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Does she spend so much time in the kitchen and she enjoys it? Is he a pretty good cook and you can hardly wait for him to invite you over for lunch?

These kind of people will be pleased if you give them unique kitchen gifts. The first thing that popped up into my mind was a mug. That’s common, I guess. I’m sure every kitchen is full of mugs. But I’m talking about a really special design mug, the face-mug, that has an open mouth, where you can put cookies.

unique kitchen gifts Unique Kitchen Gifts

Kitchen Gift from expensiva.com

Before we get to the latest kitchen gadgets, let’s focus on the aprons. They are customizable with different funny writings, names and drawings. She or he will love to wear your gift while cooking. Make the cook feel like a star with a chef cap embroidered with his or her name. And because you opt for originality, a handmade and hand-painted coffee set (Turkish coffee sets are exotic) is a good option.

Searching for bigger gift?. Buy a whole set of handcrafted ceramic or porcelain tableware. Unique and useful. A classy handmade tea pot mustn’t lack from the kitchen, as it sets a certain mood, especially in the cold evenings. If you manage to find a really beautiful one, it will be like a kitchen table sculpture.

unique kitchen gifts 3 300x225 Unique Kitchen Gifts

Sculpture Kitchen Gift from marginup.com

Tea and coffee are usually served together with cookies, so once you bought the teapot or the coffee set, find a handmade cookie jar to fit in with the set. You’ve already brought salt and pepper to that person’s life, it’s time you brought a pepper mill. The original, unique ones have really unconventional designs, for example a rubik’s cube. But what really impressed me was the baseball bat pepper mill. It’s not that easy to use, since it has the actual size of a baseball bat, but it’s fun. Make wine opening fun too with the bluebird wine corckscrew.

What would you say about a home cotton candy maker? Is it a good gift for that person? If she or he has always dreamed of cotton candy clouds, yes. On the other hand a saw and trowel cake serving kit helps cut the birthday cake faster and safer. If the cook can’t resist the temptation of sticking her or his hand into the cake batter, a batter finger shaped spatula could be useful. So we have another funny unique kitchen gift. And quite cheap too.

unique kitchen gifts 5 300x242 Unique Kitchen Gifts

Egg Separator Gift from declubz.com

Here are other kitchen gadgets worth adding to the list of unique kitchen gifts. A fresh herb keeper that keeps the herbs fresh for a longer time. An egg separator that seems to be a bit under the weather, but works efficiently. A potato chip maker that makes low-fat chips. That’s an original kitchen gift for those who like to throw parties.

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You have to buy something for a golf lover and player. This sport has it’s own small universe and you have to really browse through items to find a special one for that special golf player.

Golf players will always appreciate any useful golf equipment item, but let’s try to personalize it. One of the most popular items is the golf cap. Get a custom one to make it a unique golf gift. He or she will be proud to use a personalized golf ball with his or her photo on it. Messages and names can also be added on tees, drawstring bags, golf pencils, ball bags and golf club club covers. All of these golf items could also be monogrammed, to add a touch of elegance. So they truly become unique golf gifts.

perfect solutions many different unique golf gifts Different Unique Golf Gifts

Golf Gifts from personalizationmall.com

Or get a golf ball marking pen and see if it works, writing a “Happy Birthday” message on the ball. A golf towel isn’t a bad idea and yes, you can have the player’s name embroidered on it. You could even embroider the name on a golf shoe bag and he or she will proudly carry it around. Besides, it’s handy. Technically speaking, the golf player might also need a golf scope for a precise measurement of the distances on the golf field.

Now if you’re about to get a gift for an executive, the one that likes to take a break at the office and clear his or her mind through golf, an executive putting set is what you’re looking for. And because it also looks like a suitcase, it blends in perfectly. What could the golf loving executive want more?

Putter sets can be custom printed. So add your personal message on the label. Or customize it with the executive’s name. Does the executive have a house with a pool? Give him a swimming pool floating golf game.

perfect solutions many different unique golf gifts 3 300x300 Different Unique Golf Gifts

Golf Gift from 7gadgets.com

You think the player has enough golf equipment items and enough golf games. But maybe what’s missing is the “Best Shot of the Day” golf shot glass with his name on it. That’s useful after the golf game usually. During breaks the golf player is pretty thirsty, so a personalized golf insulated cooler keeps drinks cool and the player fresh. And if he or she likes sweets, make them try the chocolate golf balls or a golf cake. That’s a sweet present. Literally.

perfect solutions many different unique golf gifts 4 Different Unique Golf Gifts

Golf Gift from golfblogger.com

Golf is fun, but if you want something to make it even more fun for the player, get him or her a personal ball stamp. The balls will have to obbey and find the holes. Even better, get him or her an anti-gravity golf ball to shove it into the rival’s bag. Other hilarious ball gifts are funny golf calendars, golf joke books and even a Potty Putter golf game for the golf addict to practice in the room where he has the best intimacy, if you know what I mean.

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When somebody moves into a new house, one of the best presents you can give him or her is a lamp. Actually it’s a perfect present for a birthday too. You can add a thoughtful message to it like: “Let the light into your life” and there you have the unique gift.

When I say lamp, the first thing that crosses your mind can be the old lamp you had when you were little. I’m not talking here about classical lamps, I’m talking about original, unusual, different lamps as unique gifts. The Bottle of Milk lamp is funny. But even funnier is the Milk Gone Bad lamp, in the shape of the milk cartons. I don’t know who came up with the idea, but it’s catchy, let’s face it. “I brought you milk for the party cocktails. Oh, actually it’s your present. Actually it’s a lamp”.

gifts unique unusual different lamps 300x224 Unusual, Different Lamps as Unique Gifts

Unique Lamp from engadget.com

If you consider the milk idea not so amazing, shock him or her with the Wet Lamp. Yes, you’ve read it well. Made of glass, half-filled with water, has an underwater bulb and shines just like the moon reflected in the lake. The bulb has no fish shape, but we can guarantee it works and it’s safe.

Maybe the wet lamp hasn’t convinced you. The liquid lamp is more amazing. Try this one as a gift. Just don’t give it to a cleaning maniac: the lamp seems to have liquid flowing out of it. You need something colored, bright and playful and you’re wondering if you can find a lamp like that. Yes, you can. The Twist Together lamp allows the owner to play around with its shape and it’s so joyful. A good present for cheerfully decorated houses.

gifts unique unusual different lamps 3 300x225 Unusual, Different Lamps as Unique Gifts

Unique Lamp gift from blogspot.com

This sounds like a toy lamp, but there’s another one that resembles more with a toy. That’s the teddy-bear lamp. The body of the bear is holding the light bulb, covered by the lamp hat. That’s a pretty enlighted teddy-bear, because its head is all bright. Everyone wants to be connected to a source of higher energy. So do lamps, and the Martyr lamp hangs on to the plug, also being an energy saver item. Just take a look at it. Isn’t it a unique gift? And pretty funny too.

gifts unique unusual different lamps 5 190x300 Unusual, Different Lamps as Unique Gifts

Unique Lamp from thelampplace.com

A very useful well-designed lamp that occupies little space and has a double use is the read lamp. It is split in two sides with enough space to keep a book or two there. So it’s not only a lamp, but also a magazine stand. You can also get a unique custom lamp for somebody, according to that somebody’s personality, hobbies and so on. Like the Light the Drum lamp or the Trumpet Lamp for the music lovers or musicians. I would also like to mention here the Sailboat Lamp and the Sailing Ship Lamp.

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You can’t deny gummy bears have won us over. Not only tasty and cute, they seem to be pretty fashionable as well. The Gummy Song was a hit and we’ve all heard it at least once.

Gummy bear products could become unique fun gifts. After all, these sweet bears have a real powerful marketing and promoting team that turns them into stars. So get a unique gummy bear T-shirt with a nice inscription like “Gummy bears will rule the world” or “Powered by gummy bears”. “Save the gummies” is another message we should take into account. I mean they are so cute sometimes you don’t feel like biting and eating them. You could also buy gummy bear neck wear, suitable for both men and women.

gummy bear unique gifts 300x300 Gummy Bear Unique Gifts

Gummy Bear Unique Gifts from rlv.zcache.com

What else can you buy for a present? Something that has the gummy bear signature, of course. Gummy bear shoes for kids and adults with kid spirit are pretty cool and they seem pretty comfortable too. And you might knock him out his feet with the gummy bear shorts.

Fun unique accessories include yummy gummy bear bags, gummy bear hats, gummy bear backpacks, gummy bear cosmetic bags and so on. The good news is that you can find basically anything: gummy bear mousepads, keyrings, gummy bear buttons and pins, stickers and posters. Gummy bear journals will produce a smile everytime he or she has to write down all sorts of things.

If you’re sick of the conventional jewelry you give her as a present, try a gummy bear ring, a pair of gummy bear earrings or a necklace. You could say these are for little girls, not for grown up women. And you are right: I’m positive little girls adore them, but if the grown-up has a strong sense of humor and likes to have fun, it’s worth trying.

gummy bear unique gifts 2 300x261 Gummy Bear Unique Gifts

Gummy Bear Unique Gift from 1.bp.blogspot.com

You can even trick her or him with a gummy bear soap set. They look identically like the gummies we chew, but they have a different use. Make sure you are around when the box is open, you don’t want that person to accidentally bite the soap. I suppose it doesn’t taste that good.Maybe you just want somethingg bigger than the usual small gummy bear items. You want the big thing. Then the biggest gummy bear in the world is your choice. You’ll definitely impress when bringing that one. Why? Because it’s huge for a gummy bear. Just look at the size and imagine the person’s face when you give the giant gummy bear.

gummy bear unique gifts 4 284x300 Gummy Bear Unique Gifts

Gummy Bear Unique Gift from msnbcmedia2.msn.com

Have you ever heard of a gummy bear chandelier? Yes, it’s a chandelier made of yummy gummy bears. It’s a bit odd but original and extravagant, if you think about it. It’s a real challenge to rezist not eating the delicious gummies.

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Modern brides are becoming more and more innovative and more and more willing to experiment with the wedding flowers. Gone are the days when roses and lilies were the only possible choices for wedding decorations! Today, you have many choices regarding color, size and fragrance of flowers. If you get tired of roses and chrysanthemums, you should think about the option of ordering tropical wedding flowers. Tropical floral arrangements for weddings are slowly becoming more popular due to their strong colors and the different shapes of these flowers. Below are some tips that will help you achieve the floral arrangements of your dreams by using tropical wedding flowers.
<-336x280 Large Rectangle - center->
Tropical flowers best fit an informal wedding, in open spaces. If you opt for a Hawaiian theme wedding or for a wedding on the beach, then you can not think of a better option than these lovely flowers. The decorations for weddings in the summer or fall may look great with a burst of color everywhere. You can use tropical flowers anywhere in the wedding decorations.

tropical wedding flowers 300x174 Tropical Wedding Flowers


They can be used to create delicate hair accessories for the bride that is on her way to the altar or prominent decorations, table arrangements, wedding candles, badges, corsages, the bridal bouquet and bouquet of the godmother or those of the bridesmaids. However, if you do not have an outdoor wedding, you do not have to quit using tropical wedding flowers. You can create you own theme, exactly as you want it to be. Besides, tropical wedding flowers add a splash of color and at the same time, a touch of elegance to any wedding, irrespective of the environment in which it takes place.
tropical wedding flowers 2 300x200 Tropical Wedding Flowers


Orchids are considered to be the queen of tropical flowers. These beautiful flowers come in a variety of colors such as pink, purple or white. Purple orchids are most often used in weddings. Orchids are a symbol of love and romance, so their use for wedding decorations and bouquets is fully justified. They look equally charming both in the bridal bouquets or in the table decorations and, why not, in both, in order to have consistency. Also, another excellent usage for orchids is as the central component piece of the floral arrangements on the tables or on the chairs.

Gladioli are some large long stem flowers. The perfectly round flowers of the gladioli make them ideal for any floral arrangements, especially for those used in weddings. Besides being very easy to work with, gladioli are also found in several bright colors such as pink, white, yellow, orange, red, garnet, etc. By simply tieing some gladioli with a satin ribbon or tull, we get a perfect and extremely elegant bridal bouquet that is ideal especially for summer weddings.

Tropical floral arrangements for weddings are a feast for the senses because of the attractiveness of their colors and fragrances. These flowers can really add charm and extravagance to any wedding arrangements. Be a bold and “fresh” bride!11

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Most of the brides want their wedding to be special, but they ca not be oblivious about tradition either. Perhaps you’d like to have at least one element that is out of the ordinary and will surely impress all your guests, but you can’t imagine wearing other color than white. Then you should take other items into consideration. For instance, do you want to add an explosion of exotic colors to the wedding decorations? Do you want them to be unique and unforgettable for your guests? Then exotic wedding flowers could be the perfect choice for a vibrant and colorful floral arrangement.
<-336x280 Large Rectangle - center->
Of course, they are more expensive than the ones that grow naturally in your area, but, after all, it is your big day and you have to do everything you can to make it perfect. Besides, you could spare a lot of money if you avoid buying the flowers on a holiday, such as the Easter or the 8th of March, when the demand for flowers is very high and so are the prices. Moreover, if you place your order a few months in advance, you will surely benefit from a large discount.

exotic wedding flowers 231x300 Exotic Wedding Flowers


Below, you can find a few suggestions  for ravishing exotic wedding flowers. You can choose one of them as a central element or put your imagination to work and create stunning combinations.

The yellow hibiscus – which happens to be the official flower of Hawaii – is a large flower with a strong and pleasant smell. Tie a few large hibiscus flowers to decorate the altar or place them along the roof, hang them in trees, on the branches, etc. The only limit is your imagination! A single flower tied with a silk bow is enough for an absolutely unique wedding decoration. The size of these flowers does not make them a good candidate for table decorations, but surely you can include them in your wedding bouquets, in your own and / or in those of the bridesmaids.

exotic wedding flowers 2 300x221 Exotic Wedding Flowers


The yellow ilima is a smaller version of the yellow hibiscus. It can be used in virtually any floral decoration. If your wedding theme color is characterized by “white”, this emphasis on yellow brought by the wedding decorations will look absolutely beautiful. These beautiful flowers will look good when combined with other flowers in purple or indigo shades or they can even be used to decorate the bride’s hair. But you may not find very easily these tropical flowers. Look closely into it, though. It is a shame to miss the chance to have a unique wedding day!

Ohia is still a tropical plant, native to the Big Island. This flower is available in 4 vibrant colors: red, orange, yellow and white. You can use any combination of those colors for your wedding floral arrangements. Decorate these flowers with green plants that are compatible to it for a lovely floral arrangement. You can also add flowers such as the kukui to this floral arrangement- and ready! The exotic party can begin!11

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It goes without saying that any bride wants her big day to be as special as it gets and will do anything or almost anything in her power to make sure everything goes as planned. If you are such a bride, you should keep in mind the fact that many times, the beauty lies in the details that compose the whole picture. You probably think a lot about your wedding dress, the restaurant and the caterers, but you should also focus your attention on your bouquet and on the wedding floral arrangements in general. If you haven’t decided yet on what type of flowers you want to have, we have a suggestion for you: the elegant and charming daisies as your wedding flowers. A  bridal bouquet made of daisies can be a delight for the eyes, with its vibrant colors. The colors range from bright pink, red, yellow, delicate shades of pink, white and many other colors.
<-336x280 Large Rectangle - center->
Who loves bright colors, can opt for a wedding bouquet of daisies. The colors are a delight for the eyes,  as they are always spectacularly striking and vibrant.

daisy wedding flowers 300x300 Daisy Wedding Flowers


When they are grouped, they give a feeling of dynamism. Moreover, the bright color palette gives you a creative endowment, which has no limits. One of the most vibrant color is yellow (the color of sunshine) which radiates warmth wherever you will place them.
Many think of yellow as a golden hue (this is perfect if you want to use golden wedding flowers and you have chosen a golden theme for the entire wedding), it provides a sense of depth and richness to any bouquet. A simple bouquet of three flowers, gathered together with a ribbon of organza create a feeling of a very nice and simple wedding bouquet and it is something that you can do by yourself, thus sparing a lot of money.

Daisies can be used in a simple bouquet or combined with other flowers.

Add a dramatic touch to your bouquet and arrangements, mix orange, white and yellow flowers in a melancholic style for your wedding day.

daisy wedding flowers 2 300x300 Daisy Wedding Flowers


When you are working by yourself on your wedding bouquet, work closely with daisies, avoid the excessive processing of flowers, because it can crush the flowers. The daisies are very resistant flowers, and this is one of the main reasons why they are perfect as wedding flowers.

If you buy the flowers a few days before the big events, you should store them in a container with fresh water, in order to keep them fresh and good looking.

Ideas for wedding bouquet of flowers:

* Orange and red flowers are perfect for fall wedding flowers
* Daisies and carnations are perfect when mixed with white lilies
* A wedding bouquet made solely out of white flowers is always a safe and elegant choice
* A bridal bouquet made of flowers that can be found in the season in which your wedding takes place offers you a natural and fresh look.

The light shades of summer colors offer a special design to your bouquets. Daisies in vibrant colorsmake a great contrast  with a black wedding dress.11

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How would you create a royal atmosphere for your special day other than through the use of purple wedding flowers? It is a strong color that can add elegance to the appearance of the ceremony and party. Whatever the reason, purple wedding flowers are beautiful and sure to attract the attention of your wedding guests.
<-336x280 Large Rectangle - center->
Purple has always been the color of royalty. Thousands of brides want purple flowers at their great day, and they are usually available throughout the year. These flowers may be elements of your purple wedding theme or enhance any style that you’ve chosen for your wedding day.

When you want to design floral arrangements for your wedding, first thing you should do is a list of purple flowers. This guide shows you the purple wedding flowers that are available and also gives you some tips on color combinations.

Here are some ideas to help you start looking for the kind of purple flowers that are appropriate for your wedding.

purple wedding flowers 300x295 Purple Wedding Flowers


For a sophisticated bouquet, the purple tulip has such a strong color that it is almost black. Tulips are beautiful flowers that may create a special effect. Use them as central elements, but make sure that you will take great care because they are not as durable as other flowers in warm climates. Tulips are a great option for a variety of purple wedding flowers.
Purple lilac looks great at summer weddings because it creates an exotic impression. You may even find them in a garden of a friend because they are common flowers. They can be spread on tables and you’ll save a lot of money that otherwise you would have given on the expensive central elements.

Roses have always been the favorite flowers at weddings, they are found in many different shades of purple and lavender. Try to put petals on the tables at the party around the central flowers, and another recommendation is that the girl who has the basket of flowers to throw rose petals in before your steps on the way to the altar.

Pansies have several shades of purple and lavender. There are also varieties with yellow and white colored accents, making them complementary to match the flowers in the bridal bouquets and central wedding flowers arrangements.
Ox-eye works perfectly associated withe flowers of the same species for a wedding that takes place late in summer or autumn. They fit perfect as accent flowers for bouquets and other flower designs.

purple wedding flowers 2 300x300 Purple Wedding Flowers


Daisies are the perfect option for a theme wedding flower being preferred by many brides. Use violet in combination with other colorful flowers to make some unusual party decorations.

Other options of purple flowers for wedding bouquets or floral arrangements are

* Echinacea
* Impatiens
* Verbena
* Alyssum
* Lilac
* Snapdragon
* Wisteria
* Tamarix
* Lupinus
* Freesia

Darker violet flowers may be necessary, sometimes for a rise in the color scheme by combining them with other bright, colorful flowers.

A combination of colors that have been used successfully by many brides consists of dark purple flowers mixed with lime green and white. Or, if you do not like that, you might  choose yellow, contrasting strongly with shades of purple – purple is an excellent choice for wedding flowers that give warmth.11

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In this article we are going to present you a few beautiful types of unique wedding bouquets that we found out there on the internet and thought you might like to see on our website. We are only selecting unique and visually attractive types of wedding bouquet samples to show you on our website so that you can make a wonderful distinctive selection at the end of the search. We believe that any bride – regardless of her age, wedding budget, social status or cultural background and type of silhouette deserves to look like a princess or like a diva on the wedding day.


However, if these epithets are not suitable for you, perhaps we should rectify and say that every bride deserves to look at her best on the wedding day. And we think that these lovely wedding flower bouquets here are able to make any bride feel and look unique, precious and special. It’s very important to choose the colors and the blooms according to the main characteristics or coordinates of the wedding. The formality, the season, the theme and the venue you’re planning for your wedding are the ones that can influence or help you select the best nuances and types of flowers for the décor and bouquet arrangements.

fall flowers for wedding 224x300 Lovely Wedding Flower Bouquets


Unfortunately, the majority of brides today are tempted to follow the same overused paths and opt for standard bouquets made of roses, tulips, carnations or calla lilies. And we feel sorry especially because there are so many other types of flowers waiting out there to be discovered and chosen for a wedding! The palette of choices if amazingly wide and generous, where the only thing that can prevent a bride from planning a more unique and distinctive look or wedding décor is the money or her preconceived notions and fear of planning a too unconventional or less popular wedding!

fall flowers for wedding 2 249x300 Lovely Wedding Flower Bouquets


We are going to give you a few examples of flowers that you can use for composing a more original and lovely wedding flower bouquet that will help you separate your look from other bridal looks out there: sweet peas, irises, ranunculuses, Billy Balls, sunflowers, marigolds, narcissuses, zinnias, lilies of the valley, agaphantuses, peonies, eucalyptus leaves, hyacinths, lilacs, yarrows, cherry blossoms, lavenders, spider mums, amaryllises, magnolias, gardenias, stephanotises, tuberoses, garden roses, gerbera daises, chamomiles, pansies, dahlias, chrysanthemums, anemones, lisianthuses, Black Eyed Susan, bachelor’s button, delphiniums, cosmos, clematis, daises or other wildflowers you  prefer. We are convinced that you will be able to make gorgeous and surprising combinations using these marvelous types of flowers we’ve suggested above. As for the colors, the palette or mixture choices are various and numberless.

fall flowers for wedding 3 300x225 Lovely Wedding Flower Bouquets


The pink and purple palettes are among the most popular or hot and trendy ones used today by modern brides, followed by the green and the brown palettes. Here are a few examples of colors or derived shades you can use for composing a more eye-catchy and different type of bouquet: blush pink, violet, lavender purple, aubergine, plum, lime green, meadow green, mint green, sage green, beige, chocolate brown, buttercup yellow or coral pink.11

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Brides who are planning a mesmerizing red themed wedding should check out these gorgeous pictures of impressive red wedding bouquets below on our page and see whether they can find something flattering or at least attractive and suitable for their own wedding. We think that the red color is the most adequate or appropriate color that a bride can use for obtaining a more romantic, sumptuous and dramatically elegant look.


There is no question about the fact that red remains one of the most popular nuances used for wedding themes like Valentine’s Day, Gothic, Halloween or Chinese inspired receptions. And this color is not only popular, flattering, sexy and adequate for weddings, but also very versatile. It can be used in lots of color palettes or combinations, according to the preferences of the bride and to the formality, season, venue and theme of the wedding. Perfect for both in and outdoors wedding reception decorations, the red hue can lift up the wedding atmosphere and bring more sensuality, energy, cheerfulness and joy to the party.

dried orange flowers wedding 300x200 Impressive Red Wedding Bouquets


Your wedding guests will surely appreciate your color choice or theme you’ve selected for the wedding and feel special being there on such a happy and exciting wedding! You can combine the red color with other complementary or contrasting shade in order to obtain a more diversified and rich effect. Red looks great next to white, black, brown, purple, blue, dark pink or gold, ivory, beige and cream. You must be careful when choosing the best or the right type of red for the flower bouquets you’re planning because this color is, as we said above, versatile and tricky.

dried orange flowers wedding 2 260x300 Impressive Red Wedding Bouquets


You can find the red color in derived shades of burgundy, scarlet red, aubergine, tomato red, rusty red or plum. The dark red themes are definitely among the trendiest themes chosen today by modern and bold brides who wish for something more provocative, dramatic, fiery, imposing and outstanding. These impressive red wedding bouquets we’re proposing you are definitely able to create a stunning effect on the bride’s appearance and add more glamour, sophistication, radiance, whimsicality and emotion or vibrancy to the bride’s face! No one could ever fail with a red themed wedding, as long as the décor is planned with care and attention so that every detail to be in its right place, in the right shade. The palette of flowers available in the red nuance is quite large, complex and generous with many preferences.

dried orange flowers wedding 3 260x300 Impressive Red Wedding Bouquets


We are going to give you a few examples of our favorite types of red wedding flowers that you can use for composing your own majestic and impressive red wedding bouquet: sweet peas, zinnias, gerbera daises, garden roses, peonies, chrysanthemums, hydrangeas, asters, tulips, anemones, carnations, ranunculuses, orchids, hibiscuses, freesias, poinsettias or gladiolas. You can make fabulous combinations using these unique and adorable types of blooms listed here, though you have to take into consideration not only your own preferences and vision but also the important aspects of the wedding you’re planning, such as the formality, the season, the location and the theme.11

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For the romantic type of bride who dreams of a perfect sumptuous and feminine look there are lots of colors or types of flowers to consider for creating a beautiful wedding bouquet or wedding décor arrangement. These wonderful red peony wedding flower arrangement pictures we’re presenting you here can offer a great source of inspiration to all brides who are interested in planning a gorgeous red flame themed wedding and look.


The peonies are among the most adorable, elegant and feminine types of flowers that are available out there for wedding flower arrangements and we always recommend them to both modern and classic brides who are planning a more natural yet chic look. Compared to other types of flowers that are usually used in bridal bouquets – such as roses, tulips or carnations and calla lilies, peonies are definitely among the most natural looking and sublime types of blooms that one could choose for her bouquet.

evening wedding flowers 300x199 Red Peony Wedding Flowers


The red color is meant to make a peony wedding flower arrangement look even more attractive, feminine, dramatic, dainty and mysterious. Peonies are among the most fascinating types of perfumed wedding flowers that we recommend to brides each time we have the occasion. We know that there are many brides out there who are interested in wearing a more meaningful or highly fragrant wedding bouquet, where these preferences are meant to get all the benefits of choosing the ideal wedding flower bouquet. The flowers one must choose for her wedding should not be only beautiful and attractive on the exterior but also full of symbols, meanings and other enchanting properties such as a rich and divine perfume. Among other popular types of fragrant flowers that one can choose for her wedding we mention: lilies of the valley, gardenias, lilacs, sweet peas, calla lilies or freesias.

evening wedding flowers 2 300x290 Red Peony Wedding Flowers


These red peony wedding flower bouquets and arrangements we’re presenting you here can make wonderful choices for both casual and formal reception decorations. Peonies look though at their best when used in natural touch bouquets, such as in hand tied posy or nosegay bouquets. However, pomander peony wedding bouquets are also popular and trendy these days especially among young or casual brides who are planning a more comfy, cozy and chic look. The red peonies can be used alone in a more unified, thematic and profoundly essential wedding bouquet or they can be mixed and intercalated with other beautiful blooms, such as: gardenias, ranunculuses, tulips, sweet peas, narcissuses, calla lilies, carnations, hydrangeas, dahlias, marigolds, spider mums or chrysanthemums, asters, zinnias, delphiniums, freesias, hyacinths, irises, gladiolas or Billy Balls and amaryllises.

evening wedding flowers 3 199x300 Red Peony Wedding Flowers


On the other hand, the red color looks superb when combined with white, cream, blue, brown, black, purple or with other dark nuances such as burgundy, plum, aubergine or magenta. We are convinced that you are going to make wonderful combinations using the types of flowers and colors we’ve listed above according to the exact type of theme, season, formality and location you’re planning for the big in or outdoors wedding.11

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Romantic type of brides who are looking for something totally attractive, sumptuous and enchanting should definitely check out these wonderful heart ruby wedding rings we’re showing you in the images below. Rubies are famous for their romantic exquisite beauty that seems to win even the heart of the most insensitive or hard to impress kind of bride. And when set within a superb heart shape, these gemstones look even more eye-catchy, ravishing and breath-taking.

<-336×280 Large Rectangle – center->

We thought to present these gorgeous heart ruby wedding rings here for all brides – regardless of their age, social or cultural background who are not attracted to diamonds or do not wish to wear something very popular or standard. The solitaire round diamond wedding rings are definitely the most popular ones and in this context these splendid ruby wedding rings appear like a more attractive, unique and fascinating alternative or style choice. We would recommend them especially to young brides who want to something relatively fun and distinctive that can separate them from the rest of the contemporary brides who might be wearing classic diamond wedding rings. The heart shape is one of the most unique and rare shapes or cuts that are available out there for diamond or gemstones.

german engravings wedding ring Heart Ruby Wedding Rings


You can only imagine how original, one of a kind and fabulous your look is going to be if you decide to opt for one of these mesmerizing heart ruby wedding rings we’re proposing you here! We now how important is for a bride or a woman to look distinctive and unique among others, where the jewelries or the wedding ring she wears is nothing but the expression or the real reflection of her own identity, personal style and individuality. The wonderful ruby stones are usually chosen by modern or vintage brides who are attracted by colored or meaningful jewelries.

german engravings wedding ring 2 Heart Ruby Wedding Rings


There is no doubt that the lovely ruby stones are among the most expressive and significant or symbolically meaningful stones available for wedding rings. Rubies symbolize power, wealth, fame, fortune, attraction, pure love, passion, flame, courage, boldness, sensuality, seductiveness, femininity, richness, charm and enchant. They can be seen more often incorporated in antique inspired engagement rings and wedding rings made for both brides and grooms.

The heart style can feature a beautiful round ruby stone surrounded by a heart figure all dilled with diamond stones, creating a marvelous sparkling and hypnotizing effect around. We are fascinated with these types of rings and we find them among the most magical, breath-taking and suitable rings that a modern bride could choose for her wear. The wedding ring is meant to be a romantic symbolic piece of jewelry that is able to enrich the look of the wearer and add more passion, sumptuousness and sensuality to her appearance. There is no doubt that these adorable and yet dramatic heart ruby wedding rings here can emphasize the feminine side of the bride, making her look like a real goddess! We invite you to browse for more articles on heart ruby wedding rings on our website.11

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Young couples getting married may often find themselves in a bit of jam when choosing the music for their wedding. Music must express their unique tastes and personalities, but also be sweet and romantic. If you are a world music fan, these songs will add a touch of romance and some fabulous global flavor, to your wedding.

One Love by Sara Tavares

This is a nice love song with genuinely sweet lyrics bouncing back and forth between English and Portuguese language. Due to his tempo, the song is great for a slow dancing and will add a beachy mood to your reception. A beautiful line in the song says: “I know we’ll understand each other if we speak love…” How beautiful…

Mellow Mood by Bob Marley

This is one of the most romantic songs written by Bob Marley and one of the greatest reggae songs ever. The lyrics are about the most beautiful feeling, love: “I’ve got love, darlin’, love sweet love, darlin'”

popular songs for wedding 298x300 Top World Music Songs For Weddings


The Lovers Waltz by Jay Ungar and Molly Mason

Many of you may know Jay Ungar for his composition called Ashokan Farewell, the softly background music from Ken Burns’ documentary The Civil War. The Lovers’ Waltz is an emotive instrumental tune, with elements of folk, Celtic and Cajun music that will make a great first wedding dance.

Ngwino Rukundo by Samite

This is a sweet song from the Ugandan musician Samite, recorded in the mid-90s. It is a simple acoustic timeless love song with nice African rhythms and bilingual lyrics. “Come, come my love, may you live forever…” is a representative line in the song.
La Vie En Rose by Edith Piaf

La Vie en Rose is one of the most famous Edith Piaf tunes, the gold standard of love songs that will make a good job at every wedding. The lyrics are in French and are as follow: “Quand il me prend dans ses bras, il me parle tout bas, je vois la vie en rose” (When he holds

me in his arms, he speaks very low, I see life as rose-colored).
Via Con Me by Paolo Conte

popular songs for wedding 2 300x198 Top World Music Songs For Weddings


This is a quirky love song with a swingy beat often featured in European romantic comedies. This dancing song will add a sweet European flavor to any occasion. “It’s wonderful, it’s wonderful, it’s wonderful, I dream of you. Chips, chips. Do-do-do-do-do.”
Hello My Baby by Ladysmith Black Mambazo

Ladysmith Black Mambazo performs gospel and holy music. This is a sweet a cappella song that changes tempo mid-tune. One line in the song is: “Hey, baby, hey… Hey, beautiful girl.”

Happiness Is by Yungchen Lhamo

This is a Tibetan song by artists Yungchen Lhamo whose voice is haunting and very beautiful. It will make a nice contribution to the playlist of a global-themed wedding.
Parlez-Nous A Boire by Balfa Brothers

Parlez-Nous a Boire has been a trademark at Cajun weddings for the last decades. It’s a pretty funny and harmless song about marriage that will create a humorous moment during your wedding reception. It is a great dance song and will get everyone on the dance floor. Here are some lines to make an idea: “Parlez-nous a boire, et pas de mariage; toujours en regrettant nos jolis temps passes” (Talk to us about drinking, not about marriage; we’ll always be missing the good times we had.)
Give a listen to these top world music pieces and choose what you like the most for your wedding party.11

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For contemporary brides who are looking for a more special type of wedding ring that can’t be seen very often worn by brides should definitely stop for a second to see these wonderful samples we’re presenting here. These butterfly diamond wedding rings re truly special and they can make a more attractive and unique alternative to those common and standard solitaire round diamond wedding ring styles that women usually buy or choose for their own wear.

<-336×280 Large Rectangle – center->

We are very excited to show you these styles here hopefully they will find a way into your heart and convince you of their original beauty that can offer you the experience and the look of your lifetime. We’ve chosen this type of ring because we love the butterfly symbol for all the significations and precious meanings it carries. Butterflies are considered the symbols or the figures that stand for new beginnings, freedom, eternal love, affection and warmth, inspiration, femininity, romanticism, fertility, richness, wealth, naturalness, fidelity, devotion, commitment, truth, faith, hope, spirituality, divinity, elegance, refinement, delicacy, innocence and purity.

free wedding ring quilt pattern Butterfly Diamond Wedding Rings


As you can see, this list of meanings that the butterfly symbol stands for is quite large, generous and able to convince any bride that a precious butterfly diamond wedding ring can truly make a wonderful and wise ring selection. We recommend these types of rings especially to young brides who are looking for something more eye-catchy, fun and delightful. There is no doubt that a butterfly diamond wedding ring makes a more appealing, interesting and impressive choice than the other ordinary styles that are usually selected by classic, traditional or conservative brides and couples.

free wedding ring quilt pattern 2 Butterfly Diamond Wedding Rings


However, we think that both young and mature brides can opt for one of these superb ring styles because every woman wants to look and feel young, free, feminine, precious and special. These original styles we’re proposing you here are definitely able to fulfill these wishes and reach the expectations and the standards of even the most pretentious or hard to impress kind of bride. The ring can feature lots of stone settings, designs, patterns and embroideries, depending on the exact formality that the ring should have. The most popular ones are the solitaire style butterfly wedding rings, where the butterfly figure is usually paved with diamond stones. However, there are lots of other interesting and artistic designs that you can find out there, starting with the filigree wide band butterfly styles and ending up with the engraved butterfly styles where the butterfly figures are encrusted or etched into the band as a more artistic and impressive rich pattern.

free wedding ring quilt pattern 3 300x300 Butterfly Diamond Wedding Rings


You can also find lots of unique and mesmerizing butterfly diamond wedding rings accented with colored semi-precious gemstones for a more delightful, glamorous and exotic luxurious look and effect. We invite you to browse for more articles on butterfly wedding rings on our website where you can view more enchanting pictures featuring this sophisticated style. As an engagement ring, a butterfly style can work perfectly especially for the modern romantic kind of bride.11

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Wedding songs are very romantic tunes with meaningful and lyrics. They set the magic atmosphere of the party and express the deepest feelings and emotions of the newlyweds. There are many companies specialized in personalized wedding songs that tell exactly the story of a particular couple.

Here are some nice unique lyrics from several songs created by T Carter music that express the feelings of the bride and groom during the most important day of their life.

Here We Stand (the unity song)

Here we are, face to face/ Brought here together/ By God’s amazing grace
Into your eyes, I see myself/ Living a life/ I’ve always dreamed about…

And as I stand here before you/ I can’t help but adore you…

Here we stand, In this moment now/ I give my heart, I give my love
This is my vow/ To you I swear and I promise to/ Give all I can, All I am/ I give to you

words to wedding songs Wedding Songs Lyrics


Here we are, hand in hand/ United as one/ By the promise of our love
I open my heart, and let you in/ To live there forever/ As a lover and a friend

Here we are, face to face/ Brought here together/ By God’s Amazing grace…

Isn’t that exactly what you feel when you are in front of the aisle, ready to tell your vows to your beloved spouse?

This Ring (another unity song)

I’ve been waiting for this moment for so long an answered prayer,
I know you are the one/ I give to you my heart and soul
With a love that will never grow old/ In my life, I can see
That you were made for me/ You’ll be there to catch me if I fall
All the days, I have prayed and the love that I have saved
With this ring, I’m giving you my all/ I thank God for the gift He has given me
A love that’s strong for all of eternity/ I give to you all of my days
With a love for all of your ways/ In my life, I can see
That you were made for me/ I’ll be there to catch you if you fall
In the days that we grow old/ The times may change but our love will remain
As we look back on this day now/ We stood the test of time Living the promise of our vow

words to wedding songs 2 300x210 Wedding Songs Lyrics


In my life, I can see/ That you were made for me/ I’ll be there to catch you if you fall
All the days, I have prayed and the love that I have saved I’m giving you my all…

Dance With Me (the bride and groom first dance)

The day is here and the time has come/ For you and I, together as one
For a lifetime/ United we’ll be/ So take my hand and Dance With Me

Let’s celebrate for the world to see/ We’ll have a lifetime to make our history

So c’mon baby and Dance With Me/ All eyes are watching/ As I draw you near

And as we dance it’s perfectly clear/ That I’m the luckiest guy that I know
To hold you in my arms till I’m old/ Oh…we’ll dance together/ Oh…we’re gonna dance forever

This moment now will come and go/ But when it’s gone I want you to know
There’s not one thing that I’d rather do/ Than stop the world and dance with you.

The perfect description of the feelings you have during your first dance when all eyes are on you.11

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Modern brides who are attracted to everything that screams vintage or antique should definitely take a minute of their time to investigate closely these wonderful antique split shank wedding rings we’re showing you here in the images below. We think that the split shank style is one of the most adorable, attractive and elaborated types of settings that are available for both modern and antique inspired wedding rings.

<-336×280 Large Rectangle – center->

There is no doubt that at least compared to other types of wedding ring settings, the split shank can offer any bride a more romantic, elegant and rich look. And this is especially due to the fact that the split shank styles is composed of two or even three different separated bars that manage to create the impression of a larger and more sophisticated wedding ring. And since modern brides today are only interested in finding a beautiful and attractive wedding ring that can help them make a statement among other brides, we think that these precious antique split shank wedding rings here can make a more inspiring alternative to consider.

german wedding rings from 300x300 Antique Split Shank Wedding Rings


There is no point in buying the same standard and predictable simple solitaire diamond wedding ring that everybody wears when there are so many fascinating and more eye-catchy styles and designs out there waiting for you to discover! We are convinced that there are many brides out there among you looking for something more distinctive, original and easy to remark from afar and this is one of the many reasons why we thought to offer you these suggestions and samples here.

german wedding rings from 2 Antique Split Shank Wedding Rings


We are looking forward to hear your opinions on this article and on these gorgeous styles we’re proposing you in this article. No one should settle for less when it comes to wedding rings, and we say that especially since the wedding ring is going to accompany you through life every day! There aren’t too many brides or couples out there who are willing to take the ring off when the situation requires it or wear it only on special occasions. The wedding ring is meant to sit on the wedding finger for a lifetime and this is why the happy bride must choose the best style that can provide her with both comfort and an enchanting mesmerizing look. One should be very careful when selecting the wedding ring because the outer beauty is not the only asset that a perfect successful ring should have. There are many other things to consider such as the comfort fit, the resistance and durability of the band, design, setting and stone.

german wedding rings from 3 Antique Split Shank Wedding Rings


The split shank is able to provide the stone with maximum safety and balance because of the many bars that sustain it in one place. You can find both diamond and gemstone antique split shank wedding rings, although the vintage styles are usually set with colored semi-precious gemstones such as rubies, emeralds, sapphires, amethysts, pearls, topaz, tanzanite, peridots or garnets. The most popular type of antique inspired split shank ring style is definitely the Victorian filigree style.11

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Your wedding day was a total blast. Now it’s time to relive it by putting together a wedding video that will remain a priceless souvenir over generations. Romantic music and love songs are a must when it comes to wedding videos.

The images and the wedding moments must be accompanied by appropriate songs. The soundtrack of the video and the way it matches with the images and footage of the wedding day can make the difference to the final edit. The scenes in the video should change according to the beat of the music to add the best effect.

Be careful when making a wedding video because music is sometimes protected by copyright. Depending on the role that music has in your production, you may have to purchase a license to be allowed to use it. Whether you are making your own video or you are running a video business, the laws are the same.

Old music, such as wedding ceremony hymns aren’t usually subject to copyright. Some moments of the video can be accompanied by any use of the music, while others may have certain rules for setting music to images. If you want, you can find some royalty-free music with no restrictions on use. When making the wedding video, take into consideration that any copyright-protected music is incidental and use royalty-free music for photo montages.

songs for a wedding video 207x300 Songs For Wedding Videos


Don’t be upset if you can’t have the song you want. Sometimes royalty-free music can be even better than you expected and may work with the pictures more than a famous favorite song. Here are some recommended wedding songs for wedding videos that are among the most requested:

All You Need Is Love - from the movie Love Actually

Angel by Jack Johnson

Can’t Help Falling In Love by Elvis Presley

From This Moment by Shania Twain

True Companion by Marc Cohen

Amazed by Lonestar

Till There Was You by Music Man

Beautiful Day by U2

Danny’s Song by Kenny Loggins

Nobody Loves Me Like You Do by Whitney Houston

If you’re the classic type, you have here ten classic songs to use in your music video:

Can’t Take My Eyes Off You by Andy Williams

Moon River by Frank Sinatra

You’re My First, My Last, My Everything by Barry White

How Sweet It Is by Marvin Gaye

All You Need Is Love by The Beatles

songs for a wedding video 2 233x300 Songs For Wedding Videos


Let’s Do It, Let’s Fall In Love by Ella Fitzgerald

I Only Wanna Be With You by Dusty Springfield

Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison

The Way You Look Tonight by Harry Connick Jr

Tonight I Celebrate My Love by Roberta Flack

Here are also some suggestions for the non-classic type:

A Moment Like This by Leona Lewis

If I Ain’t Got You by Alicia Keys

Better Together by Jack Johnson

Closest Thing To Crazy by Katie Melua

Beautiful by Athlete

Shine by Take That

The Real Thing by Gwen Stefani

She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5

She’s So Lovely by Scouting For Girls

Candy Man by Christina Aguilera

Create everlasting memories by using the best wedding music.11

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Looking for instrumental music for your wedding ceremony and reception? You can’t decide on what kind of music to choose? Try piano music. Pianos have the advantage of being versatile instruments, able to play plenty of music pieces from jazz and classical to pop music.

They are capable to pass from easy background music during dinner and to dancing music for the rest of the evening, being a great choice for a wedding. They can also perform classical music at the ceremony, if desired.

Piano music creates a mix of emotions, being melancholic, inspirational and playful. Here are some of the best songs that can be played with piano accompaniment.

Walking in Memphis by Marc Cohn

Marc Cohn wrote this song after an Al Green sermon in Memphis. The lyric are a spiritual awakening in the world of blues and soul rock music. This piano song grew in popularity on the US and UK charts, earning Cohn a 1991 Best New Artist Grammy.

songs to play at wedding reception1 Best Piano Songs For Your Wedding Reception


Piano Man by Billy Joel

This 1973 song has a simple sound with lyrics referring to people’s unfulfilled dreams. The piano combines with the harmonica make the song sound beautiful and romantic in a particular way.

Werewolves of London by Warren Zevon

This 1978 song was co-written by LeRoy Marinell, Waddy Wachtel and Warren Zevon. The piano sound fits well with the chorus refrain and the odd lyrics such as: “I saw a werewolf drinking a pina colada at Trader Vic’s / His hair was perfect.” The song has been covered by artists such as Jimmy Buffett and Adam Sandler.

The Way It Is by Bruce Hornsby and the Range

This beautiful piano-driven song was inspired from the civil rights movement. Some lyrics are as follows: “Well they passed a law in ’64 / To give those who ain’t got a little more / But it only goes so far / Because the law don’t change another’s mind.” The piano medley was also sampled in Tupac’s 1998 single Changes.

Lean on Me by Bill Withers

The lyrics of this song come from Bill Withers’ childhood memories. The nice piano sound followed by Withers soulful vocals will cap the attention of the audience. The single reached no. 1 on the 1972 Billboard Hot 100.

songs to play at wedding reception 2 300x198 Best Piano Songs For Your Wedding Reception


Maybe I’m Amazed by Paul Mccartney

This song was featured on Paul McCartney 1970 album, but the piano version was never released as a single. It is a romantic song dedicated to Paul McCartney’s late wife Linda.

Tiny Dancer by Elton John

The lyrics of the song were composed by Bernie Taupin and are about his first wife Maxine Feibelman. The piano song was featured on Elton John 1972 album Madman Across the Wateronly being covered by Ben Folds, Tim McGraw and Dave Grohl.

Let It Be by The Beatles

This classic song was inspired by a dream of Paul McCartney about his mother. There are three versions of this tune: two are official releases and the third is an unofficial track from the Get Back album.

Imagine by John Lennon and the Plastic Ono Band

The tune was written in 1971 on a white grand piano while Lennon was with his wife at his estate in England. John Lennon sings about world peace and love. Although is has almost 40 years old and this song is still a classic.

If you decide on having piano music for your wedding you may consider including some of my suggestions to create a magic scene.11