disorders represents the food. The foods, especially ones obtained industrial and to a lesser extent, the drinking water, which is more easily to control, are the main gateways for chemicals into the body. Other researches revealed that in Asia, where soy consumption is higher than in Europe it was found a low incidence of breast cancer, colon or prostatic cancer.11

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Makeup shows magical powers, hide flaws, creates new lines, fades, highlights, or can give another expression can improve considerably. Wedding makeup should emphasize expressive lines, sensual and feminine traits, and for this make-up artists use a wide range of tricks. So if you can resort to all sorts of tricks for beauty, then do not stand thinking. Here are a few makeup ideas for wedding.

It is not advisable to choose a pale color, as you are weak, but an intense one, but very natural. Bride’s picture cannot be pale; lipstick can be pink, orange, and even red. Do not choose dark colors such as burgundy, purple, dark brown.

makeup ideas for wedding 214x300 Makeup Ideas for Weddings

Makeup from wedwebtalks.com

False eyelashes on the eye shape, properly adjusted can have a drama effect and seductive glances. Thick lips express sensuality and generosity, but unfortunately nature did not endow all of us with large lips. Fortunately, a lip liner of the same shade of lipstick can do wonders. It only outlines the prominent lips, even if it is whitish, not protruding beyond the profile of the lips. You can also change shape and lip lines using pencil eyeliner, so you maximum benefit. Do not forget the blush on the cheeks. Without it the bride would have a pale face, which will not advantage her in a so strong emotionally charged day. Choose blush shade in the same range of lipstick; for example, do not take a shade of pink cheeks if you chose orange lips.

makeup ideas for wedding 2 300x296 Makeup Ideas for Weddings

Makeup from wedding-splendor.com

No matter if you choose a beautician or a makeup artist to make your wedding day makeup, it is important that you ask a test a week before the wedding to see if the makeup did look like you desire. Also if you can complete your makeup, you can say what you like and dislike, what you want changed for the wedding day in order to not encounter problems. Makeup ideas for wedding are those little things that can make the difference.11

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Even though it is not a general idea men hardly will stand up and dance. They will prefer probably a dance in two, a waltz so to dance in couple.

But to see a bunch of boys dancing in group, with no partners is a rare thing. At the opposite, of course, women will accept even to dance with others women.

songs for parents dance at wedding1 300x201 Wedding Dance Songs for Me And Women

Wedding Dance Songs from my-weddingadvice.com

Thinking from this perspective you get to the point of not knowing anymore what music for your wedding to select. If it is rap, R&B more men will like it, if it is slow love music women take it as preferential type. But you need to gather all together into the same genre so you need wedding dance songs for male and female. It is a little bit tricky to find songs and music as genre that is preferable for both sides. It is about age, it is about each one’s likes and dislikes. But succeeding is to count on variety: a little bit of traditional music will not be bad to have included. As long as it is about a limited number and you don’t make a long list everybody will appreciate hearing and dancing at least once. Apart from this, from many reasons people are attracted by Indian, Arabic music. They have a special rhythm, a melody that gives a passionate mood, inspires one into making it put accent on lyrics and understand the essence of the song.

wedding dance songs for male and female 2 300x224 Wedding Dance Songs for Me And Women

Wedding Dance Songs from my-weddingadvice.com

Or, it may be just the pleasure of something new, to hear something that is not of a common met choice. Now to give you concrete wedding dance songs for male and female some of the tiltes may be “Dov’e l’amore” by Cher, Bhromor with “Koio Gia”, Lamar “Fly”, Scorpions, Queen, R. Kelly, Akon, Sherine “Ala Baly”, Tamer Hosni.11

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In your mission to find the proper wedding music you have to take into consideration various aspects.

First it is the time, so what happens in that specific moment. If it is about the grooms’ first dance then a slow song or a waltz why not; if it is about a part of the religious ceremony then you need religious songs or as alternative no vocal but modern music, at your wish.

songs for parents dance at wedding 300x201 Songs for the Parents' Dance at Weddings

Parents' Dance from partylinedj.com

Apart from this, even though the whole wedding reflects your vision you have to think about the guests, to create a peasant atmosphere for them. In this way variety in the genres is a reliable aspect. So, if part of the wedding music is about house, R&B and so on, modern music in others words for parents contemporary music is not quiet their forte point. But what else, what songs for parents dance at wedding can you choose? If nothing comes into your mind asking them directly will be one way to solve this task, but you can think about what they like in general. If after the grooms’ first dance everybody as couple is invited to the dance floor especially for parents you can create a special moment. Surprise them and in this way some of the songs for parents dance at wedding can be Leonard Cohen – “A thousand kisses deep” or from the same artist “Take this waltz” as a more representative song for the time.

songs for parents dance at wedding 2 239x300 Songs for the Parents' Dance at Weddings

Wedding Songs from static.weddingbee.com

Old but gold, others songs to put into your list may be Lionel Richie “Hello”, Guns’n’Roses with “November rain”, Rolling Stones – “Angie”, Elvis Presley-“Love me tender”.But since they remind their own wedding and as everything is about love uniting destinies your parents will love to hear and dance on “Nothing gonna change my love for you” by George Beson or “All you need is love” by The Beatles.11

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Winter is like a fairy tale time. One could not say whether it is the snow or the wine and the songs near the fireplace, but this season has its delightful charm. If you add to this the magic of the holidays, specially the Christmas, you suddenly get so many reasons to be joyful and loving, to celebrate your love and to make commitments.

Why not even to make your wedding, right on Christmas. There are so many ideas you could try for this event…

christmas wedding Christmas Wedding

Christmas Wedding from weddingdecoupage.com

There are so many things to name on this chapter. One of the most innocent ones would be the fact that there is this festive atmosphere and everyone has the best mood you could want for a wedding. Most of the time, the family gathers at home so it is much easier to have all your loved ones aside you on that important day.

The decorations are simply gorgeous and you can easily take some of them and use for your wedding theme. If you are lucky enough to have snow, there are even more opportunities – group pictures in the snow, a sleigh or carriage ride, hot drinks to warm your guests, Christmas trees, reindeers and Santa Clauses as the eye can see and the list can go on and on.

If you decide to have separate locations for the ceremony and the reception, chances are you will find the whole church already decorated. Therefore, you will be having fewer expenses on this side. Anyway, the winter itself is considered to be a so – called “off month” for weddings, so you can make significant savings on every aspect. And as another consequence, most of the restaurants and hotels are free to guest your party.

christmas wedding 2 Christmas Wedding

Christmas Wedding from weddingandcakes.com

The magic of the winter could turn into the worse nightmare with a fearful blizzard. This could ruin your wedding. Or, on the contrary, you might be dreaming of a white Christmas and wedding and have no snow at all. Even though everyone is ready to party during this time of the year, also everyone has a lot of work to do, so organizing a wedding could add even more pressure and stress. Some less conventional friends or relatives might have other plans than spending their holidays with their families, so you should announce them in advance, even so with the risk of them not coming.11

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Before your own wedding for sure you have participated to many others. As a guest or no matter what you have a general idea about such kinds of events. Then, you know that like at any other party music is the main element, the key word of entertainment.

But on the one hand is about you and your preferences, on the other hand you need to count guests’ preferences. Not knowing, then guessing and making presumptions on the fact that older couples will prefer old songs so like youngsters like house and modern style like nothing more.

top ten wedding party song titles 300x300 Top Ten Wedding Party Song Titles

Wedding Party Song Titles from amillionlittledetails.ca

Another important part is to have diversity. You need to come up with more genres and style as not to have a boring party, but to please everybody, including you. One best idea will be to make a sort of top ten wedding party songs titles as to select the most important ones. Will this be enough? Of course that you need more but this may be your starting point to have a list of main titles and then to come up with alternatives or even more songs from the same artist. No one can find a strict top ten wedding party songs titles as each and everyone has its preferences. So it is all a subjective list but you can consult many of such tops as to find your likes.

top ten wedding party song titles 2 Top Ten Wedding Party Song Titles

Wedding Party Song Titles from best-wedding-anniversary-gift-ideas.com

Among the most commonly decisions on regards of these songs are: Bruno Mars- “Just the way you are”, a song speaking about the beauty of the woman and how everything at her is a perfect view, with nothing to be changed. The groom can think more about this and take it as a love declaration for its bride. Others more are ATB- house music, Black Eyed Peas – “I gotta feeling”, The Lion King – “Mighty jungle” as a fun song.

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If one would have to name something that makes Las Vegas famous, the first thing to cross his / her mind would be the fact that this city is considered to be the Marriage Capital, on worldwide. Putting aside the old saying that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, you could make your wedding day to happen in Vegas and still to pass its boundaries for a lifetime.

Pros and cons
A Las Vegas wedding will suit to you or not depending on a single main question – are you a traditionalist? Because such events generally take place at a glance in there. From here come the pros and the cons.

las vegas weddings Las Vegas Weddings

Las Vegas Wedding from creative-bride.com

The prices are affordable – even smaller than the ones for traditional weddings, the timing should not be a problem – excepting the most important holidays – otherwise there are so many chapels ready to instantly make you a married couple. Moreover, the whole experience will prove to be funny and convenient, allowing you, in the end, to even spend your honeymoon right there. On the other side, making this choice will give you a very different perspective from what you could have organized at home. You should expect for something less formal, less exquisite and less personalized. You might even have the surprise to bump into some other wedding guests, since many chapels happen to mix, from time to time, separate parties. In addition, the reception should be held in a different location than the ceremony and even the most luxurious hotel that you choose could make you the impression of a tacky image. Not to mention that not all your relatives might be pleased on the perspective of heading all the long way to Vegas.

las vegas weddings 2 Las Vegas Weddings

Las Vegas Wedding from thevegasweddings.com

A wedding that happens so fast will sure need some papers to be settled. To put it simple, any Las Vegas wedding requires a license. Nevertheless, this is rather a formality, since you can do it just like the ceremony itself, in no time, every day, until the midnight, for an insignificant amount of money, by completing a short form and bringing some documents with you. The so – called Clark County Bureau of Marriage will give you all the necessary details. Anyway, that license, once taken, will be available for a whole year, though every single couple rushes to officiate their relationship as soon as this first step is made.

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The black and yellow combination is not as classical as black and white, but the effect is special. If yellow is your favorite color, but adding black to the dress, you give it more elegance. A yellow dress is considered more like a casual, day event. How to make a yellow dress more elegant and make it suitable for a special event such as a wedding? Yellow means optimism, enlightenment, and happiness, the color of summer, perfect for summer weddings.
<-336x280 Large Rectangle - center->

If you want to be ‘’miss little sunshine’’ wear a yellow dress, it will have a joyful and fresh effect. Yellow has both positive and negative connotation. But I guess when you like a color, you remove all the negative connotation and you focus only on the positive. Yellow is cheerful, denotes happiness; and joy but on the other hand is the color of cowardice and deceit. It also represents courage. Not so many people think about the connotation of the color they wear, and how that will influence them.

black and yellow bridesmaid dresses 211x300 Black and Yellow Bridesmaid Dresses

Black and Yellow Bridesmaid Dress from promdressesin.com

Yellow is great in combination, and the most used combination is with black. If you are invited to a summer, day wedding, wear a dress with more yellow, a short dress, you can use black accessories, like black shoes, black handbag, a black belt. But if the event is more elegant, if the reception will be in a fancy restaurant, an evening event, then a long black dress is required, with golden accessories. Yellow is the symbol of gold, of rich and wealthy, so if you add, golden accessories on your black dress, some embroidery, a golden belt, you add more elegance to your evening dress.

black and yellow bridesmaid dresses 2 164x300 Black and Yellow Bridesmaid Dresses

Black and Yellow Bridesmaid Dress from bridalwave.tv

If is it a theme wedding, from the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, yellow was a popular color in that time, was part of the color revolution, the dresses were in joyful colors, in all kinds of combination, A-line skirts, yellow ribbons, yellow accessories were in fashion. You can wear a dress inspired from that time, a knee length dress with A-line skirt, yellow, with black dots on it, black belt, and yellow hair accessories. The choice is yours, play with these color combination.

black and yellow bridesmaid dresses 3 195x300 Black and Yellow Bridesmaid Dresses

Black and Yellow Bridesmaid Dress from upload.ecvv.com

The type of the fabric you choose is very important. You should select the fabric according to the type of event. Satin or silk for an elegant appearance, for day time weddings, for an evening event you can choose black velvet with golden accessories. Yellow came strong back in fashion in the last years, and many designers, created beautiful yellow dresses for special events like a prom, for weddings. You can find many beautiful dresses in the collections of many famous designers such as Alfred Angelo, Jim Hjelm.11

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If you want to look slim and sexy, choose a corset dress. The exact origin of corset is lost in antiquity. In our modern time, corset is the choice for elegant evening dresses, and you don’t feel so comfortable wearing it. Imagine how it will have been if you had to wear it day and night.
<-336x280 Large Rectangle - center->

This restrictive garment hinders the vital organs, it has no effect if you wear it once for an evening event, but in the part, women used corsets day and night from an early age sometimes from 5 years old. The corset was designed to mold the torso into a cylindrical shape. The corset deformed their internal organs, making it impossible to draw deep breath. Because of these Victorian women was always fainting. Don’t worry if you wear a corset dress once for a special event you won’t faint.

corset bridesmaid dresses 225x300 Corset Bridesmaid Dresses

Corset Bridesmaid Dress from styletips101.com

Measurements of corset in museum collections indicate that most corsets of the period 1860 to 1910, measured from 20 to 22 inches. Small waist and the corset probably played about the same role as wonder bra play today. If you are invited at a theme wedding you can choose a long, corset dress, medieval inspired, with embroidery or lace on it. If the wedding is more cosmopolite you can choose a short dress with corset. A corset dress is sexy and elegant at the same time. If you want a corset bridesmaid dress, you can choose from made fabrics, but the most common is satin or silk. These fabrics outline the body shape perfectly, making your body perfect.

corset bridesmaid dresses 2 200x300 Corset Bridesmaid Dresses

Corset Bridesmaid Dress from quickgowns.com

A corset dress will look great in any color you choose, whether you want a black dress, if you want to be classical and elegant, a red dress for seduction, blue dress, or green dress, purple dress, and burgundy, dark royal blue, the color of champagne. The choice is yours. The corsets are back in fashion and the designers bring this trend back for creating the hottest and sexiest styles. Satin corset dresses are extremely sexy and elegant, and will outline the body shape perfectly.

corset bridesmaid dresses 3 225x300 Corset Bridesmaid Dresses

Corset Bridesmaid Dress from amazon.com

These dresses are great because you can wear them as an evening gown, but also during the day with a jacket or cardigan over it. Depends very much what style you want and what accessories you choose. All sexy corset dresses should be paired with sexy stilettos and heels. You can find any style of corset dress in the collections of many designers such as Jim Hjelm, Alfred Angelo, and many others.11

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Organizing a wedding takes a lot of time, effort and, more important, money. Flowers are something that cannot miss from this event and there are so many ways and situations to use them, from the church until the reception hall.

But if it were to look for the most expensive ones, you could get broke before getting married. Luckily, there are some bright ideas to help you keep the budget on a certain level, and here are a few of them.

cheap wedding flowers Cheap Wedding Flowers

Cheap Wedding Flowers from i2.squidoocdn.com

Do it yourself
Buying the flowers is one thing, but paying, in addition, for someone to make your floral ornaments will cost you a lot and, moreover, is not necessarily. You could make them all by yourself, if you go for simple but impressive decors. Use vases with flowers, rent some potted plants, sprinkle colorful flower petals and make a stylish bouquet. A single flower or a hand – tied arrangement could be even more impressive than some pompous roses.

Other options
The greenery is something to always take into consideration. You are free to use plants that you have been growing for years, in some ceramic vases. It is also important to go for the season flowers, because they are easy to find and therefore affordable. Avoiding February, because of the Lovers’ day, is a wise thing to do. If you are looking to purchase them online, think twice – the transportation costs might raise the expenses more than you could imagine and chances are for the flowers to arrive wilted at the destination. If you do not have a reach garden to rob for your wedding day, consider a local florist. Nevertheless, do not forget to inform him or her about your wedding theme and clear the issue of the allocated budget from the very beginning. Camellias, carnations, cornflowers, gladioluses and daisies are gorgeous and inexpensive flowers you might want to check.

cheap wedding flowers 2 Cheap Wedding Flowers

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Precious tipsAn interesting and helpful trick would be to organize the wedding soon after an important holiday – in this way you can be sure that the church will be already decorated with flowers. In the same time, pay attention at events like the Mother’s Day, Easter and even the prom season, when flowers’ prices simply explode. Cheap wedding flowers are not an impossible thing, as long as you are open minded, plan everything in advance and keep in mind the advices above presented.

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Eggplant color also known as aubergine, from the French and English word for eggplant, it is a dark purple, or brownish-purple that resemble the color of European eggplant. There are different varieties of eggplant color from indigo, Chinese eggplant are dark violet, and Thai eggplant are dark purple green.
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In human color psychology this color is associated with royalty and nobility, because purple was affordable only by the elite. The first violet pigment was cobalt violet prepared in 1859. When it was first discovered was named “Tyrian Purple’’, later known as “mauve’’. Mauve becomes quickly high fashion all over the world.

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If you intend to wear this color at the wedding you are invited, you can choose a simple eggplant color dress or in combination with other shades. Metallic works well with this color, as do other neutrals–champagne, pewter, the whole ranges of pinks, and purple shades, through blues looks lovely. It is very important what fabric you choose, silk, satin, organza, taffeta, or velvet. Of course velvet is the choice for an evening event, or for late autumn weddings, or for theme wedding. A long velvet eggplant color dress, inspired by medieval theme is the perfect choice for a theme wedding. If the event is more glamorous, a silk, or satin, long dress with backless, in the color of eggplant is perfect. It is the perfect example of style and elegance.

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This color has a calming, melancholic and romantic effect. Anyone can look great in eggplant color. It is very important to choose the style that best suits you. You can choose from any style you want, a dress with sleeves, with no sleeves, with straps with no straps, long, or short, with A-line skirt, with v-neckline, with sweetheart neckline, backless, with accessories, with no accessories. For an elegant appearance you can choose silk, and lace. Imagine a beautiful eggplant color dress made from silk, with lace accents, at the top, or at the back.

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I think the best accessories that goes with eggplant color is silver, you can choose silver shoes, silver small hand-bag, for a glamorous appearance. It depends very much on what type of wedding you are invited, is it classical, or themed, modern, simple or sophisticated. With the right accessories, you can transform even a dull dress, in a lovely dress. There are many designers that have beautiful colorful bridesmaid dresses collections. One if the most famous for colorful bridesmaid dresses is Alfred Angelo. He has a beautiful ‘’dream in color’’ collection.11

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A wedding is the beginning of a new life. Would not be a crazy thing to start a new life… broke? Choosing to organize a less glamorous event, it does not mean it has to be less beautiful or elegant.

You only need to use a lot of your fantasy, as well as some brain, and eventually to ask the help of some friends. The point is that there are so many ways to make the most of the situation without breaking a bank.

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Quick steps
The first thing you need to do is to set up the date for later in time. If you are not in a hurry, you have everything you need to make a proper research, to find real bargains on the market, to buy your ideal dress and even to ask a close person to design it for you. Then, try to reduce the expenses by choosing a single location for both the ceremony and the reception. Gather some skilled friends and do your own catering. You could consider a barbecue meal that will fill all the bellies and will be really appreciated. A few different roasts, some good quality drinks and a delicious cake should be more than enough. After all, everyone is there to celebrate your marriage, not to eat all night long. A well – planned wedding should give you time to cultivate the flowers that you want and also to design the invitations by yourself. Decors can be provided in advance, after specific holidays. Valentine’s Day decorations are incredibly cheap off the season. You could get something even after Halloween. You just have to look and you will find.

Some hints
If you did not know so far, one of the most popular places from where you can find a wide range of cheap and beautiful things – including a wedding dress – is eBay. The only problem in there would be that you have to be really cautious and only choose the sellers that have a favorable trust percentage – they have made previous transactions and proved to be honest. Additionally, consider how much it will take to receive the order.

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Last but not least, the internet is an impressive resource to help you on this chapter, since you can find so many web sites offering you detailed information on how to reduce your wedding expenses as much as possible.11